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I’m good enough. And so are all of you. No one else determines your worth. 


this little thing @thatsthat24 said really resonated with me, so I wanted to draw something for it! 

for anyone who’s learning how to love themselves, keep at it!! you’re worth so much more than you know and I hope that one day you can see that <3

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Musical doodles ~
This week’s classes got me productive !

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labor - ros//ben prompt

@groovydevotedlyrose86, I think this is what you were asking for, yes?

The sound of it had been almost more than Benvolio could bear.

For hours her sharp cries had echoed through the corridors of the house, only to be followed every so often by the more terrible gasps of silence. He sat, his fingernails carving half-moons into the arms of the chairs, and he paced, his tread wearing a path along the terracotta floor, and he stared out the window, his eyes focused on the brick rooftops of the city even though his mind was somewhere else entirely.

Her pains had begun right after breakfast, her hand reaching to the base of her belly just as she stood up from the table. He had been confused at first, thinking that the meal had disagreed with her somehow, but then she had gasped, her face sharply contorted, and she had told him that it was time to send for the physician. Benvolio sent for the physician, and he sent for the midwife, too – he would have sent for the Doge of Venice if he had believed it would have helped his beloved through the trials of her labor.

It was beyond all reason that he could not be with her himself, offering her what little comfort he could, but he knew he would have been chased from the room before he could even enter, an interloper in such ancient and mysterious rites.

The first star had appeared on the eastern horizon when he heard a different kind of cry, one thinner and higher-pitched, and then his heart had overflooded within his chest, knowing that he was hearing the voice of his child, that it lived and drew breath enough to wail lustily.

He waited – in agony and hope – for the physician to appear, and finally he did, crimson stains still caked under his fingernails.

“Congratulations, my lord,” he said without prelude. “You have a son.”

Benvolio had no idea how much coin was in the purse he handed over, nor did he care.

By the time he reached their chamber, all evidence that anything out of the ordinary had happened there had been entirely eradicated, and he was greeted by a single chambermaid and his wife, who lay in the middle of an immaculately made bed, her arms wrapped around a bundle she kept clutched to her breast. She looked as if she had gone through a battle – her hair was loose and tiredness was etched into her features – yet it had clearly ended in victory, and she the collector of the spoils.

“Your uncle will be happy,” she said, a wry smile on her lips. “For now there is an heir.”

“Are you happy?” he asked, as he gingerly sat on the edge of the bed. He was a little afraid to touch her – he was afraid to do anything that might upset the delicate perfection of this moment. Everything lay before them – the future and all of its possibilities, both good and ill – and this, he now saw, was the point from which it would all begin.

“I am,” she murmured, her smile turning warm in the candlelight.

She reached out her arms and gently handed him the bundle, and Benvolio took it awkwardly, looking down for the first time at the face of his son, an impossibly tiny creature with tawny brown skin and a mop of dark curls. He was blessed with his mother’s wide eyes, though marked in hazel rather than mahogany. Benvolio had no words, no lines of poetry or godly hymns, nothing to give voice to what he felt. There was only joy, and the brush of sorrow, knowing that his long-buried friends would never have the chance to feel such all-consuming love.

“What will you call him?” she asked. “Another Benvolio? Or perhaps Damiano? That might drive your uncle to heights of unimaginable ecstasy, I fear.”

Benvolio glanced up at her, his gaze softly meeting her own. “Niccolo.”

Her face stilled, some unreadable emotion set loose behind her eyes.

“My father’s name?”

He nodded, watching as she pressed her lips together, her eyes bright with the threat of tears. Keeping his arms wrapped tightly around his son, Benvolio shifted so that he could sit right beside his wife, her body leaning tenderly against his. She reached out and took their child from him, and Benvolio curled his arms around them both, his own eyes soon nearly full to overflowing.

“Niccolo Montague,” she whispered, a tiny catch in her voice. “Welcome home.”

[send me a word, I’ll write you a Rosvolio drabble]

Casually drinks coffee while writing KuroMahi smut XD But after seeing that pic of Maid!Mahiru and Kuro [here] I just had to write this

“I’m back.” Kuro walked through the door with the groceries Mahiru ordered him to buy. They would usually go out together so he wondered why Mahiru told him to go alone. He tried to think of anything he did that could’ve made Mahiru angry with him. He set down the bags in the kitchen but he didn’t see Mahiru in the kitchen or living room.

“Welcome home, Master.” Kuro stopped at the unexpected greeting. He heard their bedroom door open and Mahiru stepped out. Kuro’s eyes widened when he saw the maid costume Mahiru was wearing. He couldn’t look away from him as Mahiru stopped in front of him. “Kuro?”

Mahiru knew that he must’ve looked silly in the dress and wished that he never decided to wear the thing. Earlier that week, he was doing Kuro’s laundry and found some rather risqué manga among his dirty clothes. He couldn’t help but worry that Kuro was becoming unsatisfied with him since it had been a couple days since they last made love. Then he found the maid costume and thought Kuro wanted him to wear it.

“What are you wearing?” Kuro knew he should look away but he couldn’t bring himself to do so. But how could any man turn away when the person they loved was standing in front of them and wearing such an outfit?

The frilly dress was cut expertly and showed only enough to tempt Kuro to look beneath the frills. Nervously, Mahiru tightened his hand in his skirt and Kuro wished that Mahiru didn’t. It only drew attention to the stockings hugging his legs and Kuro wanted to pull them off with his teeth. Kuro held himself back because he could see how embarrass Mahiru was.

“What do you mean ‘what are you wearing’? You’re the reason I’m wearing this silly thing!” Mahiru blushed heavily. “I found your manga collection and this dress in your laundry! If you would rather have pictures than your boyfriend, I’ll just take this thing off!”

“Idiot,” Kuro took Mahiru’s hand when he started to turn away. He smoothly turned Mahiru so they were facing each other again. Kuro placed his hands on the kitchen island and trapped Mahiru in his arms so he couldn’t turn away from him again. Mahiru placed his hands onto Kuro’s shoulders and looked down at their feet because he felt so embarrassed.

Kuro gently lifted Mahiru’s face. “Hyde gave me those manga as a joke. I never even opened them. Why would I when I have you? I’m guessing Hyde also left this costume as a prank.”

“Kuro, what about—” Mahiru whimpered when he felt Kuro’s hand snake under his skirt. Kuro playfully squeezed his ass before he lifted Mahiru onto the kitchen island. His voice was hoarse when Kuro pressed kisses down his neck and Mahiru wrapped his legs around Kuro’s hips. “Its been a while since we… and I thought… oh, Kuro!”

Mahiru gasped when Kuro roughly pulled the dress off his shoulder and gently bit him. It wasn’t enough to draw blood but Kuro kissed and licked the mark he left. Kuro couldn’t stop himself from grinning when he saw Mahiru’s flustered face. He could smell Mahiru’s blood and it was intoxicating to Kuro.

But he promised to never drink Mahiru’s blood so he would have to distract himself by satisfying another hunger.

“For someone that goes on and on about ‘thinking simply’, you sure do love to overthink things.” Kuro teased while he untied the apron around his waist. “I thought you were a little sore and wanted to give you some time to recover. But if you want—”

Kuro was shocked when Mahiru cut him off. He grabbed his hood and pulled Kuro into a kiss. It was tentative and a little shy but no other kiss could shake Kuro as much. He pushed Mahiru backwards onto the island and took control of the kiss. When he felt Kuro’s tongue tease his lips, Mahiru parted his lips slightly.

“You’re going to be the death of me.” Kuro groaned against his lips. Mahiru’s response was to wrap his arms around his neck and kiss Kuro deeper. The kiss made him dizzy and threatened to steal his senses. He wondered if Mahiru knew how much power he had over him. But Kuro fell under Mahiru’s spell willingly and melted into the kiss.

“Kuro, more.” Mahiru begged in a small voice and fumbled with the buttons on Kuro’s jacket. “I want you.”

“Those are dangerous words.” Kuro pulled away from Mahiru and he looked down at him. Mahiru’s face was flushed and Kuro gently brushed his thumb over Mahiru’s kiss bruised lips. His hands drifted to Mahiru’s hips and pulled him closer. “I’m not going to be able to control myself when you’re wearing that dress.”

“Thinking simply, you don’t need to hold back. I’m yours.” Mahiru’s words broke the last sliver of control Kuro had.

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Hello Cassandra :) My friend recommended me your books just about a month ago and believe me or not I've finished all of them already. I couldn't help myself, but keep reading. I've never believed I would love any fiction books as much as HP, but I do now. And I don't know what to do next 2 months... Now I'd like to ask about Julian, since he is my personal hero and I have no idea how can he handle everything in his life... Will we see some positive or happy moments for him in LoS too?

It’s interesting when I get questions like this, because there are very few characters I write whose lives are unendingly awful. While Julian is under a lot of stress and is experiencing heartbreak, he’s also a person with a lot of resilience. You don’t get to be where he’s at without being strong. Julian’s siblings aren’t just a heavy responsibility, they’re also a source of great joy for him. Julian’s relationship with Emma is in flux, but it’s also still important to him. Even now, there are moments of happiness shared between them. 

And don’t forget, Julian is a schemer. He actually really enjoys his scheming. Maybe a little too much. ; )

Well, my sources say that it was actually Aaron’s pregnancy test, and that’s the big twist, and that Robron have made a beautiful little baby who’s gonna be born on Christmas Day, and (according to my sources) it’s a boy! He’s gonna be born with dark hair that’s gonna grow curly and scruffy like his Dad’s, but then he’s gonna have really cute freckles too and hazel eyes like his other Dad.

It’ll all be revealed in the pub on Maxine Alderton’s eps. Everyone’s a bit horrified to begin with, because *science* but, they soon come to accept it (because, durr, it’ a soap - there’s no rules). Rebecca is so super jealous that she immediately flees the village for good, taking her fake pregnancy bump with her, and Robert and Aaron wave her off with a salute of their middle fingers.

But keep it quiet, yeah, because it’s super confidential info right now.


“But are you going to cooperate?” Hargrove asks. “Sure,” says Tucker. “Just don’t tell Wash." 

Wash hopes that Hargrove kept his promise, and hasn’t told Tucker about what Wash is going to do. 

so this fic by @illumynare where they’re both lying to each other in order to hoard all the bad stuff to themselves and keep the other safe and it’s really not working out for them? 

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here are some brushes that i’ve been using for my most recent doodle, as motivation to start working on commissions again. i’ve come up with two oil pastel brushes after messing around a little bit, and i thought that they looked good enough to the point where i couldn’t keep them to myself ! 

to find the brush texture + brush shape seen here, you’ll have to download the brush pack, and the start sai file. ( you’ll have to right click the start-sai file and select ‘run as administrator’ for these brush textures + shapes to open in paint tool sai ! )

part of me almost wanted to keep this for myself but it was too amazing to not share, so here is a video of my private performance of “valentine” w/ pentatonix 💕

"Why are you [gender]?"
  • Agender: a vicious gang of people who are multiple genders stole my gender
  • Bigender: eh I'm kinda a rookie in a gender gang
  • Genderfluid: well I'm really clumsy and forgetful so keeping all my genders at the same time is impossible for me haha
  • Polygender: I supervise the rookies in a gender gang
  • Pangender: I run a gender stealing gang, I want them all for myself
  • Demigirl/boy: sometimes I misplace my gender and I can't find it oops
  • Genderflux: well you see sometimes I'll microwave or refrigerate my pizza rolls--
  • Trans: when I was small some little child dropped their gender by accident and it looked just like mine but my mom insisted I was wrong and I couldn't have it but I kept it anyways