i couldn't live without you there

im never gonna leave because you are my medicine when you’re close to me

Shout out to my friends

Even though most of them aren’t on tumblr I just wanted to say thanks to them.

They helped me with so many things, love problems, food problems, anime things, almost every fucking thing you can imagine. They even convinced me not to kill myself (Not seeking any attention tho) They gave me courage to ask people out, even though they rejected me. They told me to have hope. They gave me hope. so Thanks for everything ^^. I love you and I don’t want to lose you guys.

troutyrps asked:

“Please don’t leave, I can’t live without you.”

‘’You left first.’’ Lydia accused coldly, staring across the table at him. He thought he was such a good Samaritan, coming to visit her but as the visits passed, she was simply more angry. Whether it was the affect of whatever was controlling her, or because she was furious he’d put her in this place, she wasn’t sure. It was probably a mixture of both. 

‘’You put me in this place. You took my daughter away, my freedom; you’re treating me like I’m some evil pyscho so I’m thinking I might start acting like one, huh?’’ Eichen was a horrible, terrifying place. They weren’t trying to cure her of her possession, to get rid of the spirit that inhabited her and caused so much trouble. They were running intrusive tests, and changing Lydia even further. The whole place was a bad idea, and she wouldn’t forgive him for putting her there. 

With a stare concentrated at the table that separated them, it was suddenly flying backwards with a force, pushing Sam with it towards the back wall violently. The upside to the medical tests was that it was making her abilities stronger, allowing her to open her mind to things she hadn’t thought possible. ‘’Don’t bother visiting again unless you’re bringing Allison.’’ Lydia’s tone was hard, and serious. There was no trace of love or even remorse. She was a different person under the control of the nogitsune. ‘’Because we are done, and the only thing that’s stopping me from killing you right now is her.’’ 

fey-nikola What sort of pizza toppings do you like?

I understand the burden of being a picky eater. For me, it’s always either ham or bacon, and mushroom. Pepperoni’s too spicy for my delicate little tongue.

YAY! Picky eaters unite!!

I love ham and bacon, just not on pizza. And pepperoni is too spicy?!? Awwwww :( I feel like you’re missing out on some wonderful experiences where you literally can’t feel your tongue because food is so hot. (I live in the Southwest USA, so spicy food is kinda our normal food.)

righthandsword 😨 I feel like there’s nowhere to hide in flat places
Maybe it’s related to this ocean-as-an-escape-route feeling but you honestly couldn’t pay me to live somewhere without mountains. Maybe some hills could sustain me, but not for long….
That said, I would love to get to see some real plains. Just to reassure myself of how terrifying it is to me

anonymous asked:

Best memory? Worst memory? Three things you couldn't live without?

Best memory?

I remember one time when my parents randomly called me up to tell me they were proud of me – it was kind of out of nowhere, but they did. And that just makes me really happy to think back on.

Worst memory?

Finding out that Hazel was… had… she was just… she was someone I knew, not well, but I knew her, and then she was just… gone. Just like that. And my brother loved her– she loved him, and it just didn’t feel real, and it was so… terrible. Like something out of a movie. A sad ending.

Three things you couldn’t live without?

It’s so hard to imagine my life without a lot of things, and if you would have said people, it would be really hard, but since you said things… oxygen, water and food. Is that cheating?