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Playlist for adventure!!!!!


paralyzed // the used

you don’t know // mount moon

let’s be pirates! // future kings of nowhere

road trip // ninja sex party

streets of gold // 3oh!3

afterlife // avenged sevenfold

fury of the storm // dragonforce

wolves of the sea // alestorm

na na na // my chemical romance

40 oz dream // good charlotte

how we roll // hollywood undead

suite pee // system of a down

victorious // panic! at the disco

heroes // all time low

glitter & gold // barns courtney

don’t stop me now // queen

no one lives forever // oingo boingo

- Mod Strawhat

Mystic Messenger characters and their Tumblr blogs
  • Jaehee: probably a Studyblr, some inspirational quotes, reblogs Zen's selfies,
  • Zen: Musicals and Plays, posts Selfies every day, follows some Fitblrs,
  • Jumin: Just photos from cute cats, occasional meme just to be up to date with the cool kids,
  • Yoosung: has his own Lolol fanblog, anime and other TV shows, sometimes click bait articles about nonexistent diseases, fanart and fanfiction,
  • V: grunge aesthetics, pictures of landscapes, "art hoe",
  • 707: Memelord
For the scene in “Them” in which Reedus burns himself with a cigarette, the script originally called for the character to cut himself with a knife instead, but the actor worried that would make it look like the tears that followed were because he was crying due to physical, as opposed to emotional, pain. He convinced the producers to change it.
—  Dalton Ross, Entertainment Weekly, 17 August 2015.