i couldn't go a day without you


The blond boy kicked at the ground as he walked along the sidewalk. He left his headphones at home for a change and it was different being outside without any beat playing. Micah didn’t care where he was going, he couldn’t go back home for a while since his mom just wanted him to leave the house, so he made his way through the city. It was a bit of a chilly day, pretty cloudy, but you would be able to see the sun occasionally. There was no need for a heavy winter jacket, so he wore a normal zip-up hoodie.

As he walked along the streets, occasionally passing someone, he came across a music shop. Micah stopped, he had his wallet with him… He needed something to do anyways so he shrugged and entered the building.

Quick Inquisitor drawing before I go to bed!
I have recently come across the headcanon that Arya has an albino crow friend, nicknamed Little Ruffles (Varric’s fault most likely). She also has two main mounts, a spirited black fresian horse and a huge grumpy golden hart. Still no names for any of them. Suggestions are more than welcome :P

UPDATE: I completely forgot her vallaslin, shame on me.

i know i say this every month but i’m going to be so positive this month and just in general (i’ll explain some more about this in a few days when i have the time to actually write out what i want to say) and i truly believe it this time because i’m finally going to counselling and the doctors for the issues i’ve been facing!!!! 

scary stuff but i’m pretty proud of myself !!!! it only gets better :-)

Five Years ||


It has been five years that V, her past self was supposed to come back. Five years of fighting and protecting a planet that prevented her from leaving. Five years without Paige, oh yes, Cabby still remembers that day. Those days where she was reckless and romantic, they seem like so long ago. From her point of view, Paige was long dead as well as everyone else but, it never hurt to pop in. She would leaving little texts or notes that she personally thought was creepy but, she rather not think of her as possibly permanently dead. She would watch Paige move on without her, like humans do, and would leave before anyone noticed her.

Except for today.

Something caught her attention and she stayed longer than she would like, not being aware that she was out in the open.

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Faith’s gonna go see Tara after the Tillow shitstorm goes down and she’ll be like ‘girl I know what you need’ and Tara makes tea then faith brings out the flask and it’s just ugh

girl yaaaaas pour that sad bitch a glass @ faith cheer ur bff up 

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She had been looking for them for days already without success. It started to feel tiring, but she was not going to give up, not when she had promised a few of her patients a slice of her pumpkin pie. But to her luck, there was a nice looking guy in a suit carrying some pretty looking pumpkins. 

“E-excuse me, sir” she reached him awkwardly “Can you tell me where did you got the pumpkins? Please?”