i couldn't stop laughing for a week

YOI Skaters As Things I Have Done
  • Viktor: Collapsed in the hallway because my friend wasn't paying enough attention to me, spent hundreds of dollars on a gift for same friend, and pissed off a bunch of my other friends by declaring said friend as my favorite
  • Yurio: Accidentally kicked one of my friends in the head, then laughing when she got pissed
  • Yuuri: Woke my mom up at 2am because of all the racket I was making in the kitchen while stress baking cookies
  • Christophe: Showing my friends photos of my boobs because "don't they look so good in this photo?" and getting the response "your boobs are fantastic"
  • Phichit: Keeping a folder of all the ugly selfies my best friend has ever sent me to give to her future boyfriend
  • Mila: Picked up friend and ran to PE because "your legs are too short to keep up with mine, either buy roller skates and hold onto my sleeve or let me carry you, we don't have all day"
  • Georgi: Sent my girlfriend at the time 500 seconds of snapchats in under 10 minutes before she woke up and then continued to send more after she woke up
  • Sara: Gave an hour long lecture to one of my best friends who I consider to be family on gender roles and why I generally dislike men who aren't fictional that some how turned into me listing reasons why girls are beautiful and I Love them
  • Michele: Have given the same two pieces of dating advice to one of my friends for years, "dump him" or "give me your phone, I'm going to fight him"
  • Emil: Hugged one of my best friends for over an hour, actually it was closer to two, I only let go when I fell asleep
  • JJ: Talked for a full hour about how hot I am to one of my friends and then after a few minutes of silence, whispered "oh god, I really hate myself" and then curled up into a ball and cried
  • Minami: Consistently terrifies friends with shrieking flying tackle hugs from behind, screams of terror usually ensue
  • Seung-gil: Robotically wrote the Bee Movie Script on the classroom board when we had a sub, "Do you have work you are supposed to be doing?" "Yes." "Is this it?" "No, do you have any more questions?" "I- uh, no, I guess not."
  • Guang Hong: Texted someone that if they messed with my best friend I would brutally murder them and then followed up with blushing emojis and flower emojis
  • Leo: Listened to the same song on repeat 12 hours a day, for over a week, until I could hear the song playing in my dreams
  • Bonus, Coaches + Teachers:
  • Yakov: Some how became the mom friend despite the fact that I can't even take care of myself, "I swear to god if you skip physics oNE MORE TIME", "Do your homework, I know where you sleep", "Oh for fuck's sake, come over to my house, I'm not going to listen to you bitch for weeks because you didn't want to disinfect your cuts"
  • Minako: Was running a high fever during my physics final to the point where I was fading in and out of consciousness, and aced it
  • Lilia: Developed a reputation for having terrifying kicks after I realized that the men in my karate class couldn't hold back their punches if they were too busy avoiding getting nailed in the balls
  • Celestino: Refused to stop smiling and laughing for a full day, actually got kicked out of class because I laughed so much

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1 week into being at a new school, my new bestie and I decided to have an Othello-piece-flicking competition (little flat round things like checker pieces) and the hallway was littered with them. Little did we know that there was a fire drill planned and half the school (very small student body) had to make their way through the hallway. Most of them were super confused and we got some "Looks" from the teachers. I couldn't stop laughing then entire drill.

i feel like aura would be like, always at metis’ side wondering if there was something more she could do for her. like okay imagine 15y/o clay struggling and holding up like 50lbs of lab equipment and he’s like AURA??? CAN I HAVE SOME HELP OVER HERE??? and she shows up 20mins later and he’s like still holding up the lab equipment panting and knees shaking like WHERE WERE YOU?? she just shrugs ‘metis looked tired so i got her some coffee’ 


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Mark | 1683 words | so incredibly fluffy
Mark hasn’t seen his girlfriend back in the States in eight months. When he finally gets a vacation, he knows where he’s going to spend it.

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a long, lonely while, pt 1

so this is gonna be a quasi-series? more like i’m splitting a one-shot into bits, but WHATEVER. semantics.

ilu theappleppielifestyle, this is for u

Jim knows Tony’s got a…touch thing.

He tries to keep it quiet, but it’s not a exactly quiet thing. Not when it’s something he aches for the way Tony does.

He’s known Tony long enough that Tony doesn’t try to keep it from him anymore, at least not on purpose. He’s been hiding it for so long though, sometimes he can’t help it.

Jim knows why, too.

A little over a year after they’d met, Tony had brought him back to New York and Jim had met the Starks.

Howard Stark had been distant, distracted—drunk off his ass. Maria Stark was melancholy in a way Jim wouldn’t recognize until he was older. She’d been affectionate with Tony, but only when his father wasn’t around. It had been pretty clear even to his eighteen-year-old self that Howard, for whatever reason, wouldn’t allow it. It didn’t make sense to him.

His own mama was the exact opposite, cupping his face and kissing his cheeks even in front of his superiors in the Air Force, embarrassing the everliving daylights out of him, so it had been a shock meeting Tony’s family. He’d always thought being wealthy would fix everything, but after seeing the Starks and the way they’d sat stiffly around the enormous dining room table in that big mansion hardly talking, he’d turned around on that idea in a hurry.

What it had done was make sense of the way Tony tended to crawl all over him, worming up against his side and tucking himself up under Jim’s arm when he got drunk and crashed into Jim’s dorm room.

After that weekend though, they’d gone back to school and Jim had been more determined than ever to be there for the brilliant, wacky kid who was the first peer he’d ever had. He deserved to have someone love on him the way Jim’s mom loved on him.

He did the best he could, but Jim takes after his dad who’s more like Tony’s mom. Not great at giving the kind of touches he thinks Tony really needs. But he’s great at letting Tony touch. Any time he moves in, Jim’s arms open automatically. He gets used to the weight of Tony’s head on his shoulder and the warmth of Tony’s body up his ribs. Someday he hopes there’ll be somebody who can do what he can’t, who will reach for Tony first.

In the meantime, he smiles when the door slides open as he heads in from the landing pad on the roof of Stark Tower and finds Tony racing toward him.

“Sugar Bear!” Tony yells and Jim laughs as Tony plows straight into him, arms coming up and wrapping tight around Jim’s back.

“Hey, Tones,” he says, gripping him back just as tight. “It’s good to see you, man.”

“Of course it is,” Tony says loftily. “It’s always good to see me. Eyes don’t get it any easier than me.”

Jim snorts. “We both know I’m the pretty one.”

“Ha!” Tony says and leans back, hands slipping to curl around Jim’s shoulders. He copies the movement and they stand there for a minute like a couple of idiots just grinning at each other.

“So how’s it going,” Jim asks finally. “What’s it like having all the supers in your back pocket?”

“There is only one super, thank you very much,” Tony says. “Thor doesn’t count, he’s normal for his species.”

“Is that what you tell yourself to make yourself feel better?”

“I am easily the coolest person on this team, I don’t have to tell myself anything to make me feel better. Don’t shove your issues off on me. I asked you if you wanted to be an Avenger.”

“I’m too busy being awesome,” Jim replies. Tony still hasn’t shaken him off, or made any effort to feign disinterest in having Jim all over him. Normally it’d be an uphill battle to give Tony what he so desperately wants. He frowns and squeezes Tony’s shoulders. “Hey, is everything okay?”

He gets more nervous when Tony doesn’t look up, his greasy hair flopping over his forehead and hiding his eyes.


“Ah…” He hears Tony swallow, and rubs his shoulder almost without thinking, encouraging him to say whatever it is. Tony finally looks up, just for a second, and Jim’s heart drops when he sees the wet sheen of his eyes. His voice is rough when he says, “Pepper.”

Jim’s hands squeeze a little tighter. “Shit. Shit. Tony— Jesus, Tony, I’m sorry. Why the hell didn’t you tell me?”

Before Tony can answer, he hauls him in for a hug, gets his arms around Tony’s shoulders and holds him tight, hand cupping the back of Tony’s head. Tony clutches at his sides, breaths a little uneven. “I dunno,” he says. “I dunno, Rhodey—”

“It’s okay,” Jim assures him. “It’s okay, you don’t have to. When?”

Tony sucks in a shaking breath. “Last Thursday,” he says and his voice breaks.

“Jesus, you should have told me, man, I would have come.”

The laugh that bursts from Tony’s mouth is a little hysterical. “Too early as usual.”

Jim ignores the joke. “She…” He hesitates, not wanting to phrase this wrong and make things worse.

“We agreed to end it,” Tony mumbles into his shoulder. “She doesn’t wanna do the saving the world thing and I moved five superheroes into the Tower. It wasn’t fair to her. I wanted to, for her, but I can't— I couldn't—”

Tony’s voice chokes off into silence, his hot, ragged breaths seeping through Jim’s shirt. Jesus, they called it quits. No wonder Tony’s…

Getting closer to Tony is impossible, but it doesn’t stop Jim from trying. “I’m sorry,” he breathes into the side of Tony’s head. “God, Tony, I’m so sorry. I really thought—”

Tony laughs that slightly hysterical laugh again and blurts, “Yeah, me too,” and then he’s coming apart under Jim’s hands, shaking with sobs.

Jim tries to make contact wherever he can. If they’ve been on the outs since Thursday it’s probably been over a week since anybody with blood and a beating heart touched Tony. No wonder he hadn’t pulled away. Broken up with Pepper, Jesus.

“I’m sorry, Tones,” he murmurs. “I’m sorry.”

  • Remus: [looking at a detention slip] Sirius, tell me again how exactly you got detention this week?
  • Sirius: Marlene and I got caught together in a broom cupboard over the weekend
  • Remus: huh.... see I spoke to Marlene.... and she told me she didn't have detention this week.... in fact, when I asked her about it... she couldn't stop giggling. ..
  • Sirius: [nervously sweating] Well... maybe she was embarrassed...
  • Remus: [smirking] Or maybe this detention slip is correct and you were found Naked in a tree in the courtyard asleep.
  • James: How does that even happen Pads!?
  • Sirius: She took my clothes and my wand and left me there with a sticking charm!!! What was I supposed to do!?
  • Remus: [laughing] Oh Sirius. ... you really ought to stop pissing her off...
  • Sirius: How do you know I pissed her off!? Maybe she was unprovoked!
  • James and Remus: [look at each other quickly, before laughing in Sirius' face]
  • James: [Still laughing] Sure thing Pads...
  • Remus: [also laughing] whatever you say..

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I showed my brother your vines and he couldn't stop laughing for a week, it really helped him since he was going through some stuff, they're awesome!~ Also I hope your days get better and that everything works out for your tour~ :3

Awww that makes me so incredibly happy to hear!! Anyway I can help is an absolute blessing! And thank you, I believe it is shall!

  • Marvel: The Age Of Ultron trailer will air during next week's Agents of SHIELD!
  • Someone: *leaks trailer*
  • Marvel: Oh. Well then a scene from Age of Ultron will be shown during next week's Agents of SHIELD!
  • Someone: *leaks scene*
  • Marvel: Damn it. Well we're just gonna move the release date of Age of Ultron to next Tuesday then!
  • Someone: *leaks the whole movie*
  • Marvel: SON OF A-

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Just finished watching ep 5 and hallelujah this show just keeps on giving! So glad I watched with my mother not around because last week she kept poking her head in my room and asking me what's wrong. This time I couldn't even stop screaming. Also, I'm totally convinced that Pichit knows all about Yuuri's fanboy ways. He probably saw him practicing Victor's routine and so when the video went viral he couldn't stop laughing because he knows EXACTLY what Yuuri's reaction would be.

It’s so great you watched it with your mom~ We need more people watching and enjoying this show. 

And I agree about Phichit knowing everything about Yuuri’s feelings for Victor. Watch him being the biggest victuri shipper and fanboying over them a lot :3 ( next episode’s preview is very promising about it).

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I read your post about what you eat affecting what you taste like and I just thought that I should tell you this. Over the last week I have eaten a tonne of tomatoes because all our plants have ripened at once. Yesterday I had sex with my girlfriend and afterwards she couldn't stop laughing and when I asked why she said that I apparently tasted like pizza


I hope to God it’s true because PIZZA YEAAAAHHHH!!!!

~ Va-J-J