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The only summary of Battle City you’ll ever need, even if it’s a tad bit inaccurate

츠암내 예쁜애 옆에 예쁜애 또 예쁜애 너무 예쁜애 심쿵사 부르는 예쁜애 ㅠ_ㅠ 인간 비타민 #레드벨벳…이렇게 받기만 해도 되는지!!! #빨간맛 으로 올 여름 물들이는 중!! #슬기 #웬디 스페셜MC 출격! #엠카운트다운~도 물들일 예정! 이따봐용!


‘We’re grateful for everything, We think we’re on the same level as the fans, There’s no on top or on the bottom, I want us all to be on top, There’s that part of the music market, where you can become famous… But we’re not interested in that at all, We just want to play music.’ RUKI

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Hey pal! Are you familiar with story INDUCKS code D 97011? It's definitely my favorite Gladstone story, but I don't think it was officially translated into English. I couldn't find a fan translation either, but I assume you're better at that than I am. Anyway it's amazing- the plot and ending are very original. Gladstone gets to soul-search and Donald gets to enjoy some success, what do you know!

ANOTHER Massimo Fecchi! I’m starting to think he likes Gladstone as much as I do! Can’t say I’ve heard of it, the English title seems to be ‘What’s luck got to do with it?” -anyone out there who knows where I can read it, even if not in English? I’d be super grateful! first page on I.N.D.U.C.K.S. looks like this;

fic: etchings

pair: iwa ღ oikawa
notes: soulmate au. where when you write something on your skin, it will show up on your soulmate’s skin as well [].

Oikawa is only a child when he picks up a pen, flips over his best friend’s hand, and draws a cluster of stars on the inside of his wrist. The boys stare, transfixed, at what they see unfold before their eyes.

Following that, it becomes a favorite pass-time.

Iwa-chan’s body is a canvas, and Oikawa delights in tracing patterns over his skin: stars and scribbles and superhero phrases, things he copies from his volleyball magazines and things he lets his imagination bring to life.

His mother is stern with him, once. “Stop that, Tooru. You’ll give Hajime-kun ink poisoning at this rate.”

Both boys hesitate, trading secret glances, before Oikawa turns over his own hand to show off the cluster of fading stars drawn on the inside of his wrist. “But it’s so cool, look. Whatever I draw on Iwa-chan shows up on me too! It’s like—magic!”

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