i couldn't sleep so i made this


“If efforts never lied, the one who practices the most would win time after time. But, as of course, no matter how hard a person works, if they can’t win, they can’t win. And conversely, much younger athletes may overtake them forcefully. Therefore, efforts do lie. But that doesn’t mean efforts are in vain. It is precisely because efforts lie that we are prompted to think about how to work hard in a different way, and find the correct direction in which to expend our efforts.” – Yuzuru Hanyu

Imma colour this in later! I made this last night, had friends over and I haven’t slept in two days. ;v; My eyeballs hurt.

I literally can’t keep up with all these theories, gosh darn it!! October will be my death, like– there’s only so much time to drawwwww. Wish I didn’t have to sleep, man. I could make so much more cool shit. ;v;

Anyway, hope you enjoy this doodle! It’s been a while since I doodled some non comic related stuff! :0


The most interesting thing here stems from the fact that River doesn’t know Donna or have any personal vested interest in her and yet she looks at her with such emotion.  Donna doesn’t die traveling with The Doctor as the audience suspects in this moment.  She forgets.

River has seen a lot of horrible things and isn’t one to be easily moved, but you can see how just the mention of Donna’s name completely affects her. The look on her face reflects the pain of what The Doctor told her about Donna.  We are seeing a reflection of how much and how deeply what happened to Donna affected The Doctor long after she was gone. 


The Malaysian twins

// ooc

I always have the idea of having two Malaysias. Well, it is more accurate since there are two significant parts of Malaysia which are separated by the South China Sea. And both of these regions have their similarities and also differences in terms of culture and history. 

When it comes to personality…

West Malaysia (Malaya)

- More sophisticated and diplomatic

- Stoic but can be REALLY straightforward at times. Like, he’s brutally honest??

- Easily gets jealous when other people try to get closer to East especially The Philippines and Indonesia. He’ll be like, “Don’t touch my brother. He’s MINE”

East Malaysia (Borneo???)

- Naive. He’s easily influenced by West’s antics.

- Friendly and highly tolerable. 

- However he hates it when people only recognizes West as Malaysia. Like, “Hey people. I’m also Malaysia???”

- He LOVES animals especially Orangutans and cats. Let’s just say he has a weakness for anything that is cute.


because the fanfic “flash point” by @actuallydeglace has made me alive lately. as in, i was almost caught at work for being lazy and reading.

my love for this ship has sailed once more.

doodles because i was lazy to do a proper coloured one- but i will surely make a proper fanart of a fanfic screams. also addd the 2nd one because i loved that chapter. (and i would totally draw all the moments i loved, there’s so much, they made me laugh alot)