i couldnt draw today so i

happy valentines day

drew jesskas last year so i thought why not this year too :^)

grown-up-frisk submitted:

Here’s a small gift for my dear friend noinaedamiiz !
I was planning to upload it after Chara’s birthday but because of some weather conditions I couldnt do it (its hard to take photo when its rainy) Today is rainy too but I was able to take photo when sun showed up for 1 min ;)
I really had fun while drawing it !
I will draw more for you‚I can assure you !
As always take good care ! I love you !

Dude I love it! late is ok, thank you so much for drawing them!

I like the way Chara just poses xD she’s so cute. love you too, stay determined!

I was able to extract smol cliff from big cliff thanks to the amazing process of twinkification, isnt science incredible?

Happy Birthday Hidan!

thanks to @mariejacquelyn for writing the best cross over fic

i’m in love with it.

so yeah after re/binge watching firefly i was inspired to make a redraw of the serenity cover

Had a REALLY shit day today…again. Like rly shit.

You guys wanna know a secret, something I do when i get pretty sad and feel down? I draw. I draw my Persona and other’s personas hugging each other. Personas from Tumblr or dA.
If I’m sad or if they are. Doing that calms me. I never post them just drawing em. Most of the Dudes don’t even know me.
Am just one of their followers. hehe

zichqecs-hoard replied to your post “so im playing around on beepbox and i couldnt make anything that…”

There’s actually some pretty neat stuff people have done with making drawings into music. This is the best example I can think of off the top of my head. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i3tiuGVDDkk

thats my inspiration for that actually????


Hello @leralynne (Tumblr hates you today and I cant seem to tag you I’m so sorry, I’m sending you a link) I’m your seceret santa this year apparently. 

I’m sorry i couldnt make it and draw everything, I tried to stick to your prompt for Daikari and Miyakeru tho, hope you like it!

Have a merry Christmas! :*