i couldn't resist that shadow

  • [Hazel wins a goldfish at a fair, and gives it to Frank as a gift.]
  • Frank: I couldn't keep a fish alive. I kill plants just by looking at them.
  • Hazel: I suspect I would have the same problem. It's too bad - I was going to name it Piper, because it has sparkly scales.
  • Hazel: I suppose I had better let her go free.
  • [She empties the bag into the ocean]
  • Annabeth: Does anyone want to tell her that goldfish are freshwater fish and can't survive in the ocean?
  • Leo: Not really.
  • Frank: Did she just kill Piper?


While the older Ethlyn was enjoying being with Celice, the present version of her was starting to get her shadow powers. On the day before Aless and Yuria’s wedding, she accidentally went into the shadow world and came out into a huge hallway. She had never seen it before, but she guessed that the other her did. So she started to look around, her eyes full of childish curiosity.

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โ˜ || honestly he'd do it to either of them ha


  ᗩᖇᖇOᗯ, ᗯᕼᗩT Tᕼᕮ ᕼᕮᒪᒪ IS–?!

  The bat’s hushed outrage was cut off as the blue hero placed a finger over her mouth with a sharp “Shhh!” Glancing around the corner the three of them had ducked behind, he watched a giant sphere-shaped robot turn its eye towards them, before slowly moving away again. He turned back to the pair, both watching him intently for an answer.

  …You guys came at a bad time.

Galahad receives that phone call ten years too soon and finds Michelle Unwin a bloody, battered mess by the feet of a man too disgracefully drunk to notice the arrival of his guest.

There’s a little boy with the same blond hair as the Lancelot-that-wasn’t, blue in the face and frantically kicking at his abuser. Harry spies the gold medal grasped tightly still in one small hand.

“Simply unforgivable,” Harry says as he closes the door, and that’s plenty warning enough. really.

The man doesn’t get a chance to speak before an umbrella cracks down onto his skull, force enough to loosen his stranglehold—to disorientate. Harry catches him around the neck with the handle and yanks back with a violent crack.

In all but five seconds.

Eggsy drops to the ground in a heap, but Harry’s there to catch him when his legs give out on him.

“My name is Harry Hart. Do you remember me?” And Eggsy’s nodding tearfully, burying his face into Harry’s suit without thought. He’s clutching onto Harry’s jacket with one hand, the other holding valour close to his chest.

“Well,” Harry says softly, smoothing down the hair that’s matted with blood.

It’s not often Harry loses control so completely, but Merlin is mercifully silent on the other end, and the only other witness to this day won’t breathe a word, Harry’s sure.