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could this be earth, could this be light?

today has very much been a “why am i allowed to live alone unsupervised?” day.

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Thoughts on B.A.P's schedule looks

Tbh, it looks pretty good so far to me. I know a lot of people disagree, but we are entitled to our own opinions. It’s not super heavy, in my opinion, but then again to me baps concert schedules have never looked too ridiculous (my ex when touring the east coast just as an opening act had to perform more or less every night for two weeks straight at one point) I think that having the album release before the tour will be a good way to mitigate between the need to appease Korean fans and the desire to grow the international fanbase. Also these concerts apparently involve less physical strain on the boys what with the djshows and the “more interacting with fans than performing” bits from the announcement

(Also I am coming from the standpoint of a secret Stan, and seeing what TS did to them makes this a lot easier for me. When Secret started making less money, and bap started to bring in more, TS all but scrapped secret, letting their fanbase everywhere solely die off with comebacks once a year if we’re lucky, and rare poorly managed solo comebacks as well. A lot of people blame sunhwa, but I don’t think it was entirely her doing given the general nonexistence of solo promotions with any regularity. It sucks, but if bap stops making TS oodles of money, they’ll be thrown in the basement and forgotten about like secret. Then, like secret, they’ll have no choice but to recontract with TS bc they’re “old news” to other entertainment agencies. Right now, baps international fanbase is enough to earn them credit elsewhere, even if it will be harder)

Imagine Woozi Finding Out You’re Pregnant

For anon who requested this.


Y/N: Jihoon, I’m having a baby. You’re gonna be a daddy!

Jihoon: I’m sorry miss but I think you’ve got the wrong person.

Y/N: Quit playing. I know you’re-

Jihoon:-Min, Min Yoongi. Pleasure to meet you. Now if you excuse me I have to get going. My group, BTS, not Seventeen, has a concert soon and I have to go. Bye!

Y/N: I know it’s you, Jihoon!

Jihoon:*sweats nervously* Uh…..bultaoreune?

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going to a concert with calum where you guys are kind of acquainted but not really friends; and you’re standing on your tiptoes trying to see the band over the masses of heads in your way but you’re just not tall enough and you’re just a bit too far. you lay your hand gingerly on calum’s shoulder to try to gain a better vantage point, hoping he won’t notice, but he turns to you and frowns slightly, before moving in front of you. at first you can’t help but be offended, but then he ducks down a bit and positions his hands near the base of his back as if to carry you, and turns back towards you, eyes crinkling a bit at the corners as he smiles, before mouthing, “hop on.” 

(Trans) WINNER’s ending speech at their first concert in Seoul Day 1

SH: “I’ll go first. After our hiatus ended, we did lots of interviews and they asked ‘what did u do during the hiatus’ very often. We didn’t do much. We didn’t think about our future, whatnot. We were able to live through that because of all of you. I wondered if being a singer was right for me but singing onstage today made me realize that it is. Thank you so much and I’ll always perform.”

MH: “During the hiatus and preparing our album and promoting individually, I wanted to be with all of our fans, all together. I’m so thankful. I’m pretty sure I’ll write at least 3 pages in my diary tonight. Stop making us cry we need to sing our new song!

TH: “I thought a lot during the hiatus and above everything I was very lonely. After our debut promotions, I became scared and wondered if we’ll have the opportunities we had. Those lonely thoughts reflected into Sentimental and Baby Baby. I’m not lonely anymore.

JW: “Just like what they said I struggled so much during the hiatus I watched the WWIC dvd and I became so sad. I wanted to sing in front of you. Now that I sang and danced in front of you all I’m so happy. Thank you so much.”

SY: “We weren’t able to show ourselves to you during the hiatus but we were busy because we wanted to impress you. We became trainees again. We made our own songs and we released them and we charted high but I still felt empty. I was so, so thirsty to be onstage. I wanted to look at the faces of our fans and sing to them directly. We acted and went on shows (MH went on SMTM) but I wasn’t satisfied. Each of us may be just a voice in the void but because of you all, we are a family and we are able to sing. Thank you so much everyone.”



I watched Misha eat at a bar for twenty minutes today. I also had the truffle fries, Misha. They were delicious.

A month. It had been going on a month since they’d seen each other.

So naturally Jensen was waiting for him in his hotel room after the concert on Saturday.

“How… did you even… get in here?” Misha ground out between kisses and his own laughter. His hands were full, carrying his jacket, room key, and empty water bottle from the show. He could only weakly brush his knuckles against Jensen’s hips.

Jensen barely paused from his onslaught, slowly turning Misha and guiding him backwards to the bed. “Know the name you checked in under.” Kiss. Shoving at the stuff in his hands. The stuff crashing to the floor. “Know your home address.” Kiss. Jensen’s hands pushing the fabric of his t-shirt away. Grazing of his stomach. “Told them I forgot my key.” Quick kiss. Jensen reaches into his pocket with a smile. “They gave me an extra.”

Misha snorted, dropping onto the bed and pulling Jensen to straddle his lap. “You could have come up with me if you just waited. You didn’t have to lie to the poor desk people.”

Jensen shrugged, settling his arms around Misha’s shoulders. “Not a fan of tense elevator rides. I wanted to be able to touch you when I first saw you. Quicker way to get to this.”

He leaned back in and kissed Misha, gentler this time. Misha smiled against his lips, bringing his hand from Jensen’s hip to his neck, deepening the kiss.

Misha had just passed his tongue over Jensen’s when Jensen pulled back, with a curious ‘hmm.’

Misha raised a questioning eyebrow at him. Jensen shook his head briefly before leaning back in, his tongue immediately in Misha’s mouth.

Misha was just reciprocating when Jensen pulled away again.

“What is that? What is that taste?”

Misha frowned, both eyebrows going up in question. “Rob, maybe? Or Cohen’s nipple. I’m told I licked it off the glass.”

Jensen coughed a surprised laugh. “What?”

“Yeah, that glass-enclosed bridge at the convention center. Apparently I licked the window at the same spot Matt pressed his nipples against it earlier.”

Jensen buried his face in Misha’s neck, shaking with laughter. Misha scratched at the small hairs at the back of his neck, grinning.

Jensen snorted as he pulled back, looking at Misha with dancing eyes. “Okay, not that I would know what Cohen’s nipple tastes like, but that’s not what I meant. Hang on.”

He leaned back in, tongue first, trying to lick at the back of Misha’s teeth.

Misha let out a muffled grunt at the invasion, pushing Jensen back. “Dude.”

“Is that garlic? It’s like kind of oniony garlic but not oniony.”

“I had truffle fries at the bar earlier?”

Jensen dove back in. Misha let him explore his mouth.

“Is that bar close? Could we go tomorrow?”

Misha rolled his eyes. “I mean I went there for my VIP thing so fans definitely know I was there. It’ll probably be packed tomorrow.”

Jensen nuzzled at his neck, looking up at him with sad eyes.

Misha ran a hand through Jensen’s hair, sighing dramatically. “Are you seriously that committed to a bar snack you tasted second-hand from my mouth?”

Jensen rubbed their noses together. “It tasted really good from your mouth.”

“How do you know I don’t just taste good?”

Jensen snorted, shoving Misha enough for him to sway but not enough to fall over. “Of course you taste good, asshole.”

Misha smiled, pulling Jensen down to kiss him again.

He allowed himself to be kissed before pulling back again. “I do really want those fries, though.”

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Onew is SO CUTE! (✿ ♥‿♥)

SWCIV in Bangkok 150927 ~ on a side note…the lighting at this concert REALLY sucked, from all the footage I’ve watched, half the time you could hardly see them…man, if I’d have paid to go to that concert, I would have been so pissed…

My thoughts on Exo members at the LA concert

It’s days later and I’m still stuck on the concert. I have no one to talk to about this in real life and I need to get these thoughts out! This is mainly observations about the guys themselves. I have so many thoughts and feelings about them so this is going to be long.


  • Chen, Suho, and Sehun are all extremely handsome in real life. Like, to a ridiculous level. The others are too, but these 3 stood out to me.
  • Xiumin and Chanyeol looked exactly as good as I thought they would (in other words, unbelievably good looking). Kai, too.
  • Xiumin started out with his hair down, but he came out with his hair up and wild about half way through the show, and I almost died. He looked soooo hooottt. The girl sitting next to me laughed at me because I fangirl’d so hard when I saw his hairstyle change lol
  • D.O. and Baekhyun just had their hair down in a simple style, so they were more on the cute, subdued side during this show.
  • Kai had the most hair changes: he had it up, down, wore a cap, and slicked it back at different points in the show
  • I know people say cameras give you 10 lbs, but I actually thought they looked like they had more weight in real life.
  • Kai and Sehun have really nice physiques. 
  • Also Xiumin and Chen, especially their arms (but we all already knew that). 
  • The height difference between Chanyeol and Xiumin is more significant than I’d realized. Xiumin’s tiny next to him.
  • D.O. and Xiumin looked so freaking cute in the red mouse ear hats. Baekhyun did, too. D.O. and Baek like refused to wear the hats properly, and the way they were wearing them was cute while also being kinda sexy.

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“When I got the role on 24, I really made a concerted effort to bring a femininity and strength - so a softness and strength to this woman.”- Jayne Atkinson on playing Karen Hayes (quote from That Gal Who Was in That Thing)