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Here are some Domestic Boyfriend/Girlfriend!Zutara headcanons because I’m trash
  • The two are literally the cuddliest couple you will ever meet. When most people who’d known Zuko before Katara see the two together, they’re shocked. Zuko has never seemed like someone who enjoys physical contact, but with Katara, it’s like they’re joined at the hip. If you turn around, they’re always holding hands, or linked at the arms, or hugging. 
  • BUT they don’t throw it in your face. They aren’t one of those gross couples who can’t keep their hands to themselves. In fact, for the longest time, no one had ever actually seen them kiss. Besides cheek kisses, of course. Cheek kisses are a common occurrence. You’d think with all the motherly kisses Katara gave Aang, she’d give more than she receives. You’d be wrong. Cheek kisses are almost always given by Zuko to Katara. 
  • One day though, Sokka caught them making out behind a pillar at the royal palace, and they were both so embarrassed they couldn’t look him in the eyes for a week. He has NEVER let them live it down. 
  • Even as teenagers, the two were the mom and dad couple. Everyone KNEW they were going to get married. They act like grandparents. When Katara visits from the SWT, they take daily walks through the gardens and feed turtleducks. 
  • Everyone in the Fire Nation hardcore ships the two. Ever since Katara saved Zuko’s life, the people have loved her. Zuko’s council didn’t like her at first, and hated the idea that a waterbender was invited to join meetings as an ambassador. Katara didn’t take any of their crap, and eventually won them over. When the two finally start dating, the Nation FLIPPED OUT. Towns and villages everywhere celebrated. 
  • Once, at the start of their relationship, Katara confessed to Zuko that she always secretly loved the idea of running to hug someone and having them spin you in their arms. Ever since then, WITHOUT FAIL, Zuko makes sure to pick her up and spin her when they are reunited. 
  • While Katara and Zuko have been jealous people in the past, the two are weirdly never jealous of the other… At least, not in the angry way most people are. When one sees the other talking to someone who may or may not be flirting, they don’t run over and start slapping them. The two just gravitate towards one another. So say if Katara is talking to a nobleman at a party and the nobleman starts sweet talking her, Zuko will magically appear behind her, wrap his arms around her, and join the conversation. If some Fire Nation fangirl starting giggling too much around their Fire Lord, Katara will be right next to them, giggling just slightly louder. The two are so in love with each other and oblivious to other advances, however, that they don’t realize that the other has come to rescue them from a flirty pursuer. They’re just happy that the other turned up. 
  • They both have only had ONE angry jealous moment each, both at the start of their relationship. An adviser’s daughter somehow slipped on a piece of ice (which is so weird, since it was a FIRE NATION party) and into a servers tray of wine, and a poor, unsuspecting busboy who tended to flirt with anything and anyone stood too close to one of the torches in the room, and his pants burned clean off, leaving him in his underwear in front of everyone. 
  • Zuko would never, ever, in a million years admit this, but he loves having his hair played with. Katara discovered this fact on accident. He was running late for a meeting and asked her to help him put his hair up. As she started to gather it up, she noticed he instinctually leaned in slightly at her touch. Curious, she continued running her fingers through it, and Agni as her witness, he closed his eyes and sighed happily
  • Lucky for him, Katara loves playing with Zuko’s hair. It’s just so soft! During cuddles, she will always absentmindedly run her fingers through it and twirl it. Once it got to around his shoulders, she even started braiding it. 
  • For all their cuteness, however, the couple has one fatal flaw: They’re competitive as fuck. It started with just Katara. Everyone was on a vacation at Ember Island, and the two were challenged to a beach volleyball game. They both got really into it, but Katara got too into it. When the opposing team won with a foul move, Katara lost it and started yelling at them. Zuko had to throw Katara over his shoulder and drag her away as she kept yelling. But then the opposing player insulted Katara, and Zuko flipped. The two went back for a rematch and obliterated them into the ground. They were sore winners, too. 
  • Katara and Zuko are not allowed to play beach volleyball. 

King’s Cage countdown challenge:
》Favourite rq scene

“As much as I want to pull away, I just can’t do it. Cal is a cliff, and I throw myself over the edge, not bothering to think of what it could do to us both. One day he’ll realize I’m his enemy, and all this will be a far-gone memory. But not yet.“

Hermione and Draco are fawning over Scorpius after his birth
  • Hermione: He's just perfect, I couldn't have asked for a better family.
  • Draco: look he smiled at me.
  • Harry: babies don't smile right away
  • Draco: he smiled potter.
  • Hermione: Boys! Stop. Just look at my perfect boy.
  • Draco: he has his father's looks
  • Hermione: yes, that may be so but he'll have my brains
  • Harry: thank god
  • *Hermione throws a rattle at harry*
  • Draco: well done potter, insulting me as we celebrate today. Always has to be the center of attention don't you.
  • *Hermione and the baby both groan*
  • Harry: even the baby knows your a prat.


I printed those out for another thing I was making but I had a bunch of them left over once they were finished. 




Jack + Jailhouse Chic | Smoke and Mirrors

  • Sakura: hey Sai-
  • Sai: [Punches Sakura's stomach]
  • Sakura: wHAT THE FUCK?!
  • Sai: You are one of my very best friends and I just couldn't stand by and let you throw away your life like this. yOU'RE TOO YOUNG! YOU'RE TOO BEAUTIFUL!
  • Sakura: what the fuck are you talking about...?
  • Sai: I'm talking about the baby that's going inside of your belly right now.
  • Sasuke: See ya. {leaves]
  • Sakura: I'm not pregnant!
  • Sai: Well not after that punch your not. heheh...
  • Sai: I've been talking Taijutsu lessons.
  • Sakura: I was never pregnant , Sai!
  • Sai: ......What....A-are you sure?
  • Sakura: You think fucking sure?!
  • Ino: I'm sorry but why the fuck is everybody yelling over here?!
  • Sai: Oh , I found this positive pregnancy test-
  • Ino: [Punches Sakura]
  • Sakura: oH mOTHERFUCKERS

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I’ve had no energy to go on tumblr lately but I think I’ve delayed posting about this long enough lmao. Astoundingly enough, despite my bad luck I won @askhqchibis‘s Halloween sticker and coloring book giveaway!! It’s been super adorable to have around and I’m still figuring out what surfaces are worthy of their shiny presence but I am happy to say I got the goods in one piece!

Thank you so much for hosting that giveaway and sharing your lovely talent with us, @itzahann! <3

so I’m driving home jammin to “my shot” and there’s parts at the end where there’s like a brief pause in the line so it’s “I’m not throwing away my…. shot” well my notification alert is “woo damn he’s so cute.. hah ok I’m sorry but it’s true” from this… and it went off during one of those brief pauses and I’m streaming on my phone so my notification mutes my music and the result is “I’m not throwing away my… woo damn he’s so cute.. hah ok I’m sorry but it’s true…. shot” and I basically couldn’t stop laughing my entire way home because I just imagined alex getting hella distracted by laurens mid song and turning to laf and herc with the “I’m sorry but it’s true” and continuing his song.

  • satan: hello roger good friend how is it you torture people
  • roger:
  • satan: just curious, need new techniques idk
  • roger: well you should try tying them up
  • satan: yea
  • roger: then playing them a video of minions
  • satan: oh my *gets out notebook*
  • roger: singing that banana song
  • satan: *takes notes*
  • roger: on repeat for a v v long time
  • satan:
  • roger: and say "it's never gonna end" as you back away slowly
  • satan:
  • satan:
  • satan: *crumples up notes and throws them away* nvm that's too evil i couldn't bear to do that you should take my job
LazyTown Holiday Traditions


The whole town takes a group picture every year and they steadily get more ridiculous because Sportacus cannot be still long enough and he’s always like blurred
Until one year Stephanie tries to hold onto him
But he doesn’t notice and tries to flip away and they’re both blurred
Next year Robbie tries but of course he might be Tall but Sport is Strong and the picture is again a failure
Eventually Robbie just stoops in to peck Sport’s cheek and Sportacus is so surprised he doesn’t move
Robbie is /very/ pleased

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for the ship thing, Theyna!! (it's Thalia and Reyna, if you couldn't tell)

-who said i love you first?: Thalia. She’d been watching Reyna train and when Reyna’d finished, Thalia exclaimed, “oh my gods, I love you!” Reyna had been surprised but she just smirked and said she loves her too before smoothly walking away to clean up

-who laughs when the other trips?: Thalia. She’ll laugh so obnoxiously that Reyna will actually pull her down with her just to get her to stop

-who pays the bills?: Reyna because Thalia HATES sorting through that stuff

-which one makes a bigger deal around the holidays?: Thalia. So. Much. She throws the BIGGEST holiday parties, whether it be Christmas or Halloween or St. Patrick’s Day, she goes ALL OUT

-who’s more clumsy?: Thalia by far. Reyna once woke up in the middle of the night to a loud thump. When she went to see what happened, she found Thalia laying face down at the bottom of the stairs, mumbling angrily about a trick last step

-who checks their daily horoscope?: Thalia and she acts like it’s some sort of holy prophet that can never be wrong

-who sings louder in the car?: Thalia puts on the loudest rock music she has and practically yells the lyrics, Reyna would be annoyed but it’s cute when her girlfriend acts like she’s performing a concert in the car

-who leaves the cap off the toothpaste?: Neither of them because they both agree that it’s a terrible thing to do

-who is more up to date in pop culture?: Thalia THINKS she is but she actually doesn’t have a clue if it’s not about her favorite bands but Reyna plays along anyway

-who insists on going to see the newest movies?: Reyna loves going to see battle movies, whether that be aliens vs humans, documentaries, or some fantasy movie. If there’s a battle as a main factor then they’re going to see it

-who cries when the abused animal commercials come on?: Thalia will glare at the TV like it’s the devil before changing the channel or simply turning off the television

-who’s the lighter sleeper?: Reyna and she can’t count how many times she’s woken up to Thalia watching TV and getting a little too worked up that a character’s doing something she doesn’t like

-who believes in ghosts?: They both do and have taken precautions against them. They have shisa dogs sitting on their windowsill and Thalia makes sure to dust them every week

-who does the grocery shopping?: Reyna. Thalia insists that she could do it herself and then Reyna has to remind her that they can’t live off of pop tarts

-who updates their facebook status more often?: Thalia with so many memes. She posts tons of pictures of the German Shepherd she and Reyna adopted. His name’s Skip and they adore him


‘Oh God, not this again.’

Dean hated soap. Hated it. He hated the smell, all sharp and unnatural; he hated the feeling of it all slick against his skin; and he HATED it when it covered the smell of Cas.

His Cas.

With a low growl, he crept up behind the boy in the pretty red cape and pounced, leveling him to the soft ground.

“Dean!” Cas protested, face pinching up in frustration at the young werewolf. “You’ve soiled my cloths again!”

“You smell like soap again,” Dean grumbled, already rubbing against all of Castiels exposed skin.

“Because I took a bath, Dean, I’ve already explained this to you,” he huffed, but the anger in his voice had already faded. This was practically a daily routine by now–Castiel would take a bath in the morning, start his chores, and by lunch he would be covered in dirt and Deans scent again. Mother stopped questioning him about it long ago.

“You smell better with a bit of earth on you, anyway.” Now Dean was nipping at his neck and ears. Castiel had shifted so he was laying comfortably between Deans legs. “You don’t smell like you when you use soap.”

Castiel giggled and stroked his fingers through the back of Deans hair–it made his tail wag and his leg jump and a pleased whine curl out of his throat, just like Castiel knew it would.

“People are different than wolves,” he explained in a hushed voice, “we have to stay clean, or others won’t want to be around us.”

“But you smell better without soap,” Dean insisted.

Castiel smiled, a large, just-for-Dean smile. “That’s just for you and me, isn’t it.”

'Yes,’ Dean thought, pretty green eyes sparking with possession. 'Mine.’

“Mine.” It was a growl more than a word, accompanied by a light bruise on Castiels warm neck, vaguely resembling the shape of Deans plush mouth. “All mine.”

“Yes, Dean. All yours.”
for m-arci-a, bc she dragged me into this trash au and I felt like giving her a gift *throws this in your face and runs away*

  • Kara: Are we gonna talk about what happened between us while you were dying?
  • Me: It's coming. It's coming. IT'S COMING *heavy breathing*
  • Mon-El: What happened? What did I do?
  • Me: What? No.
  • Me: This couldn't be happening.
  • Me: You're lying. YOU'RE SO LYING MON-EL!
  • Kara walks away
  • Me: NO! Come back.
  • Me: Don't walk away from him!
  • Me: I've spent days and nights obsessing over you. You can't just do that to me.
  • Me: *cries and screams and throws the computer to the wall*
  • Me: Now what am I supposed to do with my life?
  • Brain: How about a fanfiction?

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Was gonna follow Bc holy shit another Italian who likes Steven universe! But you also ship a LESBIAN with a man she's clearly uncomfortable with

1) I don’t ship it

2) Bisexuals are a thing. AUs are a thing. Don’t hide your personal distaste for a ship behind social justice

3) If you were going to follow just because I’m italian and I like Steven Universe, you can keep your sub to yourself. 

This is an ART blog.

I’m not gonna expose my artwork in a gallery and enjoy seeing people coming just because I’m the same nationality as them/ like their same shows.

I’m here to put my art out there, if you’re not interested in it you shouldn’t be here in the first place.

So yea

the door’s that way, anon who clearly wasnt going to follow me in the first place and is here just to bitch about fictional characters