i couldnt color it lol

sooooo i found out that in the original version of A Link to the Past, Link has pink hair??? 

also my gf said that link is a nonbinary icon so thats just true

shit fuck i love taako


“ Invention is the most important product of a dragon’s creative brain. The ultimate purpose is the complete mastery of mind over the material world, the harnessing of dragon nature to dragon needs. ”


She makes me laugh, she draws me in. Not just a boy friend, but a boyfriend. How about it, what about me?

♫  get to know me  ♫ : [4/∞] favorite music videos

↳  she || vromance 


idek man, he just looks so good.


I swear to heaven I don’t know why I wanted to cosplay Krista lol why I wanted to cosplay in general  So how I added filters to make it look nicer. Actually looks ugly I swear. Still incomplete, tho :B

Alright alright.. I haven’t played this case (Farewell, My Turnabout /??) in years but I remember the feeling. And that’s what makes it my favorite. (The experience) I mean, the tension that Phoenix had during all this -it got to me, it got to me Bad. Also, poor Maya..she goes through so much ~ ^~//