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29. "I'm here if you need to talk" Tim and Dick!

When Tim knocks on Dick’s bedroom door at three in the morning, he isn’t sure exactly why he’s here and not in his own room. But his body has a mind of its own and he peeks into the room to see Dick groggily blinking awake.

“Tim?” Dick asks, his words still slurred with sleep. “What’s going on?”

Tim opens his mouth to say, nothing, or I don’t know why I’m here, or even, I was just checking up on you, but nothing comes out, and Tim just stands there looking like an idiot. Dick seems to understand, though, and he sits up and holds the blankets up.

“Come cuddle with me, Timmy,” Dick says, a small smile on his face, but it looks sad, too. Tim takes a step forward and then another, and before he can stop himself, he’s slipping underneath the covers. Dick wraps an arm around him and pulls Tim closer to his warmth. Tim lets him, still not exactly sure why he’s here.

And they lie there in the dark and quiet for a while. It’s nice, Tim thinks. Something that’s heavy and terrible starts to dissolve, and bit by bit, he relaxes in his brother’s arms.

“You know,” Dick says into the dark room, “I’m always here if you need to talk. Or cuddle. Or hug.”

Tim cracks a small smile, and he’s glad Dick can’t see it right now. “I know.”

“Do you want to talk about whatever’s bothering you?”

The smile slips, and Tim thinks about tonight. About his building insecurities and the weight that’s growing on everybody’s shoulders—not just Tim’s. About how Dick always tries to be there for everybody else, but ends up taking on weight he’s not prepared to deal with.

And then Tim thinks about how this whole family always seems to go to Dick when things get tough, and how Dick will happily welcome them each and every time, no matter how many times he ends up falling apart because of it.

And Tim, well, he’s already a burden. He doesn’t want to be Dick’s burden. The reason that his brother ends up shattering into a million pieces because he took on too much weight.

So Tim opens his mouth and forces out a whispered, “Not tonight. For now, can I just sleep here?”

“Of course,” Dick says, pulling him even closer. “Always, Tim.”

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I feel like Sans would keep his obsession for Bill Nye on the down low (like wearing a Bill shirt underneath his lab clothes). While Gaster would be the complete opposite. @u@

5SOS Preference #12: Homecoming (AU)
  • Ashton Irwin: "Oh my (Y/N), my (Y/N), my beautiful, beautiful (Y/N)." Ashton whispers in relief into my ear. He holds me into his strong arms as I cry into his chest. "I-I missed you so m-much." I sob into his chest. He's here. My soldier is finally here. It's been 8 long and crucial months without him. But he's here now and is here for a good, two years. He kisses my head and his grip tightens on me, bringing me more close to him. "I missed you more, baby." He whispers. "Impossible." I mumble and he chuckles, my heart starts to flutter immediately. I almost forgot about his adorable chuckle. "I missed everything about you." I say before breathing in his aftershave and cologne. I pull away from him while wiping my eyes and he smiles at me. I kiss his lips in return. "Mmmm." Ashton hums after pulling away with his eyes closed. His big hands find my hips and then gives them a slight squeeze. "You don't know how long I've been craving those lips, ma'am."
  • Luke Hemmings: I gasp a little when I see Luke. His hair is pushed up as wears his camouflage uniform, which makes him look more attractive than ever, with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows. He looks amazing and I can't stop watching him. Luke looks all around, searching for me. "Luke!" I call out with a wave, trying to get his attention. He turns his head to where I'm at and then, his eyes meet mine. I smile and so does he. I walk quickly towards him as he runs to me. He drops his luggage then scoops me up in his big arms and turns us around slowly while he buries his head into my neck. "God (Y-Y/N), it's been so long." Luke croaks out as he stops turning. My neck starts to feel wet due to his tears. "I know baby. I know." I whisper as I rub his back. "I love you s-so much," He mumbles as he holds me tighter. "And I'm very thankful to have you here. Right here in my arms."
  • Calum Hood: "My God." Calum whispers as I place our sleeping, little two month old, sunshine in his muscular arms. It's the first time he's ever been with her. He left for war when I was 6 weeks with her, leaving me with the the other eight months by myself. Calum had second thoughts about leaving us but I told him that I'd be just fine without him and that he has someone to look forward to when he comes back. He holds her in front of him with such delicacy, his one hand on her bum while his other holding her head. "She's so precious, (Y/N)." He whispers. He watches her in awe with tears in his eyes. I watch him stare at her, my heart over-flowing with happiness. "She takes after her mama," Calum looks over to me with a smile. I smile back. He returns his eyes back to her, leaning in and then planting a kiss on her forehead. She squirms a little and then relaxes. "We did good, mama." He whispers to me before kissing my lips. "How did I ever get so lucky?"
  • Michael Clifford: I jump on Michael before wrapping my arms around his neck and then my feet around his waist. He stumbles back a little, a chuckle escaping his lips. "Hey (Y/N)." He whispers into my ear after wrapping his firm arms around my back. And I lose it. It's so surreal that he's here. It felt like an eternity since the last time I saw my Michael. Everything about him feels like home to me. "You're here." I sob with a little laugh. "You're really here, Mikey." He chuckles. "I'm here." He whispers in relief. "I was so worried Michael." I say while pulling away to look at him. "So worried. You didn't write back and...and I thought you were-" I couldn't finish my sentence because of his lips crashing onto mine. "Don't say it, please." He whispers slowly against my lips with his eyes closed. Michael rests his forehead against mine. "I'm here. That's all that matters, baby. I'm here with you and I promise you, I am not going anywhere, okay?" I smile and nod my head. He smirks. "Now, will you just kiss me and tell me you love me already?"
Don't cry
  • Some ships are never noticed, and they tend to like it that way. Sometimes.
  • Sasuhina: *The sound soft sobbing echo through the empty halls* -Or so though the little ship, before someone approach them slowly.Narusasu: S-sasuhina?
  • Sasuhina: ee! Please don't h-hit me!
  • Narusasu: wow!! Wait- no one here to hurt youNarusasu said, he couldn't see the ship very well. They had themselves curled up into a ball behind a stair case. Tear stained face starred at him, he could tell chucks of her hair had been cut.
  • Narusasu: Sasuhina. .who did this to you?
  • Sasuhina: *sniff* n-no one its my fualt anyway-
  • Narusasu: excuse me- how is you getting beat up your fault?
  • Sasuhina: cause- cause. . .
  • Narusasu: just because your labeled a crack ship doesn't mean shit!
  • Sasuhina: it doesn't matter- people didn't notice me before.
  • Sasuhina: i was fine unti- until-
  • Narusasu: until the movie *sasuhina nodded her head*
  • Narusasu: come on, people still like sakuhina-
  • Sasuhina: i'm not as pretty. .
  • Narusasu: sasuhina, you are pretty
  • Sasuhina: . . . . .
  • Narusasu: sasuhina, have you told your sister, naruhina?
  • sasuhina: N-no
  • Narusasu: what! Why not!
  • Sasuhina: she's been busy with. . Things, i can't bug her. *narusasu ran his hand over his face. *
  • Narusasu: you need to tell someone. . .what about nejihina? *Sasuhina eyes widen in fear*
  • Sasuhina: You can't tell nejihina!
  • Narusasu: wo- and why not?
  • sasuhina: Because they are already fighting against a lot.. .they don't need me they only see me as a burden. . .
  • Narusasu: i doubt they see you like that
  • Sasuhina: . . . . .
  • Narusasu: . . . I bet, they worry about you from a far ya know
  • Sasuhina: no. . .*they said lowering their eyes* -Narusasu was running into brick walls everywhere. He had a lot he wanted to say but couldn't put them into words.*
  • Narusasu: . . .ugh fuck it!
  • Sasuhina: . . .? *2 days later*
  • ShikaTema: when did you start hanging around sasuhina?*narusasu look over at the bandaged up ship tucked under his arm.*
  • Narusasu: Eh who knows, their cute tho right like a little chipmunk.
  • Shikatema: Don't let nejihina see you he'll nail you in the chest.
  • Narusasu: an they call me the over protective one- how have they been holding up?
  • Shikatema: They are dodging bullshit left and right.
Aiba Masaki won't take 'NO'.
  • 嵐にしやがれ 20130518 - Aiba won't take 'No' for answer from Ninomiya Kazunari about their baseball club team. Since he is the proclaimed owner of the team and Nino is like his right-hand-man. ヽ(•̀ω•́ )ゝ✧ [translated by: aibachii@tumblr]
  • Sakurai: At what time do you guys do that (baseball activity)? I mean--you still have work right?
  • Ninomiya: This is weird as I thought right?
  • Ninomiya: Because in the morning around 5:30AM, he sent me a mail saying 'Are you awake? I'm on my way to pick you up'.
  • Matsumoto: Your tension is already high in the morning.
  • Ninomiya: I thought about not going so I sent him a mail 'Ah--I don't have gloves, also I couldn't find the uniform'
  • Aiba: Telling me that he lost the uniform, that doesn't make sense for someone on my team.
  • Ninomiya: 'I could definitely give you mine' a mail came. With that, I couldn't exactly decline him anymore.

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Can you write something involving Connors hair ending up fire truck red thanks to his nice and nephew + Oliver reaction to it?

“Don’t say one word,” Connor says the minute he walks through the door.

Oliver rises from the couch, eager to greet his boyfriend. They’ve been apart for the whole long weekend, with Connor going to visit his sister in Michigan. He’s halfway to the door before he finally takes in the sight of Connor - of Connor’s bright red hair.

“That’s -” Oliver starts.

“Don’t.” Connor stops him. He hangs up his coat and leaves his suitcase by the door. “It’ll wash out in a few days. It’s just the temporary stuff.“

“It’s not that bad.” Oliver waits near the couch for Connor to come to him. When he does, the light catches his hair, and yeah, it’s official. Connor Walsh could have fire engine red hair and still be the hottest man in the universe. Oliver laughs, but lightly, so Connor will know it’s not at his expense. “It’s actually really unfair how hot you look.”

Connor’s gaze slides away even as he reaches for Oliver’s hands and holds them. “You don’t have to lie to me.”

“I honestly wish I was lying,” Oliver tells him. “Seriously.” He lets go of one of Connor’s hands so that he can lift his own and push his fingers through Connor’s red locks. Softer, he breathes, “So unfair.”

Connor laughs then too, finally, and eases closer. Oliver pulls him in and wraps his arms around Connor’s shoulders. He places soft kiss after soft kiss into Connor’s hair.

“Your niece and nephew’s idea, I take it?”

Connor nods. “Can’t say no to them.”

Love swells bright and hot in Oliver’s chest. It’s too early to think about their own kids, but damn, Connor would make a fantastic father. He loves his niece and nephew so much. He’d do anything for them, just to get them to smile.

Oliver wants to tell Connor that, how good a father he’d be, how much Oliver loves him, but it feels too early. They’re fixing things. They’re good. But Oliver doesn’t want to scare Connor away.

Instead, he says, “I missed you,” because it’s just as true.

“Me, too.” Connor sighs and melts further into Oliver’s chest. His arms slide around Oliver’s waist. “Next time, come with me.”

Oliver smiles so wide his cheeks hurt. It’s something - a big something. Maybe they’re already more than Oliver thought.

“I’d love to.”