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Women of the House of Haleth

Like to [the House of Beor] were the woodland folk of Haleth, but they were of lesser stature, and less eager for lore. They used few words, and did not love great concourse of men; and many among them delighted in solitude, wandering free in the greenwoods while the wonder of the lands of the Eldar was new upon them.

- The Silmarillion

[The Folk of Haleth] did not willingly adopt new things or customs, and retained many practices that seemed strange to the Eldar and the other Atani, with whom they had few dealings except in war. Nonetheless, they were esteemed as loyal allies and redoubtable warriors, though the companies they sent to battle beyond their borders were small…One of the strange practices spoken of was that many of their warriors were women, though few of these went abroad to fight in the great battles. 

- Of Dwarves and Men

Haleth - Thalissa Teixeira ✧ Haldar’s wife (Danyal) - Camila Pitanga
Hareth - Keisha Castle-Hughes ✧ Hiril - Courtney Eaton
Hunleth - Ashley Madekwe ✧ Meleth - Hanelle Harris 


Hello again. Long time no… whatever it is we do. I missed you. Where did you go? Did you leave, or did I? Maybe it was both. Or neither. Doesn’t matter… Do those hopeful moments scare me? Of course. Daemons, remember? […] They’re always active. They seduce. They manipulate. They own us. And even though you’re with me, even though I created you, it makes no difference. We all must deal with them alone. The best we can hope for… the only silver lining in all of this… is that when we break through, we find a few familiar faces waiting on the other side.

baek-hyun  asked:

can you believe it??? the worst is when they act as if it never happened like duuuuuude baekyeol is forever

to be able to say that baekyeol never happened one should be blind, deaf and not a kpop follower

i agree that at first there was a lot of fanservice for the sake of fanservice, scenes like the famous almost kiss during sm town were clearly planned in advance (but idek because it was like they wanted to do fanservice but something went wrong and they just stayed there looking in each other’s eyes and you know, something was there, like a sparkle or a joke that could be shared only between them).

even the famous idol olympic came-out-of-a-shonen-ai-manga scene was planned, for me, but their reactions are always too explosive and spontaneous to be faked. it feels like they always fuck the script and put something more personal in this kind of interactions

but they have also the shared and stolen glances, the subtle touches, the synchro reaction, the fact that they can’t stop smiling when they’re around each other

there was a moment just before wolf came out when they started having less interactions, and during the wolf promotion they had close to none (they started being obvious again during growl’s promotion, i think) and people started to say that baekyeol was dead. i actually don’t think there was a “fight”.

it was more like a bad period for everyone, what with the new promotion and the fact that they were jus starting to build their characters from point zero. during mama era they were really awkward, both in the way they behaved onstage and offstage, but i think that during wolf and then growl they started to show their true colours (this is regarging exo-k, because exo-m in china had been more comfortable and more genuine than exo-k in korea during mama era, that’s for sure).

so it was a moment of great changes, and they became ot12. if you have ot12 people to interact with, the person you spend with each person is less than when they were split into the sub-unit, so that’s why there were less baekyeol interactions.

idk, because i never doubted the ship at that time, i just thought they were being more subtle and reserved about their friendship or whatever fucked up wonderful relationship they have.

i can guess why someone could think that their ship is sinking (even if i don’t agree) but telling that baekyeol actually never happened is bullshit, i say


anonymous asked:

Why does no one ship Steven and Amethyst, i don't get it, they're an obviously better match than Steven and Connie (who have absolutely nothing in common). Also, this whole Pearl x Amethyst business is ridiculous, Pearl is obviously the mother figure to Garnet's father-like attitude, Steven x Amethyst seems like the most natural ship to me, i don't understand why almost no one else sees it.


Anon, are you listening to yourself right now?

Well, I have my personal opinions about particular ships (and I often don’t voice them), I will break my silence because I can’t even with you, Anon. 

Let me address your first question: Why does no one ship Steven and Amethyst? I’m not sure why everybody else doesn’t, but I don’t ship Steven with Amethyst because she has more of a family relation to him. To me, Steven with Amethyst is almost incest? Thinking about it now makes my skin crawl.

Also, are you serious? This whole “Pearl x Amethyst business” isn't ridiculous, so get off your high horse. You have no idea how much it irritates me whenever Amethyst is excluded when it comes to, “Oh, Pearl is Bird Mom and Garnet is Square mom while Amethyst is gross sister” bullshit. Don’t even try it here. 

Personally, I find Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet to be more of sisters to Steven rather than mother figures because I feel Rose Quartz was the probably most capable of being “motherly” while Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet still struggle with certain aspects of that. However, I don’t mind if people choose to see the Crystal Gems to be more of motherly figures to Steven, but don’t exclude one of them??? Like, that’s so shitty. 

ALSO, CONNIE AND STEVEN HAVE PLENTY IN COMMON??? I seriously can’t even humor this ask anymore.