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I feel like we’ve been so spoiled by dan and phil this year, before we could easily go 3 weeks without any new content but now when there’s even a three day gap I start to get restless

or I start thinking they’re up to something (which they probably are)


Turn: Washinton’s Spies + Greek Gods

Greek || Egyptian || Roman

(Inspired by x)


takada kenta performing aoa - heart attack
↪ requested by anonymous (crying anon)

“Unbelievable. Un-fucking-believable. As in, I literally cannot fucking believe this.”

I thought those conversations were being recorded,” Bond muses in Q’s ear, making his eye twitch.

“I don’t fucking believe this,” he reaffirms, because this CCTV feed, frankly, defies not only belief but also statistics and probability, and what should be a very firm line separating reality from cartoonish fiction. Trust James bloody Bond to bring this sort of thing off and then relish in the cliché .

On Q’s screen, Bond has the gall to adjust his cufflinks.

“You actually fucking killed a man by dropping a fucking piano on him,” Q says, loud and clear, because he needs to say those words in order to process the situation and hopefully move on.

Bond preens a little and poses somewhat smugly next to an actual pair of legs sticking out from underneath an actual shattered piano. Q feels an overwhelming need to strangle someone.

It’s not as though I’d planned it,” Bond at last moves off, because someone on the street seems to finally be calling the police. “I saw an opportunity and I took it.”

“It’s like the world rearranges itself to amuse you. I didn’t even think they still delivered pianos in through windows anymore!”

Stroke of luck,” he makes the words sound dirty and Q could just scream.

“I need a drink,” he growls instead, angrily typing in a few commands.

I know an excellent bar,” Bond says, smooth and easy, because of course he does, and the worst thing of all is that it’s not an unwelcome offer, damn the bastard. “Fantastic alcohol, and they’ve got a piano player.”

“Oh, fuck you, Bond.”

Gladly,” Bond’s voice is suddenly dangerous velvet and filthy promises, and an altogether different wave of heat floods Q, because oh… that’s… “I’ll be back in time to pick you up at eight,” and with that Bond disconnects, leaving Q distinctly distracted for the rest of the day.

For the lovely Music Challenge from @mi6-cafe.

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31 or 41 for yoonkook! (this is lynn btw)

wowowow lynn one of my absolute fave peeps on this black hole of a site??? im blessed!

41. “Damn auto-correct…”

“Damn auto-correct…?” Jeongguk cringed at his own words, it was a long shot but he was hoping that he could simply brush off this whole mess with just that. For future reference though, letting Tae convince you to go out while you are emotionally constipated is a very, very bad idea.

Yoongi shot him a look before pulling out his phone and clearing his throat. “I hat ypu sooooooo munch yuo face is wow hot, okay this part isn’t even words my best guess is that you were so drunk you fell down mid message, why dony ypu love me back.” Jeongguk cringed yet again as Yoongi slid his phone back into his pocket and continued to stare at him.

Okay so last night wasn’t the highlight of Jeongguk’s texting career that’s for sure. Or his drinking one, most of the night had been spent bent over the toilet while he tried to expel satan from his stomach. Obligated by Best Friend Rule #54, Tae stayed with him all night long and Jeongguk might have actually felt bad if the whole fiasco wasn’t his fault in the first place.

It’s common sense, when trying to get over a very attractive boy, don’t get drunk and absolutely don’t text him and confess your feelings. Jeongguk must have forgot or maybe Tae stole all of his common sense to have a good laugh, either way he was here in this extremely undesirable situation.

How was he suppose to know Yoongi would show up at his dorm the next day before he even had time to move to Mexico and change his name to Felix Dias?

“Yeah wow auto-correct sure is something,” He forced a chuckle and looked anywhere but at the older boy standing in front of him.

“How drunk were you? Do you know how fucking stupid that is Jeongguk? You can’t just fucking send a text like that and then not answer your phone!” Yoongi huffed, Jeongguk stole a glance and–shit Yoongi looked like hell. 

“Hyung are you okay?” Jeongguk asked, sure Yoongi always had bags under his eyes but today they were somehow worse? Not to mention his clothes were the ones he was walking around in yesterday on campus. It looked like he’d been the one throwing up all night not Jeongguk.

“You’re not seriously asking me that are you?” Yoongi deadpanned.

“Well–I just–you don’t look too good right now, actually you look kinda shitty.” Jeongguk supplied, realizing immediately after that those weren’t the best words he could have used. 

There was a beat of silence between the two before Yoongi scoffed out a laugh.

“Jeon Jeongguk whose fucking fault do you think that is?! You message me sounding drunk as fuck at like 2 in the morning as I’m leaving the studio, then you don’t even have the balls to pick up your damn phone! I spent all night going to dumb bars filled with ridiculous drunk people trying to find your dumb ass! Are you seriously telling me I look like shit right now brat?!” 

Another beat of silence.

“Hyung were you…worried about me?” Jeongguk couldn’t help the large smile that found it’s way onto his lips. Yoongi had been worried about him, enough to spend all night looking for him. Suddenly his hangover didn’t seem as bad, in fact not much seem bad right now.

“T-that’s not the point idiot,” Yoongi mumbled looking away, a faint pink dusting his cheeks. “The point is answer your damn phone and don’t drunk text me brat! Of course I was worried.”

“Oh my god,” Jeongguk was almost vibrating, just the thought of Yoongi being worried about him warmed his heart. “Hyung, uh, does this mean…? I mean I don’t know, well you know how I feel now I was just–it’s okay if you don’t I mean it’s not even that big of a deal-”

“Yes! God you’re giving me a headache, yes you idiot.” Yoongi rubbed his temples and sighed. 

Jeongguk, high on nerves and the giddy feeling he always got from being around Yoongi leaned in closer a little taken aback when Yoongi raised his hand in front of the younger’s face.

“Oh hell no I’m not kissing you until you brush your teeth you reek of vomit.” 

Later that day Tae found the two of them curled up in Jeongguk’s bed, if asked he’ll say they owe him for getting together. Which Jeongguk finds incredibly false and punches him every time he even suggests it.


k-ladies x concepts

↳ witches

Prostitute/Hooker AU starters
  • "How much?"
  • "I got $100, what can I get?"
  • "Wanna date?"
  • "Wanna party?"
  • "I have a hotel room... But it's lonely"
  • "I can make your dreams come true"
  • " hey big boy/girl, wanna have some fun?"
  • "Name's ______ , and I'm free tonight."
  • " I can make it all better"
  • "I can't be alone tonight."
  • " it's always nice to have a regular."
  • " need to meet me somewhere?"
  • "Have you got any friends, or are you the only option?
  • "It's gotta be nice to have someone who can't say no."
  • " I'll do anything for $__"
  • "I'm not from around here, what's a guy/girl gotta do around here for a good time?"
  • " you look like you need me."
  • " I'll take care of everything"
  • " you're beautiful, but I've never done this before."
  • "What made you do this?"
  • " an hour, or the night?"

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aahh i saw that edit earlier with the quotes about how jordie should've been a better older brother/been there more for kaz and then your thing with kaz and wylan and now i'm stuck thinking about kaz trying his damnedest to (subtly, he's got a reputation) be that good brother for wylan since jordie couldn't for him ;_;

ahh don’t make me cry. i’m always stuck thinking about kaz/wylan/jordie and any sort of parallels. i really think kaz would do whatever he can to protect wylan. and speaking of jordie…i found a jordie/wylan parallel

jordie’s plan was to become a proper merch, which is pretty much what wylan ended up right?? now that he runs his dad’s business? i scream about how kaz found parts of jordie’s personality in jesper’s, but WHAT ABOUT THIS GUYS. KAZ FOUND THE PERSON JORDIE WAS STRIVING TO BE IN WYLAN I DIE


My headcanon Megatron is an idiot.

I’m sorry, I know everyone’s been making comments about Rung’s eyes, but I wanted to finish drawing this anyway.

Also, I hope it’s perfectly clear to everyone by now why Rung is my favorite Transformer ever.

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what exactly is that show with "Eliot"? I know him as Jacob Stone from Librarians, but all of a sudden I'm seeing this show on the librarians blog and other places but I have nO IDEA WHAT IT IS

Oh hon let me tell you a thing

It’s called leverage and it will change your life. 

If you’ve seen the show Hustle it’s kind of like that but better. Which is saying something because Hustle is really good.

The premise:

A con artist, a hacker, a hitter, and a theif turn from a life of pure crime, to a life of crime for a good purpose, led by a former insurance investigator. 

They target the rich and powerful that are picking on the little guy, and basically set them up due to their own greed and selfishness.

Then stand there and watch while the mark implodes on itself

The team:

Former insurance investigator, turned Mastermind and crime dad. 

Is much smarter than he looks. Somhow manages to herd cats (aka his crime children) and get the job done, despite being a human dissaster.

Con artist, art theif, and crime mom. 

Is the most incredible acress to grace this earth, when she’s not actually trying to act.

seriously don’t let her act on stage. 

genius hacker, fountain of snark

giant adorable nerd. 

Also pretty much the best dressed on the show which was refreshing, because as the huge computer nerd, that’s usually the stereotypical role of social outcast loner. Hardison has the best style and the best actual inter-personal skills and empathy of anyone on the show. Sophie can manipulate people, but hardison actually understands people. And cares about them. Biggest heart. Ray of sunshine. 

parker my homegirl. Best thief in the world. 

 socially awkward and you never quite know what she’s going to do next. It could be eat cereal. It could be blowing up the building.

My dear eliot. The “muscle.” But also…the secret brain.

he’s much, much smarter than he looks. And everyone, including his team at times, underestimates him. 

that’s code for “i love you”.

Bottom line:

Every.Single.Character has an incredible, organic character arc. And make progress that you could never see coming in season 1. 

It will make you laugh. It will make you cry. A lot. 

Watch it.

Stress that there is “only” five seasons, even though it finishes perfectly and wraps up better than almost any other series i’ve ever watched.

Watch it again. 

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This is just my opinion, but ewoatt is terrible. It sucks because your other fics are good, and your writing is top notch, but the plot is just. So removed from Free. I get it's an AU, but everything is too ooc. It would work so much better with original characters. This AU is just unfitting for this set of characters. I read three chapters and couldn't stand it. The western setting is laziness. I'll never understand the appeal for this fic. This fandom is too desperate for new fan content.

Normally I delete the messages I get like this, but hell, why not.

You’re welcome to have any opinion of ewoatt you want. It’s an entirely different universe than that of
Canon, so of course, characters are going to be faced with decisions they normally wouldn’t have to make, and I understand that’s just not what a lot of people enjoy reading. I mean, I don’t give a fuck if you like it or not, do you get what I’m saying?

As for the western setting, that was done because Makoto and Sousuke were soldiers in this fic and Japan does not have a military. I was not comfortable with changing a country’s entire viewpoint on a subject as serious as war just for the sake of a fic. So I actually went out of my way to alter the setting out of respect - it wasn’t laziness, but I can understand how you’d think that since you couldn’t read the FAQ, you were in such a rush to send me this pointless, hot mess.

In conclusion, you can think whatever you want of ewoatt, but you genuinely sound like a pretty shitty person. You went out of your way to tell someone how “terrible” their work is - it’s not constructive criticism, and fandom in general expects far too much from fic writers; you’re a shining example of that. You’re saying, “this isn’t what I want, so let me go to the author and ignore the fact that she did all this for free, on her own time, amongst two jobs and college, and fuck the fact that this brings her and maybe some readers a little joy. It’s not what I want so it’s terrible and here’s all the reasons why, go start your day with this as the first thing you read.”

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that I can’t get upset with trolls, but that’s another way we dismiss fic writers and what they go through. I accept that my work isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s not okay to send messages like this to authors. I mean, what did you want me to do? Delete the work? Change everything to your liking? That’s not going to happen and you can’t expect it to, so I’m just laughing and confused right now. I really can’t even be hurt over all this because this is so ridiculous.

Don’t go around saying shit like this to writers who aren’t used to it like I am. This could devastate someone who hasn’t read messages like this dozens of times, and they could stop writing because of it, and that’s not okay. Writing is too powerful of a thing to give up for anyone who “doesn’t like it.”

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Zooming in to say that we were definitely just treated to a preview of the Richonne sex to come. That car scene was the hottest thing ever. Two warrior lovers communicating without words, two cars, faster and faster, totally in sync - until they climax together in one big walker-slicing orgasm. Holy shit. You could totally write this better. *zooming out*

I’m still not sure how I’m supposed to survive them having sex? Like, I hyperventilated just seeing Michonne whisper in Rick’s ear. I’m literally not gonna make it through 7x12 without needing an ambulance. Why is this show trying to kill us? I mean, not that I mind but what the hell? 

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Can I ask for advice? I'm trying to design a snake blaster beast for something but I'm a bit stuck on how it would move since snakes are all ribs ;~; May I ask how you would go about design like that? I absolutely love your Gaster Blasters and couldn't think of a better person for possible advice! Thank you!

hmm that is a bit tough. I always thought the original ones looked like snakes also. In specific horned viper skulls. When I first drew a bunch of body concepts for them I drew snake bodies too. For getting around I chose to make them not touch the ground. So their ribs would not get caught on things. Or you could design them more solidly with a ribcage that connects at the center instead of being open like a real snakes. It’s fantasy so you can make it any way you want. :)

The real ones already fly so I don’t see a problem with flying snakes.

Other than the fact that’s utterly terrifying.

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okay, challenge time. thoughts on sami/dean/finn. i want DETAILS.

this is…….a cursed ask peggy.

putting it under a read more bc this got very very long!!

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