i couldn't stop laughing while i did this

Reading  Superman/Batman Annual Vol 1, you know the famous one where Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne awkwardly share a bed?  

Could this comic get even slashier?! I mean? Even the jokes are pandering to the shippers:

Did they just reference Brokeback Mountain?!?? AND Titanic? I’m choking! And the cuteness and the banter?! 

Bruce said “silly,” while Clark was describing how he balls up his clothes and hides them on him.  The gay is so strong in this book.

Dying at sausage fest, Superwoman know’s what’s up. And Batman and Superman just flirt with each other the entire time while their parallel selves come after them

Anyways, it’s the ending that kills. They have to protect their identities from Lois Lane because she’s figured them both out, and so Clark throws his voice

Omg, is that Batman being pulled away by Superman?! So cute!! “Buh-guyh!” Clark undressed him and redressed him…UMMM…like permission FIRST! and the language…

I’m gonna be 5 years old and laugh at every word in that sentence. Ahem, sure Clark, Bruce was in the closet, getting a blow…to the head…and a nasty one at that! And the last panel just doesn’t help their case

Is THIS EVEN REAL?! Did all of that JUST happen? SO much of that was just unnecessary flirting, homg. Joe Kelly was just like LOLing on the side while writing this, wasn’t he? Was this just a gift to us?? I just wanna say thanks. 

Joe Kelly, Ed McGuinness, Dexter Vines, Guy Major