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what your favorite industrial band says about you

KMFDM: you took high school german

Front 242: you make films at airport runways and train crossings

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult: you’d been to the wax trax records store on damen and you’ll tell anyone who will listen about it

Skinny Puppy: you have 50 beagles. you’re vegan but you’ve considered cannibalism. 

Front Line Assembly: you’ve made model aircraft

Revolting Cocks: you wear jeans to fetish clubs

Boyd Rice: you’ve sacrificed a goat to your goddess as a thanks for your survival. your name has ‘sol’ in it.

NIN: you tell everyone trent reznor invented the genre

Ministry: you secretly voted for Bush because the one thing you hate more than war is abortion

Laibach: no one can tell if you’re a fascist or a re-enactor and you like it that way

Nitzer Ebb: you’d describe yourself as a “rebel”. you even own a leather jacket.

Die Warzau: you’re way too willing to use the word ‘phunk’ 

Einstürzende Neubauten: you’re gay but you dont want to come out since you hang out with the people who like all these other bands 

Throbbing Gristle: you’ve participated in the creation of at least one feminist zine

Combichrist: you’re in middle school 

anonymous asked:

I mean, harry couldnt even crack a smile when hugging the bride. He was so obviously thrilled to be there.

You mean this doesn’t look like a proud, glowing son-in-law?  

In the attempt to be fair, I chose the picture where he seemed to be smiling the most.  This was it. 

While on the subject of weddings and things that don’t add up.  Eleanor was the Maid of Honour.  Does that not ring alarm bells?

She could have attended as a guest, and no one would have thought it was anything strange.  I don’t even think anyone in Louis’ family would be expecting her to be in the wedding party, so there was no need for her to be linked that closely to the family.

This was the very real, legal wedding of two private citizens.  M!M would have no influence on having her be such an intimate part of the festivities.  They could offer money to include her, but it would still have been Jay, Dan, and Louis’ decision to accept the money for a place in their wedding party.

What if she’s really that close to Jay?  That’s definitely possible.  I’m sure they’ve spent a lot of time together over the years.  I would hope that they get along and are friends.

But if Louis is with Harry and agreed to have his fake girlfriend be a member of the wedding party… that’s really messed up.  To have Harry be a common guest and yet Eleanor be the Maid of Honour?  Jay and Louis both agreed to that?  How hurtful would that be?  Bad enough Harry couldn’t be his boyfriend’s date to the wedding… but to watch El be in every group picture?

Something’s not right.  I know it’s not my place to judge, but I’m going to do it anyway:

If Harry and Louis were together for Jay’s wedding, that was a really, really shitty thing for them to do to Harry.