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       “ i didn’t cheat on you!” he shouts through his teeth, trying to keep his voice down, so he didn’t make more of scene than he already was. “ — i mean … i mean i did, but i … listen.” this was a difficult situation, somehow word had gotten around that during the two week period jaeki had been out of school he had slept with a mixture of people. both from his pack and others were mortals, and he had a good explanation for it. “hey!” grabbing their wrist, his grip is firm to prevent them from walking away, “just - just listen to me okay.” he’s desperate, his heart is aching, everything hurts and there is an immense amount of regret building up within. he knew what he had done was wrong, but he truly couldn’t help himself. an alpha in heat was an alpha with no remorse and no logic. then again, he couldn’t tell them that … they wouldn’t understand. “it didn’t mean anything it - it was just … i’m sorry okay. i am, but i respect you and i love you.” and that’s why he didn’t sleep with them. because he respected them enough to have sex with his partner when he wasn’t compelled to do so. “ — it didn’t mean anything,” he tries once more sadly. 

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In your DAV AU, would PostPalpie Anakin toss one of his cybernetic arms to Han when ever Han would ask for a hand working on the Falcon?

You know, as hilarious as the image is, I don’t think his limbs are actually detachable? Or at least, not without some equipment and probably a medic. All the prosthetics we see seem to be pretty substantially connected to the body and to the nervous system.

That said, I’m absolutely certain Anakin would make this pun constantly and definitely act as if he were about to detach his arm and hand it over.

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Hi Dante. I had a thought recently and was pushed by others to bring it to light. Was the hatred Zhao had for Zuko somewhat influenced by the fact Jason Isaacs played Captain Hook in the 2003 Peter Pan movie and you played Rufio in Hook? I couldn't help but notice some parallels between Zhao/Zuko and Hook/Rufio.

that’s a pretty good. me and jason have that connection!

i like it. let’s see if we can make that cannon, i’ll propose that to mike and bryan.

actully, true story… i ran into jason at sundance once, years ago and he said, “Isn’t it crazy that that cartoon we did together is become such a phenomenon!” This was like first season or so, and we both marveled at the idea of it all. He’s a cool guy… even if he is Capt. Hook. 

honestly I’m putting a hard “no” on reblogging any gifs that look like they might be from a bootleg of Hamilton (and any other things that look like they be from a bootleg)

Lin has asked us to be patient. He’s going to do his best to get us what we want, a recording to watch. He’s asked us directly to not make/watch bootlegs. I know it’s hard to wait and all we want is more content from the show but…

He’s given us so much with this musical already. Please respect that. It’s rare we get such a close connection to creators like this. I know it’s hard, especially in theatre fandoms where a disregard for the law is extremely common place, but hold back. We can wait for it.

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I could be wrong, but I think that in DA:I, we may be going to the College of Magi in Cumberland in Nevarra. On the Wiki page for the Grand Enchanter it says that the entrance to the college is made of sandstone statues of each Grand Enchanter and I couldn't help but make the connection between the newest trailer where we see the new elf companion and that description. Also, Nevarra is on the border of Orlais as it is. Anyway, just food for thought.

That’s a really interesting find/speculation, thank you for sharing!

I also found these images, that aren’t really related to eachother, but may (or may not) be relevant:

(Statue of Archon Hessarian)

(Statues of Andraste disciples and martyrs. Seen in DA:I concept art before)

EDIT: Thank you, liam-doc-things, for pointing out this clock statue on Pg 19 of the World of Thedas!