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Actual Tenipuri Nicknames [Pt.1/?]
“Seigaku's Pillar of Support” may be cool, but "Thief Bro" is priceless.

[Part 2]



Sensei uploaded some official teasers ( the pic on the left side) about an extra scene we’ll have along with Drama CD 4 in February!! I am screaming!! Are Yashiro and Doumeki wearing kimono? Are they in a onsen maybe?? *sweats* They are so hot!! Also I perfectly remember the illustration Sensei posted back then on the 31st of December 2014 before deleting her previous Twitter account (@_yonecoro_)! It showed an always wonderful Yashiro in traditional clothes and smoking kiseru! (pic on the right side) The similarities are strong so I Iike to think she already had this scenario in mind and soon we’ll enjoy the extra scene she has developed for us!! ❤ I CAN’T WAIT FOR FEBRUARY TO ARRIVE!!!  ❤

left picture source: @saezuru_comic 12/17/2016 Tweet (official Twitter account)

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I saw the Bannette and trainer's baby headcannons and I just couldn't resist asking this. Headcannons for Mimikyu and Sableye with their trainer who's pregnant with a child, and after the baby is born?

*gasp* how cute! :D


* When Mimikyu first hears from their trainer that they’re pregnant, Mimikyu got very excited right away. They can’t wait to have someone new around, especially one that it can play with. Mimikyu likes to feel their trainer’s belly and actually jumped a bit when it felt the baby move for the first time.

* When the baby is born, Mimikyu right away already loves them as much as their trainer. They actually don’t mind if the baby touches them or hugs them but it’ll slip away if they start tugging off it’s rag. Mimikyu becomes fiercely protective over the baby..


* Sableye is so confused when they first hear the news. They can’t believe that a little human is inside their trainer and that they’ll grow up to be as big as their trainer one day. They’re very curious and will often put their head against their trainer’s stomach to feel the baby move.

* Sableye is still a bit confused once the baby is born. They find their small size funny and will sometimes poke them. The Sableye will give the baby one of it’s gems as a present and will be super happy if the baby likes it. Sableye likes to sit with them and will try to copy their baby talk.


AU where Caroline is missing and Klaus is worried about her - he has no idea where she is


When Oliver’s British accent awakens something in Felicity…