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Hello Cassandra :) My friend recommended me your books just about a month ago and believe me or not I've finished all of them already. I couldn't help myself, but keep reading. I've never believed I would love any fiction books as much as HP, but I do now. And I don't know what to do next 2 months... Now I'd like to ask about Julian, since he is my personal hero and I have no idea how can he handle everything in his life... Will we see some positive or happy moments for him in LoS too?

It’s interesting when I get questions like this, because there are very few characters I write whose lives are unendingly awful. While Julian is under a lot of stress and is experiencing heartbreak, he’s also a person with a lot of resilience. You don’t get to be where he’s at without being strong. Julian’s siblings aren’t just a heavy responsibility, they’re also a source of great joy for him. Julian’s relationship with Emma is in flux, but it’s also still important to him. Even now, there are moments of happiness shared between them. 

And don’t forget, Julian is a schemer. He actually really enjoys his scheming. Maybe a little too much. ; )

Tatiana Maslany really is everyone! 


└ When Sho-kun knows what sakumoto shippers are in for~~

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 28.01.2017


I don’t write about us because I’m afraid I’ll somehow mess it up.
—  I don’t know what we’re doing anymore

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how do I develop self control? like all the things I've looked up said "~dont reward urself with food uwu~" I hate myself so it's not like that's why and even so what else what I reward myself with I'm broke

anon,, i’m so sorry you’re struggling and i 100% get the feeling that’s why,,,,, im the Literal Worst person to ask this to bc,,,,,,,,, you should see some of the things i do oh Boy

grey's anatomy sentence meme ( various seasons. )
  • " you're my person. "
  • " i am a hormone casserole! "
  • " i don't know how it happened, but i don't have anyone. "
  • " isn't that the most ridiculous piece of crap you've ever heard? "
  • " the only time i don't feel like a ghost is when you look at me. "
  • " how would you feel if she called your penis angry or snide? "
  • " they're my family. "
  • " we are not better. "
  • " the two of us are going to be serving slushies at the multiplex. "
  • " don't look at me like that, like you've seen me naked. "
  • " do i have sex hair? "
  • " just put one foot in front of the other, just get through the day. "
  • " you're dying inside, aren't you? "
  • " you can't replace her, nobody can. "
  • " sometimes, no matter how much you love someone, they just can't love you back in the same way. "
  • " apparently i lost you. "
  • " i was raised to be a good man in a storm. "
  • " i never understood squat about who you are. and now i do, and i don't like it. "
  • " are you upset with me? "
  • " life without you terrifies me. "
  • " it's you, i need you, and you're the only thing i will ever need. "
  • " take your hand off my boob. "
  • " because, it's what jesus, would freaking do! "
  • " you got your second chance, just don't screw it up. "
  • " in your dreams evil spawn! "
  • " what? you've never did anything crazy for love?"
  • " take off your pants. "
  • " you walk away? that's all i get? "
  • " i always screw myself out of everything good. "
  • " he/she's the one, and i wish he/she wasn't. "
  • " it kills you, doesn't it? "
  • " i'm going to become a lesbian. "
  • " please don't chase me anymore, not unless you're ready to catch me. "
  • " you can have the worst crap happen to you and you can get over it, all you gotta do is survive. "
  • " i would notice if you were missing... i would notice. "
  • " slow down, slow down.... shh. "
  • " here, take it easy. "
  • " i don't wanna be alone. "
  • " that's it? you're just gonna leave too? "
  • " i have nothing left. "
  • " i'm so tired. "
  • " i don't know what's wrong with me. "
  • " i don't feel anything. "
  • " my point is, i have a dog. "
  • " i'm miserable without he/she/you. "
  • " why are you whispering? "
  • " i'd really like to try your method of "healing with love." "
  • " you did good. "
  • " i need you alive because you're my person. "
  • " promise me you won't die because that would be the worst break up ever. "
  • " i'm still in love with you. i tried not to be, but it didn't work. "
  • " you want me to kick his/her ass? "
  • " thirty second dance party! "
As you were kissing me, all I was thinking about was how I never thought we would ever be so close again. Once we were done.. It was like I could see you leaving all over again and I had to close my eyes so I wouldn’t ask you to stay. I know I’m walking into trap and yet I’m still walking into your arms because as always I want you to prove me wrong.
—  I won’t tell if you won’t

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yesyesyes, that exactly, <3 extra points for a growling puppy pile that one time stiles got a bit hurt.

It’s Peter’s job to comfort and pamper Stiles after he gets hurt, to make sure his future mate isn’t in too much pain or hurting himself further because Stiles has a tendency to push himself too far when he tries to go about his day per usual even while he’s injured. But then Peter goes downstairs for like ten minutes to fetch some food for Stiles, and then he hears a thump outside and a second heartbeat and a scent that he’s really starting to hate, and by the time he’s rushed back upstairs, that idiot pup Scott went and gave the Bite to is hovering over a half-dozing Stiles, fussing over the bandages that Peter patched Stiles up with, which means those bandages cover Stiles’ injuries goddamn perfectly so Liam has no right to fiddle with them like he thinks he can do better. Liam has no right to touch Stiles at all, especially when Stiles is in such a vulnerable state. Peter’s only consolation is that Liam’s wolf is at least sensible enough to realize that Peter is higher up in the hierarchy than he is so he always backs off when Peter flashes fangs at him. The problem is, the stupid boy keeps coming back.

Stiles is just lying in bed, thoroughly annoyed with a fast-approaching headache on the horizon because these two idiots are having yet another dick-waving contest over him for some reason. He really just wants to sleep but he can’t when Peter’s bullying Liam again, and Liam’s unintentionally hitting every insecurity Peter has about Stiles leaving him one day for someone better.

Stiles is not above manipulation when it suits him though so he uses his pitiful wounded state to first catch Peter’s hand and drag him into bed with him until his wolf’s put his fangs away and plastered himself against Stiles instead. Aggressive cuddling is not far-off from what Peter is doing.

And then, before Peter can stop him, Stiles flips a hand at Liam to summon Scott’s puppy over and yank him down as well when he’s close enough.  Peter growls, and Liam growls back, which almost has Peter lunging for the brat’s throat. Stiles just rolls his eyes and snuggles into Peter to keep his wolf in check. He isn’t quite used to being in a puppy pile with anyone other than Peter, but for the sake of some rest, he doesn’t stop Liam from pressing closer either. With Stiles halfway on top of Peter, and Liam on Stiles’ other side, the two will just have to deal with each other’s presence for now.

Oh man I haven’t drawn anything in forever so sorry if it’s kind of bad, but I guess I like how it turned out. I’ve never drawn anything like this before hehe!

To explain what’s going on my friend @iheartanime14 and I have been doing a Zumin rp together! I’ll explain under the cut.

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You’re Back

               Keith stared down at Shiro who was still recovering from the drugs that the military had forced into his system when they found out about his robotic arm. The adrenaline that had been coursing through his system during the rescue was starting to wear off. He was so tired and having trouble comprehending the person laying in his bed after so long. It didn’t seem to be a big deal when Shiro had been assigned the mission with Matt and his father. Keith was prepared to wait for him to return and be finished with his own training at the academy.

               Tears welled in Keith’s eyes. He’d missed Shiro so much and when he heard the news of their expedition and how they’d gone missing, he couldn’t believe it. He knew something far more mysterious had happened. Keith supposed that was when he’d started to get reckless. He didn’t care about his superiors who were doing absolutely nothing to go out and help them. He didn’t care about the academy or the military if he was just an expendable tool to them. The last thing he’d gotten before Shiro had gone missing was a tired good morning kiss and a sleepy breakfast on his part.

               Shiro groaned and shifted in bed. Keith wiped furiously at his eyes, trying to stop the tears that had decided to freely pour down his cheeks. He turned his back to Shiro as soon as he saw his head turn towards him and his eyes flutter open.

               “Keith?” Shiro murmured. He sighed happily. “Keith.”

               Keith heard the rustle of the blanket being thrown back and sniffed. He couldn’t face him, not yet. He heard Shiro stand from the bed, springs creaking and walk up behind him.

               “Keith?” he sounded uncertain.

               Keith turned to him and watched Shiro’s eyes widen as he took in his tear-streaked face and the tears that were still spilling from his eyes. “Shiro,” he said, voice sounding broken, even to him. “You’re back.”

               Shiro raised his hands and cupped Keith’s face between his palms gently, as he always had. “Yes, I’m back.” He brought their lips together in a hesitant kiss that quickly grew passionate. It was almost as if they had to rediscover each other after having been separated for so long. If this was still something that they wanted. If they still craved each other. They did. So much.

               Keith broke the kiss far too soon and fisted his hands in Shiro’s shirt. He leaned up against his lover and sobbed openly. Shiro wrapped his arms around him and gripped him tightly to him.

               “Shh. It’s okay, Keith. I’m here, I’m back. Shh.”

               Shiro’s reassuring words just made him sob harder. “I-I never thought that I’d see you again. I thought I was going to be left alone. Again. I thought I’d lost everything that I’d cared about. There wasn’t anything left for me”

               Shiro’s heart tightened and he gripped Keith that much harder, intent on never letting him go as he remembered the conversations the two of them had had about Keith’s life and what had transpired. It wasn’t always pretty. “I never wanted to leave you. I’m so sorry that I was gone so long and caused you so much pain. This is my fault and I’m so sorry.”

               Keith shook his head where he had it pressed against Shrio’s chest. He hiccuped. “N-not your fault.”

               “Keith. Keith,” Shiro said, trying to coax the other man from where he was hiding in his chest. Keith slowly raised his eyes and Shiro smiled at him in the way he’d missed so much over the years. He brought their lips together in a chaste and loving kiss, trying to convey all of his feelings and how much he’d missed the other man while he was away. Shiro stroked his thumbs across Keith’s cheeks, wiping the tears as they finally slowed their descent. He was never going to be separated from the man he loved again. They’d lost too much time already and he wasn’t about to let any more be taken from them so unjustly.

I’m so unhappy with you gone.
Time keeps passing and I keep thinking of what we had.
I’m going to end up telling you eventually and I’m so scared that I’m going to ruin everything that’s left.
But I don’t want to end up thinking about you one day in ten years and wonder what would have happened had I not given up.
—  I can’t do this
Vance Joy Songs for the Signs
  • Aries: Mess Is Mine//"Do you like walking in the rain?
  • When you think of love, do you think of pain?"
  • Taurus: First Time//"There will always be another time for us to fall in love, but it never cuts you quite as deep as that first time."
  • Gemini: Red Eye//"She don't like small places. Give her highways and byways. And don't get stuck in her head."
  • Cancer: From Afar//"But I've been living on the crumbs of your love, and I'm starving now."
  • Leo: Georgia//"Lips generous and warm.You build me up like steps. Eyes innocent and wild. Remind me what it's like."
  • Virgo: My Kind of Man//"Don't walk too proud, don't talk too loud, and make it up as you go."
  • Libra: Riptide//"Lady, running down to the riptide, taken away to the dark side, I wanna be your left hand man."
  • Scorpio: Fire and the Flood//"You’re the fire and the flood, and I’ll always feel you in my blood."
  • Sagittarius: All I Ever Wanted//"And I know that I come on strong, forgive me I just couldn't help myself."
  • Capricorn: Straight Into Your Arms//"I don't feel like myself, I been waiting to go straight into your arms; keep me safe."
  • Aquarius: Play With Fire//"And I see, I see with every glance that I steal. I'm done, I'm done for now."
  • Pisces: Snaggletooth//"And I know a girl who would wait until it's dark. When she sings the heavens part."

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idk if you can help me with this, it's pretty silly. a family member told me i'm a hypocrite because i allow myself to eat intuitively and don't try to lose weight, but i keep my cat on a specific diet to prevent her from gaining weight. i know there's a flaw in that logic somewhere but it kind of shook me. other than "humans are not cats" i couldn't think what to say back. any thoughts on this weirdness?

Ask your family if they would like you to start pooping in a litter box and cleaning yourself with your tongue, too, since humans are obviously exactly like cats.

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Hello! I couldn't help but notice that you were (/are?) a Story intern for Disney. I myself am interested in Interning in Disney's Story program. I don't know if you've answered this type of question, but I was wondering if you had any advice on what I should to do to get there? Or like portfolio/reel tips? What was your portfolio like? thanks :)

Hi there! I was the Disney Animation 2013 Story intern, during the summer of 2013.  For a story portfolio, I would recommend putting two to three storyboard sequences in your portfolio that have a beginning, middle, and end. They don’t have to be full on short films, but they must have a definite beg, mid, and end in order to tell the story in a complete thought. Also, I would recommend including any story sketches similar to New Yorker cartoons, or the Far Side, in order to show a single storytelling idea in a single image, which is crucial for story.  In addition, cafe sketches, gesture drawings (Dave Pimentel’s blog has examples of the type of gesture drawings to include), and zoo drawings (you can put these at the end). For my portfolio I included two story sequences, a comedy and a drama, in order to show a range in storytelling genres, and gesture drawings as well as my own personal oc sketches/story sketches.  I hope this helps :)

The Devil's Advocate Starters
  • A woman's shoulders are the front lines of her mystique, and her neck, if she's alive, has all the mystery of a border town. A no-man's land in that battle between the mind and the body.
  • I nursed him through two divorces, a cocaine rehab, and a pregnant receptionist.
  • I've warned him every step of the way
  • These people, it's no mystery where they come from.
  • Where can you go from there?
  • We got a runaway train
  • Don't get too cocky
  • No matter how good you are, don't ever let them see you coming
  • You gotta keep yourself small. Innocuous. Be the little guy. You know, the nerd... the leper... shit-kickin' serf.
  • Look at me. Underestimated from day one.
  • You'd never think I was a master of the universe, now would ya?
  • Let me tell you about New York.
  • Revelation 18. Wouldn't hurt you to look it over
  • It has become a dwelling place of demons
  • You mean the possibility of leaving this case has never even entered you mind?
  • You know what scares me?
  • I don't want to resent her
  • I stand corrected.
  • You were right about one thing. I have been watching; couldn't help myself. Watching, waiting... holding my breath.
  • I'm no puppeteer. I don't make things happen; doesn't work like that.
  • What did you do to ___?
  • Free will, it's like butterfly wings – once touched, they never get off the ground. No, I only set the stage; you pull your own strings
  • Well, on a scale of 1 to 10 - 10 being the most depraved act of sexual theater known to man, 1 being your average Friday night run-through at the ___'s household - I'd say, not to be immodest, ___ and I got it on at about... seven.
  • Fuck you!
  • You got to hold on to that fury.
  • Who are you?
  • Oh, I have so many names.
  • Call me Dad.
  • She knew it... She knew it so you destroyed her.
  • Oh, I hope you're kidding.
  • You could have saved her anytime you wanted.
  • All she wanted was love.
  • Hey, you were too busy.
  • That's a lie!
  • Hey, I'm on your side.
  • You're a liar!
  • There's nothing out there for you.
  • Don't be such a fucking chump.
  • Stop deluding yourself!
  • I told you to take care of your wife
  • I know what you did. You set me up!
  • It's entrapment! You set me up!
  • You played me!
  • Vanity... is definitely my favorite sin.
  • It's so basic, self-love; the all-natural opiate. You know, it's not that you didn't care for ___. It's just that you were a little bit more involved with someone else, yourself.
  • You cannot keep punishing yourself
  • I've had so many children, I've had so many disappointments... mistake after mistake. And then there's you
  • What do you want from me?
  • Guilt is like a bag of fuckin' bricks.
  • He's laughin' His sick, fuckin' ass off! He's a tight-ass! He's a sadist! He's an absentee landlord
  • "Better to reign in Hell, than to serve in Heaven," is that it?
  • I'm here on the ground with my nose in it since the whole thing began!
  • I'm a humanist. Maybe the last humanist
  • She's ovulating... right now.
  • Your seed is the key to a new future
  • You want a child?
  • I want a family.
  • Free will, it is a bitch
  • I give you pleasure, no strings!
  • Freedom, baby, is never having to say you're sorry.
  • Did you know there are more students in law school than there are lawyers walking the Earth?
  • In the Bible, you lose. We're destined to lose
  • What about love?
  • I've wanted you from the moment we met.
  • Evil has its winning ways.
  • Speak of the devil...

Sterek WeekSunday: Anything you want (Silhouettes) 


Derek hasn’t even pause to take a shower and clean his wounds, just takes the most important things, puts them in an old worn duffel bag and toss it over his shoulder. Not a single moment of hesitation. Actually, he’s really surprised, when he falters one step from the steel door and looks over his shoulder, like it is happening against his will. 

He is leaving everything behind. And this time for good. He’s not going to have nerves to come back again. Not this time. 

Something hard and cold settles in his stomach. But he ignores it and with one deep breath opens the door. And freezes.

“Yep. I expected this,” Stiles says almost amused, but the look on his face is just sad. And dead tired. “I would said something about tail and running, but guess there is no point now. You know, with all that new human squishy you and everything…” He made two steps into the loft, stopping just few feet from Derek. 

Derek doesn’t know what to say, so he remains silent. Usual scowl slipping on it’s rightful place. Stiles snorts.

“Come one, Sourwolf. You couldn’t possibly think this would be that easy. Don’t you know me?”

Derek scowls harder. He has no idea what Stiles wants. Or why is he even here. And with everything he has, ignores that stupid nickname, which he didn’t miss at all. He didn’t. 

Stiles looks from Derek to the right and glances over the loft, with Derek’s clothes still tossed over different pieces of furniture, dirty dishes on the counter and unmade bed. 

“I used to imagine you would be one of those neat freaks with polished spoons and books in alphabetical order. Until you let me in and I sat on your dirty socks. That was hell of a shock, let me tell you.”

Why is he telling this to Derek? They just almost fucking died. Again. And Stiles is standing here, ignoring obvious fact that Derek is leaving - or trying to - and talking about dirty socks. Like neither of them is bleeding and there isn’t forming an ugly bruise on the side of Stiles’ face. 

“What are you doing here, Stiles?" 

"You can’t reach on your back,” is the confusing answer.

Derek slightly shakes his head, like it could somehow help him understand. “What?”

Stiles looks back at him again, and then nods in the direction of Derek’s back. “You’ve slide on your back half across the room. On the concrete floor. In thin shirt. You can’t possibly take care of that injuries by your self.”

By sheer power of will Derek doesn’t let his mouth fall open. “You came to-” Help him with his injuries?

“Well, you took of before I could take you to my place to take care of it. So we need to do this in your home instead of mine.” Stiles is looking at him with such an intensity, Derek’s toes curls in his shoes. Or maybe it’s that word. Home. 

“When we are done with you, you can help me take care of this,” he gestured to his face and back of his head, where his hair were dark with blood. Derek’s heartbeat quickens with worry. 

And just like that duffle bag hits the floor and Derek’s shoulder slumps in defeat. Stiles’ whole face lights up. Not with smile, Stiles isn’t smiling, but with something deeper, rarer… 

“First, go take a shower. You need that back clean before we take care of it.” And for some reason, Derek goes.


Sitting on the steps in front of the door, Derek watches Stiles face in the light shining through the huge window. The sun is setting and Stiles usually amber eyes have color of gold in flames. 

Stiles tilts his head more to the left and lets Derek check his head for another injuries. Derek tries not to think about the feeling he had, when Stiles disappeared under that falling debris for a moment. Before Scott and Liam got to him and pulled him out. 

It’s almost unbelievable he doesn’t have more injuries. Or some broken bones for that matter. 

Stiles’ skin is still covered in dust and dirt. He insisted on taking care of Derek wounds first and Derek couldn’t come up with any objection. He was selfish like that. He wants to roll in that breathtaking feeling of content that he’s taking care of. Somebody wants to take care of him. Stiles wants to take care of him. He’s putting Derek on the first place. It was so long since someone did that for him…

Stiles takes Derek’s hands into his own and pulls them from his dirty hair with a pained grimace. Derek immediately freaks out. “Did I hurt you? Shit, I didn’t-”

“Chill, Worrywolf. I’m fine,” Stiles smiles. “It’s just a bump.”

Derek doubts that. Bumps don’t bleed. He knows that much. 

“Just need some Advil and a shower, ’s gonna be fine.”

Derek gives him doubtful look and Stiles half smiles, half smirks. He glances from Derek’s still wet hair, over his face, to the bare chest and Derek watches something in his expression switch. Instead of that smirk, there is softness and warmth and something that make Derek’s skin tingle. 

Stiles is close. So close Derek can feel his breath on his lips and chin. He can even count his eyelashes. Stiles’ skin colored by orange sunlight looks velvety smooth.

Derek swallows, his mouth dry. 

“Do you still want to run away?” Stiles asks quietly, almost whispering.

Derek knows what Stiles wants to hear, but can’t say it. It would be lie. “Yes,” he confesses instead, like it’s a deadly sin. Stiles doesn’t look surprised. 

“Will you?” There isn’t any pressure in his tone. Nothing that would push Derek in some direction. It’s purely his choice, and he is the one who would has to bear the consequences. He could just take that bag and flee from this goddammed town. But the thing is, no matter where he would go, there isn’t any place, where he could find what this town has. Beacon of hope with golden-amber eyes and awful sense of humor. 

“No,” he says truthfully and watches Stiles smile with his whole being. And Derek knows, this is what he craves. This is home.