i couldn't resist that shadow

stolen from: @islandflowerfox

Pros to dating Rouge:

  • Literal warrior woman. Someone fucks with you they’re dead on arrival.
  • Surprisingly loving and tender despite her aloof appearance.
  • Will spoil you with gifts
  • Physically attractive and experienced
  • Loves teaching new skills and is patient while doing so

Cons to dating Rouge:

  • When she gets angry, she gets ANGRY
  • You’ll probably have to wait 5000 years for her to even admit she’s interested
  • VERY different cultural background, likely to not realize some things aren’t considered appropriate
  • Dangerous job, literally unable to settle down for fear of attacks on the home
  • Can find honesty and vulnerability very difficult

Pros to dating Shadow:

  • Probably everything

Cons to dating Shadow:

  • He’s aro-ace so it won’t happen in the first place
Book of Shadows + Witch Hunt
Book of Shadows + Witch Hunt

“She suddenly turned towards one corner of the room and froze completely, gazing intently at the wall. Her eyes became wide. She was like a cat who’d stiffened up and just kept staring into thin air, on high alert for no reason. And just as cat owners are often left wondering what their pets are seeing, I too wondered… if she was looking at something I couldn’t see.
For a few moments longer, the class rep just stood there gazing at this empty space. Then, she began tearing away loose boards from the wall. She stuck her fingers into small gaps and pulled, yanking away whole chunks of wall, forming crevices that finally merged into one big gaping hole… thought which a hidden sub-room no bigger than a closet had now been fully exposed.

And within that sub-room sat a thick, dark tome.”

“That can’t actually work, can it? Resurrecting the dead… impossible.”
            “Are you still bound to common sense, then? Have you forgotten where we are?
             Are you scared?”

Galahad receives that phone call ten years too soon and finds Michelle Unwin a bloody, battered mess by the feet of a man too disgracefully drunk to notice the arrival of his guest.

There’s a little boy with the same blond hair as the Lancelot-that-wasn’t, blue in the face and frantically kicking at his abuser. Harry spies the gold medal grasped tightly still in one small hand.

“Simply unforgivable,” Harry says as he closes the door, and that’s plenty warning enough. really.

The man doesn’t get a chance to speak before an umbrella cracks down onto his skull, force enough to loosen his stranglehold—to disorientate. Harry catches him around the neck with the handle and yanks back with a violent crack.

In all but five seconds.

Eggsy drops to the ground in a heap, but Harry’s there to catch him when his legs give out on him.

“My name is Harry Hart. Do you remember me?” And Eggsy’s nodding tearfully, burying his face into Harry’s suit without thought. He’s clutching onto Harry’s jacket with one hand, the other holding valour close to his chest.

“Well,” Harry says softly, smoothing down the hair that’s matted with blood.

It’s not often Harry loses control so completely, but Merlin is mercifully silent on the other end, and the only other witness to this day won’t breathe a word, Harry’s sure.