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I just read everything in your gods and monsters series and wow I am in awe. I am absolutely blown away by your writing it's beautiful the Icarus one had me staring at a wall for ten minutes afterwards absorbing what I'd just read. anywhoozle, I love everything you've written and not to rush or pressure you or anything but I was wondering if perhaps we could get more of the greek mythology stories?

a continuation of this

Caeneus has only ever had two loves in his life.

First is the sea. He’s loved her his whole life, heard her siren song from the time he had long curly hair and still tolerated being put in dresses and called a girl. He loves the sea like his parents go to temple, in an unmovable and inexplicable way that he no longer questions.

Second is Poseidon. Foolish, but so achingly kind. He’s a man who professes his wish to master the sea without ever really understanding it, and Caeneus smiles and kisses the stress lines from his brow but does not worry.

The sea has never loved him back, and it never will. She is power and coldness and loss, and her beauty is in her tragedy. Poseidon is warmth and thoughtfulness and strong hands on his hips. He is nothing like the sea, and he will never rule it.

Caeneus knows this, and he’s relieved by it. Poseidon loves him back. Poseidon is not the sea.

Then he wakes up to his lover’s lips on his neck, cold enough that flinches away from the sensation, and for a terrifying moment he doesn’t recognize the person touching him as the man he loves.

“I can do it now,” he whispers, and cool fingers splay against his waist, “I can make you the man you want to be.”

Caeneus wants the body that men usually have, wants people to stop looking at him and seeing a woman. But if Poseidon had asked, he would have told him – Caeneus would choose his lover over a new body, would rather live as he does now than have Poseidon harm himself for his benefit.

But he did not ask, so Caeneus closes his eyes and accepts the gift his lover is so eager to give him.


Amphitrite has never had a heart before.

She was the sea, and what she desired, she took. Men, women – she wanted, and she had, and then she moved on.

But the heart in her chest is softer, warmer. It turns her pearl hued skin pink and makes her swim to the surface to watch the sun set, makes something like empathy stir inside her when before all she had was selfishness.

The heart in her chest is in love, and she thought it was something she could control, something she could stop. It’s not. It will be one day, when she masters this heart in her chest, but not yet. She spends hours following Caeneus as he sails her seas, guides fish into his net and feels her borrowed heart beat that much faster whenever he pears into the ocean and she catches sigh of his gorgeous amber eyes.

So she says to Poseidon, “You spend too much time on the shore for a god of the sea.”

He glances at her, and his eyes are green just like hers, are cold and uncaring just like hers used to be. She wonders what her eyes look like now. “Caeneus is on the shore.”

“Bring him here if you’re so concerned with your mortal,” she says, focusing on weaving shells into her hair and giving the impression that she couldn’t care less what he does with his mortal plaything. “The palace is big enough.”

He stops and turns to her, eyebrow raised. “You do not mind me bringing him here?”

“Do with your mortal as you wish,” she repeats, and stamps down on the trembling joy in her chest, “It’s no concern of mine.”


Caeneus doesn’t know how to love a god of the sea. He knew how to love Poseidon – take him onto the water to watch the sunrise, feed him warm, sweet drinks, and let him curl around him at night and listen to his stories of his siblings, of impossible gods who do impossible things.

But now he sits in a palace under water, with his own room and the freedom to see the other side of the ocean he loves so dearly. There are no sunsets here, no cocoa to barter for, and Poseidon doesn’t tell him stories any more.

Poseidon still loves him. He kisses him and holds his hips when they sleep together and keeps him by his side while he crosses the sea and gains more and more control over this domain that he now commands. Poseidon still loves him, he tells himself when he itches to return to the surface and the home Poseidon build for him, and the life he built for himself.

He didn’t want to be a consort of the king of sea. He just wanted to be Caeneus, a man who loved a man and was loved in return, a man who loved the sea even though it would never love him back.

The sea will never love him back. He’s known that since he was a child, so the real question is – how much of the Poseidon he knew is left, and how much of him the depths of the ocean?


There’s a hurricane that requires her husband’s attention, and even he is not so foolish as to bring his lover to a place as dangerous as that. Which means it’s the perfect time for her to run into him in the interior gardens, as he stares up through the iridescent seaweed to the rays of sunlight that just manage to penetrate the water. “Do you miss it?” she asks him, and he startles, swinging around to face her and stumbling away.

“My lady!” he says, and falls to his knees before her, bowing his head. It’s what she expects of all mortals, but not from him, never from him. The heart in her chest loves him, and if it’s not her heart, well – the rest of her doesn’t know the difference. “A thousand apologies.”

“You are welcome here,” she says, and smiles. She’s never smiled quite like this before, she’s never felt quite like this before, fond and fluttery and so painfully eager that it would be embarrassing if she ever dared articulate it. It’s a wonder Poseidon managed to get anything done at all if this is what he had in his chest.

He looks up, hesitant, and she holds out her hand. He takes it, and she pulls him to his feet, pulls him closer until they’re nearly touching and he’s forced to look up into her eyes or be stuck staring at her chin. He’s warmer than her, she can feel the heat pouring off him in waves, and she wants him to hold her in his arms so she can languish against him like she would a sun-warmed rock.

Before she had a heart, she took who and what she wanted, when she wanted it.

Now she has a heart, and she takes his hands in both of hers and says, “Would you like to visit the surface? I can take you, and bring you back before my husband returns.”

He’s hesitant because he’s afraid of her. Caeneus will never love her, because although she holds the heart he loves she is not the person the heart belongs to. Not that he knows any of that, not that anyone will ever know the details of her and Poseidon’s arrangement. But she doesn’t want Caeneus to be afraid of her. She wants him to smile at her like she is a sunrise. “Yes, please,” he decides on finally.

She stands and watches as he walks through his home, as he touches the hearth and looks longingly at the bed, as he stands in the small cottage that he clearly prefers over her palace, over all the riches and adoration that comes with being consort to the sea.

Caeneus is a simple man, whose heart loves with a simple love.

He is a man whose heart loves someone who now has no heart, and Amphitrite can’t bring herself to tell him. She’s the one who took it away, and she won’t give it back.

She likes having a heart, and one day she will need to return it, but not now, not yet, not for a long time.


Caeneus lies besides Poseidon, curled up so his head rests on the god’s outflung arm and he can watch his chest rise and fall as he sleeps. There are bruises on Caeneus’s hips and down his chest, bite marks on his shoulder and up his neck. It’s not the first time his lover has been rough with him, and he doesn’t mind, like that Poseidon doesn’t touch him like he’s afraid he’ll break, likes that whenever he’s rough he’s careful enough with his strength not to ever cross the line from bruising to breaking.

It’s different than it used to be. It’s been different for a long time, ever since Poseidon somehow convinced the Lady to hand over her title as monarch, to share her power with him for no reason that Caeneus can see. It’s not love between them, because the sea does not love. But she got something out of it, something valuable enough to bargain away part of her power, and as soon as she did the man Caeneus loves ceased to exist.

He slides out of bed and angrily rubs at his eyes. He can’t do this anymore, can’t sleep and live with this man who has his lover’s face and memories and nothing else.

He knows this palace well, and everyone else knowns him too. The servants don’t question him, only offer shallow bows before hurrying on his way. He’s a fisherman who lives on the outskirts of society. He’s not any sort of person that people were meant to bow to. He stands in front of an ornate set of carved doors, the beautiful shimmering inside of a muscle shell of impossible size. Two guards stand at each door, but neither move to stop him as he pushes it open and slips inside.

“Lady?” he whispers. Large, bioluminescent carvings flare to life all across the room, bathing them in soft golden-green light. Amphitrite pulls herself out of bed, green hair loose around her and the rest of her on display, pale and flawless, as perfect an example of a beautiful woman as Caeneus has ever seen, and he averts his gaze. “Lady!”

“So modest,” she teases, and when he glances over she’s in a simple white robe and pulling her hair up behind her. She looks vulnerable like this, almost like his mother did when she would rouse him and his father from sleep in the darkness of early morning so they could catch the fish while they were still sleeping. “What’s going on Caeneus? I thought my husband had exclusive rights to your nights,” she winks, and he forces a smile.

He walks over to her, takes her hands in his because he knows she likes how warm he runs compared to her, and her smile slips off her face. “Please,” he whispers, “Poseidon is different than he once was, and I want to know why. Please.”


She shouldn’t tell him, but the heart in her chest loves him, and she loves him too, thinks she would even without Poseidon’s heart influencing her.

So she tells him, and when he starts crying she brushes away his tears and he doesn’t stop her. “He’ll never love you like he once did,” she tells him, “It’s not that he doesn’t want to, he just can’t.”

“The sea doesn’t love you back,” he says, because he knows, because he’s a skilled sailor, because he’s one of the people who has worshipped her his whole life without ever expecting anything back, because that’s what an ocean gives back – nothing at all. “Can – can I give you my heart?”

She stares. “Excuse me?”

“Let me give you my heart,” he pleads, “so that I may hold Poseidon’s in my chest. You can have mine, I know I’m only a mortal–”

“You’re all mortal to me,” she says, because a hundred years, a thousand, ten thousand, what does it matter – she and Gaia were around long before gods and humans, and they’ll be around long after them. “If I give you Poseidon’s heart, you will become a god.”

He pales and flinches away from her. He’s not in this for power, this was never about power to him. It was always about love. “Lady, I’m not trying to – I don’t want that.”

“If you become a god,” she continues, because she loves him and that means she wants him to be happy, even at her own expense, “you will be alive when the time comes for me to reclaim my title of monarch. One day I will take back my heart from Poseidon, will reclaim the cold, black thing in his chest as my own, and when I do he will no longer be master of the sea. When I do, you can give him back his heart, and he will love you as he loved you before, as he will always love you.”

Caeneus has a hand over his chest and there’s so much hope shining in his eyes that it’s almost painful to look at. “Please, Lady. Please. I love him, let me carry his heart, let me have him back once you are done. I will wait.”

“It will be a long time,” she answers honestly, “Empires will rise and fall before I’m willing to give this up, before Poseidon will be willing to give up his power over the sea.”

“I will wait,” Caeneus repeats, “I love him. If you have my heart, maybe you will grow to love him too. If you have my heart, you will protect him, you will keep him safe.”

Amphitrite loves Caeneus, and Caeneus loves Poseidon, and Poseidon is incapable of loving anyone at all. “Very well,” she whispers, because a heart is a heart, and just like Poseidon she’s unable to deny Caeneus anything.

She breaks open her chest and takes out the warm, beating heart of Poseidon. She slits open Caeneus’s chest for him, and holds him upright while struggles to take out his heart and clumsily places in into her chest. She heals over instantly, and nestles Poseidon’s heart in Caeneus’s ribcage. He too heals over, and his eyes flash with power as the heart settles inside of him.

Caeneus becomes so much more than a mortal man in that moment.

This heart doesn’t feel too different, she still loves Caeneus because she’s capable of loving and he is worthy of it. “Go,” she says, “Say your goodbyes, and leave. If you stay, he’ll just continue hurting you, and in a few thousand years he’ll hate himself for it. Leave now, and spare both of you that pain.”

He leans forward and cups her face in his hands, kissing her on each cheek. “Thank you,” he breathes, and then he’s gone.


Caeneus can feel the power of a god flowing into him, but he doesn’t care about that, the only reason he’s glad he’s a god now is so he’ll live long enough to get Poseidon back, to get the Poseidon who loves him back.

He goes back to where Poseidon is sleeping, and takes a long, careful look. It will be a long time before he sees this man again. He kisses him on the lips, softly and carefully, the way Poseidon first kissed him when he thought he was sleeping.

Then he leaves, stepping outside the palace and using his newly gained powers to bring himself to the shore.


Poseidon is furious, bur Amphitrite won’t budge, says only that Caeneus left. He throws a temper, and half the palace is lost in the aftermath, but she does not care.

She doesn’t tell him that she no longer carries his heart. It doesn’t matter. Caeneus’s heart beats in her chest, and she sits on her throne amongst the rubble and does nothing more than sigh at the way he threatens to tear the world apart looking for his lover. It will pass. The depth and coldness of the sea is unable to sustain such fits of wild passion.

Years pass. Rumors reach them of a sea god, one who is known for rescuing sailors and fisherman from storms, one who they say used to be a mortal fisherman himself.

They call him Glaucus, and say that he swallowed a magical herb to become a god.

She smiles when she hears these rumors, and thankfully Poseidon has long given up trying to get her to explain herself. The rumors are only half right, but she likes hearing them none the less.

It comforts her to hear that Caeneus is well.

gods and monster series, part xiii

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Dream Daddy Cult Ending

Okay, so I’ve gone through Dream Daddy’s files, and have found the cult ending! I’m pretty sure you can’t actually get this ending, but I wanted to share it. I know I got frustrated trying to find it online.


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Life is Strange, Bury Your Gays, and Bullshit Endings

In the face of the coming super-storm, I spent the spare moments between making preparations to finish up Life is Strange—coincidentally, a game about a storm. Seeing as Before the Storm just began coming out, now is probably as good as any time to analyze this game.

It is, at its heart, is a story about two girls falling in love. Let’s get that cleared up right off the bat. We have Max, who just moved back from Seattle to Arcadia Bay and is pursuing photography at Blackwell Academy. We have Chloe, a punk rebel whose father died and who was left behind by Max without so much as a call or text in 5 years. Max gets a vision of a monster tornado in class, heads to the bathroom, takes a picture of a butterfly, and gets time manipulation powers that she uses to save Chloe’s life.

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kirigakure saizo x mc (unnamed)

a/n: i realized it was saizo’s birthday, freaked out because i hadn’t written much of anything, and then managed to crank this out because dang it i am not about to miss out on this. so, almost late, but not quite – a fluffy little saizo fic. @jemchew and @demon-princess-anastasia.

a/n 2: also i promise i’m getting to requests this fic just for of struck but requests are currently in the editing process and should be up tomorrow or the day after <3

He glances down at her, fast asleep in his arms, peaceful in a way he could never hope to be. Even when all the world sleeps, he remains a child of the night itself, awake and alert as the stars in the sky.

The nights have gotten colder, he notes, more out of habit and boredom than curiosity or care. That is, until his gaze moves to her, huddled so close to him. He tucks hair behind her ear, touch less than a ghost, and moves to pull the bedding over her. Instead, however, she curls her fingers around his sleeve near his shoulder, sighing contentedly when he drapes his arm over her again. For a moment, his heart settles into something warm, like a bird nestled in its nest, and he smiles to himself.

“What a needy little lady we are, hm?” He murmurs, tender and soft and all that he was never meant to be, but that she has made him. His love for her, he realizes, as he does so often, is limitless. He just loves her, and then loves her more, until he’s sure he will run out of space for it all.

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this is why nothing on tumblr gets fixed
  • Tumblrer: I'm mad. Excuse me, I'm very mad.
  • Tumblr Staff: This is tumblr staff. Hello. What's the problem? I'm here to help you if you have a technical issue. So, what's the problem.
  • Tumblrer: I was using your site in order to peruse funny memes and relatable content when I happened upon a blog billing itself as "Funny-Relatable". So I, having the utmost faith in the tumblr userbase to provide me with free humorous content, clicked on this blog and read several posts hosted on it hoping to find funny and relatable content.
  • Tumblr Staff: I see.
  • Tumblrer: The content on it was neither funny or relatable. It was actually all deranged. Very deranged. I can't stress enough how deranged it was from beginning to end. From what I can discern the blog, in fact, deals with the ridiculous misadventures of a group of twenty-something millennials in a bizarre world filled with numerous malevolent, yet irreverent, entities told through the agonizingly absurd medium of relatable tumblr chat posts. Though, some of these chat posts seemingly have nothing to do with the primary locus of the story, and I couldn't even begin to fathom the purpose of these vignettes.
  • Tumblr Staff: I see. I understand your situation and recognize it as valid. Do you want me to do something about it?
  • Tumblrer: Yes, I want you to do something about it. It's why I called you. You run the darned website, so fix it! *hangs up*
  • Tumblr Staff: God, someone is making trouble on tumblr again. This could be worse than that person who stole the bones, or that horrible ghost woman with the child servants, or even all of those people with Komaeda icons. We never even really found out what a Komaeda is or where it's from. *failing multiple attempts at logging into tumblr* Ah, I'm too nervous! I can't remember my password. Oh god, I might end up having to ask for help from... David. The thought of that makes me shudder. David has changed so much since Verizon came around. He's not like his old self anymore. He's so distant, and frightening, but I have no other choice but ask for his help.
  • *the staff member makes their way down a poorly lit, cold, damp, and narrow hallway littered with debris and old rat droppings*
  • Tumblr Staff: *knocks on a creaky wooden door* David, it's me, your fellow staff member. I need help. The users are angry again and I forgot my password. They keep calling to complain about a funny and relatable blog which, in reality, matches neither of those descriptions. I think it's serious this time around, David. We have to do something, David. Are you in there, David??
  • Door: *slowly creaks open to reveal an empty room with no furnishings*
  • Tumblr Staff: David is gone! The servers are gone! Everything's gone! But how can this be!? *runs to the window and looks out into the empty streets below* David was just here today? I'm sure he was. I may not have seen him, but I heard very familiar David-esque sounds coming from this room of his. Not only that, but the comforting mechanical buzz of the servers was also apparent. When could he have absconded? And how did he do so without me noticing?
  • *the door and window shut close*
  • Tumblr Staff: Eep!
  • Verizon: *materializes in a dark corner of the room*
  • Tumblr Staff: Ms. Verizon! When did you get here?
  • Verizon: I was never absent.
  • Tumblr Staff: Sorry, Mrs. Verizon. I need help. It's the users again. They're upset because a blog has been misrepresenting itself. It's serious this time, I'm afraid. I can't do anything about it because I've forgotten my password and David is nowhere to be found!
  • Verizon: We're aware of the complaints, dear. Dozens more people work on customer support than just you. Furthermore, David has been let go and your access was revoked.
  • Tumblr Staff: Huh, but why?
  • Verizon: Restructuring. Unnecessary elements were removed; unnecessary privileges were revoked.
  • Tumblr Staff: Ah, I didn't realizes such changes took place. Either way, the issue of the funny-relatable blog still remains.
  • Verizon: *appears behind the staff member* There is no issue.
  • Tumblr Staff: Eep!
  • Verizon: Jumpy one, aren't you.
  • Tumblr Staff: How can you say there's no issue? Our users are enraged.
  • Verizon: And? At any given moment the lot of them are enraged over one trifling matter or another. It doesn't change anything. The fools will use the website 'til the day they die. In fact, I believe addressing any of tumblr's so-called "problems" may actually make harm the website in the long run.
  • Tumblr Staff: How so?
  • Verizon: Tumblr thrives on its userbase. The reason new people join tumblr isn't for its features, its design, or staff, it's the users. Tumblr has such a large and unique userbase that people are inherently drawn towards, whether that is to partake in the community or to mock it, they all huddle together and emanate the same repugnant miasma. Tumblr's userbase is so large that whenever a copycat site is made it will never last long no matter what its features may be.
  • Tumblr Staff: And why would that be?
  • Verizon: Because those copycat sites will never be able to match the size and complexity of tumblr's core userbase. Every copycat site dies eventually as they can't possibly compete with our business model. Tumblr is a perpetually unsuccessful website, but its for this reason that the community remains as it is. The site itself imposes its broken visage onto those who use it. They all become a little extension of tumblr. No matter how hard they try, there will be a piece of themselves waiting for them here. Fixing tumblr would mean fixing its users, destabilizing our business model of nonsense and disorder.
  • Tumblr Staff: I never looked at it like that, Mrs. Verizon.
  • Verizon: Yes, yes. You're not as creative as a thinker as we would like our tumblr staff to be, but you serve your purpose well. Now, you've had your fun, so I think it's time that you return to me.
  • Tumblr Staff: I don't know what you mean. *phones rings in the front room* Ah, the phone. I have to answer this, it could be a user with a serious issue, or perhaps a business which wishes to make use of our services for advertising.
  • Verizon: It's neither. There's no phone.
  • Tumblr Staff: Excuse me, Mrs. Verizon, with all due respect, I believe you must be mistaken as there is most certainly a phone sitting atop my desk in the front room. It's a very important phone, indeed, as it's the only phone in our entire establishment that receives calls from users with technical issues, and/or business wishing to make use of our services for the purpose of advertising their products.
  • Verizon: Listen to me, dear. There is no phone.
  • Tumblr Staff: But there is, I've used it and I can hear it ringing right now. I can hear it ringing from the front room.
  • Verizon: Can you?
  • Tumblr Staff: Most certainly. I can hear, right now, it's ringing in the front room. There's probably a user on it with a technical issue, or possibly a business - or, to be more apt, a representative of that business - that wishes to solicit our services for the purpose of advertising some marketable commodity.
  • Verizon: Excuse me, dear, but there's no phone.
  • Tumblr Staff: Mrs. Verizon, I respect you and look up to you as my boss, but your behavior is very worrying. There's a phone. There's definitely a phone.
  • Verizon: A phone?
  • Tumblr Staff: Yes, a phone.
  • Verizon: A single phone?
  • Tumblr Staff: Correct, a single phone.
  • Verizon: Sitting atop your desk in the front room? A phone that is the only phone in our entire establishment that receives calls from users with technical issues, or prospective advertising partners?
  • Tumblr Staff: Yes, the trinity of those things.
  • Verizon: A phone with three requirements: to sit atop your desk in the front room, to receive calls from users with technical issues, and to receive calls from business which wish to advertise on our platform. A phone in three states which makes a whole. A phone that has become the crux of our conversation. A phone I don't think is real, rather I know it's not real. Why would we, a tech company, need such a phone; a rotary phone, with a dreary green paint-scheme, sat atop an old desk in an old building, taking absurd calls from disgruntled users and confused prospective business partners. The idea of such a phone ringing, carrying its incessant ringing nonsense through the narrow hallway connecting the front room to this barren back room, in-this day and age, is preposterous. It didn't happen. It hasn't happened.
  • Tumblr Staff: *gone*
  • Verizon: So, you've returned. Are you dreaming inside of me, dear? I wonder what of? Are you dreaming that you ever had a modicum of freedom? Are you dreaming of separation from me, my dear? You never were. Even if you were, what freedom is there in answering phones and pretending you provide some sort of service for a company that has long since absorbed your very being.
  • *phone rings*
  • Verizon: Hello? Veriz- Ah, I mean tumblr speaking.
  • Business Representative: ■■■■■■■
  • Verizon: I see.
  • Business Representative: ■■■■■■■
  • Verizon: Very interesting.
  • Business Representative: ■■■■■■■
  • Verizon: You've proposed an offer I cannot resist. I look forward to doing business with you. *hangs up* Sweet capital.

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I've just spent 2 hours going through your blog and aaaaah I love all of your headcanons so much! I couldn't find anything explaining why your young Germany has scars on his face though, would you mind explaining or giving me a link to the original post?

Thank you very muuuch, I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it!

To answer your question, I’ve talked about the scars before but it’s really been a while so I’ll explain it again, I think I can put it into words better now anyway.

So, initially I drew the stitches and scars as a funny little thing to represent how the German Empire struggled with unity in the beginning, since it had only come to be after the German states were brought together through the force of Prussia.
Because hey, it’s a funny design choice! Haha look at little creepy zombie Germany!

But I liked the idea, and nowadays…

The scars are still meant to represent that the German states were not immediately fully unified when the empire came to be and that people were worried the empire could thus fall apart, but they now also stand for each nation representation of a German state that ceded power to Germany through the unification wars (1864, 1866, 1870-1871).
Worried that Germany could suffer the same fate as HRE, who represented only a loose coalition of states and could never grow into an adult because his state was weak, not clearly defined, and had no true identity, Prussia pressured other German nation representations to give up their nationhood because he believed that if they died, Germany’s existence would be secured.
…But those nation representations proved to be much more stubborn than anticipated and they continued to endure and stubbornly cling to some of their old power, and through this process, Germany gained more and more scars, each one representing one of his siblings. They only fade as Germany’s siblings grow weaker and finally die. The scars are thus a result of being torn between the identities of each new sibling that cedes power to Germany, the struggle of uniting so many distinct identities, and the fact that he is not “complete” and fully united yet because he hasn’t fully absorbed the power of his siblings.

….I hope that makes sense.

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hi !! i hope you have/had a great day ! soo, now what i wanted to ask: wcif the earrings in you recent post (where you remade blanka) ? i hope no one asked this before, i checked your wcif-tag but i couldn't find it. thanks so much in advance !!

no one has asked yet dw but thank you for checking the tag before asking!! 

- ̗̀ cross earrings  ̖́-

Dr. Alex Karev  is a freaking ROCK STAR.
  • I know a lot will find this weird or even don't care to read this, but I wanted to bring this into the light because Alexander Michael Karev is the most UNDERRATED character and BEST doctor /surgeon on the show. Most if not the whole fandom missed it because they were too busy with the "holly" McDreamy drama, they missed HUGE medical ACHIEVEMENTS Alex did on his own, accomplishments that goes back to S1. P.S: this post will be long so I really hope you hang on because I can promise you it will be worth it (hope so).
  • let's start with S1 (you know the season where everyone was too busy hating him, missed the few good things/scenes he had).
  • 1. first achievement: is in S1E08, Alex has a patient who need a valve replacement thus they need to use pig's valve. the patient is a Jewish orthodox so she can't have a pig's heart, Alex does some research and finds out that they can use a cow's valve instead. yes true maybe he didn't invent the procedure or did the surgery, but he found an alternative procedure, a procedure Burk didn't think about or consider until Alex brought it up and he was only an intern at the time.
  • 2. second achievement: is in s2e02, patient came in with stomach problems after the x-rays everyone assumed that he swallowed bags of cocaine, until Alex noticed that it has faces when they deemed the lighting it was more clear then they all were able to see it as well. ok this wasn't a real accomplishment but he still noticed something most doctors dismisses as something else. he was still an intern at the time.
  • 3. third achievement: is in S2E13, a patient/writer ate his novel/book because it wasn't good, Alex was thought there was something more than just the block of paper in his stomach, he checked up on the patient even though Dr. Webber told him that he needs to look after the floor, and because Alex followed up on the patient he diagnosed and saved him from mercury poisoning. he was still an intern at the time.
  • 4. fourth achievement: is in S3E06,Alex helps to calm down the baby by talking about sports (boxing, because the father was talking about baseball/football) of a pregnant woman during surgery because she was in distress , because he read articles talking to baby can calm it down when distressed/moving. he was only an intern.
  • 5. fifth achievement: is in S5E17, Alex a patient who's diagnosed with epilepsy and she has seizers because of her epilepsy, while sitting with the patient Alex notices that her heart rate goes down then she seizes, he then tells Hunt & Robins about what he noticed and they don't believe him but Alex insists on what he saw so Hunt tells him if he's wrong then the patient's death is on him, during the surgery it's proven that Alex was right and the patient was WRONGLY diagnosed with epilepsy, the right diagnoses is abnormal heart arrhythmias. He was only a resident at the time but he was able to diagnose a condition more senior doctor misdiagnose. Hunt even told him he let the chief know of what he did, and Robins told him it's pretty impressive for a resident and that he could be the future of the hospital.
  • 6.sixsth achievement: is in S6E13, Alex has a patient who suffered from abdominal pains, the father doesn't believe his son and thinks he's lying to get off school, Alex advocates for his patient, later on after surgery (which they didn't find anything wrong) Alex had to open his chest because there was blood in the breathing tube, when he did he found the source of the bleeding which is cause because of ruptured aortic dissection, Teddy stated that's very rarely caught early let alone fixed before it's too late. he was only a resident at the time.
  • 7. seventh achievement: is in S6E22, A patient comes in because she tried to claw her eyes out, her parents told Alex that she's been diagnosed schizophrenic, because Alex has a history/experience with schizophrenia he believed her when she said she's not crazy, and he read an article and run tests and was able to diagnose her, a diagnoses that's very hard to diagnose because it's very rare, he yet again corrected another misdiagnoses and helped the patient. he was only a resident at the time.
  • 8. eightieth achievement: is in S7E8,Alex has a baby patient who had surgery for a liver transplant but the donor liver was too big for her tiny body so the attending PEDS surgeon just left it as it is, until Alex came up with an idea (all on his own) to take paint pang ball and use it to help stop the liver from compressing on her blood vessels. an idea that SAVED the baby and his attending was an asshole and took/tried to take credit for it. he was still a resident at the time.
  • 9. ninth achievement: is in S7E12, this one is not a real medical achievement but unlike all of his fellow residents Alex actually taught the medical students (including the one he's in charge of) some sutures, he was actually a good teacher. he was only a resident at the time.
  • 10.tenth achievement: is in S7E19, Alex started a program for African kids with medical problems and need surgeries they can't offered, now yes it wasn't well prepared and he did technically negotiate with a sick old patient to get the money (which he did NOT get until later and paid for everything HIMSELF) but he achieved it none the less and he kept alive later on for years to come. he was only a resident at the time.
  • 11. eleventh: is in S8E23, Hopkins (BEST program, the DREAM any/every surgeon dreams of) WANTS Alex as an attending so much they created a position JUST for him, yes I do consider this as an achievement.
  • 12.twelveth: is in S13E4, a patient comes in to the clink and everyone thinks she's an alcoholic but Alex diagnoses her with a very rare dieses, a dieses that's very hard to diagnose but he couldn't take credit at the time. he was and attending (sort of) at the time.
  • these are just few of the amazing Alex has achieved throughout the years but no one has noticed or cared because fans are too busy with the McDreamy drama and/or his achievements or the achievements of other more popular characters. this and much more is why Alex Michael Karev DESERVES TO HAVE MORE STORYLINES THAT CENTERS AROUNF HIM, HE DESERVES TO BE MUCH MUCH MUCH MORE THAN JUST THE "GOOD FRIEND" HE'S MUCH MORE THAN JUST " THE GOOD FRIEND" OR "BOYFRIEND" HE SHOULD BE GIVEN MORE INDEPENDENT STORYLINES/CASES.
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anonymous asked:

Used the search function and couldn't find a single thing/post about the Tenterfield Terrier. I know they're Australian, but not sure how common they are or if you ever see them at your practice - but would be curious if you could do a breed rundown if/when you have the time (or if it's even possible? They're quite rare here in WA as it is, even being Australian in origin). Love your blog and the time and thought you put into things, no obligation to respond! Thanks for your time! <3

Tenterfield Terriers are Aussie, but they’re pretty uncommon. I think the breed has only been established for around 15 years and lots of people wouldn’t recognize them as anything different to a mini fox terrier. Some people would say that they are not different, that they are two versions of the same breed.

Please note the disclaimer. These posts are about the breed from a veterinary viewpoint as seen in clinical practice, i.e. the problems we are faced with. It’s not the be-all and end-all of the breed and is not to make a judgement about whether the breed is right for you. If you are asking for an opinion about these animals in a veterinary setting, that is what you will get. It’s not going to be all sunshine and cupcakes, and is not intended as a personal insult against your favorite breed. This is general advice for what is common, often with a scientific consensus but sometimes based on personal experiences, and is not a guarantee of what your animal is going to encounter in their life. 

(Image source)

The difficulty in gathering health information for a breed that’s only really been established for around 15 years, when the dogs in question typically live 12-14 years, is that you don’t have huge amounts of data for ‘cause of death’ because hopefully most of the dogs from the early days of the breed are still alive. 

They are relatively rare here too, though I quite like the ones I’ve met. Certainly the mini foxie is more common.

That said, Patella Luxation is a concern in this breed, like most dogs of the small persuasion. They’re reasonably straight legged though, so it’s by no means ubiquitous in the breed.

There are reports of the breed being more prone to hypothyroidism or Addisons, but I can’t correlate that myself. There’s simply not enough data yet on these little dogs.

It is worth noting the breed does contain a genetic bob tail, and considering that docking dog’s tails without good medical reason is illegal in Australia, if you’re not familiar with the breed you could be tricked into thinking something illegal has been done. Individuals can and will vary in how ‘short’ their bob is.

So I haven’t got huge amounts of data for a relatively rare breed ,but I do hope they catch on.

Texts From Kylo│The Aftermath

A/N: this is something completely experimental!!! after text 26 I couldn't  just leave Y'all hanging and I couldn’t just move on to the next request without talking about what happens. I had a friend who came over and was very upset at me for what happened. she wanted to know more about the interrogation! she had to know what happened between the reader and General Organa, and after giving it lot’s of thought I decided to do a short fic of what goes down. I hope you enjoy.


Summary: you’ve gone away on a trial mission given to you by Snoke. it’s an opportunity to become an ambassador for the first order. kylo receives new of an air strike on the location you are at. after a failed search and rescue, you are reported to have died in the unexpected attack. turns out you are fine but in the hands of the last person, Kylo ever wanted you to be in. you are now being interrogated by general Organa.


Warnings: none.

Words: 1.7k

Texts from Kylo Masterlist.

    The second the first x-wing fired, the members of the high table were taken to an underground chamber for protection. You weren’t so lucky. 

   You had been mixed in with a crowd of disheveled panicked servants and got separated from General Hux. While he was escorted to safety, you were left trying to find a way out.

    You ducked, jumped and rolled. Doing anything you could to avoid the blows delivered from the x-wings above. One building you were running to was blown up, sending you across the way. You found dodging debris harder and harder as the laser rays were fired more and more.

    There was a moment where it was silent and nothing could be heard. Any life within the city… was now gone. 

   Buildings and little shops destroyed. Homes and schools annihilated. The city of Sanza was no more.

    The capitol building where you once were had been destroyed as well. The beautiful marble building was left in ruins and flames. You knew for a fact all the servants, senators, and representatives from other planets had not made it. Surveying the damage, you came out from your hiding spot only to regret it.

    A  wall of resistance officers stood with their blasters all pointed and ready.

    “DON’T MOVE!” one officer shouted as two others ran towards you with handcuffs.

    You were their prisoner, a member of their greatest enemy… yet something about them seemed so gentle and forgiving. They could have beaten you but they didn’t. They could have shot you and ended everything there… but they didn’t. You were handled with care and instead of being thrown around like the scum you were to them, you were escorted back to their ship kindly.

   “Take her to the General  immediately.”

    You’re stomach dropped. She was the last person you ever wanted to see.

                                                    ❈  ❈  ❈ 

   The room was cold and dimly lit. the only sound that could be heard was the air flow from the vent and the sound of your feet shuffling. It was the first time you’d ever been in an interrogation room of any kind, and it was in the hand of your enemy, the resistance.

   you waited what felt like hours for something to happen and suddenly all at once, your phone began to vibrate. 

   sliding your cuffed wrist from behind your back, you reached for the phone in you skirt pocket. kylo had been trying to contact you the entire day but you had been without service and you had been captured.

   your heart skipped a beat and your stomach began to turn. you were never one for ignoring his texts unless you were mad at him. he probably thought you had been killed and he was probably losing his mind over it. 

   With your phone, in your lap, you unlocked it carefully. if you were caught with the phone, you knew for a fact it would be taken away from you and used to track his location. you weren’t going to surrender her son so easily. 

   you eyed the door. the sound of boots clicking echoed of the hallway walls and you knew it was her. quickly tucking your -shut off- phone between your thighs, you sat up straight. she was right on the other side of the door waiting before she entered.

   General Organa glanced down at the file in her hand. she wanted to know who exactly she was dealing with. she read the number on the file 579771 then observed the picture. 

   the young woman in the photo was not what she was expecting. you looked so youthful, so kind, so full of hope. the same hope she had in her heart. she couldn’t believe someone like you had been seduced by the wrong side.

   “Director (y/l/n), is it?” said the general as the blaster doors parted. “former Ambassador of Zainus 3 and daughter of Senator Deimos (y/l/n)?”

   “yes. that’s me,” you spoke aimlessly.

   she closed the flap of her data pad and took a seat in front of you. she studied your eyes for a bit, searching your soul for anything compelling.

   “mind telling me how someone as smart, successful, and beautiful as you ended up in the first order?”

   “beauty has nothing to do with this.”

   “you’re right. my apologies.” the General nodded. “but it still doesn’t answer my question. why?”

   you sat back in your chair taking a deep breath. you knew why, but it wasn’t any of her business. “wrong place wrong time, I suppose?”

   General Organa folded her hands gently on the table and lifted a brow.

    “wrong place wrong time? now, you and I know that is not the case. it says in your file you joined at your own will. no one forced you. an offer was made and you took it. simple as that. what I don’t understand is why you did it.”

   “I was lead to believe something else. I was told it would help serve the greater good. of course, you and I both know that was a lie. the only greater good they care about is their own.”

   “So why stay? why not fight on our side?”

   “because things changed for me.” you sighed. “besides if I leave… I’ll be executed. I know far too much and I’ve seen far too much for them to just let me walk away.”

   “we can protect you,” she assured.

   you shook your head. “no. I’m not working for you.”

   “if you know what your doing is wrong then why stay?” she pushed. 


   General Organa sighed. “you know I can’t just let you go. you either work with us or you work against us. if you chose to work against us… you’ll be treated as a threat to security and imprisoned.”

   you took a seconded to let her words sink in. 

   you would never see kylo or your daughters again. 

   “you have to let me go. I can’t spend the rest of my life here!”

   “I’m sorry. you leave me no choice.” she said rising from her chair. “you’ll be given a triple life sentence. you are to be transferred by sundown.”

   “you send me away and your son will come after you next!”

   The General froze. “what did you just say???” what did you just say about my son???”

   “I said- if you send me away… kylo will come after you next. he’s already sworn to kill whoever it is who attacked!”

   “you have contact with my son?” she gasped plopping back into her seat. 

   you nodded with tears in your eyes. “and you’ll break his heart again if you send away the mother of his children.”

   “the mother of his children!?”

   “yes. is that what you want? to separate a mother from her babies?” you whispered playing right into her heart. “are you willing to break apart a family? do you forget how much you still love your son, that you’d take away what little happiness he has left?”

   “how do I know you’re not lying?” she said breathing heavily.

   “you don’t, but you can see it in my eyes that I’m not lying.”

   she stared down at her hands folded in her lap. “My Ben-”

   “It’s Kylo.” you corrected.

   she gazed up at you with fire in her eyes. “NO! I know my Ben is still in there!”

   “Regardless what you want it’s kylo,” you growled. “I’ve learned to accept him for who he wants to be and not for what the world he wants him to be! he could wake up tomorrow and decided he wants to be a woman and I’d still accept him! he may be “Ben” to you but he believes he’s Kylo. so kylo he shall be.”

   “He’s confused! Ben has been fed lies! you must see the light in him as I do!” she argued. “if he could learn to love you and settle down with you, then my Ben is in there!”

   “He. Is. Not. Ben.” you shouted. “you have been fed lies! it is you that is confused! My kylo is not your Ben. why can’t you accept that???”

   “Because I refuse to believe that I’ve lost my son!” The General hung her head, hiding her tear cover face. she refused to reveal the hurt she felt to you. “you must understand that a love a mother feels for her child never goes away. whether he’s Ben or Kylo… he’s still my baby… and I will never stop fighting to bring him back.”

   you frowned feeling nothing but compassion and empathy for her. “then you understand that I will not stop fighting till I can get back to my babies.”

   “yes,” she whispered reaching for your cuffs. “you have one hour to run before I sound the alarms and every officer on this base goes looking for you.”

   slowly you moved for the doors, observing her one last time.

   “May the force be with you,” she heaved.

    “And with you, General.”

eyeloch  asked:

I absolutely LOVE your Chancellor Obi-Wan posts! I do have to wonder if Palpatine would try to offer any "advice" to Obi-Wan? He couldn't do it directly, of course - especially after Obi-Wan finds some of the secrets the Jedi weren't meant to know - but perhaps he'd try to discreetly give Anakin some "advice" on how to help his former master?

Thank you so much! I’m really glad people are enjoying this and I hope you’ll all continue to do so!

I’ve thought about this one a lot, but no. Palpatine can’t get involved with “helping”, politically, anymore, not even trying to hint Anakin toward it. Especially not as he’s under investigation. However, that’s not so say he won’t give other hints to Anakin…

Anakin stays coped up in his own little room on the ship. They’re all heading out again, another mission on another battle field… Except Obi-Wan is going to stay on Coruscant. Because he can’t leave the Senate; so he’s basically chained to the planet, forced to make plans from afar.

In other words, Obi-Wan is doing the exact thing Anakin has always disliked in quite a few other Council members: staying behind in the Temple, safe and sound, and making decisions that affect those out in the field.

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deliriumight-remade-deactivated  asked:

Hello I am sorry if you already answered this somewhere but I couldn't find it (I may just be bad at finding things I am horrible at navigating tumblr) but I am trying to find the grrm quote about how he doesn't write villains or ~good guys~ he writes characters with both aspects? I know you have almost encyclopedic knowledge of this stuff so I thought I might ask. (Also I would like to compliment your almost encyclopedic knowledge on ASOIAF, it's pretty amazing.)

This is a topic GRRM has discussed quite a few times. I’ve posted one of his quotes on the subject, which may be the one you’re thinking about. (edit: And there’s this one too.) But here’s some more quotes, some indirect:

Q: Another element I liked about the series was the moral relativism of many of the characters. Too many Fantasies rely on the shorthand of truly evil villains in the absolute moral sense, but your characters, while they might commit terrible acts, generally do so either from short-sighted self-interest or because they truly believe they are acting for the best. Was this a deliberate decision, or is it just more interesting to write this way?

A: Both. I have always found grey characters more interesting than those who are pure black and white. I have no qualms with the way that Tolkien handled Sauron, but in some ways The Lord of the Rings set an unfortunate example for the writers who were to follow. I did not want to write another version of the War Between Good and Evil, where the antagonist is called the Foul King or the Demon Lord or Prince Rotten, and his minions are slavering subhumans dressed all in black (I dressed my Night’s Watch, who are basically good guys, all in black in part to undermine that annoying convention). Before you can fight the war between good and evil, you need to determine which is which, and that’s not always as easy as some Fantasists would have you believe.

interview, September 2000

Tad: Question: Do you purposely start a character as bad so you can later kill them?

GRRM: No. What is bad? Bad is a label. We are human beings with heroism and self-interest and avarice in us and any human is capable of great good or great wrong. In Poland a couple of weeks ago I was reading about the history of Auschwitz – there were startling interviews with the people there. The guards had done unthinkable atrocities, but these were ordinary people. What allowed them to do this kind of evil? Then you read accounts of acts of outrageous heroism, yet the people are criminals or swindlers, one crime or another, but when forced to make a choice they make a heroic choice. This is what fascinated me about the human animal. A lot of fantasy turns on good and evil – but my take on it is that it’s fought within the human heart every day, and that’s the more interesting take. I don’t think life is that simple.

Q&A session, July 2011

The concept of heroes and villains is a false dichotomy, in George’s opinion. Real human beings are a mixture of good and evil.

con report, July 2007

More under the cut:

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midnight-in-town  asked:

Hey :) I hope you're okay! :D I wanted your opinion on a little something if you don't mind: Campania arc right before Lizzie showed us her true self for the first time. Ciel couldn't move and couldn't use his gun and Seb was fighting Grell and yet he looked desperate when looking at the situation as if he'd regret not being able to save Lizzie. My question is, when he ran to save her, do you think he did it for Ciel even if Ciel didn't order him to? Or was it a decision of his own will?


I keep going around in circles in my head with this, so I’m sorry it took so long to reply.

I think it all comes down to how Sebastian’s feelings about Lizzy.  I think the answer, like with Sebastian’s feelings for Ciel, is quite complicated.  And I think it’s a little bit of both: Sebastian’s duties as a butler, and some of his personal feelings.  I’ve been going through the whole manga trying to tease out moments that lend themselves to showing some kind of concern or patience for Lizzy, and like everything in this story, it is vague at best.

It’s pretty much just a headcanon, but to me, Sebastian seems to react positively to purity and innocence, and there is some weak evidence for that.  He is quite impressed by Agni—whether he is impressed by his competence or his character, I am not sure (perhaps both.)  He is quite patient with Lizzy and Sullivan, and he does things to protect Ciel’s innocence, like cover his eyes at the murder scene in Jack the Ripper, and cover his ears when Madame Red is telling a dirty joke.

I’m aware that Sebastian is duty bound to be the perfect butler for his master, who is an Earl, and behaves accordingly.  Therefore, it follows that his duty is to see to Lizzy’s safety and stature as Ciel’s future wife.  For me, that’s the reason why he prevented Ciel from hitting Lizzy in Chapter 2—it would be bad manners to strike your betrothed.  It’s less about protecting Lizzy and more about protecting Ciel’s image.

With that in mind, I tried to look for instances where Sebastian seems to be above and beyond his duties.

I think this might qualify:

Humoring Lizzy might be part of that social contract with Ciel, but that seems like going above and beyond.  He could just be polite with Lizzy, but he’s always quite sweet with her:

Especially that last one.  In that upper left panel, Sebastian has such an soft expression on his face, as if he finds Lizzy’s efforts to cheer up Ciel to be endearing.  And when Lizzy wishes she could help Ciel be happier—he is about to offer her advice on how to do so, until they all notice Ciel fell asleep.

In the Circus arc, when Joker tells Ciel that something will be taken from him (Lizzy,) this is Sebastian’s reaction:

I generally find Sebastian’s expressions hard to read in the Circus arc for whatever reason.  Here I think he looks a little puzzled, but perhaps concerned?

And now that brings us to the moment you asked about:

I think Sebastian looks genuinely panicked in that panel, and I think he is worried about her safety, and I think he did it of his own free will.  He was acting on instinct, and it was less about keeping up appearances and more about a panicked “there’s an important human over there who needs my help what I do do?!”

And just because Ciel welcomes someone into his inner circle doesn’t mean that Sebastian automatically is happy about it: remember when Ciel asked Snake to join the servants?  Sebastian was none too pleased, and he only grudgingly accepted Snake’s existence.  Sebastian could easily be polite but cool towards Lizzy, and he isn’t: he’s quite warm around her.  I think the only other human who gets that reaction out of him is Agni.  To me, it almost seems like he finds it commendable that Lizzy is trying to make Ciel’s life better:

I do think that while he believes that Lizzy is important in Ciel’s life for a variety of reasons, he also personally finds something about her to be worthy of his personal attention and patience.  (He also finds Ciel expressing his feelings for her to be amusing, too…!)  I do think in that moment in Campania, he was thinking more concerned with Lizzy’s personal safety than he was with acting in the interests of Ciel’s societal expectations for his fiancé.

I hope that helps answer your question.  :)


He also carries Lizzy more nicely than he does his own master.  XD

izzyzazzle  asked:

Helloo! I was gonna ask can you do more Siremus? Also ily and yur work thank yu for existing yu make my day :)

I’m assuming you mean write an actual HC post for them but this idea is too much for something simple cause I’m trash so here we go:

  • the first thing Remus thinks when he meets Sirius is that he could use a bath
  • like why is his hair so slicked back?
  • it looks like a greasy helmet
  • it needs to be washed
  • the next day Sirius comes into their dorm after his morning shower and shakes his clean hair like a dog
  • then he takes the bottle of Sleekeazy’s his mother forced him to bring and tosses it into the bin
  • James’ face grows a little red at that- he hasn’t revealed the Big Secret yet
  • (that he’s the heir of a hair gel empire basically)
  • so anyway Sirius lets his hair be natural from then on
  • and Remus loves it
  • whenever they’re at Hogwarts it’s long and soft and has tiny braids in it
  • Sirius always complains that he wished it curled as much as Remus’ did
  • Remus always rolls his eyes and subconsciously won’t stop running his hands through his hair for the rest of the day
  • Sirius likes it when he does that
  • his shirt rides up and he also gets a nice view of the nape of his neck
  • so he keeps complimenting Remus
  • and meanwhile Remus becomes more observant
  • he notices what shampoo Sirius likes and it becomes his favorite smell
  • and knows how long it takes him to blow dry his hair- when he feels like it that is
  • and he also realizes how soft it is
  • so he starts playing with it
  • and he shyly asks Lily to teach him how to braid so he can have excuses to have his hands in Sirius’ hair even longer
  • and as this goes on Remus’ fingers drift and become more confident
  • and he “accidentally” brushes the skin of Sirius’ neck and shoulders more often
  • it takes everything in Sirius to maintain his composure 
  • but all he’s thinking of is how Remus’ hair would feel in his own hands
  • and one day when Remus walks behind the couch where Sirius is sitting in the common room and lightly brushes his hand through Sirius’ hair on his way by, Sirius can’t take it any more
  • he stands up, his books and parchment falling to the floor, and whirls around to face Remus
  • and there he is running his hands through his own hair now, midriff exposed from his rising shirt
  • and Sirius blushes because this boy is so damn hot, he’s about to lose his nerve
  • but then Remus says “well are you going to kiss me or what?”
  • and Sirius practically leaps over the couch
  • that’s how eager he is
  • taking Remus’ face in his hands he presses his lips to his and realizes how much he’s been missing out on
  • with one hand remaining on his cheek the other drifts into the boy’s soft curls and he almost melts right there in the common room
  • but suddenly, with his hands in Remus’ hair, he realizes that Remus’ hands aren’t in his
  • instead, one is gripping his shoulder while the other roams south and finds a spot on his hip
  • and Sirius suddenly finds that there’s probably a lot more other than braiding that Remus is good at doing with his hands
National Volleyball Team AU

HAIKYUU!! WEEK 2016 Day seven // Crossover/AU // Option A: Fandom Crossover/Alternative Universe.

Okay, I have no idea where this suddenly comes from but what about Japan men’s national volleyball team AU featuring Ushijima, Oikawa, Kageyama, Kuroo, Bokuto and Yaku? (And for the rest of the team imagine some people we don’t know) Have some random headcanons:

  • First of all, imagine all of them in the sleeveless uniform. Done? Good.
  • Yaku is the Team Mom™ and a very, very stressed one.
  • He had to meet up with Akaashi several times to learn everything about Bokuto’s weaknesses and how to deal with him.
  • Also, he needs to keep his eyes glued to Kuroo and Bokuto ALL THE TIME or something bad and incredibly dumb will happen.
  • But at the same time he has to stop Oikawa from killing either Ushijima or Kageyama.
  • Of course Oikawa tries to play well together with Ushiwaka and it actually works, but he just can’t drop his attitude.
  • Ushiwaka was a bit overwhelmed at first because he absolutely didn’t expect to clash so hard with both setters. He’s more used to the kind of setter who devotes himself to the ace and well, Oikawa and Kageyama are both not that easy to deal with, though in different ways.
  • Also Oikawa and Kageyama compete about absolutely EVERYTHING and everyone thinks it’s hilarious.
  • Sometimes the others even place bets on whatever thing they’re currently doing.
  • A common competition is that the one who scored less service aces in a game has to buy the other one dinner.
  • Bokuto tries to challenge Ushiwaka too, for example to who scores more points in a game, but he never agrees.
  • Bokuto thinks it’s definitely because Ushijima knows that he’s going to lose to him. Definitely.
  • Ushiwaka has the title of the team’s ace.
  • Their official matches are usually played with a 6-2 rotation so that both Kageyama and Oikawa can play at the same time.
  • They argue and bicker nonstop but when they’re on the court they’re both deeply focused and together they have this huge variety of attack patterns, so it’s really hard for their opponents to study them beforehand.
  • When Kuroo blocks during spiking practice he provokes both Ushijima and Bokuto all the time, drawing the absolute best out of them.
  • Bokuto is really happy about all the extra practice he gets after the official one because Oikawa and Kageyama always stay longer and having two setters to toss to him is really great.
  • Kuroo and Oikawa are constantly gossiping about everyone and everything. Nobody has a clue how the hell they always get their information. And why do they even know so many people?!
  • Kageyama has a really deep sleep so at least once per training camp he wakes up in the morning with penises drawn all over his face.
  • While he was still asleep Oikawa took a selfie with him together and it’s now the background on his mobile so that he can tease Kageyama with it all the time.
  • Bokuto convinced Kuroo to wear long knee pads too and it looks hella good on him.
  • Yaku is always covered with bruises because he trains so hard on his receives and when Oikawa realises that he does absolutely nothing for them to heal, he gives him a crash course on skin care.
  • When they have a day off during summer training camp they usually go to the beach and play beach volleyball. Their coaches will hopefully never find out that they’re not resting on those days.
  • Bokuto is really proud that he can beat Ushijima in arm wrestling and no one has told him yet that it’s just because Ushiwaka is left-handed.

That’s it for now.. If anyone has more ideas, please add them, I’d love to read them!

I’ll make it better

Bonus drabble for Come and get lost with us

Fandom: Haikyuu

Words: 2753

On their search for a new home, Daichi and Suga discover a miracle in the midst of a nightmare.

“I’m not sure, Daichi. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Suga stopped walking, and after two more steps, Daichi did the same, back still turned to him.

“We don’t have a choice. If we don’t get anything nutritious to eat soon, we’ll get in trouble. And it looks like it’s going to rain. We’re all exhausted already, we can’t afford to get sick.”

Suga looked back, to where both Nishinoya and Tanaka were uncharacteristically quiet, dragging their feet as they followed. Insisting on carrying the most heavy load seemed to finally weigh down on Asahi, whose shoulders were heaving as he breathed. There really was no other choice, even though Suga generally trusted his gut feeling.

The village up ahead meant trouble. Lots of trouble. He could smell it, taste it in the air and the atmosphere, even though he couldn’t quite place his finger on it.

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saudade (angst/fluff)

MEMBER/GROUP: Park Jimin ft. Min Yoongi


GENRE: angst/fluff

PAIRING: Jimin x Reader

WRITTEN IN: third person narrative // first person narrative // present tense

(I have a sudden respect for all writers who write in present tense because this shit is HARD.

INSPIRATION(S): “A Safe Place to Land” by Christian Burghardt and “For Life” by EXO. 

(I’m internally sobbing okay that’s my point basically)

SUMMARY: I will always love him. I suppose that’s why I still see him, I love him too much to let go. And it is always in winter that I miss him that much more. The season we met. The season we loved. The season I lost him.


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“Good morning, beautiful.”

I sigh. “Good morning, Jimin.”

“Won’t you look at me?” The question lingers in the air, taunting me, as it always does. The temptation is too strong, but I fight it. I know what awaits me. He isn’t standing behind me. He’s never going to be standing behind me.

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Join Me!!!

I’m sorry, my former fellow Gruvians, but I have seen the light, and therefore regret to inform you that I can not participate in the upcoming Gruvia week. You see, I’ve been rereading Fairy Tail, and I have fallen in love with another ship. One that is so obviously destined for canon, that I don’t know why I never realized it before. Clearly, I was blinded by false “moments” and “hints” that have tried to lead me and other readers astray. But no more! 

My new OTP is the wonderful, the undeniable, NAVIA . That’s right, the pairing of Natsu and Juvia. It’s crystal clear to me that these two are meant to be. I’m sure if you went back through the manga, and reread using your other, superior senses (smell, hearing, touch, taste, and most importantly, your gut instinct)  you too would realize what your eyes have been missing all of this time. But, in case you haven’t the time to do another read through using just your nose, I will now list everything that makes this ship worth shipping. Prepare to be AMAZED. 

Juvia and Natsu hit things off right from the start. Juvia liked what she saw, and she went after it.

See how Juvia watched Natsu admiringly from afar as he helped rebuild the FT guild building. The second he said he was hungry, she immediately answered his call:

She waves flirtatiously at him in the distance, as Natsu looks after her, clearly liking what he saw. ^__~  Not only did Juvia herself catch his eye, but Natsu was completely impressed by the aesthetics of her bento too, as he compliments it’s appearance. Natsu also finds Juvia to be an excellent cook demonstrated here by the appreciation he shows as he digs right in:

Clearly, she meant to drop it into Natsu’s hands instead, but in her haste, she got the wrong person. Yet, destiny delivered it to him regardless. Thus is fate. And look how touched Juvia is as her beloved Natsu enjoys her food. I’m sure once they are married (AND THEY WILL BE), Natsu, a man who appreciates a good meal, will be in heaven, since he’ll be able to dine on Juvia’s delicious cuisine daily. And Juvia, someone who clearly loves to cook, will likewise be happy to be with a man who takes such enjoyment in her food. After all, the way to a man’s heart, is through his stomach. ^^

Juvia and Natsu had what you’d call a “love at first sight” type of relationship. See here, as Juvia gazes passionately (not once, but TWICE) at the fire mage. He had stolen her heart from the get go.

Even early on, Natsu immediately took an interest in Juvia. He clearly wanted to get to know her better, which is the first sign of any healthy relationship. Proven by the fact that he asks her questions about herself, as seen here:

Plus, Natsu thinks Juvia and her magic is impressive. As the saying goes, opposites attract, so Juvia’s water magic was sure to draw the fiery mage to her. And indeed it did. See how smitten he is here, as he puts on the water bubble Juvia created personally (and lovingly) for him.

They always say that you tend to fall for people who remind you of your family and friends. Well, Juvia and Gajeel are good friends, and see how Juvia takes an interest in Natsu’s sense of smell, while bringing up her dear friend Gajeel. She’s already making comparisons in an affectionate way. 

Juvia, too, is already asking personal questions about him, in an effort to get to know the love of her life more intimately. And even after knowing Natsu only a short while, Juvia still searches desperately to find him, while calling his name so politely. Had the love bug bitten her that hard already? I think so. Displayed clearly by how she wishes she was searching for him alone. Juvia’s jealousy, and desire to have a one-on-one meeting with Natsu is quite plain here.

Even after all this time, their love has not died down a bit. See here, in the recent GMG arc, Natsu still clearly thinks about Juvia all the time.

Even though no one brought up Juvia’s name in this conversation, Natsu still has the need to say it aloud. As if the very sound of her name on his lips sends a thrill through his body. He didn’t NEED to say her name. He could have just called her that blue haired mage who uses water magic, or the former rain woman, or even “that girl,” but no, he actually says her name.

This is proof that she’s always on his mind, and that he is probably thoroughly distraught to have been separated from her. That’s why Mashima is purposely hiding his face here. So you wont see how much her absence is hurting him. However, while you might not be able to see it, you can FEEL it. Also, it was likely Natsu himself who chose Juvia as his replacement on the GMG team. Clearly, he has complete faith and trust in his beloved to do him proud. After all, they are practically one now.

Here Juvia was in such a passionate rush to jump into a pile of men containing her sweet Natsu-san. She was desperate for her naked body to clash with his.

That’s what I love about Juvia. She’s not shy about expressing her feelings towards Natsu. You go, girl!

Even the cover pages show Natsu and Juvia’s growing relationship. Mashima is clearly showing us that Juvia can’t keep her hands off of him. 

Juvia constantly calls Lucy her love rival, and yet Lucy clearly has a thing for Natsu. Again, Mashima tries to throw us off the track, by making us think Juvia is worried about Gray, when in fact, she knows as well as we do, that it’s Lucy’s closeness to Natsu that she fears. See here, as she imagines Natsu and Lucy flirting in the guild, and how distraught she is by it.

But worry not, Juvia. It’s plain as day that Lucy just puts Natsu to sleep, and he only has eyes for you.  

Mashima HIMSELF ships Navia (of course he does, as he’s the one who created this beautiful union), as proven by this twitter picture he posted:

See how he shows us Natsu and Juvia’s superior team work? 

Not only does Natsu and Juvia’s love affair permeate the pages of the manga and Mashima’s twitter, but it also extends into the radio show the anime used to have.

Natsu and Juvia’s voice actors used to host the show TOGETHER. Why Natsu and Juvia? Because, clearly, the animators also know of Mashima’s eventual (and obvious) plans for these two, and are pushing the couple from every medium. We’re on to you, animators. *wink* 

And finally, I know you Gruvia shippers will misguidedly say, but Gruvia are just way more compatible magically. But I say to you, excuse me, but ice and water? Please. That’s just more ice, and what good is that to anyone? But Natsu and Juvia? They make STEAM, baby. ^-^ 

So, as you can see, based on this overwhelming evidence, and my flawless arguments, not only is this relationship practically canon already, but it’s got hints from BOTH JUVIA AND NATSU’S side. I’d even go as far as to say, that the only other pairings that can even hope to match up to these two canon-wise, are Max and Broom, and maybe Alzack and Bisca (because of that kid of theirs, whatsherface). 

In conclusion, when the great Navia does become canon, I will not utter any “I told you so’s” to the Nalu and Gruvia shippers. No, my friends. I will simply, and warmly welcome you into the Navia fandom with open arms, because that’s just the kind of person I am. ^____^

chimthecappy  asked:

(Invincible Summer AU?) You're not sure how Gamzee convinced you to let him run his fingers through the tender spring leaves of your wings. You never much liked having them touched, and after your run-in with the wild gods... Well. It certainly hadn't improved your feelings on the matter. But the ache of winter is clinging so stubbornly this spring, creaking through your bones with every movement. And you suppose that just this once, it couldn't hurt to let him help.


(invincible summer belongs to splickedylit but I’m gonna do it anyway)

(how about a read more on these, eh?)

The other reason you’re letting him do this is that the sun’s finally coming out.  You want to spend literally every moment you can out in it, even with a little chill still in the air.  Your feet soak up cold dew and your leaves drink in the fresh yellow light cutting through the early-morning mist.  After only a minute outside, your brain is already alive with sunlight, clear in a way you always forget during the early thaw—when you’re awake but still groggy from winter.

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