i couldn't resist mate

but but but you + michael have such a close relationship u can’t help but call him mimi instead of michael– out of habit of course –yet the rest of his mates just think ur into some sort of kinky shit, and then it’s one night that michael is walking back into the living room w/ a bowl of fresh popcorn that luke pipes up “can u pass the food mimi-” and all the heads turn to look @ the poor boy and he just blushes a dark red, “i-i mean michael” and while he tries to play it off cool, u can’t help later but mumble “gotcha,” into his ear after u leave the flat

CS Get to Know You

Wow!… Hard choice, but I think I know something appropriate.

When I was but a wee girl (back in the 80’s), we had annual passes to Disneyland. My mom would take me and my siblings, along with her best friend Dorthy and Dorthy’s kids, to the park for a couple of hours ever Saturday. I was young (and dumb) back then and had an intense crush on Peter Pan. Problem was, we could never find him in the park and get him to sign my autograph book. One day-and I don’t know how she managed it- we not only found him, but Mom managed to tip him off that I really liked him. He signed my book, told me I was the most beautiful little lost girl since Wendy, and then he bowed down and kissed my hand.

If only I had known how much more I’d have preferred a villain as I grew older.  ;)

Fic Mix (Down at the Rabbit Hole)

I don’t always use music when I’m writing, because sometimes it just ends up distracting me. But when I do, I can be persuaded to share my playlist with you. The first three are the only ones directly referenced. Enjoy!

1. Piano Man, Billy Joel.  2. People Are Strange, The Young SInatras.  3. Sway, Michael Buble.  4. Whatever Lola Wants, Carmen McCrae.  5. Fever, Peggy Lee.  6. Yesterday, Adam Levine and Tony Lucca.  7. 99 Problems, Tony Lucca. 8. Broken Pieces, Apocalyptica (feat. Lacey).


Time in Neverland

Someone else brought this up, so I’m throwing my hat in the ring…

1. Baelfire before Neverland:  Based purely on educated speculation, Baelfire is 4-5 years old at the beginning of “The Crocodile.” He speaks, but the only words he uses are “mama” and “papa,” which would cause me to skew his age lower. However, he does appear rather tall, compared to Rumplestiltskin. So, I’m pulling the age up a bit. When we get to the second tavern scene with the Dark One and Smee, he is already searching for a magic bean to go after Bae. Since he became the Dark One essentially on Baelfire’s 14th birthday (the day he can be drafted to the wars) and then spent time with his son after his transformation, Bae goes to the Land Without Magic when he is 14-15. He then spends 6.5 months in Victorian London before he is “formally” adopted into the Darling family. We can safely assume at this point that he is at least 15 when he goes to Neverland.

2.  Baelfire after Neverland:  When it comes down to it, we don’t know his actual age, because we do not know when he came to the Land Without Magic. IF he came through BEFORE the curse struck, then he would be physically 15 years older than Emma. IF, however, Neverland was unaffected by the curse (and we must assume that most lands were in fact unaffected, unless Regina targeted specific people to bring over, ala Viktor Frankenstein), then Baelfire could have jumped into the Land Without Magic at any point in time. People keep throwing out his age as being 24 (7 years older than Emma) during “Tallahassee,” but I do not know where that is coming from.

3.  Hook before Neverland:  Now, if my assumption regarding Baelfire’s age is correct, Killian Jones is likely in his early twenties when he meets Milah and early thirties when she dies (10 years). This is also pure conjecture, but it does fit with the relative life expectancy of pirates. However, pirates are/were notorious for living a very rough, weathering life. He, theoretically, could be a much older looking 17 or 18 at the beginning of “The Crocodile.” Adding 10-11 years puts him at or around Emma’s age physically.

4.  Hook in and after Neverland:  We know from Wendy that time moves differently in Neverland and that she experienced at least one full day and one full night, during the single night that elapsed in Victorian London (“Second Star to the Right”). However, we DO know that Killian makes it to Neverland some time before Baelfire does. Therefore, between the time Baelfire goes to Victorian London and Rumplestiltskin takes Jones’ hand is 6.5 months or less. The Jolly Roger has not run out of stores (provided that food and water are still necessary), so they have been there less than a month (Neverland Time). Also, we do not know if time runs in a consistent, linear fashion the way that it does in the Enchanted forest and the Land Without Magic. However, IF Wendy experienced only one day and one night in ONE STANDARD NIGHT, then time moves at 2x the speed of Victorian London Time/Land Without Magic Time (24 hrs./12 hrs.). The Victorian period begins, depending on the Historian, between 1832 and 1837 and ends essentially with WWI. Kensington Gardens was designed over a century earlier, so that does not help up nail down when Baelfire came through. However, Rumple has been the Dark One for 300 years. IF, Victorian London Time, Land Without Magic Time, and Enchanted Forest Time all move at the exact same speed, AND if Neverland Time consistently moves at twice the speed of all the others…

THEN, Killian Jones/Captain Hook spent 600 years in Neverland. Plus, 28 years trapped by the curse. Plus, an unidentified amount of time between escaping Neverland and the casting of the curse. Add in the low and high end guesses as to his physical age: 27 or 35.

Killian Jones is 655-663 years old.