i couldn't stop at one bromance

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Hi Jen! I love your blog and stop by frequently to read your reviews and metas. I am well aware of your thoughts on Arrow and Olicity and couldn't agree more with you on the characters and the story. I am also a huge Suits fan, as I know you are, and have often wondered which "bromance" you would pick as the best. So it's Oliver/Diggle vs. Harvey/Mike?

Oh yeah!!!! Another Suits fan! Isn’t it just the best? I thought this was one of their strongest feelings. Oh man… which bromance? This is really hard. I love them both so much.

But seeing as how Oliver and Diggle are two of my favorite TV characters, I have to go with those boys. There’s just something extra special about Diggle and Oliver.

But Mike and Harvey are a very close second. 

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