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The Signs as Iconic Deadpool Quotes

These were actually in a comic book.

“Deadpool” [Yellow Box]  (White Box)  “other”

Aries: (This plan that we’re working on..)  [What plan?]  “Operation moves.” (..Yeah. It’s awfully risky.)  [There’s a plan? Why wasn’t I-]  “Need-to-know basis. Sorry, pal.”  [But.. I’m you! That’s- that’s just stupid!]

Taurus: “Spidey! What up, baby boy? Haven’t seen you since Amazing Spider-Man #611!”

Gemini: “Let’s see how you like it when I smack you with an interspatial disorter that will temporarily phase your brain into dimension X!”  “This is an iPod with a piece of masking tape attached to it.”  “It is. Ah, but for a second there, you were really worried!”

Cancer: “Like Han Solo said to Chewbacca in Return of the Jedi, ‘Fly casual.’“ “Actually, I like the three new films better. The special effects are fantastic, and Hayden Christensen is an amazing actor.”  {shoots cronie} {points gun at other cronie} “Say Jar Jar Binks is an abomination! Say it!”  “Jar Jar Binks is an abomination! Jar Jar Binks is an abomination!”

Leo: “So, kick back, and enjoy Deadpool issue thirty-three point one!” [Wait, why is it called “point one”?]  (Who cares? At least this issue, there is a point.)

Virgo: “Why did you that?”  “Because you were gonna do it, and this is my book.” 

Libra: “Well, it’s in the Yellow Pages. You can’t get much realer than that!”  [I’m confused. I thought you couldn’t read anything in dreams.]  (I’m impressed he can read when he’s awake.)

Scorpio: “Oh, hi, kids. Deadpool here. Hate to interrupt the story like this, but our fine artist had the overwhelming urge to draw me in this pin-up shot, even though it’s nowhere in the script. Let’s return to the story while I go teach Michelangelo there the error of his ways.”

Sagittarius: “Is that Richard Nixon?”  “I can’t wait to pound that Dick… Uh. Hey, Doc, do you have a spell to undo what I just said?”

Capricorn: “I only have half a brain!” [be the meat] “What was that?!” (The other half. Ignore it.)

Aquarius: “Yeah, that fight lasted as long as Deathlok’s last comic.”

Pisces: “It’s funny.. I came here with starry-eyed dreams of killing some X-Babies. But now all I can think of is that damn Spider-Man.”

Watch Me Babygirl [pt.5]

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Summary: Jungkook is your brother’s annoying best friend. You can’t stand him but he just can’t resist teasing you. How far will he actually go?

Warnings: slight language and some suggestive content

You walked sleepily towards the kitchen to grab a bottle of water or maybe make some coffee, you’d make up your mind when you got there. You ran your hand through your hair, tousling it further.

Yawning, you stepped into the kitchen, the tile sending a shock through you, cold against your bare feet.

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anonymous asked:

ana bear, can i ask you something? can you write little quirks and mannerisms you love about our shining babes? like, a eprsonal trait, a habit, all things you think define them (like Taem's magic hands and stuff)

yes y e s  of course I can and I’ll be glad to - let’s start with:



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kuroken; don’t call kenma lazy in front of kuroo. just—don’t.

for @dgalerab - idk if someone beat me to it but i too, like kuroo, would defend kenma to the depths of hell and beyond,,

They’re eating lunch when it happens. It’s just the two of them today, Kuroo nabbing a random vacant chair to join Kenma at his desk because the second year doesn’t feel like moving. Or talking. Or really anything, but that’s a whole other can of worms.

Kuroo talks for the both of them, one of his notebooks open next to his bento as he drops broccoli into Kenma’s box when he thinks the other boy isn’t looking. Kenma has his phone out, but he’s barely scrolling through it. Instead, he’s steadily picking through his lunch, silently taking in Kuroo’s babbling about some sort of revelation in the chemistry world. He hums every now and then to let Kuroo know he’s listening. It’s almost peaceful, as familiar this scene was.

Then, of course, one of Kenma’s classmates, a tall kid with glasses whose name Kenma can never bother to remember, has to go and make a snide remark about him, just loud enough for most everyone in the classroom can hear. 

“There’s no way he made the starting line up without kissing ass. I mean, if Kozume’s lazy ass can be a starter, then what does that say about our volleyball team, right?”

Kuroo falls silent immediately, fingers clenching his chopsticks so hard Kenma’s afraid they’ll break. He wants to say something, or run away, or tell Kuroo to ignore them, but he can’t. He just hunches further into his sweater.

“Excuse me,” Kuroo says, turning in his chair. His tone is light, almost conversational, but his eyes are the sharp kind of dangerous when he plays against opponents that don’t play nice. “What the fuck did you just say?”

The kid sniffs, and Kenma isn’t sure if he should be in awe of his classmate for being so undaunted when there’s a large scary third year glaring him down. “I said, i don’t understand how Kozume is on the team. He doesn’t talk, he’s creepy, and he’s lazy—”

“Kuro,” Kenma says quietly, but his friend doesn’t hear him. Kenma can only watch on nervously, fingers twitching around his phone. The whole classroom is watching the exchange with varying degrees of alarm.

Kuroo finally stands, stretching to his full height. He easily looms over the other kid. “Have you ever gone to a game of ours?” he says, staring the kid down. “Do you even know what volleyball is? How it’s a team sport? How each member carries their own weight, how each team relies on its setter? Have you ever seen Kenma play? Do you know that he’s our setter, the setter who is currently carrying us to nationals? Do you know how much time he puts into studying other teams’ plays, how long he stays for extra practice with all of us, individually? Do you?”

The other kid has the sense of gulp. He pushes on his glasses, glancing away from Kuroo, but not even his friends are willing to help him out of that. Kenma understands. Kuroo is real scary when he needs to be.

“If you want to talk shit about Nekoma Volleyball Club, fine,” Kuroo says, tilting his head so his too-long bangs throw shadows over his narrow eyes. “But let’s see you come to an actual game first, huh? There’s a practice match this Saturday. I invite you.” 

Kenma watches sweat gather on the poor kid’s forehead. But Kuroo isn’t done.

“And if you ever dare call Kenma lazy again,” says Kuroo, leaning forwards until the kid has to tilt his head back to maintain eye contact. “We’ll be having another nice chat. Understood?”

The kid swallows audibly. He manages a strangled Y-yes, and then Kuroo is settling back next to Kenma, picking up his chopsticks and continuing his spiel about some unique chemical bond only found in space as if nothing happened. The noise level in the classroom picks up again, and Kenma puts down his phone.

He doesn’t say anything, but when he knocks his knee against Kuroo’s and feels the other boy press back gently, he knows he doesn’t need to.

where the sun and stars meet


Pairing: Rafael Casal x Reader (oh my word, she’s done it, she’s written a non-Lin fic, holy moly, we never thought this day would come)

Summary: He knew you well enough to know when you were forgetting to breathe.

Note: i fell straight into rafa hell and apparently this is how i decided to handle it lmao. @fragmentofmymind and @alexanderhamllton had to deal with my yelling about this so go give them extra love THEY DESERVE ALL OF IT I LOVE THEM A LOT. 

okay omg i love you guys and i hope you enjoy the garbage, feel free to come yell at me about it <3

Word Count: approx. 4500? (guys it’s a ONE-SHOT ARE YOU PROUD)

Being a twenty-eight year old woman living in Los Angeles could be tough.

In six years of residence in the city of stars, you had realized that sometimes the lights weren’t so much sparkling as they were blinding. Blinding of the goals you’d set out to achieve, the paths to get there, the hope and promise of a state drowning in sunshine and smog. Although you had never expected it to be, the journey wasn’t easy.

Sure, you’d had plenty of dancing gigs during your time there so far, but your heart was in choreography and you were determined to keep working until you made that goal happen. You knew that you were talented, that when you were in your flow you could tell stories and string together phrases and characters with even the most subtle pieces of movement. Every once in awhile, though, you lost your flow.

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rose027  asked:

I hope i'm not asking for much, but... Could you write something sweet and lovely? Just something wear He Tian and Mo Guan Shan are a more-or-less happy couple. Like snuggles and kisses and stuff. Or smut and bondage. Whichever one you like. Thank you so much!

[This is just…so NSFW.  I hope this is sweet enough. I had this cheesy fluffy idea in my head when I started this but… I like this more. ]

[ ALSO, please never worry about that, ask me for anything! ]


Mo Guan Shan ran the fingers of one shaking hand though He Tian’s hair.

He Tian shivered at the touch, pulling the redhead closer, tilting his face up for a kiss.

Mo Guan Shan leaned in.

There was still some reluctance there.

He jumped when He Tian touched him.

Tensed up when he moved too quickly.

Jerked away violently when He Tian accidentally brushed his cock with the back of his fingers.

It took He Tian a few confused minutes to pin it down and felt like a dick when he managed it.

Mo Guan Shan thought he was going to hurt him. 

That wouldn’t do.

If He Tian knew anything about himself, it’s that he’s an excellent lover. 

And that’s not him being conceited, thank you very much, it was the overwhelming feedback. 

Every person that got intimate with him had to admit that his persistent, selfless,  intense, lovemaking had been a remarkable experience. 

Even people he barely knew and couldn't have cared less about left the experience with at least one orgasm.

That being said, his feelings towards Mo Guan Shan easily eclipsed anything he’d felt for another person. 

He was not going to have this experience tainted with that nonsense.

Would he hurt him? Abso-fucking-lutely.

Was he going to? Not until he begged for it.

He’d crawl through broken glass to see that man smile.

He’d lose a fucking finger to make him come.

He Tian gently ran his hands up Mo Guan Shan’s thighs, stopping just short of his briefs, waiting for him to spread his legs in invitation before pulling back.

He softly traced the delicate bones of his ribcage, stopping centimeters from his nipples as they grew hard against his flushed chest.

He cupped his face in one hand, kissing him gently as he ran his fingers down his spine agonizingly slowly, giving one ass cheek a light squeeze, daring to inch his fingers inwards until Mo Guan Shan pushed back, searching.

He Tian pulled back, stilling his fingers until Mo Guan Shan met his gaze.

His face was beautifully red.

His eyes dilated.

His breath came in gasps.

‘I’m not going to hurt you.’  he promised.

Mo Guan Shan smiled, offering no response but relaxing in his arms.

He Tian touched him everywhere but where he really wanted to, drawing it out, patient.

‘He Tian, please.’  The man groaned after several minutes of torture.

‘Please what?’ He whispered.

‘T-touch me.’

‘Touch you where?’

‘M-my ass…’

He Tian smiled, placing a gentle kiss on his shoulder to hide it as he reached around to gently press one cold fingertip to his hole. 

Mo Guan Shan shuddered violently, pushing his hips back. 


He Tian leaned over, fumbling for the lube he kept under his pillow and pulling his arm back to slick his fingers. 

He pressed softly against his entrance.

‘Are you sure?’ He asked softly, giving him one last chance to back out. 

‘Yes, god yes, please…’  he begged.

He pushed in slowly, breathing deeply and prompting Mo Guan Shan to do the same.

His instincts told him to hold Mo Guan Shan still and find his prostate, wanting so badly to watch him fall apart.

But it was becoming very clear that this was the other man’s first time, so he stopped himself, opting to move his finger in and out at a snail’s pace.

‘Ready for another?’ he asked when it became abundantly clear that he was.

Mo Guan Shan nodded vigorously.  

He Tian pulled out, gently adding a second finger next to the first.

Mo Guan Shan tangled his fingers in He Tian’s hair.

It was obvious that he wanted to do more, but he hesitated.

He Tian ran his tongue over Mo Guan Shan’s lower lip before sucking it into his mouth and giving him a small nip.

Mo Guan Shan gave his hair a sharp tug, pushing back on his fingers.

‘More.’ He pleaded.

He Tian knew what he meant.

He wanted another finger.

Wanted He Tian to fill him up.

Instead, he dropped his hand to the man’s chest, running his thumb over the hardened bud, pushing up against the man in his lap as he moved the fingers of his other hand in and out slowly.

Emboldened by his reaction, He Tian leaned forward and flicked his tongue over the other nipple, sucking it into his mouth and holding it between his teeth as he teased the tip with his tongue.

The moan he drew from Mo Guan Shan’s lips just about did him in.

‘He Tian, oh…’

Knowing he didn’t need permission his time, he removed his fingers and added a third.

Mo Guan Shan groaned, pressing his hips forward, torn between seeking friction and fucking himself on He Tian’s fingers.

‘Fuck…’ he breathed, echoing He Tian’s thoughts.

He Tian was nearly at the end of his rope, unaccustomed to moving so slowly, but knowing he’d do this for hours if that’s what Mo Guan Shan wanted. 

‘He Tian, I-I’m ready, p-please…’

He Tian knew what he wanted. 

He didn’t need to hear it.

But, god damn, he wanted to.

‘Ready for what, sweetheart?’

‘I want you t-to fuck me. I w-want you inside me.’ 

Fucking hell.

He Tian gently repositioned them, getting Mo Guan Shan on his back.

None of his many fantasies had shown him how devastatingly gorgeous the redhead would look like this.

His deepest, sickest, filthiest, thoughts hadn’t prepared him for this.

Mo Guan Shan reached between them, lining He Tian’s cock up against his twitching hole.

‘Fuck me.’ the redhead growled.

He’d wanted to go slowly.

He didn’t want to hurt him, knowing that had been his fear, but Mo Guan Shan wasn’t having it.

Using both hands, Mo Guan Shan gripped his hips, tilting himself up, and pulling him inside him in one smooth stroke.

He Tian saw stars, dropping his head to Mo Guan Shans shoulder, snaking his tongue out to taste his sweat, his desire.

Struggling not to finish, He Tian began to move, watching Mo Guan Shan’s face and reaching between them to grasp his cock, running his finger through the pre-come that gathered on the tip as he finally searched for his sweet spot.

Mo Guan Shan’s eyes flew open as he found it.

‘He Tian…’

‘Yeah.’ He encouraged softly.


‘Uh huh.’

Oh, god, He Tian!’

‘Let go, baby.’ he urged, fighting his own orgasm, moving faster.

‘Oh, I’m…’ 

‘It’s alright, gorgeous.’ He whispered, burying his face in Mo Guan Shan’s shoulder, placing soft kisses up and down his throat.


‘Uh huh.’


‘I’ve got you, sweetheart.’ 

He Tian anchored Mo Guan Shan with a hand on a sharp hipbone, fucking him brutally, sweetly.


He came with a cry, throwing his head back.

He Tian nipped at the soft skin of his exposed throat, following him seconds later.

‘Oh, Mo Guan Shan, I love you.’ He breathed into his shoulder, only realizing he’d said it out loud when Mo Guan Shan froze beneath him.

Only realizing he’d been crying when Mo Guan Shan wiped his tears away.

Four years later-

No matter where he saw Mo Guan Shan.

Above him.

Under him. 

In front of him.

Behind him.

Handcuffed to the bed.

those were the words on his lips every time he came.

‘Mo Guan Shan, I love you.’

  • Yang: *Yang slammed open the door to her and Ruby's room with tears in her eyes.* Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! *yang shouted as she punched the wall repeatedly before slumping down against it onto the floor holding her hands to her face.*
  • Ruby: *Meanwhile Ruby rushed in from the bathroom in a panic.* What Happen!? I heard banging! *She then spotted her sister sitting shaking on against the wall and quickly rushed over.* Yang? Are you alright? What's wrong?
  • Yang: *Yang sniffled wiping the tears from her red eyes.* It's nothing Ruby. Just... Just go away.
  • Ruby: Yang. It's clearly not nothing. Please talk to me. I just want to help. *Ruby said moving closer to her sister placing her hand on her shoulder.*
  • Yang: *Yang was silent for a moment, trying to stop the tears from falling as her eyes slowly turn purple.* Fine... I was going to the cafe were Blake went too... I was going to go tell her how I feel about her because I just needed to get this off my chest, ya'know. *Yang sniffled wiping her eyes.* But when I got there I saw her with Sun.
  • Ruby: Okay so Blake was hanging out with Sun. That isn't out of- *Ruby started before shouted with more tears in her eyes.*
  • Yang: They were on a date Ruby!
  • Ruby: *At this Ruby looked dumbfounded with surprise.* W-what? No. they couldn't be. They are just good friend, Yang. I'm sure it was a misunderstanding.
  • Yang: *Ruby then watched as the anger in Yang's express was overwhelmed with sorrow before looking down at the ground.* That's what I was hope for, Ruby... Right up until They kissed.
  • Ruby: oh... Oh Yang. *Ruby whisper as she wrapped her arms around her sister who hugged her back burying her face into her shoulder.* I am so sorry.
  • Yang: What am I going to do Ruby? *sniffle* I love her so much. But I can never be with her. *sniffle. I can't even tell her now. *Yang cried, holding onto Ruby for dear life.*
  • Ruby: Shhhhh. It's alright. Let it all out. *Ruby whispered as she stroke Yangs head hugging her until she calmed down.* It'll be okay Yang. Why don't you go take a shower and get ready for bed. Maybe it will help you feel better.
  • Yang: *sniffle.* Yeah... Thank you Ruby.
  • Ruby: Anytime. We're sisters after all. We take care of each other. You'd do the same for me... And probably beat up the other person.
  • Yang: Hehe, Yeah I would.
  • ~Later~
  • Ruby: *Ruby walked down stair while Yang is in the shower when she hears the front door open and close.* Oh I guess Blake is back. *She thought to herself when she hear Weiss and Blake begin to talk.*
  • Weiss: Welcome back Blake.
  • Blake: Hey Weiss. Where's Yang and Ruby?
  • Weiss: Upstairs. Yang's in the shower and Ruby I think went to bed.
  • Blake: Ah I see. I'll put these left overs in the fridge then.
  • Weiss: So how did it go?
  • Blake: How did what go?
  • Weiss: Your date with Sun.
  • Blake: *Ruby then heard Blake groan as she heard her coat being thrown.* For the last time Weiss. It was not a date. We are just friends and I made that pretty clear to him as well.
  • Weiss: What do you mean?
  • Blake: Sigh, Sun kissed me.
  • Weiss: He kissed you!?
  • Blake: Yes. And then I slapped him.
  • Weiss: WHAT!? Why? I thought you liked him?
  • Blake: As. A. Friend. Honestly, If I knew he was asking me out on a date and not to hang out I would have told him no and that I only see him as a friend. Which He accepted and apologized for kissing me while I apologized for slapping him.
  • Weiss: But I don't understand! You talked you were in love with someone blonde that we know. Oh god don't tell me it's Jaune!
  • Blake: What?! No! God No!
  • Weiss: Then who? We don't know any other blonde guys and the only other person we both know who is blonde is Yang.
  • Blake: ...
  • Weiss: ... Wait.
  • Blake: Weiss. Don't.
  • Weiss: Oh. My god.
  • Blake: Weiss. I'm serious. Shut up.
  • Ruby: *It was then just as Weiss opened her mouth to speak Ruby stepped out from around the corner and nearly shouted.* YOU LOVE YANG!
  • Blake: R-RUBY!? *Blake jumped in surprise, nearly dropping the box of sweet as Weiss watched from the chair she sat in.* H-hey. Uh, I thought you were sleep. I, uh, got some sweetd from the cafe if you want any. *Blake then watched as Ruby zipped over infront of her slapping the box out of her hand to the floor, shocking both her and Weiss before Ruby took hold of her shoulder.*
  • Ruby: Yeah. Forget that. Is it true!? You Actually love my sister?!
  • Blake: I...
  • Weiss: Ruby what is wrong with-
  • Ruby: Not now Weiss! I'll example later! Blake! Do you or do you not love Yang!?
  • Blake: Well I mean... *Blake muttered shifting nervously at Ruby's gaze before finally cracking.* Okay Yes. I love Yang but you can't tell her, please.
  • Ruby: Oh thank you god!
  • Blake/Weiss: Eh?
  • Ruby: Blake You are going to go up stair to Yang right now and tell Yang how yu feel. Like right now!
  • Blake/Weiss: What? Why? *the two said together before looking at each other weirdly then back to Ruby.*
  • Ruby: Because Yang has been crying for the past hour thinks you and Sun are dating!
  • Blake: Why would Yang think that and why was she crying about it?
  • Ruby: Because she loves you and she saw Sun kissing you!
  • Blake: WHAT!? OH MY GOD! YANG!*Blake Shouted and quickly ran past Ruby and upstairs.*
  • Weiss: You think she remembers me saying Yang is in the shower? *Both Weiss and Ruby then looked as they heard a door slam open.*
  • Ruby: Yeah I'm going to go with nope. *Ruby then took a bite of a cookie from the box on the floor.*
You for you

Jimin x Reader 

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Summary: Sure you had your own insecurities, but he had his too

Word count: 1731

Originally posted by gzbrin

Being in a relationship with an idol is difficult, and you admit to that. There were ups and downs and lefts and rights, but you two always stuck together through everything. It’s been a little over a year since you two began dating and now it’s gotten to a point where you two owned a shared apartment. Sure, Jimin had spent most of his nights at the dorms since it was closer to the dance studio, but every week he made sure to come home and spend the night with you at least once or twice.

You laid in bed all snuggled up in your comforter inhaling the scent of lavender and just a tinge of Jimin. He spent the night with you yesterday, so his scent lingered on the sheets. It was raining out, all gloomy with no sun to be seen, and on days like this, you liked to cuddle with your boyfriend. Unfortunately, he wasn’t here right now. You fully understood the different aspects of being in a relationship with an idol, so you accepted the lack of his presence. Just knowing that he loved and cared for you was enough.

After getting yourself in a comfortable position, you reach over for your phone which sat atop the nightstand next to your bed. You scrolled through the various types of social media you had, but the only thing you could see on almost every post was something along the lines of “JIMIN DATING!!” or “PARK JIMIN OF BTS RELATIONSHIP CONFIRMED”. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey I read your "Mc's Dad wanna talk" you are awesome...!!! Can you please Do RFA+Saeran+V meeting MC's parents who are protective of MC and couldn't trust the boys easily..

thank you so much!!

for those wondering which HC this anon is talking about, it’s here


  • as if he wasn’t already nervous enough
  • hearing the conversation MC was having with her parents over the phone a day before the meeting gave him soooo much anxiety
  • “It’s okay dad, I promise, Yoosung’s a great boyfriend. You’ll love him”
  • *indecipherable yelling*
  • “MOM! WILL YOU CALM DOWN? I’m not moving to another country.. I just want to move in with Yoosung.”
  • *more yelling*
  • “Oh my god, we’ll talk about this tomorrow. See you guys. Yea, love you. Bye.”
  • MC was rolling her eyes but Yoosung, this poor bb was freaking out
  • “Don’t worry, they’re just being overprotective- hey, are you okay? You’re sweating”


  • “MC do your parents think I’m a bad guy?”
  • “No.”
  • “Do they hate me already?”
  • “.. no”
  • “Do you think they’ll make me cut my hair-”
  • “Jesus Zen, it’s 3am. It’ll be alright. They’ll love you when they see you tomorrow, I promise.”
  • *the next day*
    • sorry idk what to put so^^ that’s what i’m going with
  • “Nice to meet you too…”
  • *pulls MC to a side*
  • “Honey, why are his eyes bloodshot? And why is he sweating? Did he not sleep last night.. what kinda of job does he have?!”
  • “He was too busy worrying about his impression on you two to sleep.”
  • this is Zen, probably:


  • she was sooooo stiff and cold
  • her hands were literal icicles that claimed to have fingers
  • “Greetings, I am Jaehee Kang, 26 years old, working at C&R International as the Chief Secretary.”
  • whoa whoa whoa what was that? it’s like she’s writing her CV
  • “Uh, yes, nice to meet you too”
  • MC’s parents are low key shook but also kinda like ????? okay so she’s a good person, check. a little strange but still formal so.. check. seems to have a legit career with good insight for her future, check.
  • after the dinner Jaehee was dead beat. She was speaking like a robot for the entire night and if that doesn’t tire you out well… you’re probably not human
  • “How do you think it went, Jaehee?”
  • sneak peek into Jaehee’s current state:


  • strict parents? no problemo
  • his own were a couple of crazy oldies
  • just gotta be polite
  • show them what u got
  • be formal with language
  • considerate, responsible, understanding, caring, loving
  • just gotta show them all these traits in 1 nIGHT
  • ok now he’s a little like OMG HYPERVENTILATING
  • “Jumin, you’ll be fine, just act like you normally do”
  • “So.. i can order people around and take Eliza-”
  • “right sorry”
  • someone send help he’s going to be expressionless the entire time
  • MC’s parents low key think he might have problems with his face muscles
  • but since he’s the next CEO of C&R… it’s okay
  • his background will make sure that he can’t do anything bad to MC without getting caught by the media


  • he’s whining like a baby
  • “I’ll go under one condition”
  • “that is?”
  • -_-
  • when he actually has dinner though he’s really well behaved
  • acts like a real gentleman
  • “Seven, why can’t you be like this at home too?”
  • SEVEN IS JUST STARING AT MC like duude what did we promise earlier
  • and MC’s eyes open wide upon realization at the statement she just made
  • oops i guess? haha .-.


  • MC can’t find him
  • he literally disappeared from her sight
  • after 2 hours of frantically searching their house
  • Saeran was hiding behind the laundry basket
  • “Saeran, we have to go, dinner’s at six”
  • he looks at MC with the puppiest of puppy eyes 
  • his lips a quivering, tugging at his sleeves nervously
  • who could say no to this little baby potato
  • “..fine, we’ll meet them another time. I’ll cancel the dinner-”
  • “NO”
  • what???
  • “… I’ll go.. I don’t want them to think I’m a bad boy afterall”
  • MC is beaming and all smiles omfg this boy is so precious what did she do to deserve him


  • he wasn’t scared of anything
  • not losing his sight or fighting bad guys or snakes like rika
  • but there was one thing he absolutely hated
  • confronting others
  • hear me out ok ya boi V here is a sweetheart who needs to be protected
  • but he gets blamed for almost everything that ever happens and homie please
  • this boy needs a break
  • so when MC tells him that she wants him to meet her strict parents who probably do not appreciate the fact that he can’t see shit
  • it scares him a little more than you’d think
  • like straight up he just doesn’t say anything for the entire ride to the dinner
  • he tries to gather his thoughts on how to act normal but his shaking hands say otherwise
  • he’s still polite though, during the dinner and all
  • after dinner: “Jihyun! look at this text my mom sent”
  • [He’s a keeper, honey~]

I hope that was okay :D

BTW yas i got 2 requests done today and it ain’t even 10pm (might sneak another one in before i sleep so look out for it!!)

~Cherry L.

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Couldn't stop myself-m

a short imagine where Y/n goes out with justin’s friend but justin is attracted to her and they have sex together lmao. Enjoy :)

“YEAH?” you shout back on the phone. 

Your cellphone was placed on the bathroom sink while you were currently having a shower, so the loud noise from the pouring water was making it difficult to hear what your boyfriend was saying on the phone even though it was on speaker mode. 

“I’ll just meet you at the party. I have to do something important, sorry i can’t pick you up.” 

“Oh,” you mutter, trying not to act disappointed, “that’s fine, i’ll just meet you there.” 

You were disappointed as you and the gang already planned out that you were going together. You hop out of the shower. You wipe the fogged up mirror. You were quite angry and sad and all those other emotions were pitted up in your stomach. A sudden loud knock woke you up. You quickly wrap yourself around in your soft fluffy towel. You quickly open the door to find Justin there with his hands in his pockets. 

“Oh hi.” 

You didn’t expect Justin to be there. 

“Uhh,” he quickly returns his eyes back to your face, “are you and Ryan ready yet?” 

“No, i’m meeting him there.” 

“Ohhh..” Justin sutters. 

“You can come in, i won’t take long.” 

Justin awkwardly walks past you and sits on the couch. 

“Juice? anything i can help you with?” 


You open the fridge and chuck him a small bottle of water. He catches it with ease and quickly drinks half of the bottle. Justin needed to calm himself down. 

You walk off quickly, you didn’t want to keep him waiting. Justin sits there stunned. 

As soon as he saw you, the thoughts of his bestfriend’s girlfriend weren’t friendly at all. He could briefly imagine what was behind that towel. He could imagine how luscious your skin was, how fresh you would smell, how beautiful you would look under him. He quickly adjusts himself in his ripped jeans, shuffling awkwardly, hoping his growing erection would die down. 

“Justin! Can you come here for a quick second?” 

Justin’s eyes drop out at the call of his name. He needed to quickly fix his problem in his pants. You grow impatient as you couldn’t zip up the back of your strapless dress. You walk out, your bare feet causing the wooden floor to make a slight noise every time you take a step. Justin hears you coming. Justin’s was sitting on the couch, his back facing you, so you couldn’t see his front. You stand up, your back facing him. 

“Can you zip this up?” 

Justin’s breath hitches as he sees the dress you have on. Your dress was black, tight, short, showing all the right places of skin and causing him to shiver at the thought of fucking you with it on. Justin couldn’t run away from his thoughts anymore. He gets up, his front facing you as he settles his hands on your hips. You feel his presence but don’t figure out anything out of place until suddenly you feel Justin’s obvious raging boner against your lower back. Before you could move away, Justin holds you steady by your waist and pulls your body closer to his, feeling his whole body against yours. He suddenly places soft kisses at the back of your neck, working his way to your earlobe. You couldn’t mutter any words.You stood still, completely frozen, you couldn’t believe the situation taking place right now. He spins you around on your bare feet. You look at him with shaky eyes. 

“Justin what are you doing? This is wrong.” 

“I want you Y/N, ever since i first laid eyes on you. I can’t hold back anymore.”  Justin latches his lips onto yours, enveloping your mouth into a passionate kiss. 

“Justin,” you mumble, attempting to push his body away from yours. 

You push against his chest, feeling his muscles through his grey t shirt. He pulls away from the kiss. He holds his fingers at the top of your dress. You couldnt deny the sensation bubbling in your lower stomach anymore.

“Can I?”

 “Yeah,” You whisper out. 

You were scared. You couldn’t think straight with Justin holding you like this, or touching you like this. Justin quickly peels off the top of your dress, freeing your bare breasts. You start to feel shy as you try to cover them with your arms. He sits back down on the couch, trapping your body with his legs. You look down at him, wondering what he was trying to do. 

“Come here, let me pleasure you.” 

Justin grabs on your waist, tugging your body down at he extends his neck up. He latches his teeth onto your left nipple. You gasp out at the action. You hunch over and support yourself with your hands gripping the top of the couch. Justin’s narrows his eyes up at your face. He studies the look of pleasure on your face. Your bottom lip was taken between your teeth, your eyes shut tightly. This was a sight justin would never forget. Justin doesnt stop abusing and teasing your breasts, he causes your lower stomach to tighten up.

“Justin,” you moan with your eyes still shut, “please fuck me.” 

Justin hears your request and it goes straight to his lower stomach, his length twitching at your high pitched moans. He never thought he’ll hear those words in his life. You felt as if your legs were about to give up. As if he could read your mind, Justin switches positions and places you along the couch. He quickly hovers over you. He sees the fucked expression covering your presence. He grins as he was proud he could get you to this state. He sees the hair, messy and covering your face slighty, your eyes shut and your heavy pants coming from your sweet lips. 

“You’re so beautiful Y/N.”

You thrust your hips upwards, wanting him to help you get rid of the intense feeling in your lower stomach. Justin doesnt waste another second as he rolls up your dress, bunching the material at your waist. He dips two fingers in your panties, brushing against your sensitive bud. 

“Fuck- you’re dripping.” 

Justin could believe you were already dripping, your juices coating his two fingers completely, the warmth even dripping down onto the palm of his hands. Justin enters his fingers in your heat, slipping in with ease. He feels your warm slippery walls clenching his fingers. He moans out, imaging how amazing you would feel around his shaft. 

“I’ve always imagined you like this Y/N. Ryan is such a lucky guy, getting to fuck you whenever he wants.

Justin pulls his fingers out. You feel empty and groan at the feeling. Justin holds your face with one hand, squeezing your cheeks together. 

“Open up babygirl.” 

He pushes his two fingers in your mouth, stuffing them until they hit the back of your throat. Your eyes open wide as you feel his fingers reaching the uncomfortable state of your throat. You feel the tears covering your sight. Justin pulls his fingers out, along with your string of saliva. Justin groans deeply at the sight of you. 

“I wish you would suck me off like that.” 

Justin doesnt go a day without thinking of you with your mouth deep and wrapped around him. Everytime he would see you, everything you would laugh or speak, his eyes would always fall apart from reality. Justin knew you were together with Ryan. You and ryan were together for nearly half a year now and you had seen justin a couple of times as you would sometimes hang around with Ryan’s friends. Every time Justin would see you come through the door with Ryan, he couldn’t help but always undress you with his eyes, he would always pay attention to you. Justin just couldn’t help himself. He was attracted to you and only you. Justin couldn’t tell if he had feelings for you but he knew liked you in that way. 

“Justin, please get in me already.” 

Justin narrows his eyes down to find you fondling with your clit. 

“Stop that Y/N. I’m fucking you, remember that.” 

He sntaches your hands away by gripping your wrist tightley. He quickly yanks his ripped jeans down and his boxers down letting his hard shaft sprang free. You look at his length, all red and veiny making your mouth water at the sight. He catches you staring. 

“Like what you see baby?” 

You thrust your hips up, rubbing your wet core along his shaft making him groan out the sight. He doesn’t peel his eyes away from the sight, too focused on the situation before him. You break from the grasp and grip onto his length, feeling him hard and rigid as ever. You couldn’t wait to feel him inside you. You steady him as alline your opening and push into him. You bite down on your lip at the feeling of his thick length stretching your tight walls apart, almost fearing he would break you if he started moving. 

“Fuck, so tight around me. God Y/N.” 

Justin groans out, clenching his eyes shut at the warmth and tightness around his shaft. You begin to thrust your hips at the a steady pace with justin’s body hovered on top of you. Justin supported himself with both of his hand gripping the armrest. You begin slow as you loved the feeling of him rubbing his whole length against your, hitting the soft spot you never knew you had. 

“I’m there already.” Justin spills out. 

Justin clenches his eyes shut, not believing you could get him there so fast, so quickly and so easily. 

“don’t hold back for me, i’m nearly there as well.” 

You shut your eyes, thrusting quickly as you feel yourself explode around him. You clench yourself, feeling how thick he was around you. Justin let’s go at this action, letting his seed spill. 

“Fuck. We’re late,” justin huffs out, sounding breathless ,before climbing off you. 

I won’t Apologize

Stefan x Reader

Summary: You save Stefan’s life, but he gets mad because you’re human and almost get yourself killed trying to save him. 

Requested by anon 

     The Salvatore house was quite, which was something that never happened. There was always some sort of conversation or fighting going on, but right now there was nothing. The silence worried you some, but you knew better than to jump to conclusions. You quickly made your way to Stefan's bedroom. You quickly flung open the door. You were half expecting Stefan to be sitting at his desk writing in his journal instead, the room was empty. “Stefan!” you called out in hopes that he would suddenly appear behind you. 

       You jumped when you heard a scream come from the basement. It sounded like Stefan. It had to be Stefan, but what was making him scream. You quickly scanned the room looking for any sharp wooden objects you could use to impale a possible vampire assailant. A broken chair leg looked like it would do the trick. You grabbed the chair and kicked the leg off. Your heart was pounding in your chest and you could feel every beat of it in your ears. If Stefan was in trouble you would have to be the one to save him because there didn’t seem to be anyone else around to do it. 

      You carefully made your way to the basement. as you got closer Stefan’s screams got louder. Every time you heard the slightest noise leave Stefan’s mouth you felt a horrible feeling in your gut. Listing to his screams was the worst thing you had ever had to do. You wanted badly to just run down there and kill his assailant, but you had to be careful or else you would get yourself killed. 

       Your element of surprise went quickly out the window when you heard a man’s voice say,”Listen to the flutter of their heartbeat.” You froze right where you were afraid to move because now the man knew you were there, he probably even knew how close you were to him. Stefan growled at the man and you could hear him struggling against some restraints. 

          Besides the sound of Stefan's growls, it was quite. Stefan was not being hurt he was instead just trying to escape his restraints. You knew the man was coming for you, he had to be. You quickly backed yourself up against a wall so he couldn't come up from behind you. Your grip on the chair leg tightened and the amount of adrenalin in your body skyrocketed. 

          “Hello.” Without even thinking you plunged the chair leg into the man in front of you. It was a strange man you had never seen before. His skin was now turning grey, but you could still clearly see his features. He had bright green eyes and dark brown hair, he was older, no older than 40, and he had a scar running down his left cheek. 

         “Y/N!” Stefan yelled. You looked one last time at the strange man dying on the ground and then ran towards Stefan. 

            He was tied to a chair and had a wooden stake in both legs. Blood soaked his shirt and his forehead was drenched in sweat. “Stefan.” You said weakly. You got down on your knees in front of him and pulled the Stakes from his legs. You quickly untied his ropes and got him out of the chair.

         “You should have gone and got Damon.” Stefan croaked. You stopped and looked at him. 

          “by the time I found Damon’s ass, you would have been dead.” You said with anger in your voice. Part of you knew he would be angry with you for saving him, which was stupid on his part. 

        “You could have been killed, by that man.” His voice got louder and his grip on your shoulder tightened. 

            “And he could have killed you too, Stefan. Can’t you just say ‘thanks for saving my life Y/N, let’s go get some burgers or something’.” You said in a mocking tone. 

           “You should have got Damon.” He said once more. 

           “What Stefan are you upset that a human killed him and you couldn’t.” You looked him dead in the eye. You were mad now because he was being ridiculous. “Look I am not going to apologize for saving your life, so get over yourself.” 

       He groaned in defeat, but he didn’t say another word about the whole thing. 

        “Who was that man, Stefan.” You asked as you watched him take his shirt off. 

       “Just some new vampire that wanted revenge on Damon, but sadly Damon wasn’t here.” He sighed and headed towards his bathroom. 

       “Why is Damon never around when you need him?” You said laughing. 

and I promise if I take you home, I'll sing you a song; never leave me alone

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For @amalasdraws, inspired by her Hip Hop AU!! Ahh you are great, thank you for all the AU FEELS, the screaming, everything!!! You are great, I love you and your AU!

Oikawa can’t help the smile that lights his face when he gets to talk in interviews with Iwaizumi.

It’s not just that they’re together now, in a relationship.

Okay, so, yeah. That part is pretty fucking fantastic. They’ve come so far from where they’ve started, overcome so much shit that Oikawa doesn’t even want to think about anymore. It really doesn’t even matter that they’re not out to the world because they’re together.

But… it’s still so much more than that.

It’s the fact that they’re a team, here. The music that they make together is so much better, so much more inspired than anything they have ever come up with alone.

Oikawa’s never worked so closely with the same lyricist for so long. Usually it’s a couple of songs, or he works out a few beats for someone else and isn’t really involved in the rest of the process. It’s… hard, really, to share so much with someone else, because music is his life.

It’s not just a job; it’s a passion. A dream.

It’s huge to have it be so intricately intertwined with someone else’s work, but honestly? Now that he’s here?

Oikawa can hardly imagine things working out any other way.

On their own, they were good; but together, they’re great. He’s so proud.

Oikawa looks over at Iwaizumi on the other end of the couch, biting his lip to try and keep himself from smiling too wide. He listens to Iwaizumi speak, answering the interviewer’s question with ease, arms moving around as he talks. It’s what always happens whenever gets really excited about what he’s talking about. He talks with his hands, and Oikawa couldn’t be more pleased with the fact that he knows Iwaizumi well enough to recognize this.

“Well, Oikawa? What do you think?”

Hearing the interviewer calling his name, Oikawa turns his attention back to him and hopes he wasn’t staring too hard.

“Uh, can you repeat the question?” He asks, grinning a little. Iwaizumi just laughs and shakes his head, adjusting his hat. He must have realized Oikawa was staring at him, but his smile tells him he’s been doing the same thing.

“Do you think you’ll keep working together for a while?” The interviewer asks again, leaning forward in his seat, awaiting his answer.

Oikawa just grins.

“I’ll keep making his beats as long as he’s still spittin’,” he replies, shooting Iwaizumi a look before looking back at the interviewer. “And I don’t see that changing anytime soon.”

Iwaizumi hides his smile behind his hand.

The interviewer laughs, clearly pleased by the conversation; they wrap things up, saying their goodbyes and making their way out of the studio. Oikawa’s tired and wants nothing more than to curl up back at home on the couch, but he has to wait.

Iwaizumi must know, or at least he wants the same thing, because he doesn’t seem surprised when Oikawa joins him on his way back to his apartment.

Okay, he must want the same thing. Oikawa keeps looking up to steal looks at Iwaizumi only to find that he’s looking back.

So cute.

Thankfully the trip back isn’t long and as soon as the door slams closed, Oikawa’s kicking off his shoes, tossing down his bag, ready to flop.

Iwaizumi laughs, watching him fumble with his shoes. He tries to step out of his right shoe but it refuses come off properly. He resorts to shaking his foot, groaning when his shoe flies across the hall and slams into the wall. Oikawa fidgets like he wants to go and grab it but ends up just shrugging it off, waving his hand dismissively.

“Tired?” Iwaizumi asks, stepping close enough to rest a hand on the back of his neck. The soft hairs at the base of Oikawa’s neck tickle his fingers and Oikawa sighs into the touch.

“Mhm,” Oikawa hums, letting his eyes flutter closed, “Well, didn’t get to sleep much last night.. By the time I got home, it was pretty late… and besides…” he sighs when Iwaizumi dips his hands under the neck of his sweatshirt, cold fingers pressing against his bare skin. “It’s harder to get to sleep when I’m by myself.”

“Were you lonely?” Iwaizumi grins, but it’s lacking his usual attitude, coming out soft. Sweet. Oikawa smiles, turning to press their lips together for a single chaste kiss.

He tastes warm and sweet, like those candies he was eating on their drive home, like the warmth of the cuddles they share at three in the morning after a long day of recording, when they get silly and snuggly and Oikawa doesn’t even want to get up for food-

Okay, that last part is definitely Iwaizumi projecting, but whatever. He still licks his lips when Oikawa pulls back, cheeks flushed, smile burning wide.

Iwaizumi immediately wants more of it.

“Yes,” he admits. “Your bed’s comfier. Or… maybe it’s just that you’re there. I dunno.”

Iwaizumi chuckles, but allows it when Oikawa presses their palms against one another, fingers lacing together. He tugs, and Iwaizumi lets Oikawa pull him down the hallway, heading straight for the living room. He knows where they’re going, but he still lets Oikawa take him there. It’s much more fun to have Oikawa leading the way, whining when Iwaizumi slows down, making his strides shorter, purposefully drawing out the walk. He laughs, but succeeds; Oikawa reaches for his other hand, pulling him along by both hands until he trips backwards over his feet and they land on the couch in a heap, laughing and snorting.

Iwa-chan,” Oikawa whines, trapped underneath him. Iwaizumi’s landed pretty much on his lap, straddling his waist, and Oikawa pouts at the restricted movement.

“Yes, babe?” Iwaizumi grins down at him, brushing some hair off his forehead, thumbs lingering on his warm skin. Oikawa looks up, a little surprised, still in their public mode - hasn’t moved over to how they can act in private, the pet name making him blush, goofy grin lighting up his face.

Iwaizumi sighs. He’s too damn cute for his own good.

“I can’t kiss you properly like this,” Oikawa says, proving his point by trying to arch up against Iwaizumi and failing. He pouts pathetically, too tired to really put any effort into trying to push Iwaizumi off of him, settling for resting his hands on Iwaizumi’s hips. He digs his thumbs under the fabric of Iwaizumi’s jeans, rubbing circles on his bare skin. It’s nice, light, relaxing; teasing, almost, but really just affectionate. It sends little sparks of warmth up his back.

It really hits home now, how important this is to him. How good it feels… How right.

With a hum, Iwaizumi moves to shift off Oikawa. “Okay, fine.”

Oikawa laughs happily when Iwaizumi flops down next to him on the couch, wasting no time in curling up to his side, hands working off all those clothes that he’s still wearing for reasons unknown - but not for too much longer. Oikawa makes quick work of that. He unzips Iwaizumi’s hoodie, moving it off his shoulders, tossing it down to the floor. His shirt is next, soft fabric sliding over his head before it too is tossed away. Iwaizumi just watches with an amused grin, letting Oikawa move him as he pleases. He unbuttons Iwaizumi’s jeans, too, guiding them off his hips and down to the heap of clothes on the floor, looking quite satisfied now that there are markedly less layers between them.

He loves it when Oikawa is like this. So focused on what he wants, knowing exactly what they both need. He works his way out of his own hoodie, lifting it over his head, grumbling when he gets suck and flails around a little bit before Iwaizumi helps him out of it. He guides it up and off his frame, offering Oikawa a smile once he’s free. Oikawa smiles back, all warm and sweet and Iwaizumi just loves that smile.

A whole hell of a lot.

Oikawa’s too busy watching Iwaizumi, gaze shifting from his face to his strong, broad chest, so Iwaizumi helps him along a little. Unfastens his pants, helps slide them off. Reaching behind the couch for a blanket that he knows Oikawa is going to need.

As soon as he turns back, Oikawa drops back to his side. He hooks his legs over Iwaizumi’s, sliding a hand behind his back, worming his way in close. Iwaizumi chuckles, not moving until he’s sure Oikawa is comfortable.

“Good?” He asks, before draping the blanket over the both of them. Oikawa hums in approval, so Iwaizumi slides his arm around Oikawa’s shoulder, burying his fingers in his soft brown hair.

Oikawa’s quiet, for a moment. He rests his head on Iwaizumi’s chest, eyes fluttering closed, until-


Iwaizumi moves his hands in Oikawa’s hair, fingers curling in the soft hairs at the base of his neck.. “Hey.”

Oikawa sighs happily at the touch. “You know what?” His voice is light, airy.

Iwaizumi can’t help but smile. “What?”

“You were so great in the interview today…” Oikawa presses a tiny kiss to his neck. “I love listening to you talk about your music-”

“-Our music,” Iwaizumi interjects, which makes Oikawa get all silly and cuddle in closer.

“Yeah. Our music.” He grins, almost in disbelief. “I feel so lucky… you know? You were amazing… you’re so passionate… you always bring your best to the table…”

Iwaizumi squeezes him a little tighter. “So do you,” he says, kissing the top of Oikawa’s head, feeling the shiver that trails down Oikawa’s spine. “You gave so many amazing answers. You’re so good at what you do… and you love it so much… I could feel all of that in everything that you said.”

Oikawa tucks himself in closer, burying his face against Iwaizumi’s neck, mumbling something quietly that Iwaizumi can’t make out.

“I can’t hear you,” he says, nudging Oikawa with his nose to get him to look at him properly. “Getting shy all of a sudden?”

Oikawa chuckles, moving enough so that he can talk, but Iwaizumi still can’t see him. He can imagine how his cheeks are flushed, just like always do when he gets real honest. “I’m just…” Oikawa starts, hesitating a little, which isn’t quite his style, so Iwaizumi doesn’t press. He lets him go at his own pace. “I’m just really happy. I wanted… for so long… and was never sure if-”

“Me, too,” Iwaizumi interrupts, “I know. All that - that’s in the past now, though, okay? I’m not going anywhere.”

Oikawa nods, voice wavering, “Okay.” He turns back against Iwaizumi, and his skin is so warm to touch. The skin on skin contact feels so much better, and like this, Iwaizumi can hear Oikawa’s heartbeat.

Slow and steady; rhythmic.

A beat that he will never get tired of hearing.

A Blind Path Home, part 10

Steve Rogers x Reader

A/N: I obviously took some liberties with the storyline, but I tried keeping it as true as possible to the canon history. No beta used this time around, so excuse my mistakes.
Summary: It started with a blind date. A date you had skipped out on, but fate had led you right to the man you stood up. Steve Rogers, a man small in stature but big in heart. A chance meeting set everything in motion, but decades later when he is unfrozen, he has been told you have died. But when a mission to retrieve Hydra plans turned up some interesting information, Steve’s left to wonder whether you are still alive. Or is this all just false hope?Part One   Part Two   Part Three Part Four   Part Five Part Six Part Seven Part Eight  Part Nine

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Three Seems To Be A Lucky Number

Okay, my sweets, in the grand old tradition of my writing history, I have nervously returned with a completely random sort of Drabble and I would just like to say in advance, I am so sorry that this is what I decided to return with, lmfao, fml. Idek, I just wanted to write something cliched and typical, and I’ve been taking my inspiration where I can get it, so I hope it isn’t as terrible as I worry it might be ^^

♡Lil’ Disclaimer♡
Genre: Smut/Fluff/AU/Might as well be a Drabble for me (less that 5k words)
Requested: My apologies, no.
Warnings: possibly crude smut, other than that, I can’t think of anything. This is a very, very tame one for me ^^)

Originally posted by grape-joon

Originally posted by jeonify

“Just five more push ups, and you’re free to do whatever you want for the rest of the night, I promise…“ It sounds like a nice compromise, I know it does.
But that doesn’t mean it actually is, or that it’s a manageable feat. Which it is not.
What my boyfriend, the guy whose currently playing the role of my drill sergeant, can’t seem to accept, is that my core strength happens to be nonexistent. There is no way I’m doing even one more push up. It’s a miracle I made it to the first five, let alone the even ten this torturer is insisting I achieve. What more does this guy even want from me?
I mean, to me, five seems like a nice solid number. Why try for more?
"Jeon, I really don’t think I can,” I whine, without a hint of grace. My arms feel limp, and I’m not sure my brain can convince my muscles to tense up enough to lift my upper body, even if I wanted to.
“What if I buy you ice cream, is that incentive enough for you?” He offers, quite literally sweetening the deal but I’m still not sure it’s enough, and to be quite frank I just don’t wanna.
Honestly why my lazy ass thought it would be a good idea to date a personal trainer is beyond me. Three months in, and I finally see it was a stupid idea.
“Stop sulking. You asked me to do this remember?” He reminds me, unnecessarily.
I do remember, unfortunately.

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Please, Stop / Mitsuhide x MC

Kisses with Meaning Prompts

@belxsar: Hello, for your ‘Kisses With Meaning’ prompt drabbles, I’d like to request Mitsuhide with either eyelid, nape, or wrist (you pick because I can’t!) please. Thanks so much! :) Love your writing and your blog! <3

  • Mitsuhide + Eyelid (adoration) + Nape (deep attachment) + Wrist (desire/lust)

It’s a game she comes up with on the spot to test a few things, meant to last only a heartbeat. But looking at him now, and every moment before and after, she knows she will never be able to help herself, not when he sits there so fraught and tidy, refusing to play. There will be a wrinkle in his sleeve and a wrinkle in his brow, as well as a wrinkle in his words and a wrinkle in his calm, and she will want nothing more than to reach out on every plane and see how much more wrinkled it would get under her touch.

She does enjoy it. She can admit that. But it won’t even be the best part.



She thinks him untouchable, invulnerable, as stalwart as a battle ship heaving out to sea, and it infuriates her, because she can see the wear and tear. From the pier she wonders why he doesn’t.

“May I kiss you?”

So she plays with him, poking and prodding with gentle paws, until it’s a glorious mess: the stillness. The fake tranquility that goes washing over him and seeping out through his pores. His brush stills. His breath stills. His eyes still. And every inch of his control frays under an invisible, indomitable, weight.

Like the cat that got the canary, she bares her teeth at him in—

“Leave me,” he says.


“I beg your pardon?”

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anonymous asked:

hello! i tried looking through your awesome tag page, but i couldn't find any "farmer" tag or something along those lines and I was wondering if you know of any farmer themed sterek fics? where either one of them is a farmer. thanks!

I found some! - Anastasia

Originally posted by gameraboy

This tumblr fic. 

Stilinski Ranch: Part One by sexierthanyousterek (totallystereksexual)

(1/1 I 757 I Teen)

Derek is a new hand at the Stilinski Ranch in Beacon Hills, California. He has come far to get away from a dark past. Stiles is the son of the ranch owner, come home from school for the summer. What happens when Derek finds himself drawn to the younger male against his better judgement? 

The Wild Wind and the Hissing Rain by juniperjamboree 

(1/1 I 7,019 I Teen)

When his car breaks down and Derek takes him in for a few days, Stiles leaves his city slicker ways to learn a bit about what it means to live out in the country.

Hale’s Dairy and Berry by GeeGollyWiz13

(1/1 I 17,405 I Not Rated)

Stiles and Scott decide they need to get away for the weekend. Where the end up, a dairy and berry farm in the middle of god knows where, seems like the perfect place to spend the weekend.

 Mail Order Stiles by Green

(1/1 I 17,489 I Explicit)

Stiles laughs. “The day I become a mail-order bride is the day I eat my hat.”

“You don’t even wear a hat.“

“I’ll buy a hat for the occasion,” Stiles says. “A white one with a veil.”

(Stiles doesn’t eat a hat, but that’s just because he’s too busy with his new husband, his five children, his new husband’s ex, and a deadly feud with the neighboring ranch)

Stiles’ Ultimate Gift by LillianDeLooney

(14/14 I 44,529 I Explicit)

Stiles is a spoiled brat who’s sent away to the Hale Family Farm to learn a lesson in respect and hard work. Naturally, he isn’t happy about it, but that changes when he meets a very special little girl and her amazing father …

“What about you Stiles?” Derek’s daughter, Kenny, asks innocently. “Are you gay?”

He chokes on his own spit and quickly downs the remainder of his coke, ignoring the blush stretching from his head all the way to his chest.

“I ah,” he clears his throat awkwardly and rubs a hand over his neck. “I might be?”

She sends him a knowing little smile and nods. “Good.”

~ A story about how to live life, not how to spend it.

Holding On & Letting Go by SuperfluousEmi, Winchesterek

(11/ I 48,780 I Explicit)

Derek Hale is an Alpha without a pack, on the move with memories haunting his footsteps. When he answers an unusual ALPHA WANTED ad, he finds himself somewhere unexpected, finally able to rebuild a family and his hope for the future.

In Case You Didn’t Know

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Here is something I decided to write cause it’s like 1am here and I’m trying to get back into writing (those of you that requested something from me, I apologize so much and I will get those as soon as I can. This is something to shake the rust off a bit.

Okay, so we all know Pete isn’t exactly expressive (except when he’s murdering someone lol), so I thought this song would fit this. This is “In Case You Didn’t Know” by Brett Young. Yes, I realize this is a country song but I find country music says things you didn’t know they could. 

Fluff, Smut

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Word Count: 3583

(I didn’t add a name or details for the OC, and that’s because I want you guys to imagine yourselves for it, hence the reference of she/her)

“There, that should do it,” Pete said as he made the final touches on his surprise for her. He hoped she loved it because he usually didn’t do things like this – it wasn’t that he refused to, it was just he didn’t know how to express his feelings. He knew the feeling of aggression well and could express that like no one else could but this? No, this was odd to him but she made him feel things he didn’t know he could. There was a knock on the door and he looked up. He exhaled slowly as he adjusted the collar on his shirt and took one last look at the elegantly set table. He walked over to the door and opened and a smile spread over his face when he saw her.

God, she’s gorgeous, he thought.

“Hi,” she said as she kissed him on the cheek.

“Hey,” he replied.

“So what’s the occasion? You don’t usually dress up – or invite me to dinner,” she said with a lilting laugh that gave him a warm, tingling feeling in his body.

“I have something I wanted to say and I didn’t know how else to do it,” he told her in his thick accent.

“Hmm. This should be fun,” she replied as she walked in. She gasped as she saw the beautifully laid table, complete with candles and a vase of her favorite flowers – calla lilies.

“You did this. For me?” she wanted to know. He nodded sheepishly.

“Pete, you’re wonderful,” she whispered as she kissed him again, this time on the lips. Pete pulled her closer as he cradled the back of her head with his callused hand and wrapped his other arm around her waist. He moaned as she nipped at his lip and he knew he had to break the kiss because otherwise, they’d never make it to dinner.

“Aww, I was enjoying that,” she mock-whined with a devilish pout.

“Ah, I know, petal. But I want you to eat first,” he told her, jerking his head towards the table.

“Will you be dessert, then?” she asked with a wink.

“That depends on if you’re a good girl,” he whispered in her ear.

“Only for you, my love,” she whispered back.

Pete turned her around and led her to the table, where he pulled out her chair. He couldn’t keep his eyes off of her and he knew he wanted her but he just didn’t know the right way to tell her.

“I know you liked wine, so I got you a bottle. Is that alright?” Pete asked once they sat down.

“Alright with me. Sure you don’t want a glass?” she asked once she took her glass that he filled up for her. He gave her one of his trademark sneers which made her laugh.

“I’m kidding, Pete.”

“I know. I also cooked dinner for you and yes, I added non vegan products.”

“You didn’t have to do all of this for me. Really. You didn’t,” she said as she reached for his hand. He took her hand and rubbed it with his thumb.

“I know, but I needed to. I…” he trailed off. She put her wineglass down and cocked her head.

“What is it?”

“Can we at least start eating first? Please? I can’t think without food.”

She rolled her eyes and took her hand from his.

“Okay, fine. You weirdo. We’ll eat.”

That earned her a smile.

“You know, when you smile, you’ve got the best smile. I want you to smile more,” she told him.

“Nah. Then I wouldn’t be the Bruiserweight and what good would that do?” he quipped as he took a drink of water.

“Fine. Will you smile more for me, then?”

“Of course. Only for you, though.”

They ate in silence for a while, but Pete just couldn’t stop looking at her. She was so different from him – for one, she was American. She also wasn’t a vegan, as evidenced by her tearing into a steak that he grilled for her alone. Sometimes, he didn’t know why she put up with him – he was moody and he beat people up for a living. 

“I can’t count the times

I almost said what’s on my mind

But I didn’t

Just the other day

I wrote down all the things I’d say

But I couldn’t

I just couldn't”

They finished their dinner and while Pete was putting the dishes in the sink – at his insistence because she kept wanting to help him clear away the table – she was drinking her second glass of wine, taking him in and wondering why he picked her. He was pretty famous in his home country of England and there was no doubt he had women falling over him trying to get his attention. She bit her lip and smiled to herself as she remembered him asking her out for the first time; the way he tripped over his words and the way he kept glancing at her nervously. She found the whole thing hilarious because she knew what he did for a living and she thought his whole rough and tumble persona was just that – a persona and there was actually a soft, kind man underneath the callused hands and the semi-permanent sneer that was fixed on his lips.

“Okay, those are done,” Pete announced.

“Ah, good! Now you can tell me what it is you wanted to say.”

“You wanna go sit down?” he asked, pointing towards his sofa.


They walked over to his couch, where she promptly kicked off her heels and placed her legs into his lap. He started massaging her feet and calves, which elicited a soft moan from her.

“That feels amazing,” she said softly.

“Good. Okay, I’m ready. I think,” he whispered nervously. She put her now empty glass down and leaned closer to him.

“Baby I know that you’ve been wondering

Mmm, so here goes nothing”

“What is it?” she asked as she pushed back a lock of blonde hair that had fallen in his face.

“I… I love you. I’m fucking crazy about you. I just… I’m not great at these things but I needed to tell you. Like, I have to tell you this. Everything about you drives me fucking insane but I want it. I want… I want you,” he said, almost in a rush.

“In case you didn’t know

Baby I’m crazy bout you

And I would be lying if I said

That I could live this life without you

Even though I don’t tell you all the time

You had my heart a long long time ago

In case you didn’t know”

She was absentmindedly stroking his hair and she stopped when she heard his confession.

“Pete,” she whispered.

He looked at her expectantly as he bit his lip.

“S-say something?”

She said nothing but in response, she leaned over and kissed him softly. She ran her hand through his hair as she kissed him and he was so taken aback that his arm stopped in midair before finally wrapping around her waist and pulling her closer to him. He could feel her heart beat picking up pace and his beginning to match it. He moved to lay down on the couch, stretching out his legs but keeping a firm hold on her so that she didn’t fall off.

After a while, she came up for air and laid her head on his chest. He stroked her hair as he struggled to find the words.

“You’re… awfully quiet, love. Did I say something wrong?” Pete whispered.

She looked up at him and smiled.

“Not at all, baby. In fact, I’m glad you said that. I… I love you too.”

Pete let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding.

“The way you look tonight

That second glass of wine

That did it

There was something bout that kiss

Girl it did me in

Got me thinking

I’m thinking”

“I know. It’s just nice to hear the words. Especially when I don’t know how to say them and don’t say them all the time.”

“It’s okay, Pete. I know you have to keep up appearances but you know you can let down your guard with me. It’s okay,” she murmured.

“You’ve got all of me
 I belong to you
Yeah you’re my everything”

“I want to. I’m trying to, love. I… just don’t know how to.”

“Let me help you, then.” 

Pete looked at her with questioning eyes and all he got in response was a devilish grin. He moved his hands until they were resting on her hips and he looked up at her.

“Take me to bed,” she whispered as she leaned down to kiss him slowly and passionately. Pete moaned and tightened his grip on her hips while she reached for his shirt to start unbuttoning it. Once she had it unbuttoned all the way, she spread her hands out across his broad torso and slid it off. Pete sat up to help take it off and then reached for the back of her dress. He fumbled with the zipper as he littered her neck and shoulders with kisses and small nibbles. She leaned away from him to finish taking off her dress and he stared at her with hungry eyes. She bit her lip as she held his gaze.

“Like what you see?” she murmured seductively.

“You have no idea,” he growled as he leaned over to kiss her, this time more roughly. He bit her lip, eliciting a moan from her which in turn, made him groan. He gripped the back of her head, tangling his fingers in her soft hair as he slid his tongue in her mouth and kissing her as roughly and hotly as he could. She dug her nails into his broad shoulders as she moaned louder this time. He took his free hand to hook her leg and pull it up around his waist.

“God, you’re fucking gorgeous, darling,” he groaned as he made his way down to her chest. He made quick work of her lacy bra and he began to kiss her heaving breasts while she moaned his name.

“Pete!” she cried out when she felt his teeth bite her breast. He kissed the spot then slowly started to lick her nipple while his other hand was squeezing and playing with her other breast. He grazed his teeth over one pert nipple while he pinched the other, making her squirm underneath him. He switched over as she continued to squirm under him.

Once he had had his fill, he came back up to kiss her again.

“Sit up,” Pete commanded. She did as she was told and she watched in anticipation. Pete pulled her closer to him so that she was on the edge of the couch and he spread her legs apart.

“Ooh. What are you planning, Mr. Dunne?” she wanted to know as she ran her hands through his now messy hair. Pete looked up and flashed her a wolfish grin.

“You’re about to find out, sweetheart,” was his reply as he made her matching lace boyshorts disappear.

“Eyes on me,” he said sharply. She kept her eyes on him as he took one callused hand and spread her lips apart and pressed his thumb against her clit. He rubbed it enough to make her moan his name and then he slid one finger inside her, making her gasp.

“Ahh,” she moaned. Pete slid his finger back out and then in quickly. He then added another finger, keeping the same pace.

“P-Pete…” she gasped out as she reached for his free hand. He obliged as he laced his fingers with hers, never taking his eyes off her or breaking his pace.

“You feel so good,” he whispered. He leaned in to kiss her stomach and thighs as he kept working his fingers in and out of her now wet pussy. He bit the sensitive skin on her inner thighs, making her gasp and cry out.

“I… I want…” she said breathlessly. Pete glanced up at her and whispered,

“What do you want?” as he kept his languid pace. “Tell me.”

“I want… your mouth.”

“Where, sweetheart?”

“Where… where your fingers… are.”

“Oh? What’s the magic word, darling?” he murmured as he kissed slowly and ever closer to where his fingers were.

“Please!” she squeaked.

Pete stopped his fingering then. He bit her other thigh, eliciting another moan from her lips.

“Okay. But first you gotta do something for me,” he said.

“Anything,” she told him.

“Kiss me.” She leaned down to kiss his lips; he then slid one wet finger in between her lips.

“Suck it clean,” he told her. She obliged happily, sucking his finger until it was dry. Once it was done, Pete took the other finger and slipped it into his mouth, watching her as he did so.

“You taste pretty good,” he remarked after he took his finger out of his mouth.

“Yea?” she said. She motioned for him to come closer. “Keep tasting,” she whispered as she brought his head closer to her outstretched legs.

Pete bit his lip and then put his head between her legs. He enthusiastically went to work, licking and sucking on her clit. He gripped her thighs to steady himself as he kept licking her.

“Ahh! Pete! Ohh, god, you feel amazing,” she moaned as gripped the back of his head. Pete slipped a finger back in and began working in tandem with his skilled tongue, making her buck her hips and writhe in pleasure on the couch. She could feel her heart pounding against her chest and she didn’t know how much more she could take.

Pete kept up this tandem for a little while, at least until he felt her tensing up.

“You’re not ready, now, are ya darling?” he whispered teasingly as he licked her wet thighs.


“You what?”


“Want what?” Pete asked as he kept fingering her, this time going a little faster. He nibbled on her thighs as she cried out. She arched her back as she felt her first climax rip through her.

“Ah, there we go,” he whispered against her leg. He slowly kissed his way back up her body, making sure to leave little bites here and there until he reached her mouth.

“Darling, you feel…” he kissed her. “… and taste amazing.”

“I want you… inside me,” she told him once she caught her breath.

“Oh, you do?”

She nodded. Pete looked at her coming apart as he contemplated this. He had been wanting this all night since she walked in wearing his favorite dress and he couldn’t keep himself from imagining tearing her clothes off and fucking her senseless on the table, dinner be damned.

“How bad?” he whispered in her ear before nipping the earlobe.


Pete reached down between her legs to slip his fingers back in, which made her moan his name.

“Tell… me,” he said, punctuating his words with the movement of his fingers.

“Please fuck me!” she screamed out.

“Good girl.” Pete slid his fingers out of her and sat on the couch next to her. He ran his eyes over her, taking her in and a slow grin spread over his face. He bit his lip as he reached for his boxers, which he quickly slid off.

“You’re just now taking your boxers off?” she asked.

“Didn’t wanna rush.”

She reached over to take his hard cock in her hand and she slowly went up and down, making him moan a little. She watched his head fall back and his mouth open in short gasps as she moved her hand up and down.

“Fuck, that feels amazing,” he growled. She stopped long enough to adjust herself in his lap. He sat up and saw her in his lap and grinned.

“I suppose you want me to fuck you now?” he asked.

“Of course. Well, not yet,” she told him.

“Not yet? What do you mean?” he growled, gripping her hips.

“Got a condom?”

“Oh. Yea. Look in my pants down there,” he told her.

“You always keep a condom in your pants, Pete?” she asked as she got off his lap to get his pants. Her position made her ass a prime target and Pete bit his lip before delivering a sharp smack to her ass, making her cry out.


“To answer your question, yes. At least when you come around, I do. Got it yet?” he asked as he rubbed her thighs. She straightened up and turned back around, holding a shiny packet in between her fingers.

“Good. Come here,” he commanded as he roughly pulled her down to him. She settled on his lap as she handed the condom over to him. He ripped the packaging open with his teeth and pulled out the condom.

“Wait,” she whispered. Pete looked up at her.

“What is it?”

She held up a finger and adjusted herself so that she was dangerously close to the tip of his cock. She then took it in her hand and slid up against it so he was teasing her, drawing the moment out a little longer. Pete couldn’t tear his eyes away from her hands and gripped her hips with his own. He growled low in his throat and his jaw tensed as he watched her tease herself.

“If you don’t stop…” he warned.

“What are you gonna do?” she purred. He gripped her hips harder, making her stop. He slowly slid the condom that he was holding on to his cock and then pulled her closer.

“Kiss me,” he told her.

She kissed him as he began slowly sliding inside her. She gasped against his mouth and he chuckled under his breath.

“Mmph. You feel amazing,” he moaned.

“Pete…” she groaned as she dug her nails into his shoulders. He held her hips as he began a slow, steady pace, making sure she felt every… last… inch. Once he was completely inside her, he pulled out and then thrust back into her, making her cry out.

“That feels so fucking good, Pete,” she moaned. She began rocking her hips against him, matching his pace. She grinded against him and they kept this pace for a little while.

“Pete…” she moaned. He kissed her and then held her tighter as he began to pick up the pace, moving his hips a little faster. She matched the pace as she started to bounce up and down on him. He slid his hands down to her ass and squeezed as he went a little faster. He leaned in to kiss her neck and she could feel him panting against her neck.

“Ohh, god…” she moaned.

“Fuck, you feel so goddamned good,” he replied.

“More,” she gasped and he picked up the pace even more.

After a bit, Pete moved them both so she was laying down on the couch.

“Wrap your legs around me,” he told her. She did so and slid her hands through his hair as he held her hips. He began to thrust in and out a little faster now while she arched her back to meet him.

“Mmm… such a pretty little neck,” he murmured as he reached down for it, bracing himself with the arm of the couch. He slowly grasped her neck and while he continued to thrust, he squeezed, making her gasp.

“P-Pete…” she said breathlessly.

“Want me to stop?” he asked.

“N…no.” Pete squeezed her throat just slightly harder as he kept thrusting in and out. She raked her nails down his back in response.

“More…” she moaned and he squeezed just hard enough for it to hurt in the best way as he picked up the pace. He then took his hand away from her throat, making her gasp and ran it down to her hip where he gripped it as he began a frenetic pace.

“Pete!” she screamed out as he pounded her soaking wet pussy.

“Fuck!” he shouted as he felt his body tense up but he knew she had to come first, always. He wouldn’t deprive her of that pleasure and it was always so enticing to watch her beautiful face screw up as she orgasmed, usually loudly and without abandon. He watched her squeeze her eyes shut and his name spill from her lips as she began to climax, raking her nails down his chest. He gripped her hips tightly as he gave one final thrust before his own orgasm overtook him.

He wanted to collapse but kept his grip on the arm of the couch so his weight wouldn’t crush her. He panted heavily before slowly sliding out of her slick, wet pussy. She gave a soft moan and a whimper, which drove him crazy.

“Pete…” she gasped. “Aah.”

“Yes, my love?” he panted.

“You… fuck.”

“Exactly,” he whispered before kissing her.

He laid back on the couch but not before pulling her to him so she was lying on his chest. He stroked her hair as they began to come back down from their high.

They were still for a while after that, the only noises being their soft yet ragged breathing.

“So does that answer your question?” Pete asked after a while. She looked up at him and replied,

“What question?”

“How much you mean to me,” he said softly before kissing the top of her head.

“Of course.”

Mystery Review Theater 3k

Okay. So. Let me preface this by saying that I firmly believe that y’all have the right to like or not like my writing and to express your likes and dislikes in your reviews, and I respect that. I know sometimes you’re unhappy, and I may not always agree with you (sometimes I do lol), but generally I just read, think “noted…” and move on. 

But every now and then, I get a review that I just… can’t let lie there. And I got such a review today, that is just…. I… I just… I’m sorry, I gotta share with the class and comment point by point on this thing, because…. wow. 

So. Here’s a review I just got on Breaking In – and by the way, I want to thank this person for this review, I really do, because this has been the highlight of my fucking day – and I got a brand new phone today, so that’s saying something. lol

“I was a big fan of this fanfiction in the beginning. I enjoyed every chapter and I thoroughly looked forward to a new chapter, however, recently I haven’t been enjoying it. I stopped reading at about chapter 31 because of the storyline being dragged out too long, I honestly don’t get why Regina and Robin never got back together, or at least stayed together. 

You’re not alone, tbh, I get this a lot. 

What Robin did was illegal and Regina had every right to be angry at him but not continuing on with her relationship with him over it was pointless, since when did Regina care about her mother’s opinion?! 

Uhh….. what?

Never, expect of course in her younger days, but Regina is an independent, strong woman, and the Regina in OUAT would not care about her mother’s opinion.

Okay. Hold on. Stop. This is where I had to stop and pop my eyeballs back into my head from where they had just fallen, dangling, from how wide my eyes popped open at that crazy-ass statement.

Can we just… I’m in the middle of an OUAT rewatch, and I am in the middle of season two, and LET ME TELL YOU, Regina Mills really, really cares about her MOther’s opinion. It derailed her entire redemption for half a season – with ONE CONVERSATION WITH MOMMY. 

Like. What.. What..?? What show are you watching where Regina doesn’t care about her mother’s opinion??

I’m so baffled and also so amused…


The next thing I would like to say is about the storyline again, but this time about Regina’s ‘eating disorder’, 

Don’t put that shit in quotes, that’s rude.

I don’t see why it’s such a big deal in this fanfic because it shouldn’t be. Regina chooses not to eat when her mother is around or when her mother says something insulting to her, there is no need for Regina to deny herself food over a petty thing like that, going back to the independent and strong woman part I mentioned about Regina that she clearly is, she wouldn’t do that to herself, maybe in her younger days, but not now.

Okay, hold on a second. Cora, is that you?? Like, I’m pretty sure that’s Cora Mills speaking from inside the page with that one – “there’s no need for Regina to deny herself food over a petty thing like that” are you jooooooking. Like, how insulting is it to imply that someone with an eating disorder is just being dramatic and childish, which is basically what you’re doing.

Regina has an eating disorder. It is a very real thing, that a lot of very real readers relate to, and if you wanna be dismissive and disrespectful about that because you don’t have the capacity to understand it, you can go do it somewhere else.

The next thing is about the weed in a previous chapter. When I decided to read the chapter because a friend told me that their 'relationship’ was going somewhere I was absolutely disgusted at what I read. I thought the whole fanfiction was OOC from day one, but the chapter with Regina and Robin smoking weed was seriously OOC, I cannot imagine them ever doing that. You do know it’s Regina Mills and not Trina Decker, right?!


Oh, believe me, I know it’s not my boo Trina Decker. *insert heart eyes*

Originally posted by fyeahlparrilla

And you’re right, BIn Regina smoking pot is out of character – something that she and Robin both acknowledge, and something she talks about with her therapist shortly thereafter, and which her therapist acknowledges is out of character, erratic behavior for her. It’s called a plot point, yo. It was supposed to be out of character. 

But maybe you just.. stopped reading after 37?

Also, just out of curiosity, is this the same anon who got all butthurt after Robin smoked pot in an earlier chapter? 

And the thing that made the chapter even more disgusting and disturbing was that fact that Henry, a 10/11 year old boy was left in his house allow while his mother went and got high. 

Yeah, Regina thought this was a bad idea, too. She brought it up, she felt guilty about it. Her, uh, semi-stoner not-boyfriend convinced her it was okay.

I don’t care that his mother was 'only next door’, 'a few minutes away’ something could have happened to injury or endanger Henry. He could have also been taken by robbers or kidnappers. 

Are you sure you’re not Cora Mills??? Where do you think Regina lives?? People leave kids alone at home to got to the neighbors for a chat all the time – especially when they have, y’know, security systems and shit that they could probably hear from next door if they went off. SHE DOESN’T NEED TO MOVE TO A GATED COMMUNITY, MOTHER, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH FEDERAL HILL.

Also, let’s be real, if there were robbers or kidnappers, it wouldn’t matter much whether Regina was home or away, someone was probably gonna be getting hurt. She doesn’t have magic, she doesn’t own a gun, she’s not gonna overpower a band of kidnapping robbers.

Originally posted by gronazotheque

Unless maybe it’s that one…

You should never leave your child alone, no matter how far away you are from them.

Uh… I know a lot of (good) parents who would disagree with that. It’s okay to leave your ten year old alone for a little while, especially when you’re just next door, have your phone with you, and they’re asleep. Hell, did you miss the previous chapters where she left him alone for several hours in the middle of the day? Or, did you miss that whole episode in season one where she left Henry alone for an entire Saturday to go “city council meeting” the Sheriff?

How much trouble do you think this sleeping kid in a locked house is gonna get up to?

And then there was also Roland who was only in the next room while Regina and Robin got high, which was completely vile. They would never, ever do that with a child in the house. 

Looks like they would, tho…

And the fact that they decided to cook something but then decided to make out which resulted in them nearly burning the house down! 

Okay a) Do you want them together or not? Because you don’t get to be mad that they’re not getting together fast enough AND get mad that they “decided to make out”. 

b) They burned some toast, dude. The house was in no danger. Find your chill. It’s not like they came up for air to this:

Originally posted by moa8

In their state of being high they could have forgotten about Roland. 

Okay, I’m not sure if you’ve ever smoked pot before, but trust me – HALF A JOINT is not strong enough to make you forget you have a child in the case of an emergency. Might make you forget that Spice World is a terrible movie, but not that your kid is asleep upstairs. 

It made me feel sick. And the whole oral sex activity that was going on in the living room where Roland could have easily woken up and seen what was going on was inappropriate. There are bedrooms with locks for a reason!

You mean the bedroom with the child sleeping in it? That one? That’s where you’d prefer I had them hook up? Next to the toddler bed? 

Now, you may not read this review of mine or you may just ignore it because of the 500 followers that somehow like this fanfic, 

Oh, how could I ignore this one, this was comedy gold.

but I just wanted to say that some of the things that you write are too OOC and not logical or reasonable. 

Same to you, my friend.

I get the whole thing about fanfic. It’s fiction that fans write and it can be whatever they want it to be, but when you write fanfiction that involves two characters that so many people love — including myself — and they are totally OOC and seem like two different people all together, then I personally think that it’s not a fanfiction to enjoy. 

And you have the right to that personal opinion, although apparently 500+ (it is really 500 followers? I haven’t checked – that’s really cool. I’m flattered – thanks guys!) people think I’m doin’ just fine, so… I’mma keep on keepin’ on.

With that being said I’m out. Peace!”

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Characters: Kenny Omega x OFC

Summary: OFC and Kenny used to be together before she left a couple of years ago to WWE. She goes to Japan to catch his WK11 match against Okada and it stirs up some old feelings and does a few things that potentially ruin her.

Warnings: None, it’s just angsty and super long.

Keep reading