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lit otpsmorrigan & azriel (a court of thorns and roses)
Mor looked at Azriel and there was real fear there. Fear and something else. She didn’t stop moving until she again kneeled beside him and pressed a hand to his wound. Azriel hissed but covered her bloody fingers with his own.


organization xiii :: flower+color+personality study {insp.}


“I hesitated.”

Merry (very late) Christmas, @bearholdingashark! I hope you enjoy this fanfics collections and have a very Steggy-Merry Christmas, let the joy of the eight o’clock dances make your night magic! I’ll give you two more this very month, but I wanted to get you the first one already, so enjoy!

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#elfweek day 2: favourite female elf

I have walked there sometimes, beyond the forest and up into the night. I have seen the world fall away and the white light forever fill the air.


Jonsa AU: Sailor Moon

Sansa as Usagi Tsukino, Jon as Mamoru Chiba
“Why can’t you keep your stupid shoes on your feet, Odango?”
“Why do you have to be where my shoe lands?”


94.7, WSBK: Night shifts can be boring and lonely, especially in Storybrooke. So when Emma Swan starts listening to the radio during DJ Jones’ shift, it’s all too easy for a few song requests to turn into something more.

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“To solve a mystery, you sometimes need to take risks. Isn’t that right?”

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