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Can I ask what's your dream job? I don't have any ideas about what I want to do and I'm really terrified that I'm going to end up in some office job where tasks are repetitive and I'll have to be social all the time. And because I couldn't grasp the opportunities I'll end up living in my currently country (no thanks). +How can I manage procrastinating better? Tips? I didn't even get a summer job bc I didn't have the energy to write resume Sorry about the mistakes English isn't my first language

Good question. 

I think picking a dream job is really difficult for INTPs. When I was younger, I wanted to be either a writer or a scientist, but I ended up in law ultimately. As I got closer to picking a career, I realized my biggest requirement was that I had a job that required me to actually use my brain. It seemed to me that a lot of jobs didn’t require any creative thinking or even any thought at all, and that was absolutely what I wanted to avoid. From there, I looked at what kind of jobs fit that description and played to my personal strengths, and that’s how I finally chose.

Other than that, I think the most important things for an INTP in their career are to be able to act independently and have the opportunity to work on a wide range of activities. Monotony and overbearing superiors will kill you. I like my job because I have to research various types of transactions, companies and industries on a daily basis and no task is ever exactly the same as the last. It’s also helpful to have a job where you can grasp the big picture and the reasons behind why you’re doing something. Working in an assembly line or a metaphorical assembly line is difficult for an INTP if they can’t figure out how all the pieces come together in the end. Also, obviously, jobs that require lots of empathetic interactions with the public are going to be tougher. However, I’ve found that my chameleon-like ability to adapt to almost any situation has allowed me to thrive even in environments like that if I have to. It’s not ideal, though. Also watch out for jobs with a bunch of arbitrary deadlines, but that’s probably more of a product of who your boss ends up being and less about the field you’re in. 

As for procrastinating, I’ve perfected the art of getting my shit together at the last minute. You can’t procrastinate and be successful unless you’re willing to work furiously hard right before the deadline arrives. It’s not pleasant, believe me, but it’s actually how I work best. If I start far ahead of time, I tend to not produce my best work because I don’t feel the urgency of the deadline. Of course, this can mean lots of sleepless nights and stress. As for your issue about not getting a summer job, for something like that that doesn’t have a hard deadline, you need to set one for yourself. Find out when your peers are submitting their resumes and going in for interviews and try to put yourself on the same schedule. You can procrastinate within the schedule you set for yourself, of course, but you have to more or less stick to it or everything will pass you by. Try to think about your long-term goals and how what you’re doing now will help you achieve them. Even if there is no obvious connection at the moment, you’d be surprised at what kinds of opportunities can change your life, so make sure you get out there and try stuff. I would have never ended up in the legal profession if I hadn’t done a lot of unpleasant things that put me outside of my comfort zone and required a lot of motivation. 

Also, if you don’t see the opportunity you want inside your country, consider leaving. I did, and I know a lot of people who have done so as well. I think it’s easier for INTPs to adapt to new situations because of the chameleon tendency and potentially easier because we tend to have fewer personal ties. 

Best of luck out there! 

Why I think Bellamy is a Gryffindor with strong Hufflepuff traits

disclaimer: this post is over 4k so yes, it’s long. I’ve thought a lot about Bellamy and where he should be sorted because I’m a Harry Potter freak and Bellamy Blake is my child.

I’m writing this for a couple of reasons. Anyone who’s talked to me at all about sorting probably knows a bit about my opinion on this. I’ve written a couple of rather lengthy things, one about Bellamy being a Gryffindor and the other about why he isn’t a Slytherin, but I’ve never had it all in one place. So basically I’m creating this so I have a post to link to when this issue comes up.

I’m going to start with my theory on sorting. I think the first thing to recognize is that every person who is sorting is going to have a slightly different opinion about characters and feelings that are connected to their own personal lives, so they’re all going to sort a little differently. I think many characters, particularly those as conflicted as Bellamy, could theoretically be one of two houses. If you sort Bellamy as a Hufflepuff, cool. I disagree with you, but I don’t think it’s necessarily about one of us being wrong as much as it is about how we feel different aspects of Bellamy’s traits weigh out.

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