i couldn't get those lines out of my head

Here cutie have a nacho. 

Doodled this in class and then lined it. 

Yeah, old pen bc it looks cuter. Anyway, enjoy this for now. (I’ll do requests on the weekend. I’m currently borrowing wifi from my awesome roommate.)

  • Me: You need to help me doc. I just can't get them out of my head.
  • Doctor: omg
  • Me: I know.. Everywhere I go I'm thinking about them. Dancing and singing...dancing half naked and drenched in sweat
  • Doctor: OMG
  • Me: Yes..It's bad. I've bought all their albums. I filled up my phone's storage saving their photos. I learned all the dances and..I couldn't even concentrate at dinner with my family yesterday because all I could think about was this one smut fanfic I read where they all gave eachother-
  • Doctor: OMG Sehun actually has lines
  • Me: ...Wut
  • Doctor:
  • Me:
  • Doctor:
  • Me:
  • Doctor: Oh were you saying something? Sorry Exo's new album just came out and it is just sooooo good and ugh have you seen the new mv cuz I'm like losing my sanity here they all looked so fine and those hip thrusts just fucked me up
  • Me: *muffled screaming*