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Right by your side - a Swan Queen drabble

She finds her in the forest, sitting all by herself on the ground, not caring about the dirt staining her white cape and dress. She seems lost in thought when she approaches her and so Regina is careful when she speaks up.
“Emma” Her name effortlessly slips past her lips, concern lacing her voice. Emma looks up in surprise, scanning Regina’s face for a moment.

“Regina. How-” She starts off, but is cut short when the other woman answers her unspoken question.
“I knew you’d want some quiet to think things through.” Regina explains, almost matter-of-factly, but her eyes give away just how worried she really is about Emma.
At this Emma heaves a sigh and resorts to staring at the ground, almost expecting some sort of lecture to follow Regina’s statement.
Instead, Regina crouches down in front of her and patiently waits until Emma tells her what has caused her to run away from everyone else.

“I don’t know if I can do this, Regina.” It’s quiet, almost a whisper, and Regina knows this isn’t easy for her.
“Do what?” Regina inquires, trying to understand what’s on Emma’s mind.
“All of this. I don’t know if I can fight the darkness. I…I don’t know if I can ever be the saviour again.” Her voice cracks and finally a few tears start trailing down her cheeks and Regina’s heart breaks at the view.

“Emma” This time she says her name oh, so softly as she settles down next to her, carefully wrapping an arm around her shoulder.
“There is still good in you, Emma. There is still light.” Emma is not quite convinced, the darkness having a too tight grip on her heart, but having Regina there is comforting and she’s thankful she found her.

“Thank you” She whispers after a while, her voice still wavering but her words sincere.
“You are not alone in this, Emma. I’ll be right by your side, never forget that.” Regina replies, and looking into those deep brown eyes, Emma finds that her words are just as genuine.

There’s something about this man. Something special.

Erwin finds himself utterly captivated each time his eyes fall on him. It’s almost overwhelming, the need that burns in his chest. Corrosive. A poison that tastes just so, so sweet.


His Levi.

When he first heard that name Erwin practiced rolling the syllables over his tongue again and again.

But there is nothing quite like how it sounds, how it tastes when he says it while coming, falling hard over the edge.

Levi is beautiful in a way that most people don’t understand. Erwin’s friends didn’t understand the appeal when he showed them the photos, but they hadn’t seen Levi the way Erwin had.

He’s witnessed the many faces of Levi and he lives to see more.

On the rare occasion he can catch a smile, oh how Erwin’s heart flutters. The one time he managed to snap a photo was much to Levi’s displeasure but Erwin kept it. He even has it framed.

Levi’s face is not the only thing entrancing about the man.

The way he seems to use his whole body to undress. What a show. Levi doesn’t simply remove his jeans. He pulls off his belt with a snap, the muscles in his forearm tense and firm. His hands are small but so strong; Erwin knows that well. Levi will always bend low as he slips them over his hips, dragging the denim over the curve of his ass with sinfully slow movements before finally sliding them off his legs.

He is always such a tease.

Even while simply walking down the street, Erwin often finds himself lost in the sway of Levi’s hips, skin-tight denim hugging his thighs perfectly. Delectable.

Were it possible, he could watch him all day.

But now Levi is turning into his place of work.

Erwin has tried once or twice or several times to get in there, but the guards stop him, threaten to call the police. His most recent attempt resulted in a restraining order.

So he will wait. It’s only another 9 hours until Levi leaves, after all. The setting sun will glare on the building behind him at just the right angle and Erwin will be rendered invisible in a shock of light. But Levi will bask in the heavenly glow, and without risk of being seen Erwin can once again catch a glimpse of those midnight blues.