i couldn't find the other guy's name

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Hey Cookie 🍪 I saw the ask about the dark version of Ken so now I have to ask: Is there a universally agreed on name for a dark version of Pewds? I couldn't find one myself but the visuals seem pretty consistent over most art.

hm.. yea’ .  (⊙A⊙) i was sayin’ PewDarkpie for a while.Howeveh, recently,i saw people name it “infelix” . I dun’ understand why. it’s not  logic with the other names. Why is it not related to “pewdiepie”? does that means it’s felix the bad guy? 

Mad!Cry ,Antisepticeye , Darkiplier,Darken/Sinnamontoastken but why inFELIX?  im shook nasty.

So i can’t rly give u an answer. The community around pewdiepie is not as it was as before. it’s hard to get a straight answer. If you want to follow that Infelix name. Just go for it !

 To be very honest with you, i personally don’t approve it but eh. it’s only meh and i would still tag it as infelix if i had to draw it.  (*^ワ^*)

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I swear Naruto is such a garystu. He's from a special lineage, has kyuubi, mastered sage mode when Minato and Jaraiya couldn't, everyone suddenly believes in him, he's always in the right and he got So6p powers.l find it funny when tards say he is an underdog and others say him and Sasuke are equal

You guys on tumblr make the funniest names to describe characters I like garystu lol

Even though they pretty much op sasuke to at least he didn’t have a chakra battery machine in him like naruto

And I hate how they make naruto always right like he’s wrong most of the time!!

Naruto is no way, shape, or form an underdog I believe people don’t know what underdog really is

lee is an underdog, tenten, I’ll even say neji is a underdog too but not naruto

Thanks for the ask 📜

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i love your account !!! really idk if there are any other fan blogs like yours , but I'm sure yours is one of a kind ! so I wanted to ask , I couldn't really find any chanbaek moments in exo showtime ep 12 , so could you guys do like an analysis on chanbaek on that episode ? thankyou !! ❤️

Thank you sweetie! You say you couldn’t find any Baekyeol in episode 12? Are you serious? Haha, ok then. We already did a bit of analysis on this episode here and here

But have some more!

Chanyeol is being proud of his talented boyfriend. I wonder who has taught Baekhyun to rap like that? Does his name begin with C?  But really, you could’ve seen Yeol stealing quick, loving glances at Baekhyun during his performance ♥.

“Please, give me some food!” Baekhyun appeared so adorable, that Chanyeol had to take a double take at him.

“Try screaming once”. You would love that, wouldn’t you Park Chanyeol? I bet you can’t have enough of his screams.

Then Chanyeol said: “No, if you do it coolly (manly)… I think he meant “That wouldn’t be you at all” and “I love all those high-pitched sounds that come from your mouth… just as I love your mouth”

External image

Chanyeol pretty much lost it at this point. Look at him laughing so hard.

“123.. Let’s do it”

Chanyeol was too hyper about it, seriously.

Chanyeol’s face when he was watching Baekhyun & Kris thigh-wresting, and Baekhyun made that high-pitched sound of his.

Chanyeol’s happy face is love.


Here we have Baekyeol teamed up to bully their favorite maknaes. First Tao.

(plus have a Baekhyun patiently waiting for Chanyeol to give him some popcorn, while casually touching him)

And then Kai, whom they were trying to make into a champion in thigh-wresting, lol.

Bully Baek:

Bully Yeol:

Poor Kai, mercilessly picked on by his hyungs ;3

And never ever forget this part:

Don’t worry Chanyeol, Baekhyun will massage it for you later! *wiggles eyebrows*

-admin MTL (who was especially shameless today)

Well, well. What a super perfect post, don’t you all agree? MTL, every day you surprise me more with your skills in noticing things! Now you’re all witnesses, there were many cute, subtle Baekyeol moments in episode 12. Hell, in every episode, really! I especially love how they were just making fun at everyone without a care in the world, that is so them.

Wow, they sure enjoy spending time together. My poor heart  ;;

-admin SFS