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I spend my weekends with my boyfriend and we have sex at least twice a day if not more. Yesterday we were watching TV in my living room, grandma was down the hall folding clothes and mom was in the bathroom. But he bent my over his lap anyway and fingered me with my pants down. 2 fingers, 3 fingers, and then 4. He didn't stop till I was shaking and kicking. He was so hard and he couldn't take it so we went to my backyard and he put me on my knees. "You make daddy so happy, baby. What's my name?"

Tite Kubo, author and artist of the manga series Bleach drew a tribute a few years back to celebrate the 10th anniversaries of both Bleach and Gorillaz’ self titled album. He has illustrated the four fictional members of Gorillaz as shinigami in the Gotei 13, while including this message: 

The impact from “Clint Eastwood” still lingers 10 years on.

In the same year I started to draw my current work, Gorillaz released the 1st album. For these 10 years, Gorillaz have remained very special to me. They will continue to do so for the next 10.

Before the next 10 years begin, I need to listen to this album.

Thanks Gorillaz. All the best for the next 10 years.

Tite Kubo


Tenth Doctor + Wearing Bow Ties (and pulling them off)

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Hi! I’m a newcomer on this blog, and I saw the tags for your fresh event! I wanted to do a redraw of one of my favourite scenes, so here it is! I hope you like it!

((Hey can I give you the biggest platonic airhug this side of the damn country because I LOVE THIS??? It’s so nice seeing redraws and fanart and I just euihfreulislgntrdn THANK YOU!??!))


Kagome Higurashi for my love millennium-queen


The rain starts to fall just as they’re leaving the restaurant after their first official date as a couple.

“What are you doing?” Bruce laughs, watching Natasha pirouette around with arms outstretched. 

“What, you’ve never danced in the rain?” She grins and grabs his hand, pulling him toward her. “Sounds like it’s time for you to give it a try, doc.”

Prompt: dancing in the rain | for evs14u in the HulkWidow fanwork exchange!

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I went out on a first date with a really nice guy yesterday and it was great. He took me out to dinner and it was a coincidence that his parents chose the same restauraunt so they joined us and the whole time he sat next to me he kept slipping his hand under my dress and the idea of getting caught made me so wetttt. So we left early and when we got back to his apartment he bent me over his desk and fucked me so hard that I couldn't think straight it was so good. Best first date everrrr.

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I'm addicted to your posts!!! I stumbled upon your site only yesterday and now I can't stop. You're hilarious! XD Here's my request -- drabbles with the LLFTX guys having some sexy times *waggles eyebrows* with the mc before their wedding ceremony (shame on them they saw her in her wedding dress and couldn't control themselves!)

Awwwww *blushes* I’m so glad you like my stuff!!!!! :) <3 And I certainly think I can think of something for this *extreme eyebrow waggle* They’ll be quick ones since I only have a few minutes to spare, but I hope you like it!!


What had started out with Tatsuro coming to check on you before the ceremony ended up with him locking the door and bending you over one of the desks, his length buried inside of you. His actions surprised you, since Tatsuro was usually so reserved about this sort of thing. But as he continued to thrust into you roughly, your wedding dress hiked up around your waist, you couldn’t help but drown in the sensations. Tatsuro whispered words of love in your ear as he leaned forward to palm your breast through your dress, and you opened your mouth in a silent cry. He took your hand with his, lacing his fingers with yours, and you squeezed. Feeling your climax beginning to flicker down below. 


You had been a little nervous before the ceremony had started so Takuto came in to calm you. But the second he laid eyes on you, seeing how beautiful you looked, he lost all sensibilities. He swept you off your feet and tossed you onto a nearby table. You didn’t protest, needing him just as much at that moment. Roughly yanking clothing out of the way, Takuto finally entered you in one swift thrust. You threw your head back against the table, calling out his name as quietly as you could muster. At the angle he was at, he slammed up against your sensitive spot, causing you to let out a low moan. His pace quickened and you could hear him whispering your name over and over again as you locked your legs around his waist.  


It was earlier in the day before the ceremony and you were trying on your dress again to make sure it still looked good on you when Riki came in. He paused, only for a moment as he took you in with his eyes. His nostrils flaring in desire. You were about to make an excuse about how he shouldn’t see you before the ceremony, but you swallowed your words when Riki took a few long strides towards you and sealed your lips with his. Lust flamed your cheeks and you melted into his arms as the two of you sank onto the floor. A few rough sweeps later, Riki sank into your loving heat, both of you groaning at the sensation. As he thrusted into you, he leaned forward and kissed your neck. 


You had been conversing with some of your brides maids when Atsumu had stolen you away. He’d wanted to see you before the ceremony had started, innocently enough. But his intentions changed when he pulled you into a nearby closet to have some alone time. He was now pounding into you roughly from behind, his hand covering your mouth to silence your cries of pleasure. His breathing was ragged and you could hear him straining not to make any noise either, but starting to fail the closer to his release he got. The suddenness of it excited you more and you already felt yourself nearing your peak, your moans against his hand growing louder. 


He had claimed he’d wanted to help you put your makeup on before the ceremony, but in reality he had far more devious plans in mind. After the actual make up artist you’d hired left, he instantly sealed your lips with his. Telling you how much you turned him on in your wedding dress. Fully excited yourself, you gave in, roughly pulling both of your clothing aside and sitting in his lap, sinking down onto him. You bit your lip to contain your moans, trying not to be heard by all the people outside waiting for the two of you. Hiro let out a groan and leaned forward, nibbling at your collar bone as you took him in and out of your passage. His fingers then found the place in which the two of you were joined and you let out a loud moan, seeing stars. 


You had just finished putting on your wedding dress when you heard the door close behind you. You spun around and saw Kenshi standing there, his eyes wide staring at you. You went to ask him what was wrong when he came forward and lifted you off of the ground and sitting you on a nearby counter. He then sealed your lips and began pulling your dress up and out of the way, whispering how much he wanted you against your lips. Desire licked at your heels and you helped him, releasing him from the constrains of his trousers and helping to guide him to your eagerly awaiting heat. He pressed himself inside of you, filling you to the hilt as the two of you cried out in unison. Thrusting into you roughly, you bit at his shoulder, already feeling your climax fast approaching. 

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My bf finds it really difficult to be dominant and yesterday I told him it bothered me. He didn't reply so I thought I'd upset him but then ten minutes later he's at my door. I open it and he doesn't say anything he just pins me against the wall and kisses me and I wrap my legs around his waist, he pushes me on the bed and spanks me when I try and move, saying "bad girl". He held my hands down (I couldn't move, he's super strong) and started fingering me until I came. Then we fucked so hard 😩

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okay, but what Im seeing here is that yesterday Liam said he would be meeting Freddie. NOW we have a instagram post saying he tried getting in contact with Louis, most likely to "meet" Freddie. BUT did Liam post that picture as an excuse as to why he never met Freddie, "well he didn't pick up so I couldn't" Since there is no baby, that makes it easier as to why Liam wouldn't have a picture with Freddie. Sorry if that doesn't make any sense but do you get what I'm saying?

That’s possible! We’ll see.