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↪ canon lgbt characters [trini kwan]

theres been some grossness on my dash recently so heres a quick reminder that:

  • blackface, brownface, & yellowface are never okay, and defending them as ‘accuracy in cosplay’ is a racist, douchebag move (here’s why)
  • whitewashing a character in art is never okay, and defending it as ‘artistic license’ or ‘being too difficult to get right’ or even ‘just poor lighting’ is a racist, douchebag move (here’s why; this post is focused on fallout but the concepts are universal)
  • orientation conversion mods (’bi dorian’, ‘bi sera’ and the like) are never okay, and defending them as ‘just the same as bi cullen or bi cassandra’ or ‘just personal preference’ is a homophobic, douchebag move (here’s at least part of why, without even touching on the grosser implications of these mods)
  • if you’re not aware of these issues, or don’t get why they’re bad, please take a moment to do some finding out. it’s often as easy as googling ‘[issue] + problematic’ or ‘why is [issue] bad’
  • if you are aware of and educated about these issues, but think they’re not a big deal, or nasty sjws being mean to poor fans, or even something like reverse-racism or heterophobia, you know where the door is
Time And Time Again
Ian Wiese
Time And Time Again

I haven’t seen this up anywhere except on Harry101UK’s channel, and it’s one of my favorite tracks of this mod

Composed by Ian Wiese, the album art cover is by Jacob Briggs

you can find the whole soundtrack on Harry101UK’s channel

just so everyone knows the full tea on liz and her racist comments heres a list:
she said the n word today
she said that da'vonne should have applied to the bad girls club if she wanted to fight
she said something about preferring some area in florida bc it was all white(?)


centuries - fall out boy // seven devils - florence & the machine // follow me (instrumental) - muse // warriors - imagine dragons // heaven knows - the pretty reckless // the phoenix - fall out boy // radioactive in the dark - fall out boy & imagine dragons // let’s kill tonight - panic! at the disco // knights of cydonia - muse 

listen here