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d8 mairon?

it’s like 'i wanna touch it. he’ll probably slaughter me but i wanna touch it’

bigger version is still p small, no reason to make it any bigger ahaha… except maybe to use as my phone background…

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Hello, dear! I would love to hear a bigger opinión (and unbiased please)on this anti NH and anti SS argument "Hinata couldn't do anything to save Naruto in chapter 662/663"//"Kishimoto didn't make Hinata (Naruto’s supposed love) to do CPR or any “kiss of life” to Naruto, he chose Sakura! Kishimoto secretly doesn't favor Naruto with Hinata and Sasuke with Sakura" I would very thankful! **

Yes because obviously Hinata, who knows very little medical jutsu and generally isn’t experienced at all in the medical field, would be more qualified to open up Naruto with a chakra scalpel, at the exact place where she could easily reach his heart, and lunge in to perform CPR and pump his heart with the right strength (because yes, Hinata could have not known just how exactly to pump a heart and with what strength), than Sakura, the second best medic in the field. 

Not to mention, this was clearly the moment long foreshadowed in which Sakura would save Naruto. She had yet to save both of her teammates, yet to have any of them really need her… and in that moment, that was when Naruto needed her. That was when he would owe her his life.

685 was the moment Sasuke owed Sakura his, the moment she saved him.

For NS to make it a romantic moment when CPR was done with Sakura looking strangely repulsed moreso than determined (i think it was meant to look determined and professional, but it’s funny Kishi chose to draw it in such a way that didn’t depict any romance and funnily looked like she was disgusted). And she was thinking about his dream, instead of thinking about how much he meant to her and how much she loves him she thinks about how much she can’t let him die until he gets his dream.

Ye. How romantic. Especially if you compare that to Sasuke pulling her against him and them eyesmexing each other. Or the NH handholding. Kishi could have made it romantic. He didn’t even inch towards it.

Ye he’s so against SS and NH, clearly. That’s why he keeps giving THEM all the explicitly romantic moments.