i couldn't make myself do a serious one

Day 4 in renovation hell… My concentration is down to ZERO. Not even the weekend helped me prepare for today. (๑•﹏•) SIX HOURS OF CONSTANT NOISE. like really loud noise.

Here, have some cats. I think Kenma is not quite done deciding if he should laugh, cry, or just walk away. Though I think all of that is too much effort.
Lev is in there just because of the irony of Kuroo torturing training him during Summer camp. I was too lazy for the rest of Nekoma

PS: i don’t know why i always have to make fun of my fav characters.. or make them suffer.. i just. I realized i haven’t drawn a single serious pic of Kuroo. Not one. I will redeem myself! Next Kuroo pic will be serious! I promise!

Hunt by fuckthenaysayers, for alright4now

Title: Hunt


Recipient: alright4now

Pairing: Michael/Gavin

Characters: Michael, Gavin, Ray, Geoff

Warnings: Offensive language, vague sexual insinuations?

Word Count: 1251

Summary: Despite Michael’s insisting, Gavin has devised a romantic-themed scavenger hunt for Valentine’s Day, filled with gifts, treats, and embarrassment.

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