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Family Ties (Alex/Maggie)

Alex and Maggie are engaged, and they have the inevitable discussion: Danvers-Sawyer or Sawyer-Danvers?


Crazy work hours often prevented Alex and Maggie from getting home at the same time, having dinner together, watching TV together. All it did was make Maggie more hyper-aware when Alex’s body finally sunk into bed next to her in the early hours of the morning.  Alex always tried to be quiet, to not wake her sleeping fiancée, but Maggie is a detective, and she always knows when Alex arrives.

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What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Each member of the Order of the Stone has a color on the amulet that symbolises them, Ellegaard being red, Magnus being green, Soren being white, Gabriel being light blue, and Ivor being dark blue. Each of these colors also represent each order members’ respective profession, being the colors of the materials they use or the armor they wear. The placement of each gem on the amulet is, seemingly, supposed to represent their ranking in the order as well with Gabriel, Magnus, and Ellegaard’s colors being placed from the outer edges to just about the middle of the amulet. However, despite being the leader of the order of the stone, Soren’s color is one of the colors that stretches to the rim while Ivor’s color is instead in the center. Why is this? Being the leader of the Order of the Stone as well as the creator of the amulet, shouldn’t Soren’s color be in the center? What does this mean? The placement could have been deliberately made by soren, attempting to signify that Ivor is, in some way, the heart of the team by being their healer (or could have been the most emotionally supporting as well, which comes to show exactly how much the order’s seperation broke him with how bitter he’s become), or could be a sign that maybe, Ivor means something more to Soren than we know. It could also mean that, at the time of the amulet’s creation, Ivor could have been the leader of the order of the stone for a short time, until role switching came into play and Soren was put in place of leader. Given how high-end Ivor’s old armor looks in the cut scene we were shown, this idea isn’t too surprising. Back to the placement of the gem, another possible meaning could be that it’s symbolism of how vital Ivor has been to the story, initially sparking the entirety of Jesse’s adventure and even continuing it when giving the new order information on the old builders and ancient temple, which leads to the portal arc. The last possible explanation, the one that bothers me the most, is that it might not mean anything. It might just be a design quirk, placed so that there’s seemingly only four members of the order only for us to soon find out that the center is a functioning color as well, meaning that there was a fifth member of the order, Ivor. I’m hoping this isn’t the only purpose as it would have been a massive waste of symbolism and speculation.

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Hi Romina! Do you have any johnlock fics that you're currently reading/are somewhat new? I'm in desperate need of some johnlock! Hope you have a nice weekend 😊

Hi Anon! I tried to make this list yesterday but my chrome crashed but here it is again, these are my fave fics that I’ve read lately =)

Hope you like them as much as I do ♥

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I started working on a new photo counter that opened up in one of the local stores, we were in the process of taking over the old still so there was quite a few things that we couldn't do in store yet! An elderly lady came past and enquired whether we processed film, I explained that we couldn't do it as of yet and the reason why, but she glared at me, I asked if she was okay and she shouted "you've made an enemy today!" and walked off....? Who even says that anymore! All I could do was laugh!

You’ve made an enemy. Sleep with one eye open.

Some pointless KH thoughts.

You know how sometimes, whenever you’ve been wronged or hurt in some way or by someone, you tend to to play through your head how you could of handled the situation differently? Or come up with ways on how to hurt/humiliate/get vengeance on the person who hurt you? After everything we learned from episode 50, I started to see Khonjin’s endless pestering and torment to Gino in a different light. What if Pent made the KH Universe so he could mourn for Shelby? A universe where he could torment and smite a figment representing her killer for all eternity?

What if Gino Fertelli, the REAL Gino Fertelli, from the supermental world…killed Shelby?


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Is there a medical word for this med side effect? Percoset made me feel like I desperately HAD to move. As if my heart itched and if I could just get my heart rate up a little more it would stop. Nope, a little more than that...a little higher... I considered going out running, while recovering from surgery. I tried masturbating but couldn't. Eventually I managed to sleep it off. But nurses never want to hear that much, or they jump on the word "itch," and say, "it gave you hives?"

The technical word is “akathisia,” but I had to look that up, so I’d probably say “restlessness” or “agitation.”

…Sometimes “agitation” is a codeword for patients being angry and aggressive.  Let’s go with “restlessness.”


Carol Peletier Meme ||  8 relationships

You’re gonna have to trust.

“…he’s a ghost story.”


t h e d a r k n e s s to h e r  l i g h t

Off to Sleep
Coeur de Pirate
Off to Sleep

Time stood still for a while,
your hand was holding mine.
The stars that shined in your eyes,
don’t let them go by.
Fly on you golden girl
and take on your fears.
I’ll be with you in your dreams,
the world is darker than it seems.

And I’ll be waiting for the light
that guides us through
the worst of nights.
And I’ll be waiting for the sign
you’re coming back
and you have found your path.

I know that you’ve seen the worst
your heart’s been torn before.
Those creatures won’t let you go
so hang on to what you know.
So sail on you golden girl
and fight against those fears.
I’ll be with you in your dreams,
all the world without a queen

Chorus x3