i couldn't see sean :(

gather around folks, it’s storytime. so today, i had just finished doing some press for my single there’s nothing holdin’ me back … go get it if you haven’t yet, on this radio show & were headed to the stadium to get to soundcheck in time. but, my driver & i were talking about loyalty — something that i overly possess, — & he was like hey, mr. mendes, if all your friends jumped off a bridge, would you ?which left me to sayof course, rudy, ‘cause there’d be a huge pile of their bodies to land on at the bottom. then he started choking from all the laughter & almost swerved off of the road. i’ve told only one joke that’s actually funny ( being this one ) & it just so happens to halfway be the cause of my death. quite the life i’m living these days, let me tell you. i’m shawn & i hope that you’re having a pretty eventful day, —— more eventful than watching your life flash before your eyes, guys.