i couldn't get it under 10

I walked into my kitchen and when I turned on the lights, like half a dozen roaches scurried into the base boards. I’ve killed at least 10 of them now. Most of them are tiny, but a few are getting uncomfortably large. When I shined my phone’s flashlight beside the stove several scattered under it. I hate this so much. 

I hate roaches. I’m physically disgusted to know that there are that many roaches in my apartment. Tomorrow it’s time to wage full biological warfare on roach kind. Also gonna have to whip my roommate into form. He’s a bit of a slob about cleaning up. I should also probably get drain stoppers for the few that don’t have them as well as some caulking for the base boards.

 I don’t even want to sleep here tonight. I’ve never seen any in my room thankfully, but I know they’ve surely been in there. Ugh fuck roaches, fuck having roommates, fuck everything.

Berena in 10 Sentences:

Silly to keep meeting up like this, next time you need a caffeine shot and a chat, call me.

I’ll arm wrestle you for it

You’ll be my first port of call

Great speech Fraulein

Now that was you Serena I just lit the touch paper

It would mean you lied to me, repeatedly even now.

I don’t want it to affect us.

You are the most fantastic, fearless doctor in this entire hospital.

I think we should toast our undeniable sexual chemistry and say no more about it.

Love makes fools of us all, makes us do crazy things, things they’d scarce imagine.