i couldn't resist that shadow

  • [Hazel wins a goldfish at a fair, and gives it to Frank as a gift.]
  • Frank: I couldn't keep a fish alive. I kill plants just by looking at them.
  • Hazel: I suspect I would have the same problem. It's too bad - I was going to name it Piper, because it has sparkly scales.
  • Hazel: I suppose I had better let her go free.
  • [She empties the bag into the ocean]
  • Annabeth: Does anyone want to tell her that goldfish are freshwater fish and can't survive in the ocean?
  • Leo: Not really.
  • Frank: Did she just kill Piper?

Oh, excellent idea, Theron! Every spy needs a good codename! Now, we could give you something more based on your skills, like, say, Technoplague, but I’ll be honest, I’m more partial to Agent Sweetcheeks. What do you think?

Well excuse me, Colonel Grumpypants! We were just trying to have a conversation here! I don’t care if you forgot to invite me until five minutes before your time sensitive op, there’s always time for pleasantries!


Prairie outpost was full to the brim with people; hurt, injured, lost - the same description could be used for every soul that limped up the long dirt track to the small group of outhouses.

Sarah had seen Selena rush out to hug him, had glimpsed Dave talking to him. But she couldn’t find Seifer anywhere in the outpost; Kaleb offered no answers - he was in a piss-poor mood as it was; Dave was stranded out in Leide somewhere with a sprained ankle and her husband hated playing head hunter.

The outhouses turned up nothing, the tumble-down remains of stone buildings shielded hunters from the night’s desert chill. Even the haven behind Prairie boasted only hunters and some more displaced city folk.

Aha. The fire at Entethina haven across the main road was yellow and not the dim blue of an unused haven. Grabbing Kaleb’s jacket and a hunting knife, Sarah pilfered some of the leftover food and headed out into the darkness of the dirt-track. Down the winding gravel road, eyes darting for any signs of those sabertusks that seemed to appear from nowhere. Daemons didn’t even enter her mind.

The blond cut a lonely figure. She had thought maybe some other refugees were huddled at the haven, but Seifer was the only one there and Sarah felt her heart give a pang; where was that cocky young man who had shown her the way to the market when the Crown City had loomed around her. 

He looked smaller, younger somehow. Lost. 

“Seifer? What are you doing out here all alone?”


While the older Ethlyn was enjoying being with Celice, the present version of her was starting to get her shadow powers. On the day before Aless and Yuria’s wedding, she accidentally went into the shadow world and came out into a huge hallway. She had never seen it before, but she guessed that the other her did. So she started to look around, her eyes full of childish curiosity.