i couldn't stop laughing at this scene


“It was actually in this episode, when I’m in the kitchen with Letty and we’re having a conversation about the book that she’s writing and I’m telling her that she needs to find a title, I couldn’t do that scene without laughing. The dialogue and the way that Michelle was looking at me, it was just so funny. We had to do it like a million times. I just couldn’t stop laughing and that was hard.”  - Juan Diego Botto

Mino was trying to feed the pigeons, but they were ignoring him…

He tried talking them over in Korean, saying things like “bird treat!” and “eat!”, but that didn’t work. So then he tried talking in pigeon by saying “coo~ coo~ treat!” but that didn’t work either.

Then, I guess since he’s Japan and thought maybe the pigeons would listen to him if he were to speak in Japanese, he started saying “nice to meet you!” in Japanese. 


- So… Are you okay?
- You don’t need to worry. If I couldn’t play, the coach would’ve stopped me.
- I see. Then I can go all out.
- What?
- That’s good.
- “You weren’t worried about me? Seriously?” Sounds like I don’t have to worry about you!
- I feel relieved, as well.
- Keep talking! First pitch! Stay focused!