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the universe has moved for us

a becolored/belinearted version of this super lovely sketch of everyone’s favorite star-crossed sapphics by the incomparable @fadewithfury ! thank you so much for letting me play with it, dahling <3 <3 <3

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Not really an ask, but I saw your answer to a question and I couldn't resist commenting, bc that's exactly what I thought when I saw the pic. I'm referring to this: "I think Kylo will be taken and act like he’s still on the FO’s side, and Rey will chase after him like she’s the knight, and he the damsel." It first it looked to me like he was strapped to a torture chair (or whatever that's called)-the pic is blurry. Then I saw that he's just standing there, but still... That would be so awesome!

I think he’s called in after Rey – there’s a shot in the BTS reel of him suddenly looking concerned at news… I think he is being told Rey is in Snoke’s capture and he’s being summoned to the throne room. I think Rey either intends to just straight up break Kylo out of there or maybe even intentionally gets captured so she can help him and face Snoke together

The reason I think this is that there are clearly shots of Kylo just standing around in the Supremacy after what would be his return from Ahch-To. His scar is fully healed so it has to be late in the film. If he and Rey went straight there together why is he just standing around? I think the shot in a recent trailer where he looks as if he’s having a vision after staring out the window is perhaps him realizing that Rey has left Ahch-To and is coming to find him. I think this concerns him because he’s probably afraid for her – by this point he doesn’t want anyone else hurt in his name.

Actual Tenipuri Nicknames [Pt.1/?]
“Seigaku's Pillar of Support” may be cool, but "Thief Bro" is priceless.

[Part 2]


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hello!! i was wondering for your shindeku childhood friends au if i could write about it and link your art?? i love your work and when i saw it i couldn't resist the urge to want to write it!

YES!! I want to read this!! 

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Hi. I'm so worried I'm asking too much of you but after I saw your wish prompts, I couldn't resist. I enjoy mutual pining and I wish you'd write a fic about that. Please? And thankyou.

Hi there. Since you didn’t specify a ship, I went with my default otp setting, which is Shieldshock. Hope that’s okay and hope you enjoy this ficlet. :)

It had become a habit of sorts, Steve seeking her after missions. Darcy didn’t know when it started, but she liked it, liked being the first person on Steve’s mind when he returned home from the field.

He didn’t ask for much, just sat there listening to her tell him about her day, or fell asleep on the couch if he was too tired to talk. He had nightmares often but they never spoke about them. Darcy let him set the pace, never pushing him into sharing more than he wanted to, never once forcing physical comfort on him. She was happy with just being someone who was a regular part of his life. She didn’t need more.

Then, one day he hugged her and she realized how wrong she was.

It wasn’t the first time he had touched her, but it was definitely the first time he had felt the need to bury his face in the crook of her neck and forget about real life. He held onto her for long minutes, breathing steadily into her hair while she murmured assurances in his ear.

“It’s okay… everything’s okay… you’re fine… you saved the day again…” Her words seemed to calm him and, after a while, his arms around her loosened and he pulled back with a shy smile.

“What’s for dinner?”

He caught her by surprise. He never stayed for dinner.

“Um,” Darcy said, thinking fast. “Spaghetti.”


She had always thought, when she fell in love with someone, it’d be a complicated relationship full of compromises. No guy would be able to appreciate or tolerate the work she did in Avengers Tower, constantly surrounded by genius scientists, self-sacrificing superheroes and the very real danger of occasional attacks.

But when she fell in love with Steve, it was nothing but simple. She didn’t have to lie to him about her work life, wasn’t worried he’d hide things from her (because she almost always knew what he was up to) and she definitely didn’t feel like they had a complicated relationship. He had started coming over nearly every day now. They hung out, watched movies, ate dinner and, sometimes, he spent the night.

The first time he asked if he could stay with her, he had returned from a mission with a bullet hole in his gut. He stumbled through her door and right into her waiting arms.

“Darcy.” The desperation with which he whispered her name sent her heart racing. “Let me stay here tonight.”

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