i couldn't handle myself

I just reached the episode about Clay’s tape (finally, it was Tape 9 in the book I swear not Tape 11) and I have to stop the binge watch now because I am so drained, I think I’ve cried a river of tears. Just like when I read the book, I’ve never felt so sorry for someone as when Clay finds out he’s only there because Hannah needed him to hear her story; she needed him to know why. It wrecks me every time.

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If this is going where we think it’s going, we might end up getting a scene where Robert promises Aaron he’ll visit him every day he can, and wait for him, and that he can’t wait to share his house with his husband, and Aaron biting his lip and shedding silent tears as they tell each other they love each other and Robert goes home broken and Aaron lies in a cell, with no more tears to cry, missing the place on his finger where his wedding ring used to be.

i finally got to watch black swan yesterday and i’m still so emotionally shaken by it

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Honestly??? You're just so cool it's unfair. You're neato. Have you been drinking water recently?

Nope but I just ate about 15 pickles and I think I can taste death.

I'm almost crying ...
  • Alan: *saddened look*
  • Eric: why do you look so upset * worried look*
  • Alan: Eric... *tear slides down cheek*
  • Eric: * rushes over and hugs Alan * what's wrong?
  • Alan: *hides himself in Eric's arms*
  • Eric: you can tell me Alan what's wrong?
  • Alan: I-I know how she feels... *tears* I don't want to be alone, I want you to stay with me, always, please... *pleading and crying*
  • Eric: * hugs tighter * what are you talking about ?
  • Alan: whenever you left... I-I cried myself
  • asleep... I couldn't handle being alone, i-it's my biggest fear! *cries* I just don't want to die alone! *clings to Eric*
  • Eric : * tear runs down cheek* shhh Alan it's ok calm down I'm here I won't leave you

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My parents were out of town so my bf spent the night w/ me. I woke up the next morning to him feeling on my pussy. He took my panties off and pulled me on top of him. We fucked like that until he came. I told him to come get in the shower. We were both naked with water dripping down us, so that turned I on even more. But when he bent me over to slide his dick in my ass & fuck me so hard, I couldn't handle myself (he's never been able to fuck me in the ass bc I was too tense) BEST MORNING EVER!!

so I was rewatching the misfits with my cousin last night and for some strange reason i began to cry when monty and marilyn were having their chat outside of the bar and he was telling her about his family and stuff. it was so heartbreaking. not sure why i didn’t hit me like this before. i mean, two beautiful lost souls having this “candid" conversation as if it were real and him just resting his head on her lap was simply the best. just ugh!