i couldn't pick one scene so here have one of each

Translation from Psycho-pass 下 Kougami and Akane's last scene


I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. It was a big big surprise to me. Why haven’t I heard someone talking about this scene before?????   


Kougami pointed the dominator at the refrigerating van but it didn’t change its shape into decomposer. It was stuck in paralizer mode, it couldn’t be helped.  He dodged by a hair the refrigerator van that was running against them, stepping aside from it with all his might.

The van sped up and ran away breaking through the fence dividing the factory from the wheat fields. Rolled to the ground, Kougami jumped up to his feet and --- Akane’s figure, who was supposed to be behind him, was not there.

Kougami ran after the escaping van. Akane was clinging to the vehicle side.


Without realizing, he screamed her name. He started running with a desperate look on his face.


The refrigerator van was running fast on the farm road between the wheat fields. Akane was hanging to the side of it with her left hand. She was about to dislocate her shoulder but, come this far, she couldn’t whine about it. She desperately focused all her strength not to be thrusted out as well as not to let go of the revolver in her right hand.

From that unstable position, Akane aimed at the tire of the refrigerating van with the revolver. 

She pulled the trigger.

At the recoil of the magnum bullet, she remembered the tactile sensation of the time she had shot with Toyohisa’s shotgun*. 

The tire of the refrigerator van blew out. The van lost control and started weaving. Akane was thrown off and the refrigerator van fell sidelong and plunged into the wheat field.

“… ! …”

Akane, who had hit the ground, lost consciousness.


--- that moment, was it  shortly before the murder case of the avatars thief started?

When Akane had entered the large office at the Criminal Investigation Department, Kougami was dozing at his desk. 

Maybe he was hot after the training or something and he had taken off the suit jacket.


Without any particular reason, Akane stared at Kougami’s face. He was resting with his chin on his hands swaying his chest slowly like he was rowing a boat.  That defenseless sleeping face was really unexpected and Akane felt her heart beat so fast.

---  broad shoulders, a thick chest. Probably the type who looked thinner in his clothes than he really was. She also watched his arms carefully and they were quite thick. A muscular, masculine body. Just looking at him, for some reason she hadn’t enough of it. An incredibly well-shaped nose. The thin mouth was attractive but the lips were a bit chapped…

The sound of a ventilating fan not fitting for a contemporary building. There was no one else apart from the two of them in the large room.

--- I wonder why.

Suddenly Akane got antsy. This man --- Kougami Shinya --- someday, he will surely go somewhere far. She had such a feeling.

Kougami woke up.

“…mm?” he looked around with a confused face. “Inspector…Tsunemori?”


“I…was I sleeping?”


--- Akane awakened too.


At the same time she regained consciousness, she had an attack of severe pain.

--- that’s right, I’ve been thrown off the refrigerator van.

When Akane tried to stand up, she was kicked hard at her side.


Akane screamed, writhing in pain. She let go of the revolver.

Makishima was standing right beside her.

“Now that I think about it…Inspector Tsunemori…I should have killed you in the first place” he stated coldly. “My biggest mistake. As a result of my information gathering, I thought ‘you were the weak point of the Public Safety Bureau CID’s Division 1’. At least, that had been a correct perception until Funahara Yuki was killed…”* 

Enduring the pain, Akane crawled on the ground and extended her hand toward the revolver. Makishima raised his foot stepping on the back of her head --- . 


Kougami caught up with them with the dominator at a ready.

Makishima laughed scornfully at Akane and ran away towards the field.

“…tsk” clicking his tongue, Kougami rushed over Akane.

Akane was still trying to pick up the revolver desperately.

Instead of her, it was Kougami the one who grasped the revolver. Holding the dominator in his right hand and the revolver in the left one, Kougami was comparing the two guns with a blank expression.

“…don’t…don’t do it…” sensing that Kougami was thinking about something, Akane grimaced in sadness. “Kougami-san! There’s still room for negotiating with the Sibyl System. As long as we catch Makishima alive…”

Kougami threw away the dominator. Gritting her teeth in frustration*, Akane shed regretful tears.

“That…is your choice, Kougami-san”

“Somehow, we are like the destiny that makes a different choice at each fork road. I think we’ve not been a bad pair but… we would gradually part ways, like travelers who carry a wrong map”

“I don’t want it. At this rate, going on with your escape someone will kill you…” 

“If someone asked me how precious my own life is or so, I would be unsure but…being killed by the Sibyl System wouldn’t be too pleasant for sure. So, I’ll try to put up resistance until the end. That’s really a goodbye. Tsunemori Akane” Kougami gave her a kind glance. “…this is a matter between me and him only”

With the revolver in his hand, Kougami rushed towards the middle of the wheat field where Makishima had escaped.


Akane’s cry was heartrending but it faded away without reaching no one’s ear.





*Akane: very personal note…I’d like to underline that this is the unique, only moment when Kougami calls Akane by her first name. There won’t be any other moment in all the seasons +movie where he does it. Three syllables, just a single kanji, but it means the whole world for me.

*Toyohisa’s shotgun: here the author is referring to the moment when Akane tried to shoot Makishima with the rifle he had given her (that was Toyohisa Senguchi’s one) the day Yuki died.

*until Funahara Yuki was killed: I know that this sentence may sound strange. I mean…Makishima who simply says Yuki was killed, like he has no other information about it. I translated the passive form literally for a precise reason. Japanese often uses passive form, in particular when the action and the person who undergoes it is more important that the subject doing it. I found particularly disgusting that Makishima said “Funehara Yuki was killed” and not “I killed Funehara Yuki”, especially in front of Akane and I wanted to let all the readers know a bit about the original text.

*gritting her teeth in frustration: the expression in the original text is 奥歯を噛む. It’s used to indicate the internal struggle in making a hard choice or a hard surrender or something you’re forced to do but you don’t want to. In this case, it’s regret and frustration for not convincing Kougami to let go of his objective.

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Hi, I was wondering if there is a particular scene you would like to see in season 2b of shadowhunters 😊hope you have a nice day 🌷

there’s a bunch of scenes that I would love to see, it’s hard to pick one in particular so here’s a few of them:

- a nice uninterrupted scene of magnus and alec just being soft boyfriends, enjoying each other’s company, being domestic. (also, I’m totally not against alec moving in with magnus. just saying).
- battle couple malec is everything so whenever that happens, im gonna need an ambulance because ill be dying.
- more scenes of luke being a good alpha, interacting with the pack, protecting them etc.
- magnus telling alec about his past/childhood.
- alec, izzy and jace scenes actually give me life so I’d like more sibling moments between them.
- magnus/luke/alec friendship, hello I am waiting.
- honestly I just want more screentime for magnus, alec, maia and luke, idc what the scene is about as long as they’re happy and not suffering!!!

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Are you still taking requests? Could you please do a reaction (plus Maxson and glory) of Sole walking into a room casually and not one but TWO baby yao guais follow them in? Thank you! Love your blog btw, how you write the characters give them the depth the game couldn't show.

Hehe that reminds me of a time when I walked into a marsh and then I got jumped by 3 of them on survival mode as I was screaming and running away. Thank you so much my love! I try to take what the game offers and fill in the cracks with my own patented form of bullshit. Like a bullshit sandwich. But many kisses for you anon <3

Ada: *watches scene unfold* “From what I have just witnessed I assume the next logical string of conversation will go towards convincing me to keep it. You do not need to waste your breath.” Ada didn’t care. What Sole chose to do in their free time was of no concern to her and she certainly didn’t mind having babies that could easily be domesticated running about.

Cait: “Oh hell no are we keeping this fuzzy little ball of death.” She points at the first one and then a second one comes bounding in and tackles her leg. “Two? There’s two of these little mangy monsters?” She picks one of them up like a disgusting rag and it tries to gnaw at her hand to be released. She curses and drops it. She glares at the yao guai. The yao guai glares back. Neither of them knew but it was at that moment that a beautiful friendship had begun.

Codsworth: “Mum/Sir, perhaps you weren’t aware but there are um… TWO baby yao guais following you. Not one. TWO!” His arms whizzed about wildly gesturing towards the cubs that were tackling each other playfully. When Sole told him they were now family, Codsworth calmed down and vowed on his little metal life to protect the virtue of family until the day he was disassembled!

Curie: “We are going to be needing some milk for ze little babies. Oh also soft nutrients to build up zeir immune systems.” Without even batting an eye, Curie accepted the fact that two baby yao guais were in the room together with them. It was one of the things she loved about Sole was their love and concern for all creatures of the Commonwealth, not exclusive to humanoid beings.

Danse: “Soldier, it is highly innapropriate to domesticate these abominations, they- stop- what are you doing? No don’t put them there!” Sole put both of them on his power armor chest plate which was big enough to be a shelf. The yao guai cubs instantly cuddled in beside his face and Danse was not proud of the very unmanly giggle he emitted when one of them licked his ear.

Deacon: “Sweeeet. Let’s add it into our collection of weird fantastical creatures we seem to be accumulating here” he says pointing to Sanctuary’s domesticated deathclaw, circus brahmin, and race molerats. He’d chided Sole about their home base becoming a circus but Sole promised not to bring home anything else *ha* “Maybe these one’s can juggle, like in the old days. We can start charging people for admission when we put on shows. Everyone’ll come!“

Dogmeat: *growl* lunges at one of the babies but Sole grabs him by his collar. He was going to have to get used to his new bear brothers.

Hancock: “Well well, it looks like you’ve become the pied piper of yao guais there sunshine.” Sole was a natural leader. Everyone seemed to want to follow them, even tiny little baby yao guais apparently. He thought it was pretty frickin sweet how they could get animals to follow them, when it was hard enough for him to run his own damn city. Well it just meant that they were born to lead. Hancock now keeps one of the cubs in his tricorn hat as they travel around.

MacCready: “Holy hell! Please please tell me you did not just abduct cubs from their nest. I swear if one of those things is following us!” He jumped like 9ft in the air when he saw the little yao guais following Sole in. He ran to the windows with his gun out in case a crazed mother decided to shred them for taking her babies. After finding out the parents had been killed by ferals, he sunk down onto the couch snickering. “Well, I’ve done crazier things before.”

Nick Valentine: “Aww what’s wrong little tykes? Lost your mama. Well no worries, Ole Sole and I will take care of you, don’t you worry.” He had kneeled down to talk to the cubs as if they could somehow understand him as he stroked their soft fur and little ears. They were so little, of course they would take care of them. Sole and he were friends of all wasteland critters be it plant or fish or tiny yao guai.

Piper: “Ha ha, I never know what to expect from you. Just watch, we say yes to one of these and soon enough you’ll bring in another one.” The second yao guai walks in. Piper bursts into a fit of laughter at the incredible comedic timing of the situation. She was wiping away tears as she picked one of the cubs up and tickled it’s little stomach. Man they were cute.

Preston: “General… I don’t think this is a good idea. Whatever idea you have.” He looked at the little yao guais, looking back at him so innocently with their large black eyes. They pleaded him so. It was like they were saying ‘please Preston, save us like you save your settlements.’ Those little black eyes drew him in and he knew he couldn’t say no. Darn it. He was so weak to Sole’s requests, he always gave in to whatever they wanted. But the babies were so cute.

Strong: “YAO GUAI ENEMY! STRONG SMASH FOR HUMAN!” He takes out his pipe iron and raises it above the little quivering cubs. Sole rushes in front of him and told him that he needed to protect these brothers like they were his brothers. Strong did not approve but he listened to respectful human.

X6-88: “Oh great. We definitely need to be nurturing more of these vermin on the surface.” He looked at the defenseless yao guais like they were putrid filth and refused to touch them. He didn’t see why Sole liked to waste their time catering to animals that had such a low probability of survival.


Maxson: “Hmm. I am going to place these cubs under the care of Senior Scribe Neriah in order to be trained for combat. I never thought I’d see the day when we would be harnessing yao guais in battle. Good job Knight.” He ruffled Sole’s head as he passed them with what Sole could have sworn was a smile. That was the first sign of approval he ever gave them.

Father: “Intriguing. Have you brought these here for experimentation? It’s not often we get to get an inside view of the surface specimen.” Sole plucked them up before Father and his little Bioscience scientists could turn them into dissection projects. Okay bad idea.

Desdemona: While everyone else freaked out at the prospect of two crazy killer cubs at HQ, Des just smiled and shook her head. Maybe she had a soft spot for animals. When Sole gave her one of the yao guais to keep, Des raised it as her own, dressing it up with a matching scarf and once it became old enough, she took it out to the surface by her side. They were inseparable.

Glory: “Okay now I’ve seen everything.” Sole and her had been competing on who could who could bring the craziest thing home. Glory had brought home a signed baseball by Babe Ruth, whoever that was. Sole brought home a vibrator which Glory totally doesn’t still have. Glory brought home a pressed butterfly from some collectors house thinking she’d won but when Sole brought in two LIVE yao guai, she gave in. Sole always had to win haha.

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Hi love ♡ Can I request Scm headcanons where the mc (aka reader) gets turned into a genie for a few days and has to fulfill each god's wishes for once? :") I hope that's alright and thank you <3 Your writing is amazing!

Thanks so much for the request. This is just Teorus, Leon and Huedhaut, I’ll upload Icthys, Scorpio and Dui in the next post, these ended up being quite long so I thought I’d split it up. Huedhaut’s is my favourite, the others I really struggled with. I didn’t really know what they’d wish for :(

The king touched by your love and devotion to your god decides to grant your wish. I wish for something wonderful to happen. Always envious of the god’s abilities to grant wishes the king gives you that power for a few days. What will your god wish for, and will it be something you’re willing to grant for them?


Gods had no one to grant their wishes. There was no higher power above them peering into reflective pools to fulfil the deepest desires of their hearts. Their wishes were meaningless and that had always saddened you. But now the king had granted you the power to change that, you could grant Leon’s wishes, even if only for a limited time, like he had granted yours countless times. You looked over at him sprawled out across the bed, golden hair spread out over duck feather cushions and eyes twinkling in the light. 

Sometimes the mere sight of him would make your breath catch in your throat, he was perfect, appearance wise that was, in your opinion his personality left a lot to be desired. Though you loved him, flaws and all, with all your heart. 

“You’re awfully quiet. Usually you would be boring me to death with details of your menial job by now.” Leon smirked, although his words were cruel there was a soft edge to his tone. Letting out a sigh, you plonked yourself onto the bed next to him and Leon wasted no time in wrapping his arms around you. “How many wishes have you granted so far?” 

“Three. Hiyori wanted her date to go well. My mother wanted my father to stop working himself so hard. And my brother’s wish … he wanted his wife to finally conceive a child. They’ve been trying for years but were never successful.” You explained to him all the wishes you granted, and upon mentioning your brother’s you see a strange emotion fill his eyes. “I’ve granted all my loved one’s wishes now, all except you Leon… do … do you have a wish you want me to grant?” 

“Hmm… so thoughtful.” Leon took a strand of your hair between his fingers and played with it. He looked like he was deep in thought. You wondered what he would wish for, what could someone like Leon possible want? “Do you promise to grant it, no matter what it is? even if it affects you?” 

“You have granted so many of my wishes Leon, more than you can possibly imagine, so I promise that I’ll grant this one, no matter what it is.” You told him firmly, and that soft smile of his resurfaced. “…You better not wish for something completely ridiculous Leon, I’m trusting you here.”

“You’ve already agreed to grant any wish I could make.” Leon tilted your chin up to look at him. “You gave your brother a child. I want one.” 

“… You’re kidding right?” The look in his eye told you that he was anything but joking. You felt your body freeze, but the more you thought about it the more you realized that Leon’s wish, might have also been your own somewhere in your heart. A little boy or a little girl with bronze hair and hazel eyes filled your mind.

“I’ll take your silence as a yes then.” Leon claimed your lips with his own. “You won’t have to use any of your powers to grant this wish, I’ll have a baby in you in no time at all. Thank you _____ for always granting my wishes.” 


Hue was hard to read, every since the king had given you the power to grant wishes he had been so happy for you. He had helped you find people worthy of having their wishes granted. So far you had helped a blind man see his newborn child, aided an old lady in taking care of her terminally ill husband by quietly allowing him the dignity of a painless death and given hope to a pair of children whose parents had been stolen from them in a freak accident. You had done so much good to strangers, yet you hadn’t been able to help the most important person in the world to you. “Hue are you sure you don’t have a wish.” 

“I’ve told you already. All my wishes are granted just by you standing here by my side. There is nothing left for my heart to desire when I have you.” He told you, putting an arm around your waist. The pair of you walked down the street. Out of the blue a couple started to argue in the street. 

“Don’t leave. Please don’t. I don’t know what I’d be without you.” The man shouted at the girl, crumpling to his knees. They were making a scene, people turned to look at them, including you and Hue. “I know that you’re sick, I know that you might not have much time left, but please continue to fight this. Doctors are wrong all the time. I can’t lose you.” 

“I wish there was something I could do, but I can’t stop death can I?” You turned to look at Hue and he nodded curtly, drawing you away as the man began to cry. The rest of your day was less happy since that moment. Huedhaut appeared to be deep in thought about something, as the pair of you sat down by a lake to eat lunch, he suddenly caught your hand with his own.

“Always find me again. That’s my wish.” He finally spoke. “When you grow old and die, when you’re reborn again, always find me. Know deep in your soul that there is a man called Huedhaut with  blue hair and wise eyes that will never stop loving you. I wish for your soul to always remember me. That is what I wish for ______ . I wish never to be separated like that couple we saw earlier.” 

“Hue… is that all I can do for you? I feel like I’ve already done that. My soul, the goddess’ soul, will always remember you. That’s why we are here today.” You caught his head between your hands. “But I will grant your wish, the wish for us to reunited again when I’m reborn. It’s my wish as well.” 

“I am too lucky. To love such a soul as the one within you.” He pressed his lips against yours, He kissed you so hard and for so long that when you separated your lips were swollen and red. “Hmm… may I be greedy and ask of you two wishes?” You nodded your head. “I wish to never stop kissing you, for our lips to never have to part.” 

“I need to breathe properly Hue. I can’t grant you that one.” You giggled as he moved in for another kiss. The pair of you went onto enjoy the rest of your day, the sight of that couple from earlier still haunting you both in the darkest corners of your minds, but the knowledge that your souls would always find their way back to each other drowning out the darkness of your impending death.


Granting wishes was something you had never thought you would be able to do. You envied Teorus his job, although you loved the planetarium, the idea of having a job focused on granting the deepest desires of peoples hearts was very appealing to you, the smiles on all those faces… you had wasted no time since you got the ability. Every waking hour you had spent finding people in need and giving them the pick up they needed. It was worth all the exhaustion to see their smiles. Teorus had been concerned you were working too hard and had taken you out for a day, you had only grudgingly accepted.

“You look so happy, yet so tired. Did you get much sleep last night.” Teorus asked you, concern flickering through his jovial expression for a few moments. His arm slinked around your waste. “You are working yourself way to hard ________ . I don’t like it when you look so tired.” 

“I don’t have this power for long, so I won’t to make the best of it, that reminds me Teo, do you have a wish that you want me to grant. Gods don’t usually have anyone to grant their wishes for them, but I’m here now, is there something you want?” You asked him. He thought for a moment.

“Let me think. I haven’t really thought about it before. Before I met you - all I cared about was women and having fun. I didn’t have any proper wishes.” He took a deep breath. A few minutes pass by and still he doesn’t have a response. The pair of you head to dinner at a swanky restaurant. 

When your starters are put in front of you, and a glass of milk for Teo you noticed a man in the distance getting down on one knee. You watch him ask his girlfriend a question, will you marry me, and the delightful yes she replies with. The whole restaurant cheer, with you and Teo, as he puts a sparkling ring on her dainty finger. Teo smiled widely at the sight, thought you got the impression he was indifferent to the couple and was smiling for some other reason.

When you’re main course came out of the blue Teo clicked his fingers and time stopped where it was. “I’ve realized my wish now, can you grant it right away?” He asked.

“You already know that I will.”

“Good. I wish for you to say yes.” say yes to what? Teorus saw your confusion. “I want you to say yes, but before I ask the question?” 

He couldn't be, no? 

“Yes.” You mumbled.

Teorus leapt up from his seat and took you into his arms, forgetting himself he quietly let you go again quickly falling to his knees and clicking a sparkling ring into his hand. “I wish for you to marry me. You’ve already said yes, but I’ll ask you a second time. Marry me _______ .” 

“Yes Teo. I’ll marry you.” You grinned. The pair of you spent the rest of dinner talking about your upcoming wedding and the declaration you would make to bot the heavens and to the earth of your undying love for eachother.

hi my name is vanessa and I'm here to remind everybody what makes Asuna so great.

So as of late, the anime has been messing up Asuna’s character and her relationship with Kirito. And I’m not very happy about it. So here’s a fun thing (with pictures) so everybody remembers what makes her the most special person in the series. 

Okay. Go.

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Theast one of that prompt list ;)

i’m the drama teacher and you’re the only who can actually act help me demonstrate this love scene to my students au

“Do you not–uh–love me?” Jasper, an unenthusiastic junior who was unfortunate enough to get stuck performing Shakespeare in Ms. Griffin’s Beginning Drama class, read from the script. 

His scene partner, Harper, replied, “Why no, no more than reason,” with even less gusto. 

“Stop, stop! Let me stop you right there,” Clarke sighed at her students’ lackluster effort, somewhat surprised they were even willing to do this much at eight a.m. on a Monday morning. “Remember, you two are Benedick and Beatrice, the two characters in this play with the most passion and fire! When they interact, I want to see sparks. I want to see more enthusiasm.” 

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One Little Secret

‘Ignorant slut.’

'At least my fashion sense is better than yours Styles.’

'Shove off, (Y/L/N)’

'Bite me!’

The boys looked as the usual bitter argument arose. Ever since the two met, obviously there was a spark, anyone could see it. They glanced at each other and rolled their eyes.

Louis stood up, ‘Ladies and Gents, stop this bickering.’

(Y/N) and Harry were too busy not to hear anything.

'Do you think they can hear me?’

'Doubt it Lou. You know how they get. Oh, we’re up to the glaring stages.’

Lou sat back down, knowing his attempt at calming the situation down was useless.

The pair before their eyes were glaring, if looks could kill… ‘How’d it get like this, do you remember when they first met?’ Niall whispered to the other boys.

Liam shook his head, ‘I thought for sure they’ll get together, guess not.’

'They had chemistry, it was either they’ll hate each other or want to shag the living daylights of each other. Guess it was the former.’ Zayn piped in.

'You know what Harry? You don’t have a right to tell me what to wear, or how my attitude is supposed to be! Why don’t you preach your nonsense to somebody who worships at your feet?!’ (Y/N) screamed as she held her fist clenched by her side.

'It is my right to tell you what to wear or not because first of all you look like a slut! And you know what happens you’ll attract some douche bag guy, come home with him, date him and he’ll be a complete jerk to you! And you’ll come home crying and you know who’s picking up the pieces? Us!’

'Styles! For fucks sake, I never ever take someone home! Don’t you dare say that! And what I’m wearing is not at all slutty! It’s decent and modest unlike some of your hussies!’

'My hussies?! So you’re one of them! Thinking I fuck everything I see!’

'Don’t you Styles? I mean come on, it’s not a secret that you’re a whore!’

'Take that back right now!’

'NO! You had no right to call me a slut when you very well know, I am not! So don’t you dare accuse me of that, and if you can put false judgment on me, then so can I on you!’

'You’re a bitch (Y/N).’

'That makes two of us Styles.’

And back go the glaring again, that’s how their fights go. Shout at the top of their lungs, glare, shout some more, glare and one of them usually ends up leaving the room.

The boys sat glued to their chairs watching the scene unfold in front of them. They knew they didn’t really hate each other…well hopefully not. They knew the pair would absolutely be perfect for each other. But the thing is, put them in a room together and they’ll find some to argue about.

'Do you think we should intervene?’ Liam whispered, 'you know before something else happens?’

'Yeah, I think it’s best if we do.’

One by one, the boys stood up. Louis began clearing his throaty quite loudly. (Y/N) and Harry finally took their gazes off each other and pinned them to the boys.

'As much as we love to watch you guys bicker like an old married couple, we really have to go now. You know to the restaurant?’ Lou spoke as he gestured to the door.

'We do not bicker like an old married couple!’ Harry shouted.

'Is that what he really heard from that sentence?’ Niall whispered to Zayn, who held a snicker.

'Oh, do shut up Styles! Like Louis said we have to go to the restaurant. You know so I can hook up with a random guy, because I’m a slut.’ (Y/N) began marching towards the door, leaving the five boys behind. 'Well? Are you boys going or not?’

THE RED TOMATO- 9:30 pm.

The five boys arrived, along with (Y/N). They were seated amongst Harry’s family. Liam, Louis, Zayn and Niall, took their seats pretty quickly, leaving only two open ones.

'You’ve got to be kidding me. I have to sit next you?’

'Grow up Styles, we’re not sitting next to each other, you’re facing the opposite, dumbass.’

The people from the table look amused by their argument, it was quite famous amongst their family that these two fought…a lot.

'They had one of their lovers spat before you guys got here? That’s why your late?’ Gemma asked Niall, who smiled in return.

'You know we’ve got to lock them in a room, you know to solve their sexual tension out.’ Gemma wiggled her eyebrows knowing that the intended 'couple’ could not hear her.

'Hear, hear!’ Louis picked up an empty glass and saluted her.


'God! Can you eat any slower?’ (Y/N) spoke to Harry.

Harry looked at her and smirked. He purposely slowed down his fork.

'I loath you.’

'Feelings mutual (Y/L/N).’

'Oh pipe down both of you.’ Anne scolded the pair of them, but couldn’t hide the amusement off her face.

The pair quietly ate, never making a comment but still glared at each other.

'Hey guys, after we finish there’s this room apparently upstairs, where you can see the whole of London! Can we see it please?’ Niall asked as he pulled his best puppy face.

'That sounds like a great idea darling. All of you eat up, let’s see the room before it’s too late.’ Anne clapped her hands, as the people around her obeyed.


Harry and (Y/N) quickly finished their food and stood up. They followed the rest of the group, since they finished faster.

'Did you know that there’s a room like this in this restaurant?’ Harry asked (Y/N). She shook her head in response.

They made their way to the room, only finding it empty. The door locked behind them. ‘What the fuck?’ (Y/N) yelled. The both of them ran towards the door and started banging their fist against it.

'Guys! Seriously this isn’t funny! Let us out!’ Harry yelled.

'No! You guys have to seriously get your act together! You guys are perfect if you try! So we are not letting you guys out until you at least promise to be civil to each other!’ Gemma spoke firmly.

'Fine! We promise to be civil to each other! From now on until the end of time! Are you guys happy?’ Harry spoke back.

'Yeah, no more fights, okay? Just let us out please!’ (Y/N) pleaded. They felt the door move.

As soon as Harry and (Y/N) were let out, they gave everyone a murderous glare. ‘What the hell were you thinking?!’ Harry exploded.

'We were thinking of your relationship!’

'Stop! I’ve had enough of this! Stop trying to make me get into a relationship with Harry! I do not give a damn shit if we are perfect for each other! If one of you, any of you try to interfere with my love life again, I will never ever speak to you ever again. Understood?’

Everyone nodded. ‘Yeah, what (Y/N) said. I’ve had enough guys, seriously. Stop meddling.’

And with that (Y/N) and Harry walked away.

'Maybe we should stop guys, I mean their tempers are quite scary, and I do not want to be in the receiving end.’

Again, everyone nodded.


In the car park, (Y/N) and Harry couldn’t help but burst out laughing. ‘I think we fooled them, don’t you think?’ Harry spoke as he tried to regain his breath.

'I think so. Do you wanna go home now?’

'Why not? I’m looking forward to having hate sex, since we hate each other so much.’

'Harry! No need to be so crude!’ (Y/N) laughed as she took her lovers hand in hers. 'When are we going to tell them?’

'In a week or so? I like having secret sex with you.’ Harry responded as he gave her a wink.