i couldn't stop laughing when i was making this

so tonight was the first night of kcon mexico and Astro was brought on as the special stage guests and obviously I lost my shit so my video is really shaky and you can hear me freaking out the entire time but I hope the aroha’s who couldn’t be there can still enjoy the video!!


when you’re allergic to feathers but you gotta go beat up your father

So I just got home from watching Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children with my brother (side note: really enjoyed the movie, never read the book, do with that what you will) and the theatre was packed cause it’s opening night right so my brother and I sat in different rows. I was in the front row in the middle and he was directly behind me.

Throughout the movie I could hear these annoying children making noise and talking and just disturbing my movie experience.

They were in my brother’s row.

What I did not realise is they sat right next to my brother.

They read the book.

My brother got live down-to-the-minute-before spoilers throughout the whole movie.

My poor brother got his birthday movie experience ruined by asshole nerds who couldn’t shut the fuck up during a movie like proper human beings.

Do not be asshole nerds who can’t shut the fuck up during a movie.

  • Kise. Midorima. Akashi. Aomine. Murasakibara. Long ago, the five GOMs lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when Akashi attacked. Only Kuroko, master of vanishing drive, could stop them, but when Teiko needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and Seirin discovered the new Kuroko, an invisible kid named Tetsuya. And although his Vanishing drive skills are great, he has a lot to learn before he's ready to save anyone. But I believe Kuroko can save basketball.
Ume-chan Sweet Talks a Horse
Edison (2015.08.29)
Ume-chan Sweet Talks a Horse

“Woah, what’s wrong?”

“Heh, what’s wrong all of a sudden? Haha! Don’t kick me! Ow! Ow! Don’t kick me!”

“You know you’ve got a lot of force as it is…I’ll get hurt again. You know, like the other day. Gimme a break!”

“Hehe…hm? What’s the matter? …Oh, you’ve got a really nice butt, huh”

“Ohh…wai-…hold on-OW-OW-OW!”

“Actually…when you kick me…I quite like it”

“Ah! Ahh! Ahh! *moans* Huh? It’s morning”

What can we say? Amazing. XDD


The Great Gatsby AU-
Sansa Stark as Daisy Buchanan and Jon Snow as Jay Gatsby

        “Stop looking at me like that.” Sansa whispers to him as she buries herself even further in the warmth of his sheets. Jon wonders if she’d hide here forever with him, just as sweet and beautiful as she was when he first fell in love with her. 

        “I can’t make any promises, sweetheart.” Jon laughs as he presses feathered kisses across her shoulder blades, and she raises her body to his lips in response. He notices the desired goosebumps flutter across her arms and legs, so soft and fair, but most of all delicate, and breakable. She always feels so breakable in his arms. 

        “Jon?” Sansa says, lifting her head to look at him. His dark eyes, bright and big, shine at her mentioning his name. They only ever shine when they look at her. 

        “Yes?” He replies quickly, and she looks like she wants to say something important, or something that could ruin this. 

        “Nothing.” Sansa says shaking her head, a little laugh escaping her lips. “It’s nothing.” 

       Jon knows she’s lying, and she could easily say something that could break him, but with her in front of him like this, so vulnerable and perfect, he doesn’t care. He can’t care. Not yet.