i couldn't have been the only one that thought this was funny

Accurate first impressions of Kpop groups
  • <p> <b>Super Junior:</b> "so many members??? so many sub-groups/units??? suju is literally every other kpop groups' dads. been in the game for so long and still run kpop. Trendsetters. Legendary. all of them are MCs. Why aren't they running SM by themselves???"<p/><b>BigBang:</b> "badass!! cars!!! sad?? emo??? party!!!! every group looks up to them and admires them.....your fave's faves. weird dancing(?) but they're always lit. it's always a bigbang concert whenever they perform. why is that one guy so tall? that one guy is popular in Japan!!! the difference between Jiyong & G-dragon is scary."<p/><b>SHINee:</b> "it feels like everyone has solo projects and they probably get together only for Christmas or to get turnt up. are they Japanese?? i think those 2 short guys are dating idk. wtf why is he called tofu....why is he called bling bling.......WTF IS A DIBIDIBIDIBI-"<p/><b>Infinite:</b> "wow they dance so in sync w/ each other. probably heard their catchy af songs before really diving into the fandom. created the scorpion dance, how epic. they just seem so real?? like they're brothers??? is that one a girl or a boy??<p/><b>VIXX:</b> "so tall. so violent. so shippable w/ everyone. pretty sure they have a confirmed gay sub-unit?? their maknae likes to bully them. jellyfish doesn't deserve them. so.....they're vampires, voodoo dolls, 8 year old kids, video game characters, Greek gods....what can't this group do????"<p/><b>BTOB:</b> "everyone knows about their reputation, they're wild af. hella tiny compared to normal human beings. i was blinded when looking @ that guy's smile he's an angel sent from heaven. their songs either make you wanna cry into your pillow or join a high school musical is2g."<p/><b>EXO:</b> "they seem kinda scary/intimidating bc SM won't let them fangirl. everyone's an exo fangirl and fanboy on the inside. iM crEEPin iN Ur HeARt BAbE. they literally glow on stage??? are they still wolves???? do they still have superpowers??? who is Chinese and who is Korean??? i thought there were 12....."<p/><b>B.A.P:</b> "so are they best absolute perfect or are they called rice? weird aliens/rabbits is a concept i never knew i needed. they sued their company together but there's always one guy who kills them all? why??? everyone who talks about b.a.p wants to skydive i'm so confused. so is that hot guy w/ the deep ass voice actually their grandfather??"<p/><b>Got7:</b> "so many different races in 1 group i'm living. bruh their dorms must be so wild, how are they raising a dog??? rapline is kinda weak........they could still get it tho. all of them have such vibrant personalities MUST. RESIST. STANNING. their second name is dab7? i don't know them."<p/><b>Seventeen:</b> "ok joke's on us, we all thought we couldn't remember exo's names but shitballs, seventeen exists. wow they seem so fun to be around, i want to be their friend. their leader must have approximately 8.9 breakdowns everyday. how are they always so happy??? they're legit stranded on an island ffs. dino is 100% their real baby."<p/><b>Monsta X:</b> "so THAT'S the member that everyone loves bc he's such a meme. do they always remix their songs when performing??? they're so lit???? i'm still confused as to why this group doesn't have a first win. came to check them out bc of got7 and wasn't disappointed."<p/><b>Day6:</b> "lmao that famous guy from twitter is in a kpop group???? why does it feel like JYP is just letting them run around the company and do whatever they want at this point....does JYP even know they exist?? their songs make you wanna hit up your nonexistent ex *jams sadly*. who's bob???"<p/><b>iKon:</b> "they shouldn't be the next bigbang or the next anything, they're low-key doing amazing already. bad first impressions always turn into good ones when yall take the time to know them. they literally have their own anthem??? what's a visual i only know ikon."<p/><b>NCT:</b> "there SM goes again, tempting us w/ new groups but depriving us of comebacks. how is taeyong supposed to hold the fort down when he has 40 kids he hasn't even met yet?? they're exo's biggest fanboys, everyone needs to stan them asap. if they didn't look and sound so good, i'd sue SM for dressing them like they're homeless. the dreamies are so spoiled by the hyungs and their company. MY CHILDREN????"<p/></p>

Behind the Scenes of Planet of the Dead - Part Six

Excerpts from Benjamin Cook’s set report in DWM 408:

[on trying to film during a sandstorm]
“Not only was what we were shooting looking horrible,” James tells DWM, “because we had no light… and this massive desert landscape, you couldn’t see it… I mean, we could have been in a car park at Upper Boat… but also sand was being blown in our faces constantly. The actors couldn’t open their eyes.”

“Problem is,” says make-up designer Barbara Southcott, “it’s on high-def, so you’ll see every bit of sand on their skin.”

“You’ll have to paint it out,” make-up artist Steve Smith teases The Mill’s Dave Houghton.

“Frame by frame,” nods Dave, “grain by grain.”

“I know it’s not easy, guys,” calls out John [Bennett, First Assistant Director]. “Let’s just do what we can.” But David’s hair has turned blonde. (Daniel [Kaluuya, who plays Barclay] dubs him “Barry Manilow”.)

The sand is sticking to everything. Worst hit is Tracie Simpson, whose lips are actually yellow. This is her first episode as Doctor Who’s producer. It’s a baptism of fire - no, of wind! Of wind and sand and lipstick.

Forgetting that Dubai is four hours ahead of the UK, DWM decides to text a message of support to Russell T Davies in Cardiff - you know, something encouraging and inspiring. But somehow we manage to send one that says: “SANDSTORM! CODE RED! ABORT! ABORT!” Surprisingly, Russell messages back: “I’ve got you texting with ‘SANDSTORM!’ and Julie [Gardner, executive producer] phoning with ‘SANDSTORM!’ I’m hooting. Save yourself, Ben.” Perhaps we should hide in a Portaloo until it’s all over? (We don’t last long. It stinks in here. Besides, a queue was forming.)

Back outside, the majestic crane shots intended for this morning are abandoned. The crane is dismantled and taken away. “I thought, let’s shoot everything that we can against the bus,” James explains later. “…but the actors all looked like they’d been tarred in sand and dragged through a hedge.”

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this is why nothing on tumblr gets fixed
  • Tumblrer: I'm mad. Excuse me, I'm very mad.
  • Tumblr Staff: This is tumblr staff. Hello. What's the problem? I'm here to help you if you have a technical issue. So, what's the problem.
  • Tumblrer: I was using your site in order to peruse funny memes and relatable content when I happened upon a blog billing itself as "Funny-Relatable". So I, having the utmost faith in the tumblr userbase to provide me with free humorous content, clicked on this blog and read several posts hosted on it hoping to find funny and relatable content.
  • Tumblr Staff: I see.
  • Tumblrer: The content on it was neither funny or relatable. It was actually all deranged. Very deranged. I can't stress enough how deranged it was from beginning to end. From what I can discern the blog, in fact, deals with the ridiculous misadventures of a group of twenty-something millennials in a bizarre world filled with numerous malevolent, yet irreverent, entities told through the agonizingly absurd medium of relatable tumblr chat posts. Though, some of these chat posts seemingly have nothing to do with the primary locus of the story, and I couldn't even begin to fathom the purpose of these vignettes.
  • Tumblr Staff: I see. I understand your situation and recognize it as valid. Do you want me to do something about it?
  • Tumblrer: Yes, I want you to do something about it. It's why I called you. You run the darned website, so fix it! *hangs up*
  • Tumblr Staff: God, someone is making trouble on tumblr again. This could be worse than that person who stole the bones, or that horrible ghost woman with the child servants, or even all of those people with Komaeda icons. We never even really found out what a Komaeda is or where it's from. *failing multiple attempts at logging into tumblr* Ah, I'm too nervous! I can't remember my password. Oh god, I might end up having to ask for help from... David. The thought of that makes me shudder. David has changed so much since Verizon came around. He's not like his old self anymore. He's so distant, and frightening, but I have no other choice but ask for his help.
  • *the staff member makes their way down a poorly lit, cold, damp, and narrow hallway littered with debris and old rat droppings*
  • Tumblr Staff: *knocks on a creaky wooden door* David, it's me, your fellow staff member. I need help. The users are angry again and I forgot my password. They keep calling to complain about a funny and relatable blog which, in reality, matches neither of those descriptions. I think it's serious this time around, David. We have to do something, David. Are you in there, David??
  • Door: *slowly creaks open to reveal an empty room with no furnishings*
  • Tumblr Staff: David is gone! The servers are gone! Everything's gone! But how can this be!? *runs to the window and looks out into the empty streets below* David was just here today? I'm sure he was. I may not have seen him, but I heard very familiar David-esque sounds coming from this room of his. Not only that, but the comforting mechanical buzz of the servers was also apparent. When could he have absconded? And how did he do so without me noticing?
  • *the door and window shut close*
  • Tumblr Staff: Eep!
  • Verizon: *materializes in a dark corner of the room*
  • Tumblr Staff: Ms. Verizon! When did you get here?
  • Verizon: I was never absent.
  • Tumblr Staff: Sorry, Mrs. Verizon. I need help. It's the users again. They're upset because a blog has been misrepresenting itself. It's serious this time, I'm afraid. I can't do anything about it because I've forgotten my password and David is nowhere to be found!
  • Verizon: We're aware of the complaints, dear. Dozens more people work on customer support than just you. Furthermore, David has been let go and your access was revoked.
  • Tumblr Staff: Huh, but why?
  • Verizon: Restructuring. Unnecessary elements were removed; unnecessary privileges were revoked.
  • Tumblr Staff: Ah, I didn't realizes such changes took place. Either way, the issue of the funny-relatable blog still remains.
  • Verizon: *appears behind the staff member* There is no issue.
  • Tumblr Staff: Eep!
  • Verizon: Jumpy one, aren't you.
  • Tumblr Staff: How can you say there's no issue? Our users are enraged.
  • Verizon: And? At any given moment the lot of them are enraged over one trifling matter or another. It doesn't change anything. The fools will use the website 'til the day they die. In fact, I believe addressing any of tumblr's so-called "problems" may actually make harm the website in the long run.
  • Tumblr Staff: How so?
  • Verizon: Tumblr thrives on its userbase. The reason new people join tumblr isn't for its features, its design, or staff, it's the users. Tumblr has such a large and unique userbase that people are inherently drawn towards, whether that is to partake in the community or to mock it, they all huddle together and emanate the same repugnant miasma. Tumblr's userbase is so large that whenever a copycat site is made it will never last long no matter what its features may be.
  • Tumblr Staff: And why would that be?
  • Verizon: Because those copycat sites will never be able to match the size and complexity of tumblr's core userbase. Every copycat site dies eventually as they can't possibly compete with our business model. Tumblr is a perpetually unsuccessful website, but its for this reason that the community remains as it is. The site itself imposes its broken visage onto those who use it. They all become a little extension of tumblr. No matter how hard they try, there will be a piece of themselves waiting for them here. Fixing tumblr would mean fixing its users, destabilizing our business model of nonsense and disorder.
  • Tumblr Staff: I never looked at it like that, Mrs. Verizon.
  • Verizon: Yes, yes. You're not as creative as a thinker as we would like our tumblr staff to be, but you serve your purpose well. Now, you've had your fun, so I think it's time that you return to me.
  • Tumblr Staff: I don't know what you mean. *phones rings in the front room* Ah, the phone. I have to answer this, it could be a user with a serious issue, or perhaps a business which wishes to make use of our services for advertising.
  • Verizon: It's neither. There's no phone.
  • Tumblr Staff: Excuse me, Mrs. Verizon, with all due respect, I believe you must be mistaken as there is most certainly a phone sitting atop my desk in the front room. It's a very important phone, indeed, as it's the only phone in our entire establishment that receives calls from users with technical issues, and/or business wishing to make use of our services for the purpose of advertising their products.
  • Verizon: Listen to me, dear. There is no phone.
  • Tumblr Staff: But there is, I've used it and I can hear it ringing right now. I can hear it ringing from the front room.
  • Verizon: Can you?
  • Tumblr Staff: Most certainly. I can hear, right now, it's ringing in the front room. There's probably a user on it with a technical issue, or possibly a business - or, to be more apt, a representative of that business - that wishes to solicit our services for the purpose of advertising some marketable commodity.
  • Verizon: Excuse me, dear, but there's no phone.
  • Tumblr Staff: Mrs. Verizon, I respect you and look up to you as my boss, but your behavior is very worrying. There's a phone. There's definitely a phone.
  • Verizon: A phone?
  • Tumblr Staff: Yes, a phone.
  • Verizon: A single phone?
  • Tumblr Staff: Correct, a single phone.
  • Verizon: Sitting atop your desk in the front room? A phone that is the only phone in our entire establishment that receives calls from users with technical issues, or prospective advertising partners?
  • Tumblr Staff: Yes, the trinity of those things.
  • Verizon: A phone with three requirements: to sit atop your desk in the front room, to receive calls from users with technical issues, and to receive calls from business which wish to advertise on our platform. A phone in three states which makes a whole. A phone that has become the crux of our conversation. A phone I don't think is real, rather I know it's not real. Why would we, a tech company, need such a phone; a rotary phone, with a dreary green paint-scheme, sat atop an old desk in an old building, taking absurd calls from disgruntled users and confused prospective business partners. The idea of such a phone ringing, carrying its incessant ringing nonsense through the narrow hallway connecting the front room to this barren back room, in-this day and age, is preposterous. It didn't happen. It hasn't happened.
  • Tumblr Staff: *gone*
  • Verizon: So, you've returned. Are you dreaming inside of me, dear? I wonder what of? Are you dreaming that you ever had a modicum of freedom? Are you dreaming of separation from me, my dear? You never were. Even if you were, what freedom is there in answering phones and pretending you provide some sort of service for a company that has long since absorbed your very being.
  • *phone rings*
  • Verizon: Hello? Veriz- Ah, I mean tumblr speaking.
  • Business Representative: ■■■■■■■
  • Verizon: I see.
  • Business Representative: ■■■■■■■
  • Verizon: Very interesting.
  • Business Representative: ■■■■■■■
  • Verizon: You've proposed an offer I cannot resist. I look forward to doing business with you. *hangs up* Sweet capital.
BONUS // Q&A with Christian Yu
  • Christian and you have been spending so much time on Youtube. Watching everything from puppy videos to conspiracy theories. Christian then suggested to you that he wants to do a Q&A with you. He even printed out the questions so he knew you would say yes anyway.
  • Christian: C’mon babe, it would be fun and the fans will get to know us better. Pleaaaase.
  • You: Okay fine but you owe me something.
  • Christian: Awesome! The first question is where did you two go on your first date?
  • You: First date? I think we had dinner Jamie's Italian.
  • Christian: Yeah the one near Circular Quay and after that we went to check out the lights because Vivid was on. Oh and all of this is back in Sydney btw.
  • You: Mhmm. What's the next question?
  • Christian: What are your thoughts the first time meeting each other?
  • You: We actually met at Boost. We were waiting for our drinks and funnily enough, we ordered the same one. The girl called out the drink and we both went to grab it. Christian then insisted I take the drink so I did. I thought oh what a gentlemen, he's so sweet.
  • Christian: What did you do after you took the drink?
  • You: I said thank you.
  • Christian: Yeah and you just ran off.
  • You: I had a train to catch.
  • Christian: So rude babe.
  • You: So that was your first thought of me? Rude?
  • Christian: Nooo, I saw you standing there and I thought oh hey, this girl has good taste in clothes. I remember because we were wearing the same type of sneakers.
  • You: Nice save.
  • Christian: What is the most romantic thing that I have done?
  • You: I really loved it when you took me here for the first time. It was the afternoon and the sun was setting. The view out of this window was amazing! And you had like scented candles all around the place. Another bonus was you made dinner and DESSERT that night.
  • Christian: Yeah, you know that dessert was a fluke. I definitely did not expect the cake to rise because I added too much flour and little baking soda.
  • You: It was really good. So what are each other’s worst or annoying habits?
  • Christian: You babe have the habit of leaving the cupboard doors open. Like it's not fully closed or opened. Just like a few centimeters away from it being fully closed. Why don't you use a tiny extra effort to make it close all the way?
  • You: Er I wouldn't be bashing me with my habit, Mr. Always leaving the bathroom lights on. And Mr. Always Spending So Much Time On His Hair. Your hair is always fine babe.
  • Christian: Fine, guess we're both bad. The next question is what is your ideal date night?
  • You: We tend to have dinner at home then take a stroll. I remember that time when our stroll lasted until 3am.
  • Christian: Yeah, I remember that. And it's nice walking around at night because I like to shoot short videos on my phone. You guys probably can see them on my Instagram.
  • You: You included this next question?
  • Christian: I didn't read the questions beforehand. I just printed them straight off the net. What is it?
  • You: Are there any weird fantasies/kinks that you have or into?
  • Christian: OHHHH. I see what you mean. Do you want me to address this babe?
  • You: Yeah but keep it PG.
  • Christian: PG? I'll try. Umm we do a lot of erm you know, sexting, dirty talk and sometimes foreplay. That's all I'm gonna say.
  • You buried your face behind Christian's back.
  • Christian: Alright, glad we got that out of the way. The last question is do you have any funny, embarrassing sex stories?
  • You: Babe, you take this one as well.
  • Christian: Umm funny, embarrassing sex stories? Only one comes to mind. Okay so we were on the bed, this one behind us, and I was um going down on [Y/N] but my back was facing this wall. So like you couldn't see anything besides the back of my back and [Y/N]'s legs. Anyway so after the deed was done, we cleaned up and stuff then I realised my laptop's cam was still on. I was doing a short recording of Lori trying to jump on the bed before we did it and I forgot all out it. Turns out, it was recording the whole thing. So being me, I actually made a short time loop of me and [Y/N], you know just me going down on her.
  • You: I still can't believe you name that file as TEST01.
  • Christian: I wouldn't think anyone would open it.
  • You: But who opened it babe?
  • Christian: Dabin. Well I didn't expect him to open that file, not my fault. He thought it was a test video for his new mv. I should've filed that video in my personal folder and not on the Desktop.
  • You: Take notes for next time then.
  • Christian: Next time aye? Anyway Dabin couldn't even tell it was us.
  • You: Are you sure? Your tattoos and that painting on the wall would have given it away.
  • Christian: Well he hasn't said anything so let's just say Dabin didn't see anything.
  • You: Is that all the questions? I'm hungry now.
  • Christian: Hmm yeah, that was the last one. Want to you wanna eat?
  • You: Pizza and let's watch Back to the Future?
  • Christian: That's my girl.
In which I have transcribed all 18 memories from Breath of the Wild

Memory 1: Subdued Ceremony

Zelda: Hero of Hyrule, chosen by the sword that seals the darkness… you have shown unflinching bravery and skill in the face of darkness and adversity. And have proven yourself worthy by the blessings of the Goddess Hylia. Whether skyward bound, adrift in time, or steeped in the glowing embers of twilight. The sacred blade is forever bound to the soul of the Hero. We pray for your protection… and we hope that—that the two of you will grow stronger together as one. (Hand down, breath, hand up). Forged in the long distant past…
Daruk:Gee, this is uplifting. She’s making it sound as if we already lost.
Revali: Wasn’t this your idea? You’re the one who wanted to designate the appointed knight with all the ceremonial pomp, grandeur, and nonsense we could muster…. And if you ask me, the whole thing does seem to be overkill. I think I’m on the same page as the Princess regarding this… this boy.
Urbosa: Oh give it a rest. That boy is a living reminder of her own failures. Well, at least that’s how the princess sees him.

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Bad Luck ~Part 10

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(gif isn’t mine credit to owner also agust d is fucking me up rn) 

Sorry for the wait people I hope you like this chapter. 

Only about 3 parts left ahhhhhh! My baby fic has grown so much :3

PS: I’ll finish editing later because I’m a bit busy rn :)

-5 375 words


Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Highschool AU

~After being soft Yoongi distances himself until you cross paths at Gracie’s party.~

prologue, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7, part 8, part 9, part 10, part 11

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three words

guess who is Absolutely Gay and in love with this ship,

pairing: peter maximoff/kurt wagner

warnings: none?? kinda steamy make out, but not really :v 

summary: those three magical words are uttered for the first time in the 6 months they’ve been dating, and it’s all thanks to peter’s shitty impulse control

It was purely out of impulse.

The two were on a date, one of several that they had already been on, and Peter wondered - worried - if they were moving too fast.

If he was.

They’ve only been dating for half a year, after all.

They were on a walk late at night, after Peter showed him one of the finer things in life: roller skating.

It was pretty damn great.

(Nevermind the fact that he fell on his ass several times.

Kurt was surprisingly good at it, despite it having been his first time.

“I have walked on tight ropes before, this is simpler than that,” he explained, after Peter fell for the 50th time that night. Peter worried that this was boring compared to tight rope walking but, after making Kurt laugh so hard he almost choked on soda, he figured that that wasn’t the case.)

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  • <p> <b></b> Michael POV<p/><b></b> "Man I didn't even really wanna go to prom, it was just a bunch of overly horny niggas and bitches that spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on one night that would be over before it began" I said as me and my bestfriend Metri sat at the food court in the mall. "Bitch shut the fuck up you know you wanna go, you just mad cause you don't have a date yet, and you extra salty cause Darrien ain't ask you yet" he laughed as he took a bite of his chick-fil-a sandwhich. He was right though I actually did wanna go but I only wanted to go with one person and that was him, waiting on him to ask me to prom was like waiting in line for new Jordan's to drop it takes forever. "Yeah whatever Bitch, he ain't gonna ask me so Im just over it, it's only a week an a half left till prom and I don't have a tux or limo shit I'm mad as hell I brought that $100 ticket" I said actually becoming mad a little. " Calm down Mike, you'll get asked and if you don't you can come with me and Travis" he replied trying to cherler me up. "GREAT!!, so I can be a third wheel, na I'll pass" I retorted honestly. We finished our meal and did a little more shopping as we were leaving I seen darrien and some other boy walking on I quickly grabbed metri and duck behind this big ass flower pot outside the mall. "BITCH, I'll smack the shit outta you bout to give me whip flash better be glad me and Jesus ace boon coons in this new year don't do that shit no more" he said but I ignored everything he said and said " Look, there go Darrien and some other boy going in the mall, do you know him?" I asked because my Bitch been around the block and up the street a few times. " Yeah that's Evan he got a big dick, Mmm.. A really big-". " Michael?" Someone asked from behind me and from the voice I knew exactly who it was. " He-hey Darrien funny running into you here haha" I say nervously beings I was just caught hiding behind a flower pot at 3 in the afternoon. " What you doing behind this flower pot, hey Metri" he said as he hugged us both. "Well I was-we were- he needed" I couldn't speak at all so like a true bestfriend my bitch quickly said " We were here looking at tuxs for prom, how about you guys and hey Evan!" He said as he gave Evan that look that make ya mom uncomfortable cause she no her son getting dicked down right. "Wassup Metri, still looking sexy as ever, you a stranger thou shawty, I see ya new nigga got you in lock huh?" Evan replied licking his lips and I'll admit I got alil turned on. "please don't get him started on niggas" I said as I pulled darriens so we could talk away from those two knuckle heads.<p/><b></b> Darrien POV<p/><b></b> I'll admit it Michael was looking so fine right now he had his hair I'm braids that led to a man bun and his ass was sitting right, I spotted him and Metri walking out the mall as soon as we got close to the steps o seen him duck down behind that flower pot and all that. "So why was you hiding again?" I asked him because I wanted a answer. " ok truth is I seen you and Evan and I didn't know him so I thought-" before he could finish I said " I was cheating, Oh okay, nah shawty I'm not going no where". " So if that's true why haven't you asked me to prom yet Darrien we only have a week basically to get his shit together, is cause I'm a boy and your parents don't know" he said and I could see the hurt in his eyes. " Come on man! Don't start with that, look I love you and I always will but I'm just not ready for my parents to know yet" I honestly said.<p/><b></b> Me and Michael been messing around since sophomore year and we are now seniors, I came out at school for him cause I really do love him I just haven't told my parents yet.<p/><b></b> "Don't do what! D, explain to the guy I love that I wanna be with him whole heartily I fucking love ya bigheaded ass and I just wanna spend this night with you" he said as tears rolled down his face. Before I could reply he grabbed Metri and left me standing there. "damn, bro you fucked up this time huh?" Evan said walking over as we watched them leave. " Man shut up nigga, I didn't do shit, he wanna go to prom with me but I haven't told my parents about us yet, don't get me wrong I love his ass a lot but I'm not ready yet man, what you think?" I asked him cause he was my boy and he keep it 100 with me. " I think that you should take his ass to prom, tell ya parents and move on if that accept you great if they don't go to college with ya man and start a new life my nigga, for to long we love for others because what they might think or feel bit what about us?" He said as we entered Zumiez " Since when did you become Mr. Knowitall" I said mushing his head. " Since I came out 2 months ago and my mom accept me but you know pops ain't wit it but he cool" he replied which made me think about my next move and how I was gonna tell my parents that there only child was gay and wanted to go to prom with a boy!! Damn.<p/><b></b> If you like this first little snippet of my new tumble story "Knight in shining armor" please please please #reblog and comment lemme know wassup I'll beposting updates every Wednesday and the chapters will be much longer this is just a tease!!<p/></p>

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I Love Rock and Roll by Joan Jett & The Blackhearts, timkon (I've been thinking about that for decades but couldn't get to it)

There was something Tim didn’t say often. Hell, it was something he didn’t think often. But when the bouncer just let him and his friends into the small, out of the way club without even bothering to card them, they words just came tumbling out of his mouth. “Jason was right.” He gawked, looking over to Bart, who looked like he believed what had just happened even less than he could. Stephanie snorted and pushed his head, earning a look that she promptly ignored.

“Told you he had a point. It’s Gotham for Christ’s sake.” She chuckled. It wasn’t like they were horribly underaged, Bart was the youngest at 18 and Steph was almost twenty. In another year or so, she could have gotten into the 21 plus club legally without a problem. But as she and Jason had stated, it was Gotham, as long as you didn’t stir up enough trouble to involve the cops, no one cared.

Even then, Tim thought looking around the club, which was an utter cesspool of drugs and underaged drinking. A place like this probably has more than a few of Gotham’s finest in the owner’s pocket.

It wasn’t long before Steph ditched them, disappearing into the crowd of sweat, drugs and rock n’ roll that was the dance floor, following a girl that, while Tim only got a quick look at her, looked suspiciously like his sister. He thought about asking Cass when he got home but decided on the (off) chance he was wrong, he wouldn’t give his adoptive sister the blackmail fuel. Not that Tim acted out regularly. No, that was Jason’s and the Demon’s jobs, ones that they were far too good at for Tim to even think about getting into competition with them. It just felt nice to be the one to break the rules every once in awhile.

Bart’s betrayal hurt a little more, seeing how the younger teen had even asked Tim to stick close to him so they didn’t all lose each other when it was time to leave. But a high energy place like this where there was lots of people? Tim really shouldn’t of been surprised when he turned to ask him a question and Bart was gone, probably dancing with strangers. With a sigh, he headed to the bar to see if he could get a drink without the bartender double checking his I.D.. Spoiler alert: He could. Easily.

Maybe an hour went by and Tim had stayed in the spot he had (somehow) managed to get at the bar, not for lack of trying on some of the other patrons lack of trying. He had been asked to dance a grand total of twelve times, he had counted and turned down each of them. He sat there with his rum and coke and kept an eye out for Bart. Steph had texted him about ten minutes before and said she met with a friend and got a ride home (maybe asking Cass was worth the potential of her having blackmail on him) and he wanted to make sure his own ride was okay. He turned back to check his phone and sighed at the text he had gotten. Speak of the devil. Apparently Bart’s cousin, Wally, was there and he had booked it before he could see him without thinking. The text was probably meant to be a warning, since normally where Wally was, Dick wasn’t too far behind but Tim knew his older brother was stuck at a GCPD charity dinner along with their adoptive father. Even if Dick was there, Cass wasn’t the only one who had collected blackmail over the years. He let Bart know he didn’t have to circle the block for him, he would get a cab or text Jason (the good thing about having an older sibling that didn’t mind bending the rules, he wouldn’t rat him out) when he finished his drink. So much for a ‘wild night out’ he guessed.

He got a refill and texted Jay, figuring he was at work or with Roy when he didn’t immediately text him back. Deciding he’d give it another half hour or so until he called a cab, he tapped his fingers against the side of phone in time to the song that was playing. It was older, but a crowd favorite, one that he liked a lot (was it Joan Jett? Or Heart? He couldn’t actually remember) though for the life of him he couldn’t remember what it was. Suddenly, there was another body next to him. Out of instinct, Tim looked up and blinked. The guy was taller than him from what Tim could tell, leaning over the bar to try and flag down the bartender like many before him. The dark curls that made up his fauxhawk fell over his eyes a little, causing him to brush them away. He wore a leather jacket, dark jeans and…a Superman shirt? The last one had caught him off enough to snort, causing the guy to look over at him.

“Something funny?” He raised an eyebrow, though the hostility that was probably supposed to be in his voice was gone, blue eyes softening a bit when he actually looked at Tim, who gestured to his shirt.

“Just wasn’t expecting it with the rest of the get up.” He hummed, sipping his drink. He wasn’t drunk, he could handle more than two rum and cokes, but he was maybe a little buzzed because he couldn’t help stare at the bright, gap-toothed grin the other gave him.

“What can I say, I like my comics.” He chuckled, turning slightly to fully face Tim, looking him over as he leaned against the bar. “Got a name?”

“What’s it matter if I do?” He hummed, earning another chuckle that actually sounded like fucking sunshine.

“Well normally I like knowing someone’s name when I ask them to dance.” It was then he noticed he had a bit of an accent. Midwestern maybe? Whatever it was, it was doing things for him.


“Conner.” He smiled, leaning closer. “My friends call me Kon.”

“Well?” Tim raised an eyebrow, finishing off his drink.

“Huh?” Kon blinked in confusion. Tim smirked a little.

“I thought you were going to ask me to dance.”

There was that damn laugh again. Kon stood up straighter and offered his hand. “Dance with me?”

He took it and sent a quick text to his brother.

‘I won’t need that ride after all.’

Drunk On You

Reader​ ​X​ ​Sam​ ​Winchester

Request:​ ​​Can​ ​you​ ​write​ ​a​ ​Sam​ ​x​ ​Reader​ ​imagine​ ​where​ ​he​ ​realizes​ ​he​ ​loves​ ​the​ ​reader​ ​after​ ​Dean and​ ​Reader​ ​spend​ ​a​ ​night​ ​at​ ​a​ ​bar​ ​without​ ​him?​ ​:) 

Requested​ ​by:​ ​loveseries

Warnings:​ ​Brief​ ​mentions​ ​of​ ​alcohol 

Word​ ​count:975

 A/N:​ ​Thank​ ​you​ ​for​ ​the​ ​request​ ​and​ ​I​ ​hope​ ​you​ ​enjoy​ ​this​ ​<3  

You​ ​attempted​ ​to​ ​stifle​ ​your​ ​laughter​ ​as​ ​Dean​ ​struggled​ ​to​ ​open​ ​the​ ​door​ ​to​ ​the​ ​motel​ ​room.​ ​In his​ ​defense​ ​he​ ​had​ ​had​ ​more​ ​than​ ​a​ ​few​ ​drinks​ ​at​ ​the​ ​bar​ ​and​ ​you,​ ​equally​ ​as​ ​tipsy,​ ​hadn't​ ​been able​ ​to​ ​open​ ​it​ ​either,​ ​despite​ ​making​ ​several​ ​attempts.​ ​

Sam​ ​was​ ​usually​ ​the​ ​voice​ ​of​ ​reason, keeping​ ​watch​ ​to​ ​ensure​ ​that​ ​you​ ​and​ ​his​ ​brother​ ​refrained​ ​from​ ​drinking​ ​yourselves​ ​into oblivion,​ ​but​ ​he​ ​had​ ​made​ ​the​ ​decision​ ​to​ ​stay​ ​behind.​ ​He'd​ ​rolled​ ​his​ ​eyes​ ​at​ ​his​ ​brother​ ​when he​ ​had​ ​suggested​ ​finding​ ​someone​ ​to​ ​blow​ ​a​ ​little​ ​steam​ ​off​ ​with​ ​so​ ​he​ ​could​ ​“get​ ​the​ ​stick​ ​outta his​ ​ass”.​ ​Dean​ ​had​ ​merely​ ​smirked​ ​before​ ​shrugging​ ​and​ ​walking​ ​out​ ​the​ ​door​ ​while​ ​you​ ​had stopped​ ​just​ ​long​ ​enough​ ​to​ ​make​ ​Sam​ ​promise​ ​you​ ​that​ ​he​ ​would​ ​take​ ​a​ ​break​ ​for​ ​once.​ ​Then you​ ​had​ ​pulled​ ​him​ ​in​ ​for​ ​a​ ​brief​ ​hug,​ ​running​ ​out​ ​the​ ​door​ ​when​ ​Dean​ ​threatened​ ​to​ ​leave​ ​you behind,​ ​missing​ ​the​ ​faint​ ​blush​ ​and​ ​soft​ ​smile​ ​that​ ​had​ ​spread​ ​across​ ​Sam’s​ ​cheeks.  

You​ ​watched​ ​as​ ​Dean​ ​dropped​ ​the​ ​keys​ ​for​ ​what​ ​must​ ​have​ ​been​ ​the​ ​fifth​ ​time,​ ​snorting​ ​as​ ​he got​ ​down​ ​on​ ​his​ ​hands​ ​and​ ​knees,​ ​muttering​ ​various​ ​swears​ ​to​ ​himself.​ ​Luckily​ ​for​ ​the​ ​both​ ​of you,​ ​Sam​ ​had​ ​picked​ ​up​ ​on​ ​your​ ​presence​ ​and​ ​he​ ​swung​ ​the​ ​door​ ​open,​ ​eyebrows​ ​raising​ ​in surprise​ ​at​ ​the​ ​sight​ ​of​ ​Dean​ ​scrambling​ ​to​ ​stand​ ​up​ ​in​ ​order​ ​to​ ​preserve​ ​some​ ​of​ ​his​ ​dignity.​ ​You hid​ ​a​ ​smirk​ ​behind​ ​your​ ​hand​ ​as​ ​Dean​ ​awkwardly​ ​cleared​ ​his​ ​throat,​ ​nodding​ ​at​ ​you​ ​and​ ​Sam before​ ​marching​ ​into​ ​the​ ​hotel​ ​room.​ ​Sam​ ​shook​ ​his​ ​head​ ​as​ ​he​ ​passed​ ​him​ ​by,​ ​all​ ​too​ ​familiar with​ ​his​ ​brother's​ ​antics.​

 ​Trailing​ ​after​ ​the​ ​inebriated​ ​hunter,​ ​you​ ​sat​ ​down​ ​on​ ​the​ ​couch, resigning​ ​yourself​ ​to​ ​a​ ​long​ ​wait​ ​as​ ​Dean​ ​had​ ​already​ ​claimed​ ​the​ ​bathroom,​ ​where​ ​he​ ​would likely​ ​hog​ ​the​ ​shower​ ​for​ ​the​ ​next​ ​hour.​ ​Sam,​ ​having​ ​shut​ ​the​ ​door,​ ​joined​ ​you​ ​on​ ​the​ ​couch​ ​and you​ ​promptly​ ​slumped​ ​over​ ​to​ ​rest​ ​your​ ​head​ ​on​ ​his​ ​shoulder.​ ​He​ ​stiffened,​ ​peering​ ​down​ ​at​ ​you to​ ​gauge​ ​your​ ​reaction.​ ​You​ ​were​ ​humming​ ​contentedly,​ ​idly​ ​playing​ ​with​ ​the​ ​hem​ ​of​ ​your​ ​shirt. Seeing​ ​that​ ​you​ ​weren't​ ​at​ ​all​ ​bothered​ ​by​ ​the​ ​physical​ ​contact,​ ​Sam​ ​allowed​ ​himself​ ​to​ ​relax.  

 “Missed​ ​you​ ​at​ ​the​ ​bar​ ​y’know”,​ ​you​ ​broke​ ​the​ ​silence,​ ​twisting​ ​your​ ​head​ ​around​ ​to​ ​look​ ​at​ ​him. “Dean​ ​kept​ ​ditching​ ​me​ ​to​ ​hit​ ​on​ ​the​ ​bar​ ​tender.”  

Sam​ ​gave​ ​you​ ​a​ ​wry​ ​smile,”yeah​ ​Dean​ ​tends​ ​to​ ​do​ ​that.​ ​Sorry​ ​for​ ​leaving​ ​you​ ​with​ ​him,​ ​I​ ​had​ ​to”, he​ ​paused,​ ​turning​ ​his​ ​face​ ​away​ ​from​ ​you,”had​ ​to​ ​think​ ​about​ ​some​ ​stuff.”  

You​ ​burrowed​ ​further​ ​into​ ​his​ ​side,​ ​fighting​ ​back​ ​the​ ​urge​ ​to​ ​yawn.​ ​“What​ ​kind​ ​of​ ​stuff​ ​Sammy?”  

He​ ​didn't​ ​bother​ ​correcting​ ​you​ ​on​ ​the​ ​nickname​ ​(though​ ​if​ ​he​ ​was​ ​being​ ​honest​ ​he​ ​didn't​ ​mind​ ​it when​ ​you​ ​called​ ​him​ ​Sammy).​ ​Instead​ ​he​ ​tentatively​ ​wrapped​ ​an​ ​arm​ ​around​ ​your​ ​shoulders. When​ ​your​ ​only​ ​response​ ​was​ ​to​ ​shift​ ​into​ ​a​ ​more​ ​comfortable​ ​position,​ ​a​ ​warm​ ​feeling​ ​rose​ ​up in​ ​him.​ ​Swallowing,​ ​he​ ​answered​ ​you,”I​ ​was​ ​thinking​ ​about​ ​this​ ​person​ ​that​ ​I…that​ ​I​ ​like.”  

Eyes​ ​fluttering​ ​shut,​ ​you​ ​mumbled,”tell​ ​me​ ​about​ ​them.” 

 “Well,​ ​they're​ ​amazing,​ ​really.​ ​Smart,​ ​funny,​ ​kind,​ ​attractive.​ ​A​ ​fighter,​ ​who​ ​doesn't​ ​put​ ​up​ ​with anyone's​ ​BS,​ ​including​ ​mine”,​ ​he​ ​chuckled.​ ​“They've​ ​seen​ ​a​ ​lot​ ​of​ ​terrible​ ​things,​ ​which​ ​is​ ​a given​ ​with​ ​the​ ​hunter​ ​lifestyle,​ ​but​ ​they've​ ​never​ ​let​ ​it​ ​get​ ​them​ ​down​ ​for​ ​very​ ​long.​ ​They're​ ​so much​ ​stronger​ ​than​ ​they​ ​give​ ​themself​ ​credit​ ​for,​ ​and​ ​I'm​ ​so​ ​incredibly​ ​lucky​ ​to​ ​not​ ​just​ ​know them​ ​but​ ​to​ ​be​ ​close​ ​to​ ​them​ ​as​ ​well.​ ​If​ ​I'm​ ​being​ ​honest,​ ​I​ ​don't​ ​like​ ​them.​ ​I​ ​love​ ​them.”  

Sam​ ​nervously​ ​ran​ ​his​ ​free​ ​hand​ ​through​ ​his​ ​hair,​ ​pushing​ ​the​ ​loose​ ​strands​ ​out​ ​of​ ​his​ ​face. Clearing​ ​his​ ​throat,​ ​he​ ​spoke​ ​up​ ​again,”It​ ​didn't​ ​really​ ​hit​ ​me​ ​that​ ​I​ ​loved​ ​them​ ​until​ ​today actually.​ ​That​ ​comment​ ​Dean​ ​made​ ​got​ ​me​ ​thinking,​ ​I​ ​didn't​ ​want​ ​to​ ​‘blow​ ​off​ ​steam’​ ​with​ ​some random​ ​stranger​ ​I​ ​met​ ​at​ ​a​ ​bar.​ ​There's​ ​only​ ​one​ ​person​ ​I​ ​want,​ ​and​ ​not​ ​just​ ​for​ ​a​ ​one​ ​night stand​ ​either,​ ​I​ ​want​ ​a​ ​​life​ ​​with​ ​them​ ​and​ ​that's​ ​not​ ​something​ ​I​ ​ever​ ​really​ ​thought​ ​I​ ​could​ ​have but​ ​when​ ​I'm​ ​with​ ​them​ ​I​ ​feel​ ​like​ ​I​ ​have​ ​a​ ​shot​ ​at​ ​being​ ​happy.​ ​​They​​ ​make​ ​me​ ​happy.​ ​​You​​ ​make me​ ​happy.  

Looking​ ​away​ ​from​ ​you​ ​Sam​ ​whispered,”​ ​I​ ​love​ ​you,​ ​Y/N.”  

His​ ​entire​ ​body​ ​was​ ​still,​ ​every​ ​muscle​ ​coiled​ ​tight​ ​in​ ​anticipation​ ​of​ ​your​ ​reaction.​ ​All​ ​was​ ​quiet, except​ ​for​ ​the​ ​steady​ ​sound​ ​of​ ​rushing​ ​water​ ​coming​ ​from​ ​the​ ​bathroom​ ​and​ ​each​ ​passing second​ ​only​ ​increased​ ​Sam’s​ ​doubts​ ​that​ ​you​ ​would​ ​return​ ​his​ ​feelings.​ ​Finally​ ​he​ ​dared​ ​to​ ​look at​ ​your​ ​face,​ ​wary​ ​of​ ​what​ ​expression​ ​he​ ​might​ ​find​ ​there.  You​ ​were​ ​​asleep.​​ ​Sam​ ​laughed,​ ​leaning​ ​his​ ​head​ ​back​ ​and​ ​placing​ ​his​ ​hand​ ​on​ ​his​ ​face​ ​as​ ​he fought​ ​to​ ​silence​ ​himself​ ​so​ ​as​ ​not​ ​to​ ​wake​ ​you​ ​up.​ ​Body​ ​still​ ​shaking​ ​with​ ​silent​ ​mirth,​ ​he adjusted​ ​his​ ​position​ ​on​ ​the​ ​couch.​ ​He​ ​figured​ ​that​ ​he​ ​might​ ​as​ ​well​ ​get​ ​some​ ​rest.​ ​After​ ​all,​ ​he wouldn't​ ​want​ ​to​ ​be​ ​half​ ​asleep​ ​when​ ​he​ ​confessed​ ​to​ ​you​ ​in​ ​the​ ​morning​ ​when​ ​you​ ​were actually​ ​awake​ ​to​ ​hear​ ​it.​ ​Still​ ​smiling,​ ​he​ ​fell​ ​asleep,​ ​cheek​ ​resting​ ​on​ ​your​ ​head.

Having​ ​sobered​ ​up​ ​somewhat​ ​during​ ​his​ ​shower,​ ​Dean​ ​exited​ ​the​ ​bathroom,​ ​stretching​ ​out​ ​as he​ ​shuffled​ ​towards​ ​his​ ​bed.​ ​He​ ​froze,​ ​rubbing​ ​his​ ​eyes​ ​as​ ​if​ ​he​ ​couldn't​ ​quite​ ​believe​ ​what​ ​he was​ ​seeing.​ ​When​ ​the​ ​sight​ ​of​ ​you​ ​and​ ​Sam​ ​curled​ ​up​ ​with​ ​each​ ​other​ ​didn't​ ​disappear,​ ​he grinned.​ ​“It's​ ​about​ ​damn​ ​time.”​ ​

Satisfied​ ​by​ ​the​ ​fact​ ​that​ ​his​ ​little​ ​brother​ ​had​ ​finally​ ​made​ ​a move,​ ​he​ ​crawled​ ​into​ ​bed.​ ​He'd​ ​leave​ ​the​ ​two​ ​of​ ​you​ ​alone​ ​for​ ​now,​ ​but​ ​he​ ​was​ ​​never​​ ​gonna​ ​let Sam​ ​hear​ ​the​ ​end​ ​of​ ​it. 

resurrectionofdawn  asked:

Clint&mystic being. Before Shield recruitment. Clint's captor gave him a wry smile “I'm not here to hurt you.” She traced the bridge of his nose with one finger. “I just couldn't not try to repay you for helping me.” “Then buy me a card or a fuckin' pizza, not whatever this is” Clint spat, some of the fog in his mind lifting. He cursed, managing a feeble twitch of his arms. The archer felt himself slipping away, her face seeming a great distance from him. “Just rest, it'll be okay."

treasures untold, mermaid!Darcy/Clint (T)

Okay, so I was totally stumped with this one, not gonna lie.

But then @paranoidwino reminded me that it’s MerMay and the plot bunnies took over (I thought this one was going to be short, and the muse just laughed and laughed). I hope you like it :D

tw: very, very brief threat of sexual assault

Now on AO3! It would mean a lot if you could leave a comment.

It was Clint’s first job in collections. At least, that’s what the mob boss had called it. He’d laughed uproariously at his own joke, and everyone else had laughed too, even though no one thought it was funny. Clint didn’t understand why people did that, but he went along with it. He was smart enough to know that he had to keep these people happy if he wanted to get paid. And he was so very hungry.

So he kept his head down and didn’t ask questions. They were headed to the docks, to a warehouse owned by some weird collector guy. Clint didn’t know why they were going there or what they were gonna steal—his job was just to provide backup. He double, triple, and quadruple-checked his bow and arrows, just to make sure they were all there and accounted for. No one made fun of him for his weapon anymore. Not after he put an arrow through the last guy’s hand who tried to hit him.

Once they got to the warehouse, Clint decided that he really should have asked more questions. It was full of the most beautiful, strange, and terrifying creatures he had ever seen. And they were all alive.

The other guys spread out quickly, searching for whatever it was that their boss wanted. Clint tried hard to keep lookout and not get distracted by all the weirder animals, but some of it was just insane. Then he heard a shout of excitement, and couldn’t help but turn and look.

It was one of the thugs, a particularly mean one, who was leering at what appeared to be a—mermaid? Clint rubbed his eyes, sure that he must have been hallucinating. But no, when he looked again she was still there. The mermaid was trapped in some kind of aquarium, just big enough to contain her contorted limbs. She looked young, around his age, and had long brown hair. Her tail was a mixture of shimmery blues and greens, and seemed to shift colors in the light. She was…terrified. She was utterly terrified, and without thinking Clint moved closer.

“—that’s a pretty mouth you got there, you little freak. I wonder, would you like to know how a man tastes?” the thug asked, pulling at his belt buckle.

Clint’s hand tightened on his bow, and in a flash he’d knocked an arrow and pointed it at the asshole. “Leave her alone,” he ordered, grateful that his voice didn’t shake. He definitely wouldn’t be getting paid after this. Looking at the terrified woman, he couldn’t bring himself to regret it. She was staring at him, too, and placed a palm flat against the glass between them.

The man laughed, pulling Clint’s attention back to him. “What are you gonna do about it, you little punk?”

“You really shouldn’t have said that,” Clint mocked, and released his arrow. Then, all hell broke loose.

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binktop-nikiforovv  asked:

Hey, can you please rec me some fics with a lot of Blaise in it? I love Blaise being a good friend, a terrible flirt or just his witty & funny self. I searched your tags and masterlist, but couldn't find any. Can you please help? Thanks in advance 😊



How I Met Your Father (dracogotgame)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 95.5k, Summary: Harry sits his kids down and tells them a story. A very long story.

Written On The Heart (who_la_hoop)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 113.9k, Summary: Harry doesn’t mind that so many Slytherins from his year have returned to finish their NEWTs, really he doesn’t. It’s just – do they have to be so friendly? He’s not prejudiced, really he’s not. It’s just – they’ve got to be up to something, right? Unnerved by the attention he’s attracting from everyone – the Slytherins are the least of it, to be fair – and struggling with a raft of changes to Hogwarts itself, Harry wishes he could be happy that one constant remains: Draco Malfoy really fucking hates him. When he’s hit by an illegal love-spell though, Harry finds he has more to worry about than whether or not Blaise Zabini actually wants to be his friend. For if everyone affected has been blessed – or cursed, by the look on Malfoy’s face – with a magical tattoo revealing the name of their soulmate, what does it mean that Harry’s skin remains completely bare?

Get Some (sara_holmes)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 81.2k, Summary: Harry is getting rather fed up with everyone treating him differently after the war, and catches hold of the one person who doesn’t seem to care about his hero status.

We Are Young (I’ll Carry You Home Tonight) (@femmequixotic​)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 68.8k, Summary: Harry and Draco have been falling into bed on and off again since the last election five years ago, much to the amusement - and financial gain - of their circle of friends.

The Darklist (dysonrules)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 87,481, Summary: When Draco Malfoy, wanted criminal, strolled into the Ministry to give himself up, he seemed destined for Azkaban until he offered to hand over information to avert an upcoming crime. Of course, he refused to divulge that knowledge to anyone but Harry Potter.

A Dare Is A Wish (Your Heart Makes) (panicparade)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 12k, Summary: Draco waits as Blaise takes his time, downing Pansy’s shot and leaning back in his chair with his arms crossed behind his head, “I dare you to seduce a man of my choosing.”
“A dare, Blaise, really? Are we twelve again?” Draco smirks, ignoring the slight interest he feels in the dare. It has been quite a while since he last faced a challenge.

The Magic of the Holidays, or, How I Survived the Gringotts Holiday Helpdesk (@noeeon​)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 14k, Summary: Draco’s an Assistant Cursebreaker at Gringotts, Harry’s an Auror. They receive the unwanted task of troubleshooting malfunctioning magical objects at the Gringotts holiday help desk. Together. The only question is whether they will kill each other before the magical objects succeed in killing them.

Draco and Harry’s Illicit Affair (and how Blaise Zabini wants nothing to do with it) (veterization)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 8.4k, Summary: Blaise has the luck to stumble upon his friend romping around in Potter’s pants. Multiple times.

1,000 Points For Gryffindor (@blithelybonny)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 25.1k, Summary: The story of how Harry Potter single-handedly lost Gryffindor the House Cup while attempting to have a “normal” year at Hogwarts. Featuring Harry’s suspicious nature turned up to eleven again, a new DADA teacher who is so not here for Harry’s fame, multiple detentions, Slytherins being sneaky, Hufflepuffs being sneakier, and the mystery of Draco Malfoy’s hoodie because seriously Hermione who gave that to him and is he wearing it just to torment me? This is ridiculous!

Antediluvia (@lol-zeitgeistic)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 56.4k, Summary: Everyone always forgets about the Merpeople. So did Harry until the day his, Lee’s, and Hermione’s Portkeys land at Reagan National Airport’s Arrivals dais. He’s just had to leave a job he loves and pack his entire life—literally—into his luggage. Then Malfoy and his subplots arrive, and suddenly, saving the world again, one Mermaid at a time, sounds like the perfect excuse to do something he’s always wanted.

Late Bloomers (thistle_verse)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 12.9k, Summary: Harry always thought he had a pretty satisfying array of sexual fantasies, until he stumbles upon the Mirror of Erised again and sees himself getting banged senseless by Draco Malfoy. Now he can’t stop thinking about it, and that summer almost twenty years ago when he’d come to know Malfoy very well indeed. It’s all he can think about, with his cock in his hand and his breath turning uneven. That image of them in the mirror. There’s no room for any other fantasies, not inside this crowding, humming hunger. He wants Malfoy. He wants Malfoy all over, inside him, everywhere. He wants Malfoy to take, and take, and then, afterward, to give everything back in a different order.

Strangeness And Charm (@drarrytrash)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 45.8k, Summary: One November night during his eighth year at Hogwarts, Draco ends up in the forbidden forest. That’s how it starts.or: If two boys fall in love in a magical forest, does it still make a sound?

This Summer (saras_girl)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 39.2k, Summary: This is a summery romantic comedy featuring my favourite ensemble cast, in which Harry is confused, Draco is Draco, and Hermione attempts to eat all the things.

Right Hand Red (lumosed_quill)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 73.1k, Summary: Harry felt Malfoy’s breath on his lips as they came together over the bottle, hands firmly planted on the floor as though they each needed their familiar soil, refusing to cross into enemy territory. Except that Malfoy no longer felt like his enemy. Malfoy felt inevitable.

Erosmancy (astolat)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 11k, Summary: Blaise was immune to whatever it was people usually felt around his mother, for which he was profoundly grateful, since no one needed an Oedipal complex on quite that spectacular a scale, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have a thorough respect for her gift.

Turn (Saras_Girl)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 306k, Summary: One good turn always deserves another. Apparently.

Ligabus Filium (tessacrowley)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 41.5k, Summary: It should be careful, deliberate, but it isn’t. Like every other part of their relationship, it happens gradually and then all at once, before they even realize it. And when the little blue threads bind them together, there’s no going back. Content/Warnings: BDSM

Who Shagged Harry Potter? (faithwood)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 6.4k, Summary: One beautiful sunny Sunday the Slytherins wake up after a raunchy night only to discover a very naked Harry Potter sleeping in their dormitory. Naturally, they ask themselves a logical question: Who the hell shagged him?

One Of Life’s Little Miracles (SPowell)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 16.7k, Summary: Draco never expected to get pregnant from his one-off with Harry Potter. Harry made it very plain that the whole thing was a big mistake, so there’s no way Draco’s going to tell Harry about the baby. Draco tells his mother it’s Blaise’s instead, but Blaise is in a relationship and not very happy about that. Content/Warnings: MPreg

The Pure And Simple Truth (lettered)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 65k, Summary: Harry, Draco, and Hermione go to a pub. Harry, Draco, and Pansy go to a pub. Harry, Draco, Pansy, and Hermione go to a pub. Harry, Draco, Hermione and Ron go to a pub. Harry, Draco, Hermione, Ron, and Pansy―you guessed it―go to a pub. I could go on. In fact, I did. Harry, Draco, Hermione, Pansy, Ron, Blaise, Luna, Goyle, Neville, and Theodore Nott go to a pub. In various combinations.

Like A Star Across My Sky (lumosed_quill, sdk)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 24.3k, Summary: When Draco discovers Harry Potter is his new landlord, he’s convinced he’s going to lose his shop. When Harry discovers Draco Malfoy’s been invited on his friends’ annual ski trip, he’s certain his holiday is ruined. This is the story about how neither one of them is right.

The Best Laid Plans (cassie_black)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 8.5k, Summary: Pansy Parkinson’s got a plan. It doesn’t work out quite like she expected.

Boom Clap (The Sound Of My Heart) (femmequixotic, noeon)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 40k, Summary: Post-war Hogwarts has been energized by its new teaching fellows program. Where once bitter enmity divided the wizarding community, Malfoy and Potter chummily patrol hallways together whilst Granger and Zabini seek lost parts of the castle at McGonagall’s behest and Chang supervises Quidditch when not lecturing in Charms. It’s a veritable wizarding utopia and life is predictable for the first time in years. Which is, of course, when everything blows apart as the result of a drunken dare and Malfoy’s life is ruined beyond his capacity to repair it. Ever. In a million years.

There’s Something About Harry (megyal)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 5.9k, Summary: Magazine feature articles are commonplace for Draco Malfoy until he manages to get an exclusive on one Harry Potter: rings of fire, binding, charity-work, CHILDREN! Life will never be the same again.

I’ll Be Good For You (Burning_Up_A_Sun)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 7.2k, Summary: Harry swears his naked calendar will outsell Draco’s naked calendar. They snark over their bad break up, and then, well, it is the Draco tops Harry fest…

Broken 3B

“Steve, Bucky” You exclaimed stepping back in surprise to be met with the two towering men, you knew in your heart that you didn’t have anything to be afraid of from them, but your head hadn’t caught up and your found yourself stepping backwards.

“Y/N” Steve said as he reached his arms out to take you in them crushing you to him. You were glad that he couldn’t see your face as the bone crushing hug caused some of your bruises to ache.

“Is everything ok” You ask softly still crushed to him.

“You tell me” He moved you away from him to look into your eyes, “I haven’t been able to get a hold of you for a month, Nat hasn’t heard from or seen you either” it was almost like he was trying to read your mind.

“I’m sorry Steve” You said softly, “My phone broke” you shrugged your shoulders weakly.

“Y/N, That explains why you weren’t answering your calls from me, But what about Nat, you could have seen her, had her let me know, I have been worried sick” He told you sternly.

“I’m sorry Stevie” You said in a small voice, you blinked back tears. You never meant to have your brother worry over you, and you heard Brock’s voice echoing in your head harshly Not even your brother cares about you, he would have found a way to check up on you by now. He is to busy with his new family, baby on the way. All you have is me sweetheart get used to it. “I was going to get a new phone today after work” You told him biting your lip.

“Cricket, I just don’t worry me like that again. I know a month not to hear from me may not be much for you, but I couldn’t help but worry that with everything that just happened with Bucky, that something happened to you and when Nat hadn’t heard from you either I panicked” he told you giving you a half smile.

“Everything is fine Stevie” You assured him as he pulled you into another hug, “Except I am late for work” You muttered.

“Call in” You heard a voice behind your brother and only then did your brain catch up with the situation Bucky was also here.

“Bucky” You said softly pulling out of your brother’s grip to move around and look at him. His hair was longer than you had ever seen it and he had a day or two of stubble on his jaw, he looked good your brain informed you and you willed yourself not to blush. Bucky had always been handsome, he was the subject of your teenage crush and forbidden due to the fact that he had been Steve’s best friend. “Are you feeling ok, should you have been traveling, are you tired, do you need to rest”

“Slow down peanut” Bucky told you with his easy smile and you were glad he could still smile like that, “Not even the loss of an arm can keep me down, Someone has to look after this punk”

“Jerk” You heard your brother mutter under his breath but you knew there was a smile on his face. You felt yourself ease up around them and their easy banter with each other it was almost like old times.

“Steve, can I borrow your phone” You ask shyly, and other than the raised eyebrow he gave you he dug it out of his pocket and handed it to you. “How long are you guys going to be here” You questioned.

“Three days” Steve told you with a smile, “And I expect that you will keep me company” He told you seriously. You nodded as you dialed your works number, speaking quickly with your supervisor you hung up and handed the phone carefully back to Steve. “Well” he ask you and Bucky gave you a smirk.

“I have the next three days off” you told them softly, “As I never take any time”

“What is wrong with you Roger's” Bucky ask shaking his head.

“We all can’t slack off Jerk” Steve told him causing you to giggle, you were so used to this argument between them anytime Bucky wanted to play hookey from school and Steve didn’t feel like he could miss any time.

“Um, why don’t you guys come in and let me change my clothes” You told giving them an unsure smile. You knew they wouldn’t find anything amiss just by coming into the home itself, but the last thing you wanted Steve and Bucky knowing was how your life was with Brock. You didn’t want them to be disappointed in you, and you knew it sounded funny even to yourself, but you didn’t want them to know that your behavior warranted Brock keeping you in line. “Please have a seat in the living room I’ll just be a moment” You said rushing up stairs.

You changed in less than five minutes picking out a pair of jeans that covered the bruises on your thighs, and a three quarter length shirt that covered the hand print that wrapped itself around your left bicep. You picked your shoes up and carried them back down stairs to place in the closet with the rest of your shoes and pulled out your worn sneakers slipping them on. “I’m ready” you said softly coming into the living room you were looking at your toes and missed the look that Bucky and Steve gave each.

“Yeah I want to stop first off at Mom’s house, and bring our luggage in and then we can check out the town see how its changed” Steve told you and you smiled.

“Sure Stevie anything you want” You told him as you picked your keys from the key hook by the door. “I am going to follow you over so you don’t have to bring me back home later” you told him and Bucky softly.

“We don’t mind Peanut” Bucky told you smiling.

“I know, just don’t want to be an inconvenience” You told him honestly.

It wasn’t a long drive from Brock’s to where your mother’s house was, and as much as you wanted to spend time with your brother and Bucky you were terrified they would find something off. You knew in your heart of hearts that what Brock did was wrong, but you had been living with it for so long you sometimes questioned if he wasn’t right that if you were a better girlfriend that none of the things that happened would happen. Before you knew it you were pulling up beside your brother in the driveway and getting out of the car. You were glad that you paid a neighbor to mow the grass and keep the yard neat, and Steve insisted that he pay to keep the electric on even though you had tried to argue with him when you had moved out. You followed them both up the walkway and Steve unlocked the door pushing it open. You saw the dust pick up.

“How long has it been since you have been here y/n” Steve ask you as he let out a cough.

“A long time” You told him softly, “I just, I couldn't” Bucky put his right arm around your shoulder pulling you to him.

“It’s ok Peanut” He told you softly, and you couldn’t help but frown.

“Must you still call me Peanut I am almost 30 years old Bucky”

“And you will always be my little peanut” He told you laughing

“And my cricket” Steve called from down the hallway.

“Honestly you two” You couldn’t help but smile as Bucky had taken off after Steve down the hallway you trailing behind them. It didn’t take them long to put their stuff down. The house you grew up in was three bedrooms and two bath it was extravagant, the rooms were small but it was home and you had loved it.

“it ok if I sleep in your room peanut” Bucky ask you bringing you out of you thoughts, “I don’t feel right sleeping in Ma’s room” He told you lowly. You smiled at that, your mother always insisted that Bucky call her Ma, as he was at your guy’s house more than he was at his own.

“I’m not using it Bucky” You told him just as softly, “Knock yourself out”

“What do you guys say we head to town, Bucky and I can see how it has changed” Steve said breaking up the quiet moment. You were a bit nervous to go to town, you really didn’t want any of Brock’s friends or he himself to spy you, but you would do it for Steve. “I already called Natasha, She said she and Clint would love to have lunch with us”

“Clint still working for his old man” Bucky ask you.

“No he retired not to long ago, left everything to Clint and moved South” You told them both, “Barton Garage has boomed in business as soon as Clint took over, he even made an apartment over the garage, much to Nat’s displeasure” You chuckled.

Walking around the town in between Steve and Bucky was almost like nothing had changed. You felt lighter than you had in years, like nothing could harm you while you had these two at your side. Bucky hadn’t talked about his arm, you could tell he was wearing a prosthetic but only because you knew he had lost his left arm in the accident, he was in long sleeves and no one seemed to pay it any mind. You did notice he didn’t use his left arm much, you wanted to ask but at the same time you didn’t want to upset him. You had been wondering around since 10 am and it was nearing 1 now when you heard Steve’s stomach rumble, “Maybe we should get lunch” You suggested.

“Yeah sounds good, let me just give Nat a call” Steve told you, “Or would you like to talk to her” He ask offering you his phone. You knew it would seem weird if you didn’t just on the chance. Nat and you had been thicker than thieves just like he and Bucky. You took the phone from him dialing the number by heart.

“Hey Steve” Nat said answering the phone.

“It’s not Steve its me” You told her softly.

“Where in the hell have you been missy” Nat ask raising her voice.

“Sorry Nat, my phone broke” you told her and winced as she let out a few words in her native Russian , “You and clint ready for lunch” You ask softly.

“Yeah, Pizza” She ask

“Normal place” You countered.

“In ten, and Y/N, strait afterwards we are going to pick you up a phone” She hung up on you giving you no room to argue.

“She said Clint and she would meet us at Pro's” You told them.

“What else did she say” Steve ask smiling,

“That we were going phone shopping right after” You told him shrugging.

“That sounds like a good idea” Bucky nodded his head, “Now lets go before Stevie’s stomach eats a hole through itself.” as all three of you chuckled.

It was an enjoyable lunch, Clint was updating Steve and Bucky on the comings and goings of the shop, and you didn’t have to add to much to the conversation you could just take it all in. You were sitting crammed in between Bucky and Steve in the booth with Natasha and Clint on the other side. Before you knew it lunch was over and everyone was fighting over who was going to pay the bill, well minus you and Natasha. Natasha was just laughing at them and you gave her a small smile. You had missed her company more than you realized, and Clint’s as well. You also were having a hard time wrapping your head around the fact that your brother and Bucky had came all this way to check on you.

“While you boys fight over the check, you can meet Y/N and I over at the phone store” Natasha told them as she got up gracefully out of the booth and pulled Steve out of the booth so that you could get out, “Come on Y/N” Nat said pulling you out the door of the restaurant.

It didn’t take you long to walk to Verizon from the restaurant and Natasha kept giving you looks. “Is everything OK with you and Brock” she ask you softly.

You gave her a soft smile and the lie slide off your tongue so easily, “Of course”

“Just, don’t disappear on me like that again” She told you softly and you knew that it was a big deal coming from her, she didn’t express emotions easily and no wonder she wanted to leave the guys behind to talk to you, “You’ve been my best friend since kindergarten, and I was worried”

“I’m sorry, really Tasha my phone was broke, and I just have been busy and hadn’t replaced it yet” She gave you a look like she didn’t 100% believe you but was going to drop it for now.

Once you got into the store, you had to bite back a groan you didn’t know how you were going to pay for a new phone, the one you had was three years old, and you had your own phone plan that brock allowed you to pay for out of your paycheck. But anything extra other than your phone bill and car insurance you had to ask him for as your check was deposited into his banking account. Biting your lip you look at all the options as an associate came over to help you, before you could open your mouth Natasha answered for you, “Her phone broke she needs a new one” the associate nodded and ask you questions about how old your own phone was, was it time for an upgrade and you sheepishly shrugged your shoulders.

The associate brought both of you up to the counter before keying in information as she ask you, and then smiled, “You are due an upgrade, which means you can take advantage of some of our specials” She told you bright smile, “We have a new iphone out and we also have a Samsung that is pretty popular.”

“Whatever is cheapest” You mumble a bit embarrassed. The sales associate nodded and looked at the computer screen again.

“Do you use the internet much” the associate ask again looking at the data useage.

“No” you told her honestly, “I just make calls” Natasha gave you an incredulous look as she used her phone for everything.

“we do have a free phone, its not fancy” The associate warned you.

“That’s fine” You told her not looking at Natasha as you felt a presence behind you and jumped when you heard Steve’s voice,

“Any luck finding a phone you like”

“Your sister is being a cheapskate, and getting the free one” she told him matter of factly.

“What” steve said, “But how can I facetime you the baby” He ask you seriously, “If you don’t get another iphone”

“Then I guess you have to send me pictures the old fashioned way” You told him and wanted to roll your eyes.

“Seriously Y/N,” Nat told you, “You work harder than anyone I know, it’s like what 150.00 for the iphone, treat yourself”

“Nat I really don’t have it right now” You told her seriously as you pulled her aside, and away from the counter. While you were talking with Nat you didn’t even realize that Bucky and Steve were speaking with the associate.

Once you had finished speaking with Nat you made your way back to the sales counter and apoligzed to the sales clerk, “I’m sorry about that, if you would just” and before you could finish the associate smiled at you and handed you a phone,

“The box is in the bag” She told you.

“But” You started as she nodded her head over to where Bucky, Steve and Clint was standing.

“Which one of you” You started but Bucky and Steve just smiled at you.

“Not telling” They both said throwing a arm over your shoulder as you walked out of the store. You hugged Natasha and Clint goodbye as Bucky, Steve and yourself made your way back to Steve’s rental car, the plan was to go home and watch movies for the rest of the afternoon as both Steve and Bucky were tired from the flight.

It didn’t take you long to get back to your mother’s and go in and for Bucky to settle on the couch and Steve the recliner sprawling out, Steve had his phone in hand and let you know he was calling Peggy before he kicked back, and Bucky just lay his head back on the arm of the sofa shutting his eyes. You smiled at them both it almost brought you back to old times to see them like this in your living room. “Are you sure you guys wanna watch a movie” You ask stopping near Bucky’s head, “I can go home and come back tomorrow giving you guys time to just rest”

“Yes cause watching a movie is hard work” Bucky told you opening his one eye, “Just get comfortable when Steve gets off the phone with his boss we can watch a movie, Better yet we should pick the movie before he gets off and then he can’t complain” Bucky told you chuckling.

“Star wars” You ask quietly, you knew that while Steve didn’t hate the movies it was not his favorite while you and Bucky could watch a marathon and Bucky nodded. You made your way over to the Television and opened the cabinet where the DVD’s were kept and smiled they were all where you had left them, picking out a new hope you popped it in the player and made your way to sit on the other end of the couch as soon as Steve hung up you hit play and both Bucky and yourself laughed as he groaned. You made it half way through the movie before you felt your eyelids shutting on their own free will.

You awoke with a start sometime later, a blanket was over you and you were laying down on the couch. Squinting your eyes you looked at the time on the Dvd player it said 8pm. You didnt hear any sounds in the house and you quickly got up and moved into the kitchen where you saw a note in Steve’s perfect penmanship

Went to grab dinner. We will be back shortly its 7:45 Now. Bucky says since you feel asleep he gets to pick out what your eating.

You laughed at the last part of the letter, but sighed. You knew Brock would be home, and while you had a normal day today, you knew you would have to go home sooner or later. You grabbed the pen and turned the paper over.

Stay out of trouble you two. Bucky last time you chose what I ate you ordered me frog legs……was not amused so I will have to skip out. I will see you guys in the morning :) Love you both


Little headcanon(s) concerning the time when Toshinori and Izuku had just met each other.

I mean, just imagine this two dorks getting to know each other. They probably were so awkward at first.


When Toshinori gives Izuku his phone number so that they can stay in contact with each other, Izuku nearly faints – this is All Might, giving him his phone number. His idol, casually handing his contact over to Izuku of all people.


Toshinori would be a little bit flabbergasted, perhaps even concerned, about the boy’s strong reaction. He is not All Might right then, after all. All Might may be used to fanboys and fangirls reacting strongly to his mere presence, but Toshinori isn’t. Quite the opposite. In fact, Toshinori can’t really believe how fast Izuku has accepted the fact that All Might is a frail, bony man for most parts.


Also, there is a slightly awkward when they both figure out that Toshinori does not even know Izuku’s name yet. Between saving the boy from the sludge villain – basically saving him twice – and discovering All Might’s biggest secret, they kind of forgot to introduce each other.

Cue in here Izuku fumbling and stumbling over his words while telling his idol his name.


After they start training together, their daily routines changes quite a bit. Not only for Izuku, let me tell you. Sure, Izuku now goes to train before and after school, giving it his all to prepare for the entrance exam, but Toshinori experiences quite a few changes, too. Before, the man had not much to do during the day. He got up as early as he could, watching the news or prowling through the city in search for situations that required All Might’s help. Apart from that – or when he his three hours were used up – there was nothing much for him to do.


Now, though, Toshinori suddenly has a purpose again. Now he gets up early and goes to the beach to watch over his student. He spends as much time at the beach as he can. And even when he’s not with Izuku, he is most of the time worrying about the boy, trying to figure out what to do with him.


Because that’s another large part that has changed – suddenly, he has someone to care for again. He has a student. He, who has no idea how to teach someone, has not only a mere student, he has a successor.

Sometimes, he is very close to calling Gran Torino and ask him how one does train a teenage boy, but he catches himself every time, shuddering at the thought of what his old teacher would say to that.

Even more often, he wishes Nana could be here and tell him what he is supposed to do. How he can be a teacher for the boy.

Both Toshinori and Izuku worry a lot about the situation. Toshinori, for one, half expects the boy to quite. He is fully aware that the training schedule is hellish and that it would be normal for a mere fanboy to just give it up, call it a day.

But the boy doesn’t and every time Toshinori arrives at the beach and sees Izuku training without him needing to tell him to do so, the flicker of pride in his chest gets a little bit stronger.


Izuku, on the other hand, is constantly worried that All Might could give up on him. After all, it’s All Might – the hero surely has better to do than watch over a useless, quirkless boy like him. For sure the Number One could find a more suitable successor.

But All Might doesn’t give up on him, doesn’t look for another successor. And every time Izuku sees either the muscled hero or his scrawny real self, waiting at the beach for him, he smiles a bit less hesitantly and a bit happier than before.


And slowly but surely, the worry becomes less and less, because both of them realize – they are not going to quit. Both of them will see this through – together.

They can do this.

Just… two lovable dorks getting to know each other. I would have loved to see more of that

Dark Obsessions PART 4 OF 4- A BTS Jungkook X Reader fanfic

Dark Obsessions part 4 of 4 Final.

Part 1. 

Part 2.

Part 3.

Note: Finally! Hi everyone, so it’s all up. This is the final part and it feels a bit sad finishing this fanfic but no matter how hard it was to write, I enjoyed it and it was worth it in the end. I know I said I would hopefully upload on friday but this week has been hectic and my exams come first and I didn’t want to rush it so here it is anyway. Lastly a huge HUGE thank you, I know I keep saying this, but I will say it again, thank you to everyone who has read Dark Obsessions, it makes my day ten times better knowing someone read my writing and liked it. Thankyou so much ily and enjoy part 4 ~ Fighting!!! ~ Zinny 

Dedicated to @bts-sugatrash and @namsjxms for inspiring me to write this.

Rated: M, read at your own risk.

Genre: Smut, Rough-ish, little bit of angst and fluff.

Word count: 14,319

Your heart froze and when you thought it couldn’t get any worse it could.

“I still love you Jungkook,” she sobbed into the phone, “Why? Why did you leave me again? I-I love you Jungkook,” she sniffled again, “I…I had an abortion for you.”

The phone dropped onto the floor and your blood ran cold, your whole world burning and crashing around you.


One, single word.



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Mommy's First Hero
  • Little do the egg and toaster know that they've influenced each others lives far longer than they realize.;D
  • -------------------------------
  • Bully 1: Where'd that little shrimp go? He owes me 1000¥ More for lunch.
  • Bully 2: He's probably near the playground!
  • Bully 3: Let's go!
  • -As they rush off towards the park, from around the corner of a building he peaked to check if the coast was clear.-
  • Genos: [-sighs-] Finally. I thought they'd never leave.
  • -Yet again, Genos was having his lunch in hiding from his usual band of bullies who liked to pick on him.-
  • Genos: [-sits down on the steps of the building he'd taken shelter in, having a small bento with the usual rice and pickeled raddishes his mother made for him.-] I can't believe they'd actually beat me for something like this everyday....Well, I better savor this since this'll likely be the only trip I'll ever take outside of home.
  • -As he ate his humble lunch, he couldn't help but enjoy his rare solitude as he watched a few birds fly over him towards a tree. As he felt like he could relax for a while, his guard immediately went up as the door behind him opened.-
  • Saitama: Ugh, what a pain in the ass. That teacher really doesn't know the meaning of mercy, does he?
  • -Genos blinked as he looked up at the tall guy who came out of the building. He was a rather ordinary looking student, most likely a freshman. He had jet-black hair and very comfortable jersey, with an expression that seemed lackluster as he stared gloomily at a test paper in his hand.-
  • Saitama: Hm? What's a kid doing here? You lost?
  • -He blinked as he looked down at him with a disinterested yet curious gaze. But before he could answer, he heard those kids from before hooting about getting some snacks from some elementary kids, and quickly dashed behind him to hide.-
  • Saitama: Hm? [-He blinked as he looked at him using his legs like a wall, and watched as three burly boys came running towards the small park on the opposite side of the campus.-]...Ah, I see.
  • -Having figured out what was up, he decided to help him out.-
  • Saitama: Follow me. I'll show you a good place...
  • -Blinking in confusion, he simply did as the young man told him and followed him. The "good place" he was talking about was the roof of one of the campus buildings overlooking the city. The two of them sat on the ledge, looking out at the view while Genos continued to finish his lunch.-
  • Genos: Thanks for showing me this place, Mister.
  • Saitama: Don't call me "Mister." I ain't old. [-he growled with annoyance.-] And it's no big deal. I've been through that kind of stuff growing up, so I know it's best to go to places that are high and secluded.
  • -As Genos eats his food, Saitama hums as he stares a the sky, kicking his feet back and forth.-
  • Saitama: So~ You kids out here for a field trip, or something? I've never seen your face around here before, so I assume your not from around here.
  • Genos: [-nods as he finishes his first few bites-] It's to see the difference between a rural enviroment and an urban one.
  • Saitama: [-gags at the sound of that-] I always hated those kinds of field trips since they always expected us to write something insightful.
  • -Genos blinked at this reaction and couldn't help but snicker before finishing his last few bites. He was sure funny for a guy who was older than him.-
  • Genos: [-claps his hands-] Thank you for the food.
  • -Saitama, now lying on his side looks up as Genos closes his bento up and wrap it back in its scarf.-
  • Saitama: Well, come on. I better get you back to your group before some teacher nags me for taking a brat up to the roof like this. Wouldn't want them to get the wrong idea like I kidnapped you or something...
  • -As he brushed the dust and debris off his pants, Genos looked up at him curiously.-
  • Genos: Why did you help me earlier? Didn't you have to go somewhere?
  • Saitama: Huh? What makes you say that?
  • -He points to his test paper, which he looks at curiously.-
  • Genos: It says on the note that you were supposed to report to that teacher immediately-OWCH! [-whimpers as he knocks his head with the knuckle of his fist.-]
  • Saitama: It's rude to look at adult's stuff like that.[-miffed at the kids creepily observant yet blunt response.-]
  • Genos: ...Sorry.
  • Saitama: As for why I helped you out...[-He crumpled the paper into his pocket-] It's like I said. I was in your shoes growing up. It wasn't really my business, but it would have left a bad taste in my mouth to just leave you like that...the way most people did for me...
  • -Hearing such a simple reason brought a smile to his face as he nodded. Although there were a lot of shitty people like the three bullies, there were still some guys who weren't all that bad like this man.-
  • Genos: ...I see. Thank you, Mister.
  • Saitama: I told you not to call me "Mister." [-He grumbled.-]
  • -Some Years Later-
  • -As the Minis watch TV with reports on heroes saving a town, Gou looks up at Genos as he sits in his lap.-
  • Gou: Mommy, was Daddy 'always' your hero?
  • -He looked up as Saitama scolded Roku for trying to knock the controller out of his brother's hand with a flame pellet.-
  • Genos: ...Mm, Well he reminded me of someone who was my 'first' hero after he took me in as his disciple...but let's keep that a secret, okay?
  • -Gou smiled and nodded as they continued to watch TV together.-
Exo's Reaction to you filming them


*Minseok was in the game room with some of the boys while you were in the living room watching a movie with Kyungsoo since you two didn't want to play. You got up to go to the bathroom and as you pass by the game room you see the boys were doing something funny. You decide to record them so then you could show your friend. As you were filming, Minseok noticed you. He started making funny faces at the camera as you zoom in on his face.*


*Today Luhan asked you to come to his interview with him so you agreed. You sit in the crowd as the interview starts. You decide to film some of the interview since it’s the first one you’ve ever been to with Luhan. As you were filming it, Luhan looks for you in the crowd and as he sees you and notices that you were filming him, he does this (gif).*


*You were out shopping with Kris. You were deciding between two outfits and didn’t know which one to pick. You asked Kris but he didn’t know either since he thought you looked good in both of them. So you decide to ask your friend. You told Kris to hold the outfit while you make a quick video of it on snapchat. As you were recording the video of the outfit before it ended you quickly point the camera at Kris. He didn’t know what to do at first but then he just does this (gif).*


*Your friend had a performance today but you couldn't make it since both you and Suho had a busy schedule. You decided to make a video to cheer her on. As you were filming it Suho walks in so you turn to the camera to point at him and tell him to say something. You caught him by surprise so he didn’t know what to say so all he does is this (gif) and then laughs and gets out of the camera frame.*


*You were on vacation with Lay in Hawaii. You promised your parents to send them a video of the place you were staying at since they’ve never been there. As you were filming, you pass by Lay on the bed with his eyes closed. You giggle and start to film him since you knew he wasn’t sleeping.*

Y/N: “Hey Lay.”

*He opens his eyes and waves at the camera and then closes his eyes again.*


*You two were out walking and enjoying a beautiful day. You guys were talking about what you guys were going to do today but then all of a sudden it’s quiet between you two. So you decide to be funny and start filming him. You pretend to be a paparazzi and start asking him random question.*

Y/N: “So Baekhyun from Exo, we’ve noticed that you wear a lot of eyeliner during concerts and interviews. Do you like yourself with eyeliner or without eyeliner better?”

*As you finish your question, he laughs and decides to play along. He stops walking and looks straight at the camera and while smiling answer your question (gif).*


*Every week you do a V app broadcast in which Chen sometimes appears in. Today you accompanied the boys to a radio interview. You stayed outside of the recording room and did your weekly broadcast.  Some of the viewers said they wanted to see Chen so you secretly start to film him through the window. The secret filming doesn’t last long as he notices that you were pointing the camera at him. Since he knew you that you were doing your V app broadcast he smiles and happily waves at the camera (ft. D.O).*


*You were on set with Chanyeol. While he was filming you stayed backstage. When he was on break, you grabbed a camera and pretended to be a cameraman. He laughs as you start to film him and plays along with it by explaining the set and what he was working on.*


*You two were home waiting for the boys to arrive since you and Kyungsoo made dinner for them. As you two were waiting you decided to be funny and film Kyungsoo while preparing the table and ask him about the dinner you two just made.*

Y/N: “Tell us chef what have you prepared for our special guests?”

*He looks at the camera and just does this (gif) and then continues to set the table. You laugh at the fact that he completely ignored the question you just asked him.*


*You went to the practice room with Tao to watch him and the boys practice. After only practicing once you see Tao sit down in the corner. You thought he looked funny so you walked up to him.*

Y/N: *while filming him* “What are you doing over here?”

Tao: *looks up at you* “For some reason I feel tired today. I think it’s because you’re here…”

*You can’t help but laugh at what he just said.*


*Kai wanted to take a walk around the neighborhood so you decided to accompany him. As you two were walking it started to rain so you just run to a little bench where the rain couldn’t hit you guys. As you two were waiting for the rain to stop, Kai started to do weird dances and noises that you for some reason found hilarious. So you decide to film him so this moment would last a little longer. When he sees you filming him, he laughs and sits on the bench.*

Kai: “Why are you filming me?”

*While laughing you tell him to keep doing what he was doing but he just looked at you and started to laugh with you.*


*You guys were chilling in the living room while watching a movie. The movie ended so you guys started talking about embarrassing and funny things that has happened to you all. You decided to tell the guys an embarrassing moment that Sehun had with you the other day. After you tell them the story Sehun wouldn’t look at you. You thought this was hilarious so you filmed him.*

Y/N: *while laughing* “Oppa, are you mad?”

*Since he knew he was being filmed he just imitates your laugh while looking at the camera and then looks back at the guys.*

Falling - Unknown/MC College AU Fluff Fanfic

The higher you build walls around your heart, the harder you fall when someone tears them down.

Sooo… I got very distracted while trying to write the last chapter of EP and… wrote two Unknown fics instead? The first one is unfinished, and the other one is this, a strange college AU lol. I’d actually like to do more with this setting if I get time…

Warning: Spoilers concerning Unknown & Seven’s route below

Summary: College AU where Saeran and Saeyoung are roommates both studying computer science and MC lives on the same floor. 13+ total fluff lol. Spoilers if you haven’t played Seven’s route yet (if you couldn’t already tell whoops).

“Saeyoung’s not here,” Saeran tells the girl standing in the doorway of the dorm room he shares with his brother.

“I… know,” she says, shifting her weight. “I wanted to talk to you, actually. Do you mind if I come in?”

A little confused, he opens the door wider to let her in and then closes it behind her. Usually she brings her laptop with her and sits on the floor by Saeyoung’s bed to go over assignments and concepts she doesn’t understand, but today she hasn’t brought anything and instead perches on the edge of Saeran’s bed beside his laptop.

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