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They weren’t pretending to be asleep anymore. And it wasn’t until Even kissed his neck that Isak all but moaned. Shit.

“Good morning to you, too,” Even mumbled against his neck, chuckling.

An ode to the beautiful scene in I Would Do it Again by @cuteandtwisted


Hokkaido Hen Chapter 1
Kenshin x Kaoru


My headcanon Megatron is an idiot.

I’m sorry, I know everyone’s been making comments about Rung’s eyes, but I wanted to finish drawing this anyway.

Also, I hope it’s perfectly clear to everyone by now why Rung is my favorite Transformer ever.


- You’ve spent years working you way up to be a reporter.

- And it was a waste of time.

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an AU where Len was actually Nora’s soulmate

but by the time he is old enough to seek her out, she’s already married, and Len, looking in through the window of the beautiful suburban house, sees her smiling at a tiny baby in her arms and can’t bring himself to knock and spoil her fairy-tale life. After all, who would want someone like him, with a criminal record and perpetual bruises from all the brawls he kept getting into, near their newborn child?

So he leaves, tries not to think about it, about what kind of soulmates they could have been, romantic or familial, supporting each other or teaching each other indispensable life lessons. Len has been taught enough in his short life, how to ignore the emptiness and ache, how to rely on himself and himself only, so he drags his hand away whenever he finds himself absently rubbing at the tiny silver dots spanning across his collarbone in the same constellation as that woman’s, and makes himself forget.

He can never truly leave Central, not when she’s still there, and it lands him in prison once or twice, but Iron Heights isn’t too far from the city and the ache is bearable as long as he doesn’t go any further. 

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anonymous asked:

for your writing post, aph belarus and winter ❄️

The stern girl was a bad, horrible witch, claimed the common folk. She saw what others could not. Spoke to them even.
Harbinger of curses she was, miss Belarus.

On that day she stood all day outside, looking to the horizon.

Natalia come inside, you need to eat. - said Ukraine, dearest Katyusha always so concerned with her family.

Belarus couldn’t, she was waiting.
Night came.

Natalia come inside, the fire is warm and the wolves will be here soon. - said Russia, sweet Vanya who could not understand that she stood there because of him.

Hours pass, the wind changes. And Natalia waits, waits, waits, until…

Creeping out in the horizon he arrives. Slowly but steadily. The earth bows to its general. His imposing, cruel posture intimidates any living creature.

You defy me little girl?

Natalia would defy him a thousand times, in a thousand lives and in a thousand deaths, in order to protect her family. She did not feared Nature and she did nor feared General Winter.

Foolish child. I only give your brother what he needs. Fear is a powerful weapon, let him fear me. One day he will fear nothing and everyone else will bow to him.

But Belarus does not move away.

How selfish you are, my Death Queen, my Siberian Queen. You cannot beat Winter and you cannot help your brother. Each year that goes by I make little Vanya stronger, I teach him survival. The pain he suffers now, later will become a weapon. 

He passes by without looking behind, leaving Natalia behind pondering on his words.
How dreadful the pain in her chest is, she knows that she is still not strong enough.

But dread the day she grows powerful, for fear is an almighty thing but her protective instincts were greater than anything else. One day she would be strong enough to defeat Winter.

Death Queen, Siberian Queen. Winter Slayer.

send me an aph character and a theme and i’ll write a short text about them


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jathis  asked:

Hux and Techie are Force bonded. Hux was raised in the proper ways of the Sith. Techie however was seen as weak and Hux's last test to be named Sith is to kill his brother.

do not imagine Techie touching his brother’s cheek and telling him that it’s okay, he has to do this to get the power that he’s always wanted

do not imagine Hux telling Techie that he’s sorry that he was born the strong one and Techie is the weak one, and Techie flinches because somehow, Armitage’s insults always hurt worse than their father’s hardest hits

do not imagine Hux igniting his lightsaber and holding it almost against the side of Techie’s neck, the heat making the boy tremble, tears on his cheeks

do not imagine Techie whispering ‘I love you, Armitage’ as Hux raises his sword to strike

do not imagine Hux dropping his lightsaber to the floor and collapsing to his knees, unable to do it, begging Techie for forgiveness

“armie, don’t, don’t apologise,” techie whispers, holding his brother in a warm and tight embrace, his fingers opening to call his brother’s lightsaber to his hand, finger on the ignition, holding it to his brother’s heaving chest. “one of us can still be strong.”