i couldnt be bothered with effort

This scene bothers me… I feel like Jaeha thinks Yona will one day abandon him… Along with the recent chapters where Jaeha said he had a dream where Yona was calling out for him and he couldnt fly to her because his legs were cut off . I hope Jaeha doesn’t think that since he can’t fly anymore Yona will just leave him to die. I know for a fact everyone will make a group effort in trying to bring him and save him. Especially Hak no matter how injured he is he would carry him and bring him no matter how much Jaeha resists.

As well as Hak said if he feels danger he would go and rescue his friends. I feel like just like after King Hiryuu died a lot of outsiders came to take away and steal the DW’s powers. I think that the DW’s will at one point be targeted once more.


Something that also bothered me was about the DW’s powers.. They all have one individual special ability; one has claw hands, one has legs, one has eyes, and one has longevity. This scene reminded me.. what’s the point of having the powers. There has to be a reason why one can see far away.

After seeing this scene again Im wondering if Yona will at one point will not be able to walk, use her arms,eyes and will not live long.Since Yona just like King Hiryuu was human he needed God like powers which was the reason for the dragon warriors . In one of the king hiryuu episode the DW were fighting and the king was just laying down in bed resting.

I know Suwon has bad eyesight but i dont remember if King Hiryuu had bad eyesight as well.

I´m still sad that Katie/Fumika isnt playable in yokai watch 3, but I still really like Inaho too, so… I guess thats better than nothing.

Something I was thinking about though, at first more of a random idea, why couldnt level 5 have made it like, for the kid that goes to the USA you choose between Nate/Keita and Katie/Fumika aka the established characters from the first two games;

And then for kid in japan you´d either just have Inaho since she´s the newcomer and all, or if you insist that you cant have uneven choices, give her a counterpart too or something?

Now at first this was more like “my dream scenario”, I know this is way too much effort for level 5 to bother, probably. There´d be too many variations depending on who you´d pick and all.

But I just thought of something that couldve made this actually be pretty cool, and thats the fact that on all the yokai watch models, there´s like 4 wisp thing symbols, and then you could have one character respesenting each of those 4 wisps??

It couldve been perfect, man

We couldve had it all

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you should draw patrick as dave or dirk, pete as john or karkat, joe as gamzee, and andy as equius. idk just a thought because you have vv nice art

let’s play a game called “how many followers will i lose for drawing this one”

tbh i feel like patrick is also karkat-esque but i couldnt be bothered drawing pete as both too

you’ll find that effort decreased rapidly as i was drawing these.