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Everyone sane in the TW fandom except Srydia shippers after THAT (I never said it back) shit episode




“…he’s a ghost story.”

What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Each member of the Order of the Stone has a color on the amulet that symbolises them, Ellegaard being red, Magnus being green, Soren being white, Gabriel being light blue, and Ivor being dark blue. Each of these colors also represent each order members’ respective profession, being the colors of the materials they use or the armor they wear. The placement of each gem on the amulet is, seemingly, supposed to represent their ranking in the order as well with Gabriel, Magnus, and Ellegaard’s colors being placed from the outer edges to just about the middle of the amulet. However, despite being the leader of the order of the stone, Soren’s color is one of the colors that stretches to the rim while Ivor’s color is instead in the center. Why is this? Being the leader of the Order of the Stone as well as the creator of the amulet, shouldn’t Soren’s color be in the center? What does this mean? The placement could have been deliberately made by soren, attempting to signify that Ivor is, in some way, the heart of the team by being their healer (or could have been the most emotionally supporting as well, which comes to show exactly how much the order’s seperation broke him with how bitter he’s become), or could be a sign that maybe, Ivor means something more to Soren than we know. It could also mean that, at the time of the amulet’s creation, Ivor could have been the leader of the order of the stone for a short time, until role switching came into play and Soren was put in place of leader. Given how high-end Ivor’s old armor looks in the cut scene we were shown, this idea isn’t too surprising. Back to the placement of the gem, another possible meaning could be that it’s symbolism of how vital Ivor has been to the story, initially sparking the entirety of Jesse’s adventure and even continuing it when giving the new order information on the old builders and ancient temple, which leads to the portal arc. The last possible explanation, the one that bothers me the most, is that it might not mean anything. It might just be a design quirk, placed so that there’s seemingly only four members of the order only for us to soon find out that the center is a functioning color as well, meaning that there was a fifth member of the order, Ivor. I’m hoping this isn’t the only purpose as it would have been a massive waste of symbolism and speculation.

I like to think that when Ryan goes on a murder break, he forgoes real violence all together. Give him a gun or a knife and someone’s gonna die; he can’t help himself. So he changes things up.

During a bank robbery, Ryan brings a collection of Nerf guns. He leaves a happy face and a frowny face on the glass partitions, made of sticky foam bullets. He also sticks bullets to everyone’s glasses cause he thinks it’s funny.

A convenience store clerk is soaked by Ryan when Ryan brings along a water gun. He has to leave for a few minutes to refill it when he runs out of “ammo”.

Cops are confused when, instead of pulling out an actual weapon, Ryan starts tossing paper throwing stars at them. The most Ryan really manages to do is give one of them a paper cut.

Then there was a time he brought a toy gun that didn’t even fire anything and he just yelled “bang” over and over again. Until Geoff starts yelling, “God dammit, Ryan! Murder break is over!”

And Ryan pulls a mini automatic rifle from his jacket and mows down the cops, no problem.

(“You had that with you this whole time? Why weren’t you using it?” Geoff demanded angrily.

“I was on a murder break. I can’t do that with guns. It defeats the whole point.”)

Listen up, if you haven’t read We will both show up remarkable you absolutely have to! 

  • 1940s Bucky
  • Some Buckynat smut
  • You’ll laugh
  • You’ll cry (if you are as emotional about these two as I’m)
  • You’ll be f*ucking heartbroken 

This authors deserves all the recognition for this fic alone and I’m not even counting their entire I will write sonnets to the salt of sweat on your skin series.


Carol Peletier Meme ||  8 relationships

You’re gonna have to trust.


And today’s AU of the day from the iwaoi thirst squad @tei-gen and @crossbelladonna is Corpse bride AU (happy end edition because I am the biggest dweeb)

(I just wanted,,,bokuaka to do that piano duet scene,, but I forgot about the angst ending whoops ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽)

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S T B surpassing exo on every level sadly. I don't think we can get to that level anymore.

EXCUSE ME, just because they are doing well for now doesn’t delete the history EXO made, EXO’s achievements will not be erased by that group releasing an album

besides, just one scandal happening to that group and half of the fandom will be done with them. EXO had so many obstacles and still managed to kill it and do even better than before. 

And I don’t care if they will win Daesang or not this year too, at this point EXO are releasing music for their fans not to win awards, they won everything that could be won. Is more to music than just being number 1.

I am proud I stan a down to earth group, that cares about us, never disappoints, always give their 100% and have our backs. Real EXO Ls will never care if they top charts or not

But I assure you, this year they will make history again, like they always did. 



“What’s so great about you?
             I have some things I want to tell you:
                                       You’re not so great after all…

  [ Quote from: What’s so great about you? by Darrin Atkins. ]

i know we’re all dying to see erwin’s 9/10 combat skills in action and i’m betting we get to see that on season 2

but then again, remember how he was just about to go on a mass-titan-killing-spree to get to eren and le wild titan appears and takes him by the arm in its teeth

and the next thing we know erwin’s one-armed and slicing eren free from bertolt…

remember how the anime makes really good 3dmg and action sequences

imagine already amputee erwin soaring past the myriad of hungry titans – friendly reminder that to kill them you need TWO ARMS to swing TWO BLADES – with blood and gore on his sleeve, determination in his eyes, just so he could get to eren and take him back. with only one arm, he could not possibly defend himself so well, and would have ro rely soley on his 3dmg and excellent motor skills to avoid the titans and imminent death

which he fucking did. and he brought hope back to mankind, time and time again

i’m excited to see erwin finally using the 3dmg to its full purpose and swinging blades all badass and shit

but it also worries me, and despite the fact that i already know how things would unfold, i cannot be sure if i will ever be emotionally prepared at all









Drabble: Too Loud

I wrote this for @bakapandy/@futurefishbabies‘s au. Sakurai belongs to her. Un-beta’d so there might be mistakes.

After waking up in the night and tossing back and forth on his little bed, Sakurai gave up trying to sleep in his own bed. Even though he was a big boy that was almost four years old, he still needed to curl up in bed with his dads every once and a while. He quietly made his way out of his bedroom and down the hall to his parents’ door. Upon arriving, he noticed the door was closed, which is odd because his parents usually kept the door open. He tried reaching for the doorknob, but he was too short. He didn’t want to wake up his parents so he was just going to go back to his room, except he heard his daddy’s voice coming through the door. He could just knock on the door and his daddy would let him in. That was the plan until he heard his daddy scream.

“Ahhh~ Sousuke~!” The voice came through the door.

Sakurai took a step back. His eyes welled with tears. Why was papa hurting daddy? Sakurai sat outside his parents’ door and started to sob.

Rin and Sousuke were lying in bed in the heat of their love making session. After their breathing had regulated, Rin picked his up his head. “Do you hear that?” He said.

“Hear what?” Sousuke asked.

“It sounds like Sakurai crying.” Rin insisted.

“I doubt it. If Sakurai was crying, he’d come in the room.” Sousuke tried reassuring his husband.

“I’m serious Sousuke. I swear it’s him.”

Sousuke sighed and got up out of bed. He walked towards the door a started to pull it open. “I’m telling you, Sakurai is asleep in his be-” Sousuke was cut off by seeing his son sobbing in the hallway. “Sakurai, what’s wrong?”

Little Sakurai responded to his father with a fearful scream. He jumped to his feet and ran to his room. He entered his room and slammed the door behind him. He jumped into his bed and hid under his blankets.

Rin rushed up to Sousuke a watched his child run to his room. “What the hell did you do, Sousuke?!” He scolded.

“I didn’t do anything. He just ran away.” Sousuke said.

Rin rushed to his son’s bedroom. He slowly opened the door to reveal Sakurai crying under the blankets. He sat down on the bed and rubbed his hand on Sakurai’s back. “What happened, Sakurai?”

Sakurai jumped up and wrapped his arms tightly around Rin’s neck. “Papa was hurting you.” He sobbed. “I heard you screaming.”

Rin’s face flushed with embarrassment. “Papa wasn’t hurting me.” He chuckled uncomfortably. “Papa and I were just… playing.”

“But it sounded like you were hurting.” Sakurai sniffled.

“Papa would never do anything to hurt me or you. It’s just…sometimes papa can play a little too…rough.” Rin said with red cheeks. Noticing that Sakurai was calming down, Rin sighed in relief. “How about you sleep with me and papa tonight?”

“Okay.” Sakurai agreed.

Rin picked up his son and walked toward his bedroom. He was stopped by an eavesdropping Sousuke. Faintly, he heard his husband whisper in his ear. “I told you you were being too loud.”

‘It’s like I’ve got either, I’m not sure, two husbands or two children’
  • ‘It’s like I’ve got either, I’m not sure, two husbands or two children’
  • R1 Breakfast Show

Tom Hanks got ditched for 1d not because it was the priority, it was the LAW + Nick and Rochelle chat the boys. (13.11.15)

‘What about this break - because you’re pals with Niall - be quite nice to actually see your friend’
‘I know cause he’s never ever here, you know, they’re just never in the country, are they?’
‘Never not working’

I had a weird moment today where I daydreamed a little too hard and imagined a scenario where Blizzard was gonna introduce a new hero, but only if they retire Hanzo permanently. So for the next 36 hours before deadline, everyone only played Hanzo, which made me happy but also sad fjdalkfkjdslfas