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Destiel meet au where the boys are in high school and they’re both super popular but they’re kind of rivals.

Maybe because Cas was new at the school in their last year and he’s so clumsy and he kinda shoved Dean-the-captain-of-the-WhateverSportYouLike-team without meaning to and Dean turns like ‘what’s your problem weird new guy?’ And so Cas fucking owns that shove and glares the shit outta Dean and Dean kinda loves it because *hot damn* but these guy doesn’t know him and he’s glaring like there’s no tomorrow so now they hate each other.

So they glare their way through every lunch, and through prom and through applying to the same university and through their graduation ‘cause their stubborn shits. They get into that same university and run into each other regularly and goddamn it Dean is so fucking beautiful Cas kinda times their coffee-shop run-ins without knowing Dean times their bookstore run-ins and they’re so stupid. And they both love ThisGreatBookYouAlsoLove and the author comes to that bookstore to sign copies of it and they both go.

Cas is at the end of the line with his friends when Dean comes in immersed on his phone and Cas’ heart does not skip a bit shut up because Dean is actually cutting line, like right in front of Cas wtf? And Cas cannot be ok with it and he goes “Hey, dude! Get in line!” All furious and cute and Dean is a little bit out of breath because he hadn’t realize Cas was here, that means they both like this book, that’s so awesome. But he’s so scary too and Dean goes “Woah, sorry man, I didn’t even see you there” but it comes out all wrong, it sounds like Dean suggested Cas and his friends are insignificant and Cas is now furious and his friends are dead silent because no one wants a furious Cas.

“Oh no, you did!” Cas says “You’re just expecting us to be okay with it because of your pretty face, but your gonna have to wait like all the rest of us” he’s all flirty rage and Dean’s eyes are huge with surprise but he doesn’t miss a beat and he’s like “Excuse you blue-eyes-that-shine-brighter-than-sapphires? Who are you blaming for being pretty? I’m just hoping to ask out TheAuthor, but if you go first I’ll have zero chance of doing that! Can you blame me for watching my back?” And his crooked smile is so attractive Cas can’t deny now his heart is not functioning normally, but his mouth is. “Oh c'mon! You want us to watch your back so we let you cut on account of the way your ass looks in those jeans, but it won’t work, so Get.In.Line” Cas is squinting so adorably now, glaring like he did when they met and Dean fully grins when he answers “You know what? Fine. I’ll get in line, hopefully I’ll get a look at your ass so it’s a bigger win then taking TheAuthor out to get coffee” he practically said Cas was better than TheAuthor, or at least that his ass is and that is like TheBestCompliment so Cas blushes like a virgin while Dean walks to stand behind his friends.

After they get their books signed Dean catches up with Cas and stops him before he makes it out of the bookstore after his friends. Dean has a pen in his hand and he unabashedly takes Cas’ hand and scribbles down his phone number while Cas stares at his lips without shame now. When he’s done Dean shrugs and says “Y'know I can wear these jeans whenever you like so, you just give me a call” he winks at Cas and Cas can’t help his chuckle. “Okay, then, I will” Cas says before he exits the store, leaving behind an excited and blushing Dean.

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Post S2: Yata has been trying to have that talk with Fushimi but he keeps dodging. Yata's heard that phrase "in vino veritas" & decides to get Fushimi drunk & question him while he's inebriated. Do you think it would work? Would drunk!Fushimi finally spill all (or almost all) the beans on what was going on with him when he left HOMRA? Or would he still manage to not-talk about it?

I couldn’t resist the allure of Drunk!Fushimi, so here’s a fic.

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Feuilly weeeek :D Him and Bossuet going thrifting?:D

Feuilly nearly jumped out of his seat when Bossuet came up from his left and slammed a hand on the table. Thank goodness his cup of coffee was nearly empty - Feuilly hadn’t heard his friend come in through the hubbub of the coffee shop.

“Grab your stuff,” Bossuet said, rare determination shining in his dark eyes.  “We need to go, now.”

“Uh,” Feuilly glanced at the window. It was pouring, and quite probably freezing. He didn’t really fancy walking around in the rain with the laptop he borrowed from the library and, more importantly, his books.  “Where? I thought I was supposed to help you study for the international law exam.”

Bossuet’s smile was as carefree and cheerful as his current outfit (a glossy yellow raincoat over a green owl-patterned sweater with - sequins?) and told Feuilly everything he needed to know about the international law study - mainly that it wasn’t going to happen today.

“I passed by the thrift shop on my way here - you know, the one with the cute cat drawings in the window? There’s a sweater sale, right. All sweaters are three bucks, and my friend, I promise you, at this time of the year it’s literally wall-to-wall - ”

He didn’t need to continue - Feuilly had already stuffed the laptop in his bag.

“Look at this one!” Bossuet held up a pink and brown knit sweater, possibly handmade by someone’s great aunt.

“It’s lovely,” Feuilly said, tone either earnest or amused - or both.

“I could really, really see Prouvaire with it.”

“Yeah, sure,” Feuilly readjusted his own pile of sweaters in his arms; he’d found at least five more or less sensible ones that fit, though he’d probably end up buy only two or three. He’d also picked a new backpack for his books, which was a nice bonus, and a pair of sneakers that still looked new. 

Bossuet threw the pink sweater on top of Feuilly’s pile.

“Wait - what?”

Bossuet cracked his knuckles.

“Your mission today, Feuilly - if you accept it - is to find sweaters for each of our friends,” he looked around gleefully.  “I’m not wasting this opportunity - the more terrible the better. Can you just imagine Combeferre? Bahorel? Enjolras?”

“Enjolras would make any of them look good,” Feuilly rolled his eyes.

“That is true,” Bossuet shook his head fondly. “And we can’t make him human, but we can make sure he’s warm. What do you say, uh?”

Feuilly hoped Bossuet couldn’t see the blush creeping up his cheeks. He turned towards the full sweater display and quickly started browsing for a sweater for Enjolras.

“There you are!” Feuilly exclaimed when Bossuet walked into the coffee shop exactly week later - half an hour late. “Come on, Boss, the exam is next week.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Bossuet grinned as he gracefully folded himself at Feuilly’s table. “So, what’s up?”

“Nothing much,” Feuilly shrugged, opening the textbook at the beginning of the right unit. “You?”

“Jolllly loved his sweater, for sure,” Bossuet laughed. “R too, and I think Prouvaire hasn’t taken his off all week. Speaking of,” his smiled twisted a little,    - “I don’t remember which one we got for Enjolras, in the end.”

“Oh,” Feuilly looked away. Maybe his complexion wouldn’t betray him, this time. “Uh, I don’t remember either. Something green, maybe?”

“Sure,” Bossuet laughed. “By the way, the one you’re wearing right now is really nice.”

“Thank you,” Feuilly said, looking down at himself -

- and he immediately turned beet red when he noticed the red, white and blue flowers of the one-size-too-large sweater he’d grabbed from the couch that morning.

“It would definitely look good on Enjolras, too,” Bossuet quipped, and Feuilly hid his face in his international law textbook.

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possessive!oliver jealous!oliver I'm so here for this

Yes, okay, let’s talk about that! (Unestablished timeline because I suck, but Ollie’s still CEO okay? okay, good)

So they start dating, and for a while, it’s cool - they spend most of their time together, just the two of them, all wrapped up in their little bubble in Oliver’s apartment away from the rest of the world. So it’s not until Oliver takes Barry out to a party that jealousy rears its ugly head. 

It starts off well enough. It’s a formal social gathering - something to do with drumming up business for the company, Barry doesn’t really know. All he knows is that he needs to make nice with a bunch of rich guys for the sake of his boyfriend’s company. So he plasters on his most dazzling smile and shakes hands with every potential client, ensuring to talk Oliver up to the best of his ability. 

Of course, this doesn’t go quite as planned. A few of the guests take to him a little.. too well. Barry doesn’t notice it - but Oliver certainly does, and he’s livid. The women, he can deal with. They’re not quite as forward. They’ll linger their gaze a little longer, flutter their eyelashes, play with their hair and laugh along with Barry’s jokes. 

It’s the guys, though. The ones that let their eyes trail all over his boyfriend’s body appreciatively, leer in his direction, make suggestive comments and grip onto his handshake a little too long. That’s when Oliver finds himself clenching his jaw, trying to control his anger so that he doesn’t ruin everything for the sake of something that doesn’t really matter in the long run - it’s not like Barry would even take them up on any possible offers. Still, he can’t help the curl of jealousy that festers inside him.

The worst of it is, Barry just continues to be polite - to smile at the guys and carry on with amicable chat, unaware of the extra attention, because apparently Barry Allen is unaware of exactly just how gorgeous he actually is - all long eyelashes, gorgeous cheekbones and dazzling smiles. 

So when one guy stands a little too close, gives Barry the bedroom eyes, and rests his palm on Barry’s upper arm, Barry’s barely able to stumble through the flustered rejection he’s attempting to give the guy before Oliver’s yanking him to the nearest coat closet in favour of pressing him against the door, sucking bruising marks into his neck, and claiming him right then and there. 

They stumble out about half an hour later, hair askew and clothing well and truly rumpled, and it may or may not take Oliver a couple of seconds to realise that his fly is still down as they make their way through the deserted hallway and back to the party. No one says anything, but it’s painfully obvious what they’d been doing. Thankfully, a few of the potential clients have a good sense of humour, and arrange to meet with Oliver the following week, providing that he can drag himself away from his boyfriend for an evening. 

If he makes sure to lay his claim on Barry in the moments before he leaves for said evenings, well, no one really needs to know. 

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Icing on the Cake (11/?)

is that REALLY what you want us to write on your custom-order cake?” Modern AU

Summary: Killian and Emma meet when Liam attempts to order a custom prank cake for Killian’s Birthday from Emma’s bakery. The two partners in crime find love, laughter and sweet surprises.

A/N: I need a bit more time to get the final chapter written, but I didn’t want Valentine’s Day to go by without a sweet little morsel from these two lovebirds. So, here’s a super smuffy missing scene from the last chapter from Killian’s POV. Enjoy! Final chapter to come early next week.

(2660 words / Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6  Chapter 7 Chapter 8  Chapter 9 Chapter 10/ FF.net)

A faraway beeping sound slowly made its way to his ears, causing him to sink deeper into the covers and wrap Emma tighter against his chest. He burrowed his face into her hair, settling his jaw along her shoulder so his lips were against her ear.

“Love….Emma….your alarm is going off.”

“I know. I’m too comfortable to move. It will turn itself off eventually, right?”

Killian chuckled and placed a sweet kiss to the underside of her jaw. As much as he didn’t want to break this perfect moment, he would rather not have that annoying soundtrack continue much longer. Unwrapping himself from her back, he leaned over her to grab her phone from the nightstand. As he pressed the button to end the alarm he felt her fingertips tracing his chest from her position below him. Peering down at her he took in the sleepy smile she was bestowing him with, making his heart skip a few beats. He had never been in the presence of a more beautiful creature that Emma Swan in the morning.

Unable to control the urge, he shifted so he had her trapped underneath him and leaned in to press butterfly kisses across her forehead, over her eyes, across her cheeks, finally arriving at her lips. His whispered “good morning” was lost between their lips as her arms came around his waist, pulling him closer, prompting his planned chaste kiss to turn passionate as their bodies connected again.

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Ho ho ho motherfuckers. Bless your lucky stars, Laura Ryans Christmas cheer has laced her blood and found its way into every fiber in her body. Like the canes? It’s from my Victoria’s Secret show - how lucky are you to be spending Christmas with Miss December hmm? Now now, compose yourself from leaving a nasty little mark in your pants, the cameras are always watching. It is only two and a half weeks to Christmas and I’m bringing the sexy spirit - we need the tree, decorations, lights, Yankee candles and the candy canes but lucky for you I found some mistletoe.