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It is done!~ Two nights of shitposting combined into one video, since we won’t be getting an update this week.

choosing a role: martin and benedict

casting director: hey martin there’s this role i think is great for you

martin: but do i get to beat someone up? do i get to be violent? do i get to kill anyone?

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casting director: hey benedict what about you, there’s this role i think is great for you

benedict: but do i get to be beat up? do i get to suffer? dO I GET TO DIE? :>

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Martin: :D

Benedict: :>))

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Fic Rec Days: Rhodey-centric edition

Day 1: TonyRhodey fic

Happy fic rec days, everyone! So, it’s no secret that I love James “Rhodey” Rhodes with my entire being, and I wanted to show my appreciation for all the fic writers out there who constantly feed my unsatiable appetite for Rhodey content. Please do check the tags and warnings of each fic. Also, do leave kudos and comments!

Today, we’re doing TonyRhodey fics. They have the annoying habit of turning out to be disproportionately Tony-centric, which is totally fine, but not exactly what I’m here for. There are already some well-stocked TonyRhodey rec lists out there, so here are a few of my more recent faves (with a few old favorites mixed in).

A Million Shades of Blue by Not Applicable/ @notfknapplicable (T, complete)
An old fave that I simply cannot omit from any TonyRhodey rec list. Tony disappears into the wormhole, and Rhodey stops at nothing to find him. A true classic.

spy!au by @asexualtonystark (T?, WIP)
Rhodey is a field agent, and Tony is. Well. Read it and find out. The romance hasn’t fully kicked in yet, and it looks like it’s going to be a fun ride.

And James Believed Him by Avengerz/ @anthonyfuckingstark (T, one-shot)
Role reversal AU! I fucking love role reversal AUs, and this one did it so well.

Standing in the shadow of a damaged heart by @aslightstep (G?, one-shot)
This one is slightly role reversal-ish, too. Basically a what if: Tony brought Rhodey into the whole Iron Man thing from the start. 

Dreaming in Reality by Faillen (G, one-shot)
Pre-deployment angst.

Pretend We’re In Love (The Heartache Still Hurts) by InsaneJuliann/ @marvelingjules (T, completed)
Fake dating AU! Rhodes family heavy, which I adore. Just as painful as the title suggests.

We Are (Not) Soldiers by arsenicarcher (Pepper/Tony/Steve/Nat/Rhodey (!), M, one-shot)
Another old fave. Featuring Rhodey pining, lowkey playing the martyr, kicking all kinds of ass, standing by his morals at great personal risk, and just being the Rhodey I love so much.

Sudden And Silent In Its Arrival by @phoenixfalls (Tony/Pepper/Rhodey, E, completed? series) 
More Pepper-centric, but lbr, we also need a lot more Pepper in our lives. Non-superhero AU.

Jet Boy Jet Girl by used_songs (Tony/Pepper/Rhodey, T, one-shot)
Charts their relationship from MIT to post-CACW. I really like how the author handled Tony and Rhodey’s backgrounds, especially the tension of Rhodey being military and Tony cutting ties with them. 

There’s a lot of excellent TonyRhodey content out there. I’m sure I missed a lot, especially fic that aren’t cross-posted to Ao3 (@waterbird13‘s stuff comes to mind; I remember a particular fic featuring insecure!Rhodey that I loved, but can no longer find for the life of me). 

Stay tuned tomorrow for more Rhodey-centric fic recs! And happy fic rec days, everyone.

everyone knows of icarus:
the boy who flew too high,
the boy who fell,
the boy who crashed into the sun,
and was crushed by the waves.

this is the icarus
everyone speaks of,
but this is not him.
only apollo truly knows.

he knows of icarus:
the boy who dared,
the boy who loved,
the boy who was willing to risk everything 
for even just a fleeting grasp of his dreams.

—  ICARUS: he is more than his story. // for @deerlily // d.c