i couldn't get it under 10

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When I had oral for the first time, my parents left the house to go get groceries so I called my bf over. He came into my room and got under the covers, put his head between my thighs, and stuck his tongue inside of me. I moaned a lot and bit my lip to try and be quiet, but I couldn't. 10 minutes after he started, we heard my parents come back. Before my bf had a chance to move, my dad pushed open my door and asked what I wanted for dinner (while my bf was still eating me out!)

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you could kick my ass without breaking a sweat and I respect that

when i was in college i would kick box with this guy who was literally twice my size - 6′5″ and 280 pounds - and he always said he loved grappling because he could just sit on his opponent and they’d tap out. so i was like okay if you take me to the ground while we box then i’ll grapple with you.

the first (and last) time he took me to the ground, i wiggled my way around and was so damn slippery that it took him a solid 10 minutes to get me to tap out. 

afterward, i was ready for round 2 and he was so out of breath he had to sit down and lament that he never wanted to grapple again in his life.

so like the advantage of being tiny is that i probably can’t beat up everyone i meet, but i can definitely wear you out and then run away without breaking a sweat. 


When my 7 year old nephew told me with much excitement “auntie kayla you need to see this! you need YOU NEED TO SEE THIS” I replied with a sign “ok sure hand it over…”

….I was not prepared for the bombardment of sheer randomness. I cut some parts out to shorten the video/not super spoil/get to the funny parts. but here’s the gist of insanity in under 5 minutes enjoy

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Pretty sure that judging people and defining their sins is playing God, which is the biggest sin of all? If we followed the bible to the letter, we couldn't wear mixed cloth and women would be exiled to the desert while they're on their period. People need to calm the fuck down.

I get what you’re saying and I agree however, that was the old testament and we no longer live under the “law and lifestyle” of the old testament.

We aren’t expected by Jesus to be perfect at all.

Christians no longer live by the old testament or the 10 commandments. Jesus died for our sins and offered us salvation. Christians now live under the grace of Jesus and the only thing Jesus required from us was to love god with all of your heart, soul and might and love thy neighbor like you love yourself. These two requirements are equivalent to the 10 commandants, because if you love thy neighbor like you love yourself, you wouldn’t cause ANY form of pain to your neighbor and if you love God with all of your heart, soul and might, you will acknowledge and appreciate that you are made in the image of him and that you are a god within yourself.

That’s why when you get idiots, who incorrectly reference the bible to judge people and their way of living or “sins” (as they like to put it), they’re exposing themselves to ignorantly following a religion they know nothing about and therefore their opinion or anything they have to say becomes void.  lol.

Btw - I do not follow any religion right now, I am still studying, working on my relationship with god and trying to find my path. I am not preaching or trying to recruit people because I myself have not converted to any religion, I’m just correcting the person who left that bogus message before.