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I wanted to say this before I unfollow. Wil, I admire you as a person, please keep on doing whatever you feel is right. I am glad that there are people that are not afraid of staying political and having an opinion despite anything. But I can't handle it. I get really anxious when I find yet another piece of news about how America is going to hell. I have to unfollow for my own mental health. Cheers and thank you for the fishes, and for keeping me informed until I couldn't handle it anymore.

I totally get it, and I’m answering you publicly because I imagine that you’re not the only person who feels this way.

Your mental health and happiness has to be first on your list of priorities, and you can find lots of great stuff here without seeing the stuff that is gonna give you a bad day. 

I hope that our ship of state rights itself before it crashes into a giant floating ball of rotating fire knives, and when it does, you can enjoy my dumb tumblr again.

this is random but i feel like i have a moral obligation to promote these fics on more than just my sideblog sooooo if any of you enjoyed Captive Prince, you NEED to go read a few fics right this second, okay? okay.

  • Love of the Second Star (this one is complete now yay)
  • The Veretian Flytrap (a wip that updates every couple of days and has been literally murdering me for a month straight)
  • Touch You (this is a wip by the author of Love of the Second Star and it’s updated twice so far, but i can tell it’s gonna kill me)

these fics are honestly amazing and i’m gonna spend the rest of my days pondering how i can convince these authors to write larry fics too. 😈

OKAY? okay, thank you for your time and you’re welcome for reccing these fics. they will truly change your life for the better. 🙌🏻

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Valentines day date? Yuri X Viktor

“How many years is this, now,” Yuuri teases, as Victor sits across from him in a restaurant. 

“Hmm?” Victor asks, looking up from his meal. 

“How many Valentine’s Days have we spent together?” Yuuri clarifies. 

“Only a couple more than the years we’ve been married,” Victor smiles. They both know how long that’s been: it’ll be 15 years later this year. 

“Hmm, really?” Yuuri asks, tapping his finger against his lips - a habit he’s picked up from Victor. “Because I specifically remember a couple years that we were both away at a competition or another, or on a business trip where we missed it.”

Victor frowns and thinks for a second. Perhaps there were. “But we always made up for them,” Victor nods. 

“We did,” Yuuri grins, his eyes sparkling in the candlelight between them. If anything, Yuuri looks more gorgeous than when they first met. There’s a few streaks of silver in his hair to match Victor’s, and he’s got crinkles at the corner of his eyes and lines at the edges of his mouth where he’s been laughing too much over the years. Victor’s proud of those. 

“So it’s probably been right around 15 valentine’s we’ve spent together, then,” Victor says. Probably less. Which seems a shame because any chances he’s missed to dote on Yuuri seems like a waste. Even after all this time, there is no one else Victor would rather be sitting with. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day, some rainy day in April, or snowy day in December, it doesn’t matter. 

“You’ve got that look,” Yuuri teases, smiling, eyes crinkling at the corners, just the way Victor loves. 

“What look?” Victor asks, even though he knows the answer. 

“The ‘blinded by love’ look,” Yuuri says. Apparently it’s one of Victor’s four main expressions, so Yuuri and Yurio tell him. 

“Is it a problem?” Victor teases. “Are you finally getting tired of it after all these years?”

Yuuri chuckles, because it is absolutely absurd that he’d ever tire of Victor looking at him that way. As if he’s the only one in the world. “No. Never a problem.” He makes sure to say anyway. 

They eat in comfortable silence for a few moments, happy to just be in each other’s presence. 

“So, what did you get me this year?” Yuuri asks finally. “Am I going to come home to a rosepetal-covered bed again?”

“It’s tradition, can’t stop now,” Victor doesn’t deny it. Every Valentine’s they’ve spent together, Victor’s made sure that they’ve had candles, chocolate, and a perfectly-laid-out bed, roses and all. It’s cheesy, cliche even, but the first time he’d done it - the look on Yuuri’s face, and the tears (sorry Yuuri, he’s not going to pretend it didn’t happen, no matter how much he’s asked to) - had told him Yuuri was getting nothing less than that every year. 

“I suppose I’ll have to give you time to light the candles when we get home, won’t I?” Yuuri smiles. 

“As long as you’re not getting tired of it, I won’t stop,” Victor tells him. 

“No, not tired of it. Never. It’s something I look forward to, in fact,” Yuuri tells him. But Victor already knows it. They clasp hands over the table, fingers twined together, Yuuri’s wedding ring glinting from its spot between their fingers. 

They don’t need more than this. Valentines isn’t so much of ‘professing your love’ to them, but rather, just a confirmation of what they feel every day. Mostly, it just gives Victor another excuse to spoil his husband. 

This year, however, is a little different. Although in the beginning years Victor had showered Yuuri with gifts, ranging from stuffed animals to cars (which he’d been told was too extravagant), as they’d grown older, all they needed to be happy was a night out together, no distractions, and an evening to themselves, no lavish gifts. But right now, there’s a small box in his pocket that seems heavier than it should. 

He knows he’s already married to Yuuri, and they’re still so deeply in love there’s no point in being nervous about it, but for some reason, there are butterflies in his stomach at the thought of giving Yuuri another ring. 

It’s just a simple vow renewal. It’s been 15 years. That seems like a long enough time to have waited to ask Yuuri to marry him again. He’s surprised he held back on their tenth anniversary, to be honest. Still, he can’t wait to ask. He can’t wait to see the look on Yuuri’s face. Anything for those bright eyes and soft smile.

His other hand that isn’t holding Yuuri’s clenches around the box in his pocket. Maybe later. After a walk around the park. He leans in for a kiss, and Yuuri reciprocates without hesitation. 

“I love you,” he says, and Yuuri smiles. 

“I love you too,” is the easy reply. 

((Sorry, for some reason, I just really wanted to write an older-married-couple date? I know that wasn’t in the prompt, so I hope it was alright.)) 

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Ok ok but now I'm dying for Obi-Wan's Groundhog Day, 'cause there'd be so much Sad but also shenanigans? Of course he'd try to help Anakin The Jedi Way at first, but that's already failed and he still doesn't know exactly how Palps got to him. Soon the day becomes a Quest to really understand Anakin the way he couldn't during the war, and without fear of fucking up the Chosen One, he's free to use some...unorthodox tactics. Hilarity ensues. Anakin is confused but more likely to just go with it.

Ahhhhh OMG I can’t believe this didn’t occur to me before. Obi-Wan’s Groundhog Day would ALSO be fantastic (and, just a guess, he might not need QUITE as many re-dos as Anakin to get it right, hahaha.) And while hilarious, it could totally also end up being Moving and Sweet and Full of Feels because, as you say, he’d realize eventually that in order to figure out WHY it all fell apart, he has to really get into Anakin’s occasionally doofus-y brain. And then they both end up understanding each other better and everything is sweet and adorable and everyone lives Happily Ever After. 

I feel like Anakin’s going to be so disoriented during some repetitions of this day, though, because like…he’s GLAD Obi-Wan wants to spend all this time with him all of a sudden, but it’s also kind of weird that he showed up the second Anakin woke up this morning and he hasn’t left his side all day? (Oh, the FACE Palpatine makes when Anakin shows up at the opera WITH Obi-Wan, who has INSISTED on coming along and refused to take no for an answer. Not only has Skywalker shown up with That Boyfriend Palpatine Hates, but Obi-Wan also keeps shushing him every time he tries to start talking to/brainwashing Anakin. Anakin just shrugs helplessly: “He really is a big fan of the opera, Excellency.”) 

Obi-Wan 10000% spends at least one day drunkenly telling everyone at the Temple what he really thinks of all of them. One day where he gives in to all of his most flirtatious tendencies and runs off romancing his way across the Galaxy and/or dramatically sweeps Anakin off his feet. And another day handing Maul his own ass with the Darksaber over on Mandalore. Most of the rest of the time he’s dutifully trying to fix the universe, but even Obi-Wan needs a day to indulge once in a while. 

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OMG I just had an idea! Prompt thingy: Logan is a smooth complimenter (from studying and gauging what Patton's likes to be complimented on) and one day decides to take his lil experiment to the next level by going out of his way to compliment Patton. Ro and Virge are amused to no end and Patton gets really flustered. Maybe a dash of Logicality? Did I say dash??? I meant douse me in it. (I cackled as I wrote this omg)

Haha I love this prompt, I hope you enjoy!  (It’s been a while since I’ve written Logicality fluff, I had a lot of fun with this.)

Admiration and Calculation

Fandom: Sanders Sides
Pairings: Logicality
Warnings: None

Summary: Logan tests to see how Patton responds to compliments and definitely deepens his crush in the process.

Tagged: @existental-crises @here-to-vent @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch @novagalaxy4real @thomas-must-get-to-sleep @emo-space-trash @evanisonfire @lollingtothemax @all-the-fand0mz 

Logan wasn’t sure when he’d started admiring the other Side, but he could hardly deny now that every time Patton entered the room, he felt a sort of tightening in his chest that wouldn’t go away no matter how hard he tried.  He used to rub at his sternum, masking the motion by fixing his tie, but he’d soon concluded that this sensation wasn’t the product of any physical ailments.  Once he ruled out several other unlikely variables, he’d realized it was Patton.  Everything Patton did or said made the sensation return with a fervor.  It was nearly unbearable now and Logan had to find some way to fix it.

He’d realized a week ago that Patton got very flustered when receiving compliments.  That realization was immediately followed by another: seeing Patton flustered made the pain in Logan’s chest melt into a softer, warmer sensation that was… unparalleled.  He began studying everything around him in order to figure out exactly what Patton loved and how he responded to different compliments.

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For @doritochrisevans who requested the ever classic (and personal fave of mine) “both think the other is dead + reunion” trope

(follower milestone thing, send me rebelcaptain + an au/trope

It must have been quick

That’s what they’ll tell him, he figures. In the future, they’ll think it’s a comfort or something, but they’ll all be kriffing deluded and Cassian will punch whoever who says it, rank and consequences be damned. He throws himself up against the concrete wall, knuckles white around his blaster as he gasps for breath, waits for his team to follow (half the team). Karking hell, his ears are still ringing–

“Captain Andor!” One of his soldiers trips into the alley after him. Dust is still settling out in the street. People are still screaming. Terrified civilians run for cover that doesn’t exist as slowly, the remaining soldiers stagger on home into the alley. Cassian can feel something tearing at him, clawing at his chest, but he can’t focus on it, can’t register it until they reach their transport. This is still a mission, you are still a commanding officer, keep it the HELL together. 

“Lieutenant,” Cassian claps his hand onto the other man’s shoulder. “Injuries?”

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You bet your ass that in modern day au eddies mom would be that parent that would LIVE on those mom review sites for movies and would review stuff herself, so if she felt Eddie couldn't see a movie because of some crazy mom reviews the losers would all make accounts so they could say how appropriate the movie is and give it 5 stars to change her mind because gOD forBiD they have to go to the Aladdin without sweet little Eddie


Poor Eddie would feel sad anytime his mom said he couldn’t go out and that the movie was too innapropriate or scary, and the Losers would try to sound so sophisticated and Eddie would print those reviews out to show his mom specifically. 

Was totally going to do laundry today. Then I went to talk to my boss. And now I have mixed and confused and apprehensive emotions. So I’m making spaghetti instead.

Inktober day #3

Y’all know I had to do it to him

Playing with thicker inks and lines this time. Dramatic shading is best shading - Especially when you’re in the middle of sassing interrogating a rebel princess!

In the locker room before a game
  • Nicky: They should call us Justin Timberlake because we're bringing exy back.
  • Andrew: *gets up and leaves the room without a word*
  • Matt (looking to Neil): He's coming back, isn't he?
  • Neil: I have no idea.
  • Kevin (glaring at Nicky): We're unprepared enough with Andrew. Now we're going to lose because you couldn't keep your pun to yourself. I hate this team.

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As often as he can TJ sends his best friend, aka you, a bouquet of flowers with sweet notes on them. He does it to make sure you feel just as loved and cared about as you make him feel. This time, you swing your apartment door open to reveal the goofball, cradling two bouquets in his hand and a grin plastered to his face. "Couldn't let a day go by without seein' my favorite person, can I?" "Oh Teej." You press a kiss to his forehead and yank him in, embracing him tightly. "I love ya, darling."

I think TJ would have a sixth sense for when you’ve had a bad day too 

Tender Tuesday™


Week 1, day 7

Finally home.

And finally finished! The first week was definitely a challenge to myself, and while it was hard I’m happy with how it worked out. I’ll be posting a full version with all of them at the end of the month, and I’ll do the same (in separate posts) with the other weeks. I won’t be doing one a day for the other weeks, but I’ll definitely put out more than one per week. Hope you guys enjoyed them!

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4, Day 5, Day 6

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Hello! I'm 164cm and 58kg and I want to get to 50. I'm planning to eat under 200cals per day this week and go to the gym 4 times. I'll allow myself a cheat day on Sunday (I'm going to a friend's bday party and I'm sure I couldn't pull off not eating without worrying them. Do you have any opinions on this plan? Thanks xx

if you really really are set on following a restrictive meal plan i would recommend 500-800 cals a day with 8 cups of water but seriously please never eat under 400 a day your body goes into starvation mode causing fat storage and it’s so bad for you and your heart health and tbh in my experience you may pull it off for a few days but it almost always ends in a binge. good luck reaching your goal! stay safe! and keep me updated!!

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My Daddy has repeatedly ordered me not to hurt myself (long history of self-destructiveness​). He said before that if I cut, he wouldn't talk to me for 3 days. I told him that would only make things worse (abandonment issues, BPD, anxiety disorders, etc.) and he said that he wouldn't actually do it. But I'm TERRIFIED that he will. I'd been fighting urges since at least the middle of April without them going away. He helped me not act on them. But I couldn't take it today and cut and drank. 1/?

First of all you ARE NOT A PIECE OF SHIT. do not talk about yourself like you are. You are worth everything this world has to offer and soo much more. I can already tell your daddy understands what you’re going through. If I were you I would not be scared to tell him. but listen to this if nothing els–. if you cry out for help before you isolate yourself you will be less likely to cut. its okay to need him even in the important uncertain times. and last but not least, it might be his property but it is still your body and you should love yourself. Love you. I’m sorry my replay was not 4 pages long but I mean well.

A Coliver 2x03 Coda - (ao3)

Lounging back against the pillows, Connor tilts his head to the side and smiles. Oliver’s in the bathroom, disposing of the condom and getting a washcloth, and he’s humming all the while. 

Oliver is humming and Connor’s trying not to find it unspeakably endearing. 

He walks back in the bedroom carrying a washcloth and Connor reaches for it, automatically. But Oliver ignores Connor’s outstretched hand and takes the cloth to Connor’s stomach himself, wiping away the mess. 

The cloth is warm, almost soothing, and Connor relaxes a bit under it. Oliver’s movements are efficient and almost perfunctory but nothing about the gesture feels like simple courtesy. To Connor, it feels like being taken care of. 

Task complete, Oliver glances over his shoulder to toss the cloth into the laundry basket before leaning down to kiss Connor’s stomach. 

He lazily nibbles and pecks up Connor’s chest, kissing the ribs he can find, detouring to circle a tender nipple with his tongue. Connor tangles a hand with Oliver’s and trails a hand down Oliver’s back, lightly scoring the skin with his nails. Until finally, Oliver captures Connor’s lips with his own.

The entire process is effortless and slow. No building pressure or hurried anticipation of what’s to come. Just pleasure, simple, unadulterated pleasure. 

Oliver bites on Connor’s lips just to feel Connor’s smile against his own. Connor angles his head and presses up to take the kiss deeper, almost bruising, because he can. It’s taking the time to revel in skin against skin and lip against lip as their hears beat as one. 

With a final kiss that lingers, Oliver pulls back and rests his arms on Connor’s chest. Settling legs between Connor’s and notching his chin on his forearms, Oliver licks his lips rather obscenely and Connor’s huffs a laugh in response. He absently traces patterns on Oliver’s skin and delights in Oliver’s weight on him. It’s grounding and comforting in a way Connor never expected. 

“Do you need anything?” Oliver asks. 

Connor’s about to shake his head in no when he glances up. Oliver’s got that look in his eye again. That look of devotion and caring and…and love. 

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the christmas invasion aired 25/12/2005. happy birthday, ten ❤︎

Three things the signs I know have done
  • Aries: Smoked a cigarette and played with my hair while we listened to your favorite songs / Having random competitions, like who can keep their legs raised the longest or who the best kisser is / Punched and broke a mirror because you hated the way people saw you
  • Taurus: Baked a cake together while we talked about all the things that make us happy to be alive / You argued with people for weeks on end just to defend a friend that you thought was hurt and wronged by them / Calling me in the middle of the night and crying because you felt like you were not worth anything to anyone
  • Gemini: Taking me to a random party and showing off all of your amazing party game skills / Doing your best to cheer your friends up, even though you were also feeling like crumbling down inside / Opening up to me and telling me about all of the things that you never trusted anyone else to handle without hurting you
  • Cancer: Crying about how much you love your friends and how much you wish you knew them earlier / Skipping school to take care of me when you found out I've been sick and alone for days / Having really deep conversations about runes, magic, and meditation over cups of tea
  • Leo: Climbing on top of your car and dancing to your favorite song blasting on the radio / Getting all of your friends to do activities with you, and making sure we all have a good time / Ranting for hours when you felt like you were being replaced by your best friend
  • Virgo: Having long discussions about politics, stars, and whatever else you felt was bigger than us / Watching my favorite movie together, only for you to point out details I've never noticed before / Breaking down from being overwhelmed because you were trying to help too many people with their problems
  • Libra: Gathering your vast variety of friends and introducing us to one another / Riding random buses the entire day to see where we would end up / Always the one to end the fights when your friends were at each other's throats
  • Scorpio: Tried your hardest to cut toxic people from my life, even if it meant burning some of your bridges for me / Talked for an entire day about everything you couldn't tell other people until your throat was sore / You used your friends without them knowing in a complex scheme to get free stuff for them
  • Sagittarius: Taking a walk in the city at 3 am talking about everything and anything that was on your mind / Taking care of your friends after a party, even though you were the one that was partying the hardest / Always having the brightest smile even when everything around you was unbearable
  • Capricorn: Staying with me and ensuring me that everything was going to be ok when I felt like the world was falling apart / Always know what's for the best in the long run, even if it means that you have to cut some ties / Making sure your friends were doing well in school because that was what they needed, despite their protests
  • Aquarius: Sending me letters, souvenirs, and messages from all of the amazing travels you've done / Taking me on a 2 day drive with no destination because you felt like it and wanted to escape / Laughing at something out of nowhere, but never being able to describe what you were laughing at or what made it so funny
  • Pisces: Spending lazy days trying to explain to me how different perspectives make the most ordinary things seem bizarre / Making sure your friends were never suffering as much as you, even if many of them did nothing in return / Having as much fun as your high friends despite being completely sober
Yuta Scenario : [1st] Couldn't let You go like this.

Okay, so this is my first Scenario that I’ve ever made, I do love reading it but (trust me) I can’t write something like scenario very well LOL, Requested by my sister, and I’m going to split it into some chapters. My ‘big sis’ @nctuhohahyes help me by correcting and review my story. without you I can’t post this Scenario Mia! Big thanks! <3 

Song recommendation(s) : 
Bigbang- Day by day 

Originally posted by y-ta

Your boyfriend Yuta was staring at the night sky hopelessly; the awkward moment between you couldn’t be denied. The mini park in front of your apartment was pretty windy today…and neither you neither him wanted to break this silence… This was the first time you and Yuta finally met after the huge scandal he had as a member of the famous boy-group NCT 127 and the leader of a SM rookie girl-group who debuted not too long ago…They were caught at private party at the beach…and it was hard denying it.

Actually you were the leader of the new SM girl-group and unfortunately your 3-year relationship with your lovely Senior-Yuta was exposed not even a year after you debuted. SM didn’t know about your relationship and they tried to deny it, but pictures paparazzi took of you were more than a solid proof you were at least in a some-relationship. Yuta never say anything to his manager and you were afraid of revealing it to anyone too. Even if your group members supported you always from the start, just like all NCT members supported Yuta. You felt bad towards many people, many your fans called you a betrayer but well you knew you they were a right… Because dating someone form a world-wide group would bring so you so much hate…

“Did you eat your lunch?”
“My manager ask me to…”
“Me too..”

Yuta finally tried to break silence, but all you could do was acting stupid and answer him with just a simple sentences pretending you were fine, but dying deep inside.

“You know I always love you, right?” Yuta asked you suddenly.
“I do. And you trust me if I say you that too, right?”  you answered and questioned him the same thing
“I know, I know…” Yuta approached you, holding your hands.

Suddenly, the coldness of spring night was gone.

“Tell me now, what should I tell my manage?” You asked, facing him with teary eyes.
“Tell them we didn’t dating? Maybe we should tell them we didn’t have any relationship…to avoid all this hate?” he said.
“I can’t lie to my fans Yuta. You know that…” you started feeling uncomfortable with the way Yuta was talking to you.

As soon as you finished your sentence, he released your hands, bringing again all the coldness from before, the way he didn’t look into your eyes, hurt you inside…
“Then look at me and tell me if you just want to break up with me, if…” You try to cup his face, but he already slapped your hands.

It felt like the sky fell down onto you, you almost could hear your heart breaking into pieces, although if it was a joke, you couldn’t accept it.. He never hit you that hard on purpose.

“Stop joking, honey…” You started laughing bitterly, hitting Yuta’s chest lightly with your small hands.
“Y/N I’m serious right now…” Yuta stood up, as his voice raised, so high it panicked you.
“Hey, what’s wrong?” You held your tears back, you knew you couldn’t cry in front of him right now, it would only make you look pathetic.

“We promised each other to surpass all those obstacles during our time together, right?  No matter how hard it would be…we would always stay strong…together!” You were trying really hard to make your point without shaking.

“Y/N!! It’s not the right time to keep your promises!!” Yuta started yelling.

“You know I really dislike this situation, right? Can you calm down a little bit?” You stood up and faced Yuta, your voice started shaking, your body trembling…You tried holding his hand but he back away.

“You didn’t get the point!!” Yuta was yelling at you once again; you could swear your members heard his voice from the 10th floor.

“Then what?!! You and I should break up, so I don’t get a lot of hate? Or we should break up because you are worried about your solo album won’t be a huge hit after all this scandal?!”

“Y/N!!! I never want to yell at you like this, but can you please just do what I’m telling you to do?!!!”
“Oh really? You hate yelling at me now?!!! You’re the one who yelled at me first, and you know what, you don’t even have any right to order me what to do or what not to do! ”
“No girl, yes I have… but…”
“Nope, I’m so done with you, tell your manager we are not dating anymore, oh if you want you can tell SM that you and I were just a bit drunk at the party and we had gone a bit overboard… But there was no serious relationship from the start. You tell them that, I don’t care about what you want anymore. Just leave me in peace then.”

Your heart was breaking slowly, you felt deeply hurt, but you had to shut him off because you couldn’t stand anymore his coldness and cockiness. When you turn around to make your way towards the dorm, Yuta grabbed your hand tightly… he couldn’t let you go like this.

“What is it now? Please stop acting like you are feeling sorry…I understand, your fame and you career is much before me…I don’t blame you, but next time when you would get yourself a girl…just don’t promise her a serious relationship. You are such a jerk…”

Your voice was trembling; small tears were falling down on your cheek.  You had to make your point and tell him how much he hurt you…you never expected him acting like he didn’t care about you anymore…after all these year together…

"I don’t even want to talk with you anymore!! Gosh Y/N!! Just go! Just let’s go on our own way!! ” He pushed you away really hard, releasing your hand…

You looked back at him, finally realizing how different was from the Yuta you had known; the way he hit you twice today and his angry gaze making you feel miserable…you never imagined him be that scary. With no words left, you run to the building behind you, hurrying to your apartment….

- To be continued -