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Carnival Headcanons

Imagine if the mortal instruments gang all went to the carnival after cohf. 

  • Isabelle and Jace would insist on going on all the craziest rides
  • Simon goes along with it, hoping he’ll get to do the whole “you can hold me if you’re scared” thing that he’s seen in rom coms but ends up clinging to Izzy for dear life during most of them. 
  • Jace is the holds his hands up in the air and screams during drops kind of guy
  • Clary’s the close your eyes and switches between laugh and screaming type
  • Alec holds on to Magnus’s hand right before the drop 
  • Alec asks about the booths and he and Magnus temporary leave the group for some carnival games
  • Alec does pretty well at balloon darts, and the “knouck em down cans”but just can’t land anything at ring toss
  • “By the Angel Magnus its some sort of mudane toture device!”
  • Eventually magnus feels bad and magically moves one onto the poles 
  • The gang show up 
  • Jace and Alec immediatly go against each other in  “knouck em down cans” and arguing over who won
  • “I’m just saying I won” “Jace you hit the guy on your last throw” “Hey it wasn’t my fault my ball ricocheted into his face. That’s actually more impressive than hitting a stack a cans if you ask me. That’s probably worth 3 points at least!!”
  • Clary decides to get her face painted with Izzy
  • Clary gets a small but intricate design of stars while Izzy goes for a butterfly
  • They convince Simon to get vampire face paint, with fangs and blood and everything
  • He’s not amused 
  • Jace is
  • Clary and Jace go ride the Ferris Wheel together and Clary looks a lot more flushed and blushy when they come down, leading to magnus making a comment about teenagers 
  • Simon manages to win a small stuffed teddy bear and gives it to Isabelle 
  • She wins him a gaint stuffed animal in return 
  • Alec and Magnus try out those photo booth things and have a blast
  • Alec wins a goldfish and has no idea what to do with it 
  • Magnus jokingly dubbs it Magnus the fish jr. 
  • Simon gets to the karoke booth and everyone joins in, even alec hums and sings the chorus
  • Clary feels so happy she can burst, all the people she holds close have all come together to have fun and its everything she could ask for 

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Dude dude, we mostly have fics about omega!Kaneki but why not omega!Hide too?? Just omega!Hide being okay with his second gender and not ashamed at all and alpha!Kaneki loving his friend's confidence? Just the two of them promising each other to become mates when they're older.

Hello, Anon! I wasn’t ignoring you! Your ask just got me thinking! I’ve never been into the whole Alpha/Beta/Omega thing, but it’s funny because my dear friend, @firebird963, and I were just talking about these exact dynamics the other day. And since you say that we’re lacking in the Omega!Hide department, please allow me to help make up for that! :D

Warning: this fic is rated M for oMega Hide and some sexy times near the end ;) And probably N for Nerd Alert


Ken Kaneki fully expected to present as either a Beta or an Omega. He never exhibited any traits typical of an Alpha. Never outgoing, never outspoken, never courageous enough to confront those who bullied and ridiculed him.

Hideyoshi Nagachika – or Hide, as Ken fondly him –became his protector, his voice, his ray of sunlit happiness, his one and only best friend.

Because, in elementary school, when another kid thought it funny to take one of his treasured novels – all that he had left of his father – and snicker when he cried, that same kid was crying by the end of recess because someone emptied their backpack into the toilet. He tried to accuse Ken, but even if the teacher did believe him, Hide had dragged him out of the classroom that day to play outside, so others surprisingly vouched for him as well. In the end, they never named a culprit, and when Ken walked home with Hide that afternoon, Hide had been the one to return his precious novel, ignoring Ken’ thanks in favor of talking about a goldfish he wanted to buy.

Because, in middle school, when the teacher called on him to read aloud a passage that he barely managed to stumble through, only to be met with his classmates’ jeers at the end, Hide still clapped enthusiastically for him. Even diverting the unwanted attention from Ken to himself by confidently stating that no one else in their class could ever read as well as Ken. 

Because when his mother died, Hide wrapped his arms around him and held him until he’d fallen asleep. Hide had been the one to make sure he got caught up on all his studies when Ken failed to show up for school because he couldn’t even muster up the energy to brush his teeth in the hollow mornings that followed. Hide had been the one who found an American burger joint called Big Girl for them to enjoy when he miserably whimpered how much he missed his mother’s hamburger steaks. Hide had been the one to bring him ‘Dear Kafka’, a novel written by Sen Takatsuki, because he knew Ken had read all his father’s books and had begun re-reading them.

Hide had the makings of a perfect Alpha. Confident. Strong. Friendly. Caring. 

Ken hoped he would present as an Omega. Even if it meant having to deal with the distraction of monthly heats, he’d be able to form a pair-bond with Hide, something he couldn’t do if he turned out to be a Beta. 

Imagine Ken’s desperate hurt and denial when he nervously made a doctor’s appointment to learn the nature of his secondary gender, only to find out that he was an Alpha. It simply didn’t make sense.

“You should be quite pleased, Kaneki-san. It’s the most desirable of the secondary genders.” 

Ken didn’t argue, simply went straight home and lay down, ignoring any texts from Hide for three days. But when the fourth day came, he couldn’t ignore him anymore, not when he blinked awake to Hide lying right next to him, wearing the most cross expression he’d ever seen.

“H-Hide!” Ken fell off his bed and onto the floor. “Wh-Wha…?” 

Hide simply sat up and shook his head before slipping down to the floor, sitting hunched and cross-legged before him. Hide forgot to dye his hair again, Ken realized, as the dark-brown roots formed a star at the crown of his head. “Hey, Hide! Thanks for checking up on me! Of course I’m fine. Totally not ignoring you a week before high school starts. Totally didn’t find a pretty girl who I’m planning to run away to America with.” Hide sighed heavily. “Something like that would have worked, ya know?”

“I’m sorry, Hide–”

“Your texts don’t have to start with the story of how you were born at the bottom of the sea and turn into an epic. And I don’t want your Kanekapology!” 

“I – what?” ‘Born at the bottom of the sea’? ‘Kanekapology’? That last one sounded like Hide spliced his family name with the word ‘apology’.

“I was not born at the bottom of the sea, Hide. And–” 

“Sure you were! That’s why you have to wear swim trunks every full moon. Otherwise you’ll grow a mermaid tail.”

Ken blinked. Hide really put quite an imaginative spin on his life. “What… What did you say earlier? A ‘Kaneki-what’?”

“Never mind that. Don’t you know rabbits die of loneliness? You can’t just leave me hanging like that!” Hide fell silent for a moment, biting at his lower lip until he snapped his fingers and straightened up. “Three days!” Ken stared at the three fingers held before his eyes. “Since you ignored me for three days, I’ll be staying for three days! That way we can leave together for our first day!” 

Hide branched off excitedly about how awesome high school would be, but Ken couldn’t even give him a smile, tucking his knees close to his chest and hiding his face instead.

“Kaneki? What’s wrong?” Ken shook his head. “Kaneki.” 

“Look under my bed, Hide.” He’d fully intended to burn the paper containing his shameful diagnosis, but couldn’t find the willpower to go through with it once he got home. Instead, he shoved it under his bed like a coward, so he wouldn’t have to look at it at the very least.

“Don’t worry, Kaneki.” Hide’s gentle touch, fingers trailing near reverently through his dark hair, must have transferred a drop of Hide’s brimming confidence to him, as he found the will to at least look at his best friend. “Ghouls don’t like living under beds.” 

Kaneki chuckled, and his vision went blurry. “It’s not that, Hide.” 

“Kaneki.” His voice lost all trace of playfulness.

“I… Please, just look.” He hid his face once more when Hide practically dived beneath the bed, and curled further into himself when he heard the paper being unfolded.

“You didn’t tell me you were gonna find out what your second gender was! We could have gone together! Congrats on being on Alpha! I gotta say, I didn’t see that coming at all!” 

Ken didn’t mean to sob, to brokenly whisper Hide’s name until the other held him in his strong arms, to croak out that he didn’t want to be an Alpha. 

“Eh? Why not? Alphas are cool!” Hide patted his back before caressing the back of his head with that soothing touch of his. “And all the Omega babes are gonna want you.” Ken tensed and tried to pull away at that, but couldn’t break from Hide’s unyielding hold. “I was just kidding!”

“They’re gonna want you too, right? Because you’re an Alpha! Because we can’t form a pair-bond!” Hide let go of him at that, and gave him a blank look. “You got tested. That’s what you’re saying, right? And we’re both Alphas. Even–” Ken had to pause when his voice cracked, to collect himself enough to continue. “Even though I wanted to be an Omega. I can’t–”

“You think I’m an Alpha?”

“What else would someone amazing as you be, Hide?” 

At that time, Hide simply drew him close and consoled his tearful selfishness. Then they shared the hamburger steaks he bought from Big Girl on the way over while they played some cheesy, foreign romantic-comedy that neither of them really paid attention to. Hide had been too excited to tell Kaneki about a new American band he’d fallen head-over-heels for.

And they fell asleep on his couch.

Two things awakened Kaneki at 3:30 AM. One: the deliciously sweet aroma that enticed his senses into awareness. Two: Hide, moaning and writhing and panting hotly beside him. 

“H-Hide?” In the dim light of the television screen, he could just make out the flush of Hide’s cheeks, lips wet and parted in invitation, and – Ken’s eyes nearly bulged right out at the sight. Legs bent, shorts unbuttoned, and Hide’s hand buried between his legs, moving slowly but ceaselessly.

“I knew I timed this right, ngh…” Hide’s voice bore the weight of pleasured hoarseness. “Still wanna form that pair-bond, K-Ken?”


I apologize for cutting short the sexy times~! Hope you guys enjoyed! Especially you, anon! :)


Seriously though, how has this not been discussed? We’ve theorized and confirmed to ourselves that Hawkmoth is using a miraculous brooch that looks like a butterfly and what does he use? Butterflies. And what do white butterflies symbolize? Come now, has Until Dawn taught us nothing?

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Yes, THAT Until Dawn (my apologies for spoilers), unfortunately there was nothing in the gif thing about anyone finding the butterfly totems, but basically white butterfiles mean fortune. And what’s Hawkmoth doing? Changing people’s fortune by giving them what they want in supervillain form so he can get what he wants in return, the miraculouses. 

But really I’m leading you all up to something really stupid that popped into my head, all having to do with Fortune butterflies…And it goes like this:

Well, the whole thing was funnier when I thought of it. So this is my shit post for this fandom. Anyone want to do an animatic for it, go for it. It’s too perfect to pass up.