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Humans Are Weird

So there may already be something about this but I haven’t seen it yet if there is. Anyway, here goes:

The crews human had had to leave less than one of their Earth months ago because of a family emergency and they had only just got a replacement, though, to put it in human terms, their old human could never be replaced in their hearts. Anyway they knew that most humans eat different foods, though they still couldn't​ completely understand why they did this, and the commander had ordered them to pick up a variety of human food so that they would have something the new human ate. They put out a variety of the stock foods that they had deduced all humans would eat at least something from.

An hour later they were picking up the new human. She introduced herself as Lillie and asked to see the food first before they flew off. Slightly confused but not really concerned because they were used to human habits. So they took her to the storage chambers to show her the food they had bought for her but Lillie took one look at it and said, “Sorry, but I don’t eat any of these foods. Is there any chance we could buy something else before we leave?”
Now the crews previous human had warned them of rare cases like this, but they thought they surely had enough range so as they shopped with the human they decided to ask them about, though trying to be careful about not being weird. “Excuse me human Lillie,” one of them said.
“Yes, sorry but I can’t remember your name?” She replied.
“My name’s Polga. I was just wondering why you don’t want to eat the food we bought. Is it one of your “allergies” or is it a “diet”? Our previous human mentioned both of those though said they didn’t have either.“
"Oh it’s not that, I’m just a really fussy eater and don’t like the taste of many foods.”
“But we even had chocolate,” said Polga. “We were assured that all humans like chocolate!”
Then, worried that he was being rude, Polga quickly added, “if you don’t mind me asking.”
“I don’t mind being asked, I’m used to questions about my eating habits by now,” Lillie said. “And I’m just one of the really weird humans who doesn’t like chocolate or lollies or pretty much any other food except for what I’m buying now.”
“So you just don’t like the taste? I’m so glad we don’t have that sense that prevents us from eating nutritional foods,” Polga said, hoping it wasn’t offensive to say it.
“Yeah that’s pretty much all it is. But I’m used to my weird way of eating by now so I’ve learnt to just bring my own food or know which places have food that I’ll eat.”
“Ok,” said Polga surprised that after knowing humans for years there was still more to learn about them. “I suppose, to quote one of your great historical figures, Gandalf-”(Polga still did not believe fiction existed)“- My dear Lillie! Humans really are amazing creatures, as I have said before. You can learn all that there is to know about their ways in, well longer than a month, maybe an Earth year?, and yet after, not a hundred years, only maybe about 12, they can still surprise you at a pinch.”
Lillie laughed as they walked back to the ship.

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pls don't queerwash feminist history! many of the early suffragettes were queer women themselves! not just emmeline pankhurst's secret affair, but edith craig & clare atwood lived in a polyamorous triad with christabel marshall! while now's hostilities against lesbians were known, queer women of color formed many lesbian grassroots organizations in the 1970's. queer women couldn't rely on men's financial support and needed independence, so they were feminist foremothers for themselves and us.

Well, queerwashing is a new one. 

I am going to go ahead and assume you are referring to this post where I say:

“Feminism has a terrible history not being inclusive of queer identities. And feminist groups need to face that history and learn from it instead of just repeating the same patterns over and over. They need to be active in their inclusion of queer identities in their politics, and no, having a “gay best friend” does not count.”

And none of what I said in any way disputes what you said here. There were and are queer feminists. But feminism as a movement has a history of exclusion. 

Remember the lavender menace? They formed because prominent feminists were spouting queerphobic rhetoric. 

Want to talk names? Let’s discuss Julie Bindel, who co-founded Justice for Women described bisexuality as a “fashionable trend”, and ridiculously transphobic. Also she was a lesbian feminist, so being a lesbian and a feminist does not mean you can’t be queerphobic.

Also we of course won’t forget to include the Redstockings, who are your garden variety homophobes.

These are just a couple that come to mind, but let’s talk more recent. TERFs, the acronym does not stand from Transgender Exclusionary Radical Friends, those people are self proclaimed feminists. 

How about the more recent controversy, when Chimamanda Adichie said that transgender women aren’t women. 

So yes, feminism has included queer people in certain pockets of the movement, but that does not absolve them of their history of exclusion. Just because some were good, does not mean the movement as a whole can pretend that there have never been problems.

For feminism to be inclusive it cannot deny its history of exclusion. It must face it and learn from it. 

And if hearing about the history of feminism angered you so much, then maybe you need to examine yourself. Because denial of the negatives of any movement is dangerous, and if you promote that denial then you are actively damaging the people who are trying to improve. 

You can’t hide feminism’s problems behind the queer people who tried to fix them, and I doubt that those people would have wanted you to in the first place.  

Strange Magic starters
  • “Because love is dangerous. It weakens … It rots. It destroys order. And without order, what is left? Chaos.”
  • “I am so… not getting my army.”
  • “So that’s how you react to a near death experience?”
  • “Please smile.”
  • “This is one of my better ones.”
  • “You cheated on me, remember?”
  • “You left me at the altar. Remember?”
  • “Wow. [Name] slammed [him] pretty good.”
  • “Well, so much for being [king].”
  • “You think I can’t be [king]?!”
  • “You’re saying I need a love potion?”
  • “It was a joke!”
  • “[We] have to… go…”
  • “Just kidding, [Boss]!”
  • “Okay. All I have to do is - visualize.”
  • “Hey. Listen, uh… [elf]? I know just how you feel.”
  • “Man, you’ve got it bad.”
  • “I just wish… I wish there was some way to make [her] love me again!”
  • “But I know… you can.”
  • “But why can’t you?”
  • “Cause I’m big! My armor, it’s too shiny. I’d be spotted for sure. If only I was… little, like you.”
  • “I do blend in.”
  • “Oh, it would have been perfect!”
  • “I’ll do it!”
  • “If you stop crying.”
  • “Oh, I’m feeling much better now.”
  • “But [he] still loves you.”
  • “But if not [name], then, there has to be someone else.”
  • “Maybe if you got out more?”
  • “Let it go, [Dad].”
  • “You’ll be stronger with a [king] at your side.”
  • “I’m stronger alone.”
  • “I don’t want you to be alone.”
  • “I promise, if I meet a [guy] out there who takes my hand, and looks me in the eyes, and I don’t wanna hit [him], I’ll consider it. But that [guy] doesn’t exist.”
  • “Look, I’m usually a [guy] who enjoys a good joke, even at my own expense. But right now, I’m not in a “ha-ha” frame of mind. I’m in an “ah!” frame of mind.”
  • “How do you think I got in here?”
  • “You were listening! So I’ll do it.”
  • “I’m free! I’m free! I’m free - did I mention I’m free?”
  • “Free? We’re still in the dungeons!”
  • “I’ll have your head on a stick!”
  • “Bring me the prisoner.”
  • “What is that?”
  • “I made it special for you.”
  • “It looks good on you. I hope you like it.”
  • “No! No. Why don’t you have a wee nap? I promise I won’t go far.”
  • “Wait! Please tell me your name?”
  • “Wish I could say the same for you!”
  • “What do you mean?”
  • “I dunno. I was expecting… more?”
  • “Oh, no. What did [she] fall in love with?”
  • “Don’t listen to [him]!”
  • “Forget the potion! Get the antidote!”
  • “I wanted a wedding. Now I’m getting a funeral!”
  • “What if [he] doesn’t like me?”
  • “I’m going to destroy you!”
  • “No need to worry. I will protect [the kingdom].”
  • “I’m not afraid of them!”

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Dear Koryos: Can you imagine a universe wherein bats have become the ancestors of some kind of Highly Intelligent Life Form (not necessarily humanlike intelligence, but something as different from today-bats as humans are different from Ancient Primate Ancestor)? I originally just was thinking about what kind of Cultural Norms such beings would have, but then I realized I couldn't really imagine anything except bat-shaped things that more or less thought like humans.

I’ve sat on this question a while because it’s such an interesting one to me. The biggest issue here is that you’d have to specify which bats you’re making your theoretical ancient ancestor, because there’s such a vast diversity of behavior within the group. A vampire bat would be different from a sac-winged bat would be different from a hoary bat would be different from a flying fox ancestor, is what I’m saying. Any social or behavioral organization paradigm that you can think of, there’s a bat that has it.

So to think about what a sapient bat would look like, we first need to assess the intelligence and behavior of possible ancestral bats. And here I’m gonna stick a readmore, because this gets looooong.

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“I know who you are,” Yuuri whispers, huddled into himself as the pirate gazes towards the horizon, hand held over his eyes to look for the King and his hunting party. “With your talents, you can be no other.”

“Is that so, Highness?” The pirate returns his gaze to Yuuri. “And who is it that you think I am?”

Yuuri straightens up, forces his chin up into a challenge. “You are the Dread Pirate Nikiforov, are you not? Your manner and cruelty seem to imply it, sir. You have the countenance of one whose lips have never uttered a kindness.”

Nikiforov bows to him. “I admit it proudly, your Highness. I am the Dread Pirate Nikiforov, at your service.” There is a smirk on his face–it has the same familiar but unplaceable air of all his mannerisms. 

Yuuri turns his head away, feeling tears gather at his eyes. At long last, he faces the man responsible for taking his dear Viktor’s life. At long last, he has the chance to avenge his love–and all he is able to do is sit here, and weep. His voice little more than a raw whisper when he says, “That being the case, sir, I wish your inevitable death to be slow and painful.”

Nikiforov comes to him, crouching before his drawn up knees and lifting his face up with finger hooked under his chin. His eyes dart over Yuuri’s face until he says, “Why such cruel words from such pretty lips?”

Yuuri feels two tears fall from his eyes and makes no attempt to clear them. If he is to die here, at this instant or another one soon, at the hands of the same man who stole his Viktor from him–the let it be with tears for his love on his cheeks. He takes in a shaky breath and breaths, “You killed my Viktor. The only man I ever loved, and ever will.”

The Dread Pirate Nikiforov’s eyes would look almost soft, were he anyone else. His thumb traces across Yuuri’s bottom lip. “No love for your kingly fiance, then? For the man who would give you fortune and luxury?”

“I need no fortune,” Yuuri snaps, slapping the pirate’s hand away. “And the luxuries of royalty only stand to mock what I’ve lost!” Once again, Yuuri’s eyes go to the distance as Nikiforov rises and paces somewhere behind him, likely agitated. “Viktor and I would never have had a rich life. He was a poor farm boy, and I have nothing to my name but the Inn I will inherit from my parents on their death. But my Vitya–he was kind, and beautiful, and we would have been happy. I would have slept every night under nothing but the stars, if it were in his arms I laid.”

Nikiforov is silent for a long moment. Yuuri does not turn to look at him, only listens to the hissing of the grass in the wind and the slow and quiet thump of the pirate’s boots on the ground. At last, when he speaks, it is it to say, “I have killed many men, but I believe I remember him–your Vitya.”

“You do not have the right to speak his name,” Yuuri hisses, glaring over his shoulder with tear-stained cheeks and wild hair. 

“He died well, you may be pleased to hear.” Nikiforov turns his face to the steep and grassy incline not ten feet from their toes. Beyond it, the forest looms. Nikiforov, Yuuri is sure, intends to take him into those woods and kill him. Anger blooms in his body like a sickness. “Most people beg–scream, cry, shit themselves. He only looked at me and said…Please. I must live. I have promised my love I will return–and promises I do not break. Then he spoke of the beautiful boy with whom he was in love–you, I assume. He told me you were timid, and terribly fragile. That news of his death would surely destroy you. I see none of that in you as you stand before me.” Nikiforov tilts his head over his shoulder, so Yuuri can see smirking blue eyes and an almost-genuine smile. “He underestimated you, I think.”

Yuuri rises to his feet, fists clenched at his sides. “How dare you tell me his dying tale, sir. How shameful, that he asked you for mercy and you gave him none. There is no place in God’s kingdom for you. And I? I was destroyed that day. You killed me as surely as you killed him. The person you see before you now is what remains when a man has nothing remaining to lose.” He yanks Nikiforov’s shoulder to spin him, cranes his neck up to compensate for the inches between them at this proximity. “If I’m to die today, at least do me the courtesy of revealing your face to me. Cease this cowardliness, hiding behind a mask as you steal lives. A person deserves to know his murderer.”

He anticipates refusal, perhaps even swift death, but what comes is a smile. Nikiforov reaches behind his head to untie the mask and, as it and the bandanna covering his hair fall away, he murmurs, “As you wish.”

As moonlight hair and high cheekbones are revealed, Yuuri can only gasp, “Viktor?” as his knees give out from below him.

Mischievous Hugs, touken fanfic

Summary: The Aogiri kids share an enjoyable afternoon playing with Touka and Kaneki at the park, until one of the kids decides to give them a punishment.

Rating: Cute, fluffy! | Words: 2,612 words | If you like it, please reblog!

A/N: what a shitty title oh my god hello everyone! I made a post asking to vote three touken prompts that I was planning to write this week. Surprisingly, the aogiri+touken kids was the winner! so here it is. It’s a bit short, I was planning to write it as a headcanon instead but it turned out to be a bit longer, I was running out of ideas and I’m not sure if this is good enough, but it was fun to write anyway. 

thank you all for voting the fic and don’t worry if the one you wanted didn’t win, i will be writing those very soon! excuse any grammar mistakes&enjoy! <3


“You have to hug Onii-chan for ten seconds!”

Kaneki coughs, touching the back of his head.


One of the boys drags the girl by the arm, trying to stop her.

“I told you this was a bad id—”

“You have to hug!” she ignores her friend and walks towards Touka, pushing her from the back against Kaneki.

“A-Ah! Wait!”

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I wanna start watching ancient magnum bride but what te heck is it about??????

The OVAs we have so far (two parts out of four three) are a companion story to the manga and don’t really follow the main plot (there may be a full anime series coming this fall though?? Unsure). 

The manga is about Chise, a gal with some special abilities bought by this fella Elias, a non-human magus/mage, who intends to teach Chise magic, keep her alive (people with her abilities tend to burn out and die young!), and eventually make her his bride.

This mighty be throwing up all kinds of Wow Unhealthy red flags for you. But the writing is handled fantastically and this odd situation that could have easily turned into one of your standard Weird Gross Anime IPs is instead something super cool and awesome. First off, Elias not being human and not understanding how humans work is a HUGE part of his character and development. Secondly, all Elias’ human pals are immediately like Elias What The Fuck You Can’t Buy People Because We Said You Need An Apprentice Chise Here Is My Number If You Need Help Don’t Hesitate To Call. And thirdly, Chise seems cool with all of this and agrees to teach Elias How To Human better while he teaches her magic and the whole bride thing is like almost never mentioned again.

Over time, the manga delves into things like “Why the fuck does Chise seem cool with this?”, “Chise why are you doing that stop?”, “Both of y’all have an unhealthy attachment to each other please get out of the house sometimes”, “Elias why are you acting like a pouting baby?”, “Elias, no you can’t control everything all the time.”, “By the way, what the fuck are you?” Also this one dude is trying to fuck everything up and there’s all these other ppl who want Chise for shit.

In short (lil too late for short lol), its about two emotionally stunted, lost, and confused people living on the outskirts of their respective societies, slowly realizing things about themselves and working past their flaws and figuring themselves out. And as they grow as people, they grow together as closer companions. Though framed as a romance, that’s really not the focus of it. The focus is more about them becoming healthy and good people. The growth feels natural and appropriate, and I love that. 

Also LOTS OF COOL MYTHOLOGY SHIT HELL YEAH. YAMAZAKI KORE DID HER DAMNED RESEARCH OK. If NONE of what i just said grabs you then you could read for the mythological shit alone. It’s great. 
I think that’s it. Other fans feel free to add to this,,,

You can read it here (which has a nice description itself)
And the OVA bits are on crunchyroll

Hope you check it out! 

A Blind Path Home, part 10

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I obviously took some liberties with the storyline, but I tried keeping it as true as possible to the canon history. No beta used this time around, so excuse my mistakes.
Summary: It started with a blind date. A date you had skipped out on, but fate had led you right to the man you stood up. Steve Rogers, a man small in stature but big in heart. A chance meeting set everything in motion, but decades later when he is unfrozen, he has been told you have died. But when a mission to retrieve Hydra plans turned up some interesting information, Steve’s left to wonder whether you are still alive. Or is this all just false hope?Part One   Part Two   Part Three Part Four   Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight  Part Nine

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In Case You Didn’t Know

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Here is something I decided to write cause it’s like 1am here and I’m trying to get back into writing (those of you that requested something from me, I apologize so much and I will get those as soon as I can. This is something to shake the rust off a bit.

Okay, so we all know Pete isn’t exactly expressive (except when he’s murdering someone lol), so I thought this song would fit this. This is “In Case You Didn’t Know” by Brett Young. Yes, I realize this is a country song but I find country music says things you didn’t know they could. 

Fluff, Smut

Tagging: @sammiielli  @wwesmutdonedirtcheap  @wrasslesmut  @hiitsmecharlie basically anyone that’s a Pete Dunne fan 

Word Count: 3583

(I didn’t add a name or details for the OC, and that’s because I want you guys to imagine yourselves for it, hence the reference of she/her)

“There, that should do it,” Pete said as he made the final touches on his surprise for her. He hoped she loved it because he usually didn’t do things like this – it wasn’t that he refused to, it was just he didn’t know how to express his feelings. He knew the feeling of aggression well and could express that like no one else could but this? No, this was odd to him but she made him feel things he didn’t know he could. There was a knock on the door and he looked up. He exhaled slowly as he adjusted the collar on his shirt and took one last look at the elegantly set table. He walked over to the door and opened and a smile spread over his face when he saw her.

God, she’s gorgeous, he thought.

“Hi,” she said as she kissed him on the cheek.

“Hey,” he replied.

“So what’s the occasion? You don’t usually dress up – or invite me to dinner,” she said with a lilting laugh that gave him a warm, tingling feeling in his body.

“I have something I wanted to say and I didn’t know how else to do it,” he told her in his thick accent.

“Hmm. This should be fun,” she replied as she walked in. She gasped as she saw the beautifully laid table, complete with candles and a vase of her favorite flowers – calla lilies.

“You did this. For me?” she wanted to know. He nodded sheepishly.

“Pete, you’re wonderful,” she whispered as she kissed him again, this time on the lips. Pete pulled her closer as he cradled the back of her head with his callused hand and wrapped his other arm around her waist. He moaned as she nipped at his lip and he knew he had to break the kiss because otherwise, they’d never make it to dinner.

“Aww, I was enjoying that,” she mock-whined with a devilish pout.

“Ah, I know, petal. But I want you to eat first,” he told her, jerking his head towards the table.

“Will you be dessert, then?” she asked with a wink.

“That depends on if you’re a good girl,” he whispered in her ear.

“Only for you, my love,” she whispered back.

Pete turned her around and led her to the table, where he pulled out her chair. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her and he knew he wanted her but he just didn’t know the right way to tell her.

“I know you liked wine, so I got you a bottle. Is that alright?” Pete asked once they sat down.

“Alright with me. Sure you don’t want a glass?” she asked once she took her glass that he filled up for her. He gave her one of his trademark sneers which made her laugh.

“I’m kidding, Pete.”

“I know. I also cooked dinner for you and yes, I added non vegan products.”

“You didn’t have to do all of this for me. Really. You didn’t,” she said as she reached for his hand. He took her hand and rubbed it with his thumb.

“I know, but I needed to. I…” he trailed off. She put her wineglass down and cocked her head.

“What is it?”

“Can we at least start eating first? Please? I can’t think without food.”

She rolled her eyes and took her hand from his.

“Okay, fine. You weirdo. We’ll eat.”

That earned her a smile.

“You know, when you smile, you’ve got the best smile. I want you to smile more,” she told him.

“Nah. Then I wouldn’t be the Bruiserweight and what good would that do?” he quipped as he took a drink of water.

“Fine. Will you smile more for me, then?”

“Of course. Only for you, though.”

They ate in silence for a while, but Pete just couldn’t stop looking at her. She was so different from him – for one, she was American. She also wasn’t a vegan, as evidenced by her tearing into a steak that he grilled for her alone. Sometimes, he didn’t know why she put up with him – he was moody and he beat people up for a living. 

“I can’t count the times

I almost said what’s on my mind

But I didn’t

Just the other day

I wrote down all the things I’d say

But I couldn’t

I just couldn't”

They finished their dinner and while Pete was putting the dishes in the sink – at his insistence because she kept wanting to help him clear away the table – she was drinking her second glass of wine, taking him in and wondering why he picked her. He was pretty famous in his home country of England and there was no doubt he had women falling over him trying to get his attention. She bit her lip and smiled to herself as she remembered him asking her out for the first time; the way he tripped over his words and the way he kept glancing at her nervously. She found the whole thing hilarious because she knew what he did for a living and she thought his whole rough and tumble persona was just that – a persona and there was actually a soft, kind man underneath the callused hands and the semi-permanent sneer that was fixed on his lips.

“Okay, those are done,” Pete announced.

“Ah, good! Now you can tell me what it is you wanted to say.”

“You wanna go sit down?” he asked, pointing towards his sofa.


They walked over to his couch, where she promptly kicked off her heels and placed her legs into his lap. He started massaging her feet and calves, which elicited a soft moan from her.

“That feels amazing,” she said softly.

“Good. Okay, I’m ready. I think,” he whispered nervously. She put her now empty glass down and leaned closer to him.

“Baby I know that you’ve been wondering

Mmm, so here goes nothing”

“What is it?” she asked as she pushed back a lock of blonde hair that had fallen in his face.

“I… I love you. I’m fucking crazy about you. I just… I’m not great at these things but I needed to tell you. Like, I have to tell you this. Everything about you drives me fucking insane but I want it. I want… I want you,” he said, almost in a rush.

“In case you didn’t know

Baby I’m crazy bout you

And I would be lying if I said

That I could live this life without you

Even though I don’t tell you all the time

You had my heart a long long time ago

In case you didn’t know”

She was absentmindedly stroking his hair and she stopped when she heard his confession.

“Pete,” she whispered.

He looked at her expectantly as he bit his lip.

“S-say something?”

She said nothing but in response, she leaned over and kissed him softly. She ran her hand through his hair as she kissed him and he was so taken aback that his arm stopped in midair before finally wrapping around her waist and pulling her closer to him. He could feel her heart beat picking up pace and his beginning to match it. He moved to lay down on the couch, stretching out his legs but keeping a firm hold on her so that she didn’t fall off.

After a while, she came up for air and laid her head on his chest. He stroked her hair as he struggled to find the words.

“You’re… awfully quiet, love. Did I say something wrong?” Pete whispered.

She looked up at him and smiled.

“Not at all, baby. In fact, I’m glad you said that. I… I love you too.”

Pete let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding.

“The way you look tonight

That second glass of wine

That did it

There was something bout that kiss

Girl it did me in

Got me thinking

I’m thinking”

“I know. It’s just nice to hear the words. Especially when I don’t know how to say them and don’t say them all the time.”

“It’s okay, Pete. I know you have to keep up appearances but you know you can let down your guard with me. It’s okay,” she murmured.

“You’ve got all of me
 I belong to you
Yeah you’re my everything”

“I want to. I’m trying to, love. I… just don’t know how to.”

“Let me help you, then.” 

Pete looked at her with questioning eyes and all he got in response was a devilish grin. He moved his hands until they were resting on her hips and he looked up at her.

“Take me to bed,” she whispered as she leaned down to kiss him slowly and passionately. Pete moaned and tightened his grip on her hips while she reached for his shirt to start unbuttoning it. Once she had it unbuttoned all the way, she spread her hands out across his broad torso and slid it off. Pete sat up to help take it off and then reached for the back of her dress. He fumbled with the zipper as he littered her neck and shoulders with kisses and small nibbles. She leaned away from him to finish taking off her dress and he stared at her with hungry eyes. She bit her lip as she held his gaze.

“Like what you see?” she murmured seductively.

“You have no idea,” he growled as he leaned over to kiss her, this time more roughly. He bit her lip, eliciting a moan from her which in turn, made him groan. He gripped the back of her head, tangling his fingers in her soft hair as he slid his tongue in her mouth and kissing her as roughly and hotly as he could. She dug her nails into his broad shoulders as she moaned louder this time. He took his free hand to hook her leg and pull it up around his waist.

“God, you’re fucking gorgeous, darling,” he groaned as he made his way down to her chest. He made quick work of her lacy bra and he began to kiss her heaving breasts while she moaned his name.

“Pete!” she cried out when she felt his teeth bite her breast. He kissed the spot then slowly started to lick her nipple while his other hand was squeezing and playing with her other breast. He grazed his teeth over one pert nipple while he pinched the other, making her squirm underneath him. He switched over as she continued to squirm under him.

Once he had had his fill, he came back up to kiss her again.

“Sit up,” Pete commanded. She did as she was told and she watched in anticipation. Pete pulled her closer to him so that she was on the edge of the couch and he spread her legs apart.

“Ooh. What are you planning, Mr. Dunne?” she wanted to know as she ran her hands through his now messy hair. Pete looked up and flashed her a wolfish grin.

“You’re about to find out, sweetheart,” was his reply as he made her matching lace boyshorts disappear.

“Eyes on me,” he said sharply. She kept her eyes on him as he took one callused hand and spread her lips apart and pressed his thumb against her clit. He rubbed it enough to make her moan his name and then he slid one finger inside her, making her gasp.

“Ahh,” she moaned. Pete slid his finger back out and then in quickly. He then added another finger, keeping the same pace.

“P-Pete…” she gasped out as she reached for his free hand. He obliged as he laced his fingers with hers, never taking his eyes off her or breaking his pace.

“You feel so good,” he whispered. He leaned in to kiss her stomach and thighs as he kept working his fingers in and out of her now wet pussy. He bit the sensitive skin on her inner thighs, making her gasp and cry out.

“I… I want…” she said breathlessly. Pete glanced up at her and whispered,

“What do you want?” as he kept his languid pace. “Tell me.”

“I want… your mouth.”

“Where, sweetheart?”

“Where… where your fingers… are.”

“Oh? What’s the magic word, darling?” he murmured as he kissed slowly and ever closer to where his fingers were.

“Please!” she squeaked.

Pete stopped his fingering then. He bit her other thigh, eliciting another moan from her lips.

“Okay. But first you gotta do something for me,” he said.

“Anything,” she told him.

“Kiss me.” She leaned down to kiss his lips; he then slid one wet finger in between her lips.

“Suck it clean,” he told her. She obliged happily, sucking his finger until it was dry. Once it was done, Pete took the other finger and slipped it into his mouth, watching her as he did so.

“You taste pretty good,” he remarked after he took his finger out of his mouth.

“Yea?” she said. She motioned for him to come closer. “Keep tasting,” she whispered as she brought his head closer to her outstretched legs.

Pete bit his lip and then put his head between her legs. He enthusiastically went to work, licking and sucking on her clit. He gripped her thighs to steady himself as he kept licking her.

“Ahh! Pete! Ohh, god, you feel amazing,” she moaned as gripped the back of his head. Pete slipped a finger back in and began working in tandem with his skilled tongue, making her buck her hips and writhe in pleasure on the couch. She could feel her heart pounding against her chest and she didn’t know how much more she could take.

Pete kept up this tandem for a little while, at least until he felt her tensing up.

“You’re not ready, now, are ya darling?” he whispered teasingly as he licked her wet thighs.


“You what?”


“Want what?” Pete asked as he kept fingering her, this time going a little faster. He nibbled on her thighs as she cried out. She arched her back as she felt her first climax rip through her.

“Ah, there we go,” he whispered against her leg. He slowly kissed his way back up her body, making sure to leave little bites here and there until he reached her mouth.

“Darling, you feel…” he kissed her. “… and taste amazing.”

“I want you… inside me,” she told him once she caught her breath.

“Oh, you do?”

She nodded. Pete looked at her coming apart as he contemplated this. He had been wanting this all night since she walked in wearing his favorite dress and he couldn’t keep himself from imagining tearing her clothes off and fucking her senseless on the table, dinner be damned.

“How bad?” he whispered in her ear before nipping the earlobe.


Pete reached down between her legs to slip his fingers back in, which made her moan his name.

“Tell… me,” he said, punctuating his words with the movement of his fingers.

“Please fuck me!” she screamed out.

“Good girl.” Pete slid his fingers out of her and sat on the couch next to her. He ran his eyes over her, taking her in and a slow grin spread over his face. He bit his lip as he reached for his boxers, which he quickly slid off.

“You’re just now taking your boxers off?” she asked.

“Didn’t wanna rush.”

She reached over to take his hard cock in her hand and she slowly went up and down, making him moan a little. She watched his head fall back and his mouth open in short gasps as she moved her hand up and down.

“Fuck, that feels amazing,” he growled. She stopped long enough to adjust herself in his lap. He sat up and saw her in his lap and grinned.

“I suppose you want me to fuck you now?” he asked.

“Of course. Well, not yet,” she told him.

“Not yet? What do you mean?” he growled, gripping her hips.

“Got a condom?”

“Oh. Yea. Look in my pants down there,” he told her.

“You always keep a condom in your pants, Pete?” she asked as she got off his lap to get his pants. Her position made her ass a prime target and Pete bit his lip before delivering a sharp smack to her ass, making her cry out.


“To answer your question, yes. At least when you come around, I do. Got it yet?” he asked as he rubbed her thighs. She straightened up and turned back around, holding a shiny packet in between her fingers.

“Good. Come here,” he commanded as he roughly pulled her down to him. She settled on his lap as she handed the condom over to him. He ripped the packaging open with his teeth and pulled out the condom.

“Wait,” she whispered. Pete looked up at her.

“What is it?”

She held up a finger and adjusted herself so that she was dangerously close to the tip of his cock. She then took it in her hand and slid up against it so he was teasing her, drawing the moment out a little longer. Pete couldn’t tear his eyes away from her hands and gripped her hips with his own. He growled low in his throat and his jaw tensed as he watched her tease herself.

“If you don’t stop…” he warned.

“What are you gonna do?” she purred. He gripped her hips harder, making her stop. He slowly slid the condom that he was holding on to his cock and then pulled her closer.

“Kiss me,” he told her.

She kissed him as he began slowly sliding inside her. She gasped against his mouth and he chuckled under his breath.

“Mmph. You feel amazing,” he moaned.

“Pete…” she groaned as she dug her nails into his shoulders. He held her hips as he began a slow, steady pace, making sure she felt every… last… inch. Once he was completely inside her, he pulled out and then thrust back into her, making her cry out.

“That feels so fucking good, Pete,” she moaned. She began rocking her hips against him, matching his pace. She grinded against him and they kept this pace for a little while.

“Pete…” she moaned. He kissed her and then held her tighter as he began to pick up the pace, moving his hips a little faster. She matched the pace as she started to bounce up and down on him. He slid his hands down to her ass and squeezed as he went a little faster. He leaned in to kiss her neck and she could feel him panting against her neck.

“Ohh, god…” she moaned.

“Fuck, you feel so goddamned good,” he replied.

“More,” she gasped and he picked up the pace even more.

After a bit, Pete moved them both so she was laying down on the couch.

“Wrap your legs around me,” he told her. She did so and slid her hands through his hair as he held her hips. He began to thrust in and out a little faster now while she arched her back to meet him.

“Mmm… such a pretty little neck,” he murmured as he reached down for it, bracing himself with the arm of the couch. He slowly grasped her neck and while he continued to thrust, he squeezed, making her gasp.

“P-Pete…” she said breathlessly.

“Want me to stop?” he asked.

“N…no.” Pete squeezed her throat just slightly harder as he kept thrusting in and out. She raked her nails down his back in response.

“More…” she moaned and he squeezed just hard enough for it to hurt in the best way as he picked up the pace. He then took his hand away from her throat, making her gasp and ran it down to her hip where he gripped it as he began a frenetic pace.

“Pete!” she screamed out as he pounded her soaking wet pussy.

“Fuck!” he shouted as he felt his body tense up but he knew she had to come first, always. He wouldn’t deprive her of that pleasure and it was always so enticing to watch her beautiful face screw up as she orgasmed, usually loudly and without abandon. He watched her squeeze her eyes shut and his name spill from her lips as she began to climax, raking her nails down his chest. He gripped her hips tightly as he gave one final thrust before his own orgasm overtook him.

He wanted to collapse but kept his grip on the arm of the couch so his weight wouldn’t crush her. He panted heavily before slowly sliding out of her slick, wet pussy. She gave a soft moan and a whimper, which drove him crazy.

“Pete…” she gasped. “Aah.”

“Yes, my love?” he panted.

“You… fuck.”

“Exactly,” he whispered before kissing her.

He laid back on the couch but not before pulling her to him so she was lying on his chest. He stroked her hair as they began to come back down from their high.

They were still for a while after that, the only noises being their soft yet ragged breathing.

“So does that answer your question?” Pete asked after a while. She looked up at him and replied,

“What question?”

“How much you mean to me,” he said softly before kissing the top of her head.

“Of course.”


Originally posted by trainwreqk

Characters: Kenny Omega x OFC

Summary: OFC and Kenny used to be together before she left a couple of years ago to WWE. She goes to Japan to catch his WK11 match against Okada and it stirs up some old feelings and does a few things that potentially ruin her.

Warnings: None, it’s just angsty and super long.

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AU: Uni Shawn - Thoughtful

a/n: This imagine similar is to Playful because it has 4 different scenes regarding thoughtfulness in a relationship. Thank you to everyone who sent ideas in for this imagine. I was only able to use one since I already had the other three ideas written, but I really appreciate your suggestions and I may use them in the future, so thank you! 

Your name: submit What is this?


On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, you start your job at the front desk of the library at seven in the morning, which is a bit too early for your liking. This morning in particular is a rough morning for you. You were up until nearly three in the morning trying to finish a paper so having to be awake at 6:30 wasn’t at all enjoyable.

The library is nearly empty this early in the morning, which makes it even harder for you to be able to keep your eyes open. You’re doing some work on the library computer, and out of the corner of your eye, you notice someone enter the building. You don’t even look up from your computer, too tired to bother shifting your attention away from the screen in front of you. Only when the figure stops at the desk do you bother to look up.

You’re thoroughly surprised to see your boyfriend standing there. His hair is messy, like he didn’t bother to fix it before he left his dorm. Just the sight of him half asleep, but standing there in front of you brings a smile to your own tired face. “Morning y/n,” He says, when you don’t say anything right away. Despite the tiredness in his eyes and the fact that he isn’t used to waking up so early in the morning, he still is smiling brightly at you.

“Good morning baby, what are you doing?” You whisper to him leaning over the desk.

“I brought you coffee.” He responds, holding out the venti starbucks cup that you were too distracted to notice until just now. 

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anonymous asked:

You mentioned before that yuuri prays nightly that shuji and viktor don't meet. Ever. But would they really?? Never meet, i mean? Hahaha imagine viktor reaching out to excite's lead singer for those limited edition mv goods lolol i feel like them meeting is just hilarity waiting to happen

“Hey, Shuji… san!”

Shuji stopped and turned.  He didn’t think that he’d ever been called san before, especially not by anyone older, but the voice was speaking in English and sounded foreign, so he turned and put on his ‘always please the fan’ smile.  What Shuji hadn’t been expecting was for Yuuri’s Russian skating friend to be the one calling for him and running up to him.

The smile slipped for a second, but he put it right back on.

“Ah… Viktor, right?”  Maybe?  It was the name that came up the most when it came to skating, so Shuji figured that might be this guy’s name.  It seemed appropriate.

“Yes! Wow!  You’re great with names!  I’m horrible at them.  Well, mostly.  Sometimes though, a name sticks.  I had to make sure I remembered yours though.  You’re the singer of the band that got Yuuri to perform in the music video, right?”

Viktor was talking way too fast for Shuji to pick up ever word, but the gist was clear.  He wanted to talk about Yuuri.  Well, Yuuri was Shuji’s second… maybe third… no, definitely second favorite topic.  Right after EXCITE.  Shuji himself was probably number three, but EXCITE and Yuuri were much more interesting.

“I am the lead singer of EXCITE!”  He paused, putting the sentence together in his head before speaking.  “Does Yuuri need help?”

“Oh!  No! Not at all.  I don’t think.  He’s just warming up and talking to his coach.  No.  I heard through the grapevine that you might be able to get me some exclusive merch with Yuuri on it.”

Shuji frowned.  There was a lot about that sentence that he didn’t understand.  “I am sorry.  Merch?”

“Oh! Ah!  Sorry!  Items.  Like….” Viktor paused and digged into the messenger bag he had slung over one shoulder before pulling out a small case with a figure skate on one side and a silhouette of Yuuri on the other.  “Stuff like this.”

Shuji reached for the case and turned it over in his hands.  “Where did you get this?  They only made a few hundred and I haven’t been able to find one for over a year!”

Viktor laughed.  “Ah, I got it from Yuuri’s friend.  Yuuko Nishigori… Oh, wait, it’d be Nishigori Yuuko here.”  He swallowed.  “So… um… is there a way to get other things like this?”

Shuji heard him, but was still busy flipping the little case over in his hands.  “Like the stuff that was released with the MV?”

He glanced up.  Viktor was nodding really fast.  “Exactly!”

“What’s in it for me?”

Viktor bit his lip.  “I… well, I have two of those little cases.  You can have that one, I guess.”

Shuji smiled.  “You’ve got a deal.”


If he was surprised when Yuuri stopped next to his desk at school the next day, he didn’t let it show on his face.


He smirked and then let the smirk melt into a rather stunning – if he could give an opinion, and he could – smile.  “Yes, Yuuri-kun?”

“Don’t be Viktor’s dealer.  He’s hard enough to handle already.”

anonymous asked:

Could you make a montage of all the official KuroShiro art because I can't tell if certain pictures are fan art or official

Okay but, before that, you need to know that “TOO GAY” doesn’t exist for K. 

K’s official art is gay

Hella gay

And there is no limit for the gay

(No one is straight in K)

(Woah okay)

(That blush. Guess who Shiro’s going to choose as queen.)

(Yes, Kuro is blushing here)

(Kuro’s hand though)

(Please look at where both of Shiro’s arms are)

(Yes, Kuro is blushing here too)

(Yes this is official too)

(No, you’re not crazy, they are holding hands.)

If you think “this is too gay to be official” then think again

clodiuspulcher  asked:

I have a confession: I followed your blog because I liked the URL ciceroprofacto. I soon realized your blog was about Alexander Hamilton and Not Cicero but your content is so good I couldn't unfollow... ANYWAY, I know Hamilton associated himself with Cicero- he called Burr the American Catiline at some point, right?- but there's some other parallels between them and I was wondering if you have any other stories/anecdotes/info about Hamilton's feelings on Cicero. Thanks, and I love your blog!

I also have a confession: I made up this username after questions about Cicero helped me qualify for the state certamen bowl as a team of myself.  the username is a lie about the content here but I really am tight with Cicero as far as interests go.

But yes!  Hamilton and Marcus Tullius Cicero: the comparison is striking.

Both were born in January, and despite having well-to-do fathers with good family names, were held back by their circumstances as youths.  Cicero was born in Arpinum, a little over sixty miles south of Rome, Hamilton in Charleston, Nevis, separated from major hubs of the British empire.  Both had one brother (though Cicero was the elder brother and Hamilton the younger), and both of their mothers were described as intelligent and thrifty.  Both men were described as sickly boys, Cicero was semi-invalid and Hamilton frequently ill.  In order to enter ‘cultured’ society, both men had to self-fashion themselves through studies of Latin and Greek, history, poetry, and philosophy.

For both Cicero and Hamilton, it was their talent as students and their ability to use rhetoric effectively that caught the attention of sponsors who facilitated their education.  While they studied, both men met two friends they would keep lifelong correspondence with, Hamilton with Robert Troup and Hercules Mulligan and Cicero with Servius Sulpicius Rufus and Titus Pomponius.

Both men used military service (and public offices cursus honorum) to distinguish themselves and earn the connections and experience that would help them get careers in civil service.  During their military service, both distinguished themselves as intellectuals, both credited as one of the most versatile minds of their generation.

After their stints in the military, both men immediately began careers as lawyers and statesmen in the public eye.  Both were infamously effective orators.  Cicero’s use of Latin rhetoric was so distinguished he changed the way people used the language.  I don’t remember the exact quote, but it was said that prose in Latin and the romance languages up through the 19th century was either a return to his style and syntax or a reaction against it.

Both men were also inflammatory speakers.  Cicero’s first major (and most famous) trial as a lawyer was in defense of a man named Sextus Roscius, and in the defense he presented, he challenged the dictator Sulla (whose army he had served in) by accusing some of Sulla’s political allies of having actually committed the crime.  After that case, Cicero left Rome and spent some time in Greece studying philosophy and oratory (and I would liken this to Hamilton’s break with Washington, retirement from the military and study of law).  Some historians speculate he had fled Rome because of the political threat, but that’s not proven. 

Ironically, both men married up in their mid-twenties.  Hamilton to Elizbeth Schuyler and Cicero to Terentia, of a plebeian noble house of Terenti Varrones.  Both Eliza and Terentia were actively interested in their husbands political careers and sometimes helped them in their work.  In both cases, there are traditional rumors that the men married for convenience and political ambitions, but both marriages lasted around 30 years through marital turbulence.  The Reynolds affair in 1791 mirrors a stint in the 50s BCE where Cicero claimed Terentia had betrayed him and they briefly divorced and remarried (though I’m not sure about the reasons behind it).

Cicero returned to Rome shortly after completing that ‘higher education’ in Greece.  And, like Hamilton, he entered politics and quickly rose through the ranks.  Both men entered civil service posts that centered on the financial stability of their countries.  Hamilton’s post as Secretary Treasury somewhat mirrors Cicero’s work as a Quaestor in Sicily though Hamilton’s work focused more on establishing the system of finance and Cicero’s focused more on rejuvenating and legitimizing a broken system.  In Rome, 20 ‘Quaestors’ were elected each year to maintain the finances of a province with the Consul or Proconsul of that area.  It was a big deal among the men on the cursus honorum to move along the ranks quickly, at the youngest age possible, and many tried to do so by bribing the electors and speculating from taxes.  Cicero effectively did so by publicly ousting the other statesmen who did so with sharp oratory and accusations, thereby earning the trust and admiration of the voting male citizens, then canvassing and campaigning for his position.

Like Hamilton, Cicero was constantly shadowed by his lack of reputable ancestry, wealth, and birth.  He was neither a noble nor a patrician and, having moved through the ranks by canvassing rather than consular ancestry, he was labeled a novus homo or “new man”.  The last novus homo who had been elected consulate was a distant relative, Gaius Marius, who was politically radical and unpopular after Sulla’s ascension in the Roman civil war.  Sulla’s reforms had strengthened the upper-class equestrian class, the optimates, and Cicero was an eques. More importantly, he was a constitutionalist, unable to side politically with the populares faction.  Despite this, in each election, Cicero was voted first of all the candidates he stood against, most popular among all Romans except those of the poorest classes.  Like Hamilton, Cicero held the strong centralized republican ideals of a gentry class that would never truly accept him despite his intellectual talents and personal charisma.

Hamilton did liken his feud with Burr to Cicero’s campaign against Catiline, though I would say Cicero’s conflict became much more serious while Hamilton’s was cut short by their duel and Burr’s public defamation.  
In 63 BCE, Cicero was elected Consul over Catiline, creating personal animosity between the two.  In previous years, Catiline had sullied his own name with a series of crimes that took him to trial, between murder, speculation, and proscription. In a last-ditch effort to attain the consulship, he promoted universal cancellation of debts to draw the support of the lower classes and began talking his way into the support of men in the senatorial and equestrian rank who, after a political purge, had also become inviable candidates to public office for their own crimes (and men with good reason to dislike Cicero).  
After Cicero took office, he spent his time preventing Catiline’s conspiracy to overthrow him and the Roman Republic as a whole.  He delivered four famous speeches, the Catiline Orations, that listed Catiline and his supporters’ crimes, and denounced his supporters as debtors.  Catiline fled to Etruria after the first speech but Cicero delivered three more to prepare the Senate for a counterattack.
Catiline planned to return with an army of veterans from Sulla’s military, peasant farmers and debtors.  The supporters he’d left behind in the Senate worked to gain the support of the Allobgroges, a tribe of Gauls, but the Gauls delivered their letters to Cicero and the senate and Cicero was able to force the conspirators to confess their crimes.  He had them taken to the Tullianum, the most notorious Roman prison, and strangled without formal trial.

We all know how Hamilton’s feud ended, and it’s hard to say what would’ve happened in his public life had he lived longer.  Given how similarly Hamilton’s life seemed to match-step with Cicero’s, I imagine he would’ve managed to stir political conflict and eventually actuate his own death or ejection from the political field.

After his orations against Catiline, Cicero went on in his political career.  He refused an offer of partnership with Julius Caesar, Pompey and Crassus, fearing it would undermine the Republic.  After this Triumvirate rose to power, he was exiled by a law against anyone who executed Roman citizens without trial.
He returned to Rome and resumed his involvement in politics about a year later, avoided supporting Caesar by leaving Rome with Pompey’s staff when Caesar invaded Italy in 49 BCE and tried to get his endorsement.
He caught beef with Pompey as well and Cato, arguing with his commanders for their incompetence, returned to Rome and received a pardon from Caesar (fully planning to politically undermine his dictatorship with constitutional law whenever possible).
He wasn’t involved in Caesar’s assignation but was supportive of it and became a popular leader afterwards.  As Mark Antony carried out Caesar’s public will after his death, Cicero countered him politically and attacked him in public speeches, “the Phillipics”, calling the Senate against him.  Cicero was wildly powerful with the public will and his supporters volunteered to take arms against Antony and his supporters.  But, matters escalated, Antony continued military conquest and defied the senate, after he refused to lift the siege of Mutina, he was declared an enemy of the state.  Cicero began a campaign to try and drive Antony out, even contacted Cassius, one of Caesars assassins, and alluded that Antony was a greater threat.  But, it didn’t work and soon after Antony and Octavian allied with Lepidus, formed the second triumvirate, and began hunting their political rivals.
Cicero, so publicly loved, was able to hide for some time, but he was caught in December 43 BCE in Formiae, trying to leave in a litter.  He leaned his head out in surrender, decapitated in a gladiatorial gesture that bares the neck and makes the task easier.  In the Roman tradition of oratory, hand motions are emphasized and characteristic.  So, Cicero’s hands and (I’ve heard rumors of his tongue) were cut off and nailed on display on the Rostra in the Forum along with his head, the only victim of the Triumvirate to be displayed like that.

I don’t personally know of any anecdotes of Hamilton comparing himself to Cicero, but I do know he would’ve read and translated Cicero’s speeches and philosophies, and I can definitely see why he would feel a kinship with his life story.  Here’s an article that discusses the allusion to Catiline.

tldr; Marcus Tullius Cicero and Alexander Hamilton were self-made men, “homines novi”, born in obscurity and rising quickly through the ranks of civil service positions through the merit of hard work, military service, and emergence into law.  Despite this, and even as effective supporters of centralized constitutional power, they were both shadowed by their inability to completely fit in with the upper-class aristocrats.  Both were gifted orators, political philosophers, and financial planners.  Characteristically self-righteous, they both refused to back down from their core political beliefs, even when that placed their own lives at risk, leading to both their unparalleled political rise as well as their ultimate downfall.

It's Time We Take the Next Step

 Hello, Love bugs! 

Dan X Reader

Warnings- Fluff and swears because of Dan amirite?

I used my dog as a reference to this fic. His name is Scooter. He happens to be the little love of my life. He is as described in the fic for looks.The only different is that he is 14 turning 15 in April. I made a gif of him.

Hello, love bugs !! Dan x reader Hi so can you make a Dan x reader and in the fic the reader and Dan adopt a dog? And can you possibly have some fluff in it? Thanks!-anonymous.

“Dan, do you know what today is ?” You’re practically jumping up and down on the bed with excitement. You have been waiting for this day for months and it was finally here. 

“Is it the day you finally let me sleep in on a Thursday? If not then I’m not currently interested.” Dan rolls over to face away from you. It was already 9:30 am he had plenty time to sleep.

“Daniel Howell we can sleep when were dead today is the day! Today is the day we make a huge step in our relationship. We’re becoming parents today.

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I just read QI in one go, I couldn't put it down! It was just so good. Much kudos to you and good luck to your new book! I look forward to reading it. I do have a lil prompt for the short QI-verse oneshots you're doing tho, if you have the time. I love seeing hardass chef Gordon Ramsay being all gooey and kind to children, so how bout Chef Lexa in Master Chef Junior or a similar kids cooking show, Clarke melting at how good Lexa is w kids?

First and foremost, thank you so much!  I’m glad you are enjoying it.  Below, find your oneshot of Clarke seeing Chef Lexa being kind to a kid with some cutesee domestic stuff in there, too.  Oneshot time!

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Use The Spare Bedroom

Summary: Phil starts bringing boys home. Dan starts tweeting song lyrics. 

Word Count: 3436

A/N: List of songs referenced at the end. 

It started one Friday night. Dan was sprawled out on the couch. Laptop up and open to tumblr. He was settled for the night.

Then Phil came out of his room. He was in black jeans and a button up shirt.

‘I’m going out with some friends from uni.’ He announced.

'Oh.’ Dan took a few moments to process the information. 'Since when?’

'About forty-five minutes ago. I got a message and I thought why not?’

'Why not.’ Dan echoed.

'So… I’m not sure how late we’ll be out. Don’t wait up for me.’


Dan didn’t normally get to bed until about 2am on a normal night. He sort of thought he would see Phil come in before he headed off to retire for the night. But at 1.30am when he was heading off there was still no sign of Phil whatsoever.

He was woken up at 3am to the sound of a door slamming.

'Sshh.’ Followed by a giggle. 'My roommate is asleep.’

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Thank God For You

This is canon season 12 so obviously there’s Penny. Also, I’ve not reread so sorry for any mistakes!


Can you imagine how wonderful it is to be in love? To be so deeply sure of your feelings for another person that you’re certain you want to spend the rest of your life with them?

Now can you imagine how devastatingly lonely it is to know that that person, the absolute love of your life, doesn’t feel the same? To live everyday knowing no matter what they say or how they try and pretend, even to themselves, you’re not what or who they ache for. You’ll never look right or sound right or feel right. You’ll never be right.

Because you’re not them.

Penny does. It’s something she lives with every single day and somehow, the more she loves Callie, the less she seems to love her back. The further away she slips and the closer to goodbye they tread.

Penny works ridiculously long hours these days. She often comes home to the girls asleep already, darkness engulfing their tiny apartment. Most times Callie has ‘accidentally’ fallen asleep with her mini-me, arms embracing each other tightly, Sofia contently curled into her mama as Callie’s arm reaches over her as though reaching for another body that will never be there.

Tonight though, with Sofia happily in Seattle with her mommy and Callie on early finishes, Penny had been delighted to be granted an evening off. She stopped off for her girlfriend’s favourite take out and wine, hoping they could have a cosy, romantic evening in.

Recently Callie had taken to teaching Sofia the piano. Penny had been frustrated at first, saying the huge thing took up so much space in their small home but the other woman was adamant and Sofia had taken to it like a pro. So she was used to the melodic sounds of Callie’s talented hands dancing accords the keys, even become to begrudgingly enjoy it despite not particularly being a music fan.

What she wasn’t used to, had never heard before, was the hauntingly beautiful sound of the older woman’s voice as she lost herself in words of a song she seemed so immersed in.

These wounds won’t seem to heal, this pain is just too real, there’s just too much that time cannot erase.

Penny can’t see her but the words float through the crack in the door and surround her and somehow she knows she’ll never forget the sadness she can feel seeping from the other woman.

When you cried, I’d wipe away all of your tears. When you’d scream, I’d fight away all of your fears and I held your hand through all of these years but you still have all of me.

Penny reaches an arm out to steady herself against the couch and thinks silently to herself what a thing it must be to be loved so completely and irrevocably by this woman and wishes regretfully that she’d only get the chance to know.

“Mama, mama, please can I put the special one on? Pleeeease?” Sofia flutters her long lashes, looking every bit as angelic as she always does with her wide brown eyes and dimples out in full force.

Callie can only give a throaty laugh and nod, ruffling her daughters silky hair, “yes mija, go ahead.”

Sinking into the couch, Callie crosses her legs, one hand holding her wine glass and the other resting in her lap as she watches her daughter, finally home from visiting her mommy.

“There. Perfect!” Sofia gives a toothy grin that is so amazingly like her mommy’s it makes Callie’s heart ache. She clambers onto the sofa next to her mama and they both admire their work.

The fairy lights sparkle against the huge green tree, a mixture of decorations collected throughout the years are neatly in place and the whole apartment smells like Christmas.

For a few moments everything feels a little bit okay.

“Hey guys! Wow, you two did a great job in here.” Penny leans over the sofa as soon as walks in, placing a kiss on Callie’s cheek and smiling at the two brunettes.

She wanders over to the tree, admiring the work the two had done and how homely it felt to be celebrating their very first Christmas. Something catches her eye though, something that makes her stomach curl in that way it does whenever a certain blondes name is mentioned.

Her fingers traced over the golden, glass bauble, over the three names written in fancy scrawl like they all belonged together. Like they were a family.


She doesn’t even know how it happens, she doesn’t even know it does happen until a distraught cry from a little girl breaks her trance and she realises that somehow the bauble is no longer on the tree and lays in shards, broken on the wooden floor by her feet.

Sofia looks as sad as Callie has ever seen her and it takes away the anger she feels at her girlfriend, the pain at her daughters sorrow surrounding her in a completely different way. The youngest brunette is desperately trying to pick up the broken pieces and Callie has to hurry to stop her from cutting her tiny fingers.

“Sof’, sof’ honey, come here. Come on.”

Sofia hurries over to her mamas arms, trying to get words out as her little chest heaves and as she watches, Penny feels absolutely awful.

“Mama it’s broken, daddy’s love is all broken.”

“Oh baby, it’s okay. It’s still there, daddy’s love is still always, always with you. Just like we always told you.”

Through sniffles she asks, “can I speak to mommy?”

Callie pushes back dark black hair from the young girls face, the backs of her fingers softly caressing damp cheeks as she nods, “of course mi amor. Go get your pjs on and and I’ll meet you in bed with the phone, okay?”

She doesn’t stop to look at her girlfriend, she doesn’t even blink in her direction as she climbs up from the floor, grabbing her phone and following her daughter. The slam of the bedroom door lets Penny know she won’t be seeing either brunette for the rest of the night and a tiny part of her is so drained, she wants to crush the rest of the glass to unrecognisable shards with the sole of her shoe.

Sofia rummages through her drawers, finally finding what she’s looking for. Clad in her pink flannel pyjamas, eyes red and puffy, she clambers into her bed, clinging to her mummy’s sweater that still smells just like home. Sofia cuddles into her mama and grabs the phone, waiting for her mommy’s face to finally appear.

When it does, both mother and daughter breathe a sigh of relief.

Arizona is beaming, eyes taking in the once familiar sight of the two brunettes curled up together and full of love. The smile drops quickly once she takes in her daughters tearful eyes and puffy cheeks and immediately she switches to protective mode.

“Hey my sweet girl, what’s got you in such a tiz, huh?”

“Mommy… mommy,”

Arizona nods quickly, sitting closer to the screen as though that somehow brings her closer to her precious little girl, “I’m here, Sof, right here. You can see me good, huh? You can see I’m right here. All yours. Can you tell me what’s making you so sad? Can you do that for me?”

Blue eyes flicker to her ex wife’s for a minute, watching the guilt brimming in her eyes. She’s not entirely sure if it’s for whatever’s causing their daughters sadness or for keeping them so far apart in moments like this.

“Daddy’s love broke, mommy. The glass Christmas ball that we hang up every year with all our names on it.”

Arizona nods, feeling dread in the pit of her stomach at what she assumes is about to come, “I know the one, sweetheart. I remember daddy buying it your very first Christmas for his best girl.”

“It got broken, mommy. Mama and me put up the big tree and all the decorations and when Penny came home she dropped daddy’s love to the floor and it broke.”

Arizona notices that Callie won’t look at her and she has to bite back her anger at how this could have happened.

“Oh Sofia, love, I’m so sorry that your daddy’s present got broken. I’m sorry that you’re hurting.”

Sofia wipes her eyes on Arizonas sweater, holding it close to her face, “you said it was his love, mommy. A big ball of all his love. Where does the love go now?”

The desperation in her daughters eyes and in her voice settles in Arizona’s heart, taking hold and making itself at home.

“Oh, my sweet, sweet girl. it’s okay. That love is all around you, always. It’s everywhere you are, my beautiful girl. Because I’ve never seen anyone love anything the way your daddy loves you. He waited his whole life for you, Sof. You were all the good things in all the world wrapped up in his little Sofia and he wanted to be with you every minute of every day. And that’s how I know he’s always close. He’s watching you all the time, honey. Every time you play soccer, when you open all your Christmas presents, when you get a gold star at school, daddy is cheering you on because he loves you so, so much baby. You were his dream. Okay? You were his dream just like you were mama’s dream.”

The tired girl seems to take in those words, accepting her mommy’s promises as absolute truth.

“And yours?”

“Sofia, you and mama and even your daddy were better than any dream I’ve ever had. You’re my whole world and I love you.”

“I love you too mommy,”

“Whenever there’s a time we can’t be together-” Arizona smiles and Sofia gives her a genuine, loving one in return, “just keep me in your heart, I’ll stay there forever,” she finishes with a yawn.

A few more minutes of quiet whispers and Sofia is fast asleep. Her small hand still grips Arizonas old sweater and she cuddles closely in to her mama.

Quiet lingers between the two women and botch know they should hang up but neither can bring themselves to.

“Are you okay?” Arizonas tone is soft, gentle and warming and it brings Callie some peace.

“I miss- I miss everything.”

“I do too.”

And that’s all that really needs to be said.


It’s quiet the next afternoon. Penny had left early for work and Callie had been preparing lunch for the two of them. Her usually loud, energised little girl was subdued and quiet most of the morning and all Callie wanted to do was cheer her up.

Heading into the youngsters bedroom, she quickly comes to a halt at what she finds. Sofia sits on her bed, mesmerised at what she is watching. On the screen is an old homemade movie from years back when Mark was video camera obsessed and Callie’s heart twists painfully at the sight as she leans against the door, hand flat across her chest. She quickly moves and switches it off, holding her hand out for Sofia,

“Come and eat some lunch with your mama.”

The two eat together at the breakfast table, a whole buffet of their favourite foods and Callie’s relieved to see a smile back in place on her daughters lips.

“Mama, did you love mommy?

Callie drops her fork and it clatters loudly against her plate. With wide eyes, she quickly picks it back up, clearing her throat with a cough.

“I…I did, baby girl. I loved your mommy so very much.”

“Why did you fall out of love with her? Will you fall out of love with me too?”

“That can never, ever happen Sof. Never. When you really love someone it can never, ever stop. It never goes away. No matter what.”

Sofia nods, smiling almost triumphantly, “that’s what mommy said too.”

Callie hasn’t answered any texts but she knows her girlfriend won’t be home for hours and she finds herself drawn all day to the same hidden away box her daughter had been.

She picks at disk at random, sitting crossed legged on the floor in front of their big tv as she puts it into the DVD player.

Laughter fills the whole room, Marks face suddenly huge across the screen.

“Torres!” He’s looking at the camera he’d had for a while now, his face right against the lens, making Callie laugh tearfully.

“How do I flip this thing around again?”

Callie suddenly comes into view, rolling her eyes at her best friend, “your daddy’s a goof, Sof,” she says to the camera, “good job you got two brilliant mama bears to keep you on track, little legs.”

Mark gives a hurt “hey!” and Callie laughs loudly, sticking her tongue out at him.

Suddenly the camera goes black and when it’s switched back on, Callie is clearly behind it. She remembers this day so incredibly well.

Sofia, we’re gonna be really quiet and catch your mommy in the act, okay?“ She whispers to the device as though it’s her daughter, “she swears she doesn’t keep creeping in here for extra cuddles but she’s lying because she’s a huge baby hog. Right mommy?”

Arizona comes into view, cradling a tiny, sleeping Sofia to her chest, breathing gently against her neck. The blonde looks up and smiles, hair in a messy pony tail and wearing some old shorts and a vest top. She looks radiant.

“It’s not my fault she’s so yummy,” she whispers and the camera zooms in on the floor for a moment as Callie obviously leans in for a kiss.

Placing their sleeping baby back in her Moses basket, Arizona laughs as Callie pulls her through to the front room, still filming despite her protests. She places the camera on a shelf and now all that can be seen is their waists, bodies close together, arms wrapped around each other as they laugh joyfully and slow dance to the background noise of the radio.

Callie’s hand comes to her chest to reach for a necklace that is no longer there, her big brown eyes overflowing with tears as she focuses so intently on the memories. She remembers exactly how Arizonas forehead had rested against her own, how they had stolen kisses and shared tender words before falling into bed, the camera left playing in another room as other needs took over.

She’s so focused on what she’s watching that Callie doesn’t hear Penny come home and she doesn’t hear her quickly leave again either.

Callie is relieved to finish her shift, happy to finally relax with a new journal and a large glass of wine. Legs curled up under herself, she barely looks up when Penny sits beside her, close but really not close at all.



Penny is sitting forward on the edge of the couch and it makes the other woman finally place down her book and face her.

“Do you think… do you think if we’d met at another time, in some other place or without so much history, we would have made it?”

Callie’s eyes sheen with tears immediately, her voice broken and husky with angst and guilt and Penny thinks almost relief, “what?”

“It’s okay, Callie. Really, I’ve made peace with it. Sort of. It’s okay. But you have to too. You have to accept that she’s your one or she’s going to slip past you and you’ll live the rest of your life like… well, like this. And you don’t deserve half a life, Calliope Torres. You truly don’t.”

“Penny-” Callie doesn’t say anything else because she really doesn’t know how to. She can’t claim that what’s being said isn’t completely true, she can’t live a lie any longer. So she lets herself cry, grabbing her now ex girlfriends hand, “I’m so sorry, Penny. I’m so sorry.”

And she is.

It takes three days for Callie to gather the courage to call Arizona. And even then she almost backs out. Before she can hang up though, her call is connected and the always familiar drawl of her name floods her senses.

“Morning Calliope. You do realise it’s 5am here, right?”

“I’m sorry if I woke you, Arizona. I just need to ask a favour.”

“It couldn’t wait til a more normal time?” Arizona yawns and Callie has to clench her eyes closed as she imagines the other woman stretching in bed, tank top rising up to give her a miraculous view of her toned stomach.

“It waited too long already.”

“Okay? Whatever you need, Callie.”

Taking the plunge, Callie breathes deeply and jumps, “you.”

“Yeah I got that part but I’m gonna need some more words, hon.”

“Arizona, I need you. I need you to not be across the country when our daughter is sad. I need to fight over new furniture and whose turn it is to take out the trash. I need to go to sleep with you and wake up with you and be with you. I need to massage your leg when it’s hurting and let you rub my feet when I’m exhausted. I need it all and I think you do too and also I need you to pick us up from the airport later on because we’re kinda homeless and I love Meredith but if I have to live with her again, I’ll kill her.”

She’s met with silence and only shocked, heavy breathing and Callie thinks the wait it going to drive her insane.

“Calliope Torres. You’re the- the- the biggest pain in my ass I have ever met. And thank god for you.” She’s tearful and her voice breaks and Callie’s heart feels entirely full as she listens to the blondes whispers,

“Thank god for you.”

anonymous asked:

So sorry if you've already answered this, but is it ever made clear exactly how much Brianna knows about what happened between JAMMF and BJR? Re-reading DoA and the talk between Jamie and Bree in the barn, I couldn't remember if we see Claire telling Bree or if it's one of the parts that we learn she's been told later. Thanks!

Here is the bit you’re referring to:

“Did you kill Jack Randall?”  

  He froze for a moment, the jug still tilted over the cup. Then he turned the jug carefully upright, and set it down on the floor.  

  “And where will ye have heard that name?” he asked. He looked at her straight on, his voice as level as his eyes. “From your father, maybe? From Frank Randall?”  

  “Mother told me about him.”  

  A muscle twitched near the corner of his mouth, the only outward indication of shock.  

  “Did she.”  

  It wasn’t a question, but she answered it anyway.  

   "She told me what—what happened. What he d-did to you. At Wentworth.“  

  Her small spurt of courage was exhausted, but it didn’t matter; she was in too deep to go back now. He simply sat and looked at her, the gourd cup forgotten in his hand. She longed to take it and drain it herself, but didn’t dare.  

  It occurred to her, much too late, that he might think it a betrayal that Claire had told anyone, let alone her. She rushed ahead, babbling in her nervousness.  

  "It wasn’t now; it was before—I didn’t know you—she thought I’d never meet you. I mean—I don’t think—-I know she didn’t mean to—” He raised one eyebrow at her.  

  “Be still, aye?”

So I *do* think Claire told Brianna the broad strokes of what happened to Jamie - based on the below passage from earlier in Drums:

“They’re in the Colony of North Carolina, but they dinna live near any town,” Jenny explained. “Jamie writes a bit in the evenings when he can, and keeps the bits all by him, till either he or Fergus takes the journey down to Cross Creek, or a traveler passes by who will carry the letter. That suits him; he doesna write easy—especially since he broke his hand that time ago.“ 

…"Thank you,” Brianna murmured, taking the stool. So perhaps Jenny didn’t know everything about Jamie and Black Jack Randall? The notion that she might know things about this unseen man that not even his beloved sister knew was in a way unsettling. To dismiss the thought, she hurriedly opened the letter.

And the reason why Brianna knows about it is because Claire told her, never expecting she would ever meet Jamie - because she would want Brianna to know just how much her father would do for those he loves.

How much he did for her, his daughter.

Translation from Psycho-pass 下 Kougami and Akane's last scene


I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. It was a big big surprise to me. Why haven’t I heard someone talking about this scene before?????   


Kougami pointed the dominator at the refrigerating van but it didn’t change its shape into decomposer. It was stuck in paralizer mode, it couldn’t be helped.  He dodged by a hair the refrigerator van that was running against them, stepping aside from it with all his might.

The van sped up and ran away breaking through the fence dividing the factory from the wheat fields. Rolled to the ground, Kougami jumped up to his feet and --- Akane’s figure, who was supposed to be behind him, was not there.

Kougami ran after the escaping van. Akane was clinging to the vehicle side.


Without realizing, he screamed her name. He started running with a desperate look on his face.


The refrigerator van was running fast on the farm road between the wheat fields. Akane was hanging to the side of it with her left hand. She was about to dislocate her shoulder but, come this far, she couldn’t whine about it. She desperately focused all her strength not to be thrusted out as well as not to let go of the revolver in her right hand.

From that unstable position, Akane aimed at the tire of the refrigerating van with the revolver. 

She pulled the trigger.

At the recoil of the magnum bullet, she remembered the tactile sensation of the time she had shot with Toyohisa’s shotgun*. 

The tire of the refrigerator van blew out. The van lost control and started weaving. Akane was thrown off and the refrigerator van fell sidelong and plunged into the wheat field.

“… ! …”

Akane, who had hit the ground, lost consciousness.


--- that moment, was it  shortly before the murder case of the avatars thief started?

When Akane had entered the large office at the Criminal Investigation Department, Kougami was dozing at his desk. 

Maybe he was hot after the training or something and he had taken off the suit jacket.


Without any particular reason, Akane stared at Kougami’s face. He was resting with his chin on his hands swaying his chest slowly like he was rowing a boat.  That defenseless sleeping face was really unexpected and Akane felt her heart beat so fast.

---  broad shoulders, a thick chest. Probably the type who looked thinner in his clothes than he really was. She also watched his arms carefully and they were quite thick. A muscular, masculine body. Just looking at him, for some reason she hadn’t enough of it. An incredibly well-shaped nose. The thin mouth was attractive but the lips were a bit chapped…

The sound of a ventilating fan not fitting for a contemporary building. There was no one else apart from the two of them in the large room.

--- I wonder why.

Suddenly Akane got antsy. This man --- Kougami Shinya --- someday, he will surely go somewhere far. She had such a feeling.

Kougami woke up.

“…mm?” he looked around with a confused face. “Inspector…Tsunemori?”


“I…was I sleeping?”


--- Akane awakened too.


At the same time she regained consciousness, she had an attack of severe pain.

--- that’s right, I’ve been thrown off the refrigerator van.

When Akane tried to stand up, she was kicked hard at her side.


Akane screamed, writhing in pain. She let go of the revolver.

Makishima was standing right beside her.

“Now that I think about it…Inspector Tsunemori…I should have killed you in the first place” he stated coldly. “My biggest mistake. As a result of my information gathering, I thought ‘you were the weak point of the Public Safety Bureau CID’s Division 1’. At least, that had been a correct perception until Funahara Yuki was killed…”* 

Enduring the pain, Akane crawled on the ground and extended her hand toward the revolver. Makishima raised his foot stepping on the back of her head --- . 


Kougami caught up with them with the dominator at a ready.

Makishima laughed scornfully at Akane and ran away towards the field.

“…tsk” clicking his tongue, Kougami rushed over Akane.

Akane was still trying to pick up the revolver desperately.

Instead of her, it was Kougami the one who grasped the revolver. Holding the dominator in his right hand and the revolver in the left one, Kougami was comparing the two guns with a blank expression.

“…don’t…don’t do it…” sensing that Kougami was thinking about something, Akane grimaced in sadness. “Kougami-san! There’s still room for negotiating with the Sibyl System. As long as we catch Makishima alive…”

Kougami threw away the dominator. Gritting her teeth in frustration*, Akane shed regretful tears.

“That…is your choice, Kougami-san”

“Somehow, we are like the destiny that makes a different choice at each fork road. I think we’ve not been a bad pair but… we would gradually part ways, like travelers who carry a wrong map”

“I don’t want it. At this rate, going on with your escape someone will kill you…” 

“If someone asked me how precious my own life is or so, I would be unsure but…being killed by the Sibyl System wouldn’t be too pleasant for sure. So, I’ll try to put up resistance until the end. That’s really a goodbye. Tsunemori Akane” Kougami gave her a kind glance. “…this is a matter between me and him only”

With the revolver in his hand, Kougami rushed towards the middle of the wheat field where Makishima had escaped.


Akane’s cry was heartrending but it faded away without reaching no one’s ear.





*Akane: very personal note…I’d like to underline that this is the unique, only moment when Kougami calls Akane by her first name. There won’t be any other moment in all the seasons +movie where he does it. Three syllables, just a single kanji, but it means the whole world for me.

*Toyohisa’s shotgun: here the author is referring to the moment when Akane tried to shoot Makishima with the rifle he had given her (that was Toyohisa Senguchi’s one) the day Yuki died.

*until Funahara Yuki was killed: I know that this sentence may sound strange. I mean…Makishima who simply says Yuki was killed, like he has no other information about it. I translated the passive form literally for a precise reason. Japanese often uses passive form, in particular when the action and the person who undergoes it is more important that the subject doing it. I found particularly disgusting that Makishima said “Funehara Yuki was killed” and not “I killed Funehara Yuki”, especially in front of Akane and I wanted to let all the readers know a bit about the original text.

*gritting her teeth in frustration: the expression in the original text is 奥歯を噛む. It’s used to indicate the internal struggle in making a hard choice or a hard surrender or something you’re forced to do but you don’t want to. In this case, it’s regret and frustration for not convincing Kougami to let go of his objective.