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Mystic Messenger characters and their Tumblr blogs
  • Jaehee: probably a Studyblr, some inspirational quotes, reblogs Zen's selfies,
  • Zen: Musicals and Plays, posts Selfies every day, follows some Fitblrs,
  • Jumin: Just photos from cute cats, occasional meme just to be up to date with the cool kids,
  • Yoosung: has his own Lolol fanblog, anime and other TV shows, sometimes click bait articles about nonexistent diseases, fanart and fanfiction,
  • V: grunge aesthetics, pictures of landscapes, "art hoe",
  • 707: Memelord
  • interviewer: last question about your buddy ed…what did you think about his dance moves [in the thinking out loud video]?
  • taylor: oh my god, i was so proud of him. he was in rehearsals and he would send me videos of him dancing and um it would just be him in a rehearsal space with him in sweats like it was not the whole ballroom tuxedo thing, but you could tell he was going to slay it like i was so proud of him. he's gotten in shape, he's gotten really good at dancing, he's dressing so well. i'm so proud of him.