i couldn't not draw them

Wyverns, witches and rock ‘n’ roll!


Happy Mother’s Day!


“What do you think that cloud looks like? It kind of looks like a tomato to me.”

“I think it looks like a shoe.”

“….Okay, what about that one?”

“…Another shoe.”

“Are you looking at the same cloud?”

“No, they all just kind of look like shoes to me.”


I’m sorry but this was so perfect I had to

I loved this Chibi bit so much


Victuuri Week

Day 4Free for all

Victuuri + Food

i can’t sleep 💤

This is more of a fun prank than ‘illegal’, but I like to think the boys would still try to destroy the local competition around Gravity Falls.

a lil something for the @stanchez-summer-sizzle


He’s weak for the most ridiculous stuff and they 100% know and take full advantage of it