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Warmth of the Freljord

He had been told it would be cold. But it was far worse than he had anticipated. The weather of the Freljord was something he always heard of but had never experienced, until now. He had been in the territory for some time headed toward Rekkelstake. He had wanted to experience what the Freljord was like himself while he was nearby.

He would make camp during the nights, keeping a fire going for as long as he could to stay warm. His added jacket, gloves and hat weren’t always enough during the night.

Finally, he could see the buildings of the town he had been looking for. Rekkelstake. The capital of the Freljord. Wandering in to town he was looking for a place to warm up before spotting a smithy. A forge, perfect for warmth, he thought. He stepped inside and looked around, the weapons and armor on display were all incredibly well built and forged. Not seeing anyone immediately, he let himself wander and inspect the various goods on display. Perhaps, he might have enough to purchase a new weapon, one of this caliber would be a handy tool to have.