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In which I scream about aliens a lot and never know what the fuck is happening 



Finished! ;w; Gosh, I actually finished it on time. I know I may have messed up a few things here and there but I hope you like it! ;w;

Rey, ever since I came across your blog, you’ve been such an inspiration to me and I wouldn’t be surprised if other people agreed with me on that . Each time I see a post of yours, I get so happy. From a simple reblog to seeing your both fanart or original artwork, I enjoy seeing them ^-^ (I know I’ve said it multiple times before but still, sorry about the spam -w-;;)

I know I may seem like any other person that follows your blog but I just wanna say it has been nice seeing you on here! Happy tumblr anniversary ;)


under the cut you’ll find [ 118 ] 100 x 100 icon gifs of super skeptic SHANE MADEJ, as requested by me. i resized and edited all gifs, but credit goes to their original owners. pls don’t repost these and claim them as your own. if you plan on using these gifs please give this post a little like or reblog

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Bad Poetry (Try 2)

Oh that my love were requited

And my poetry good/bad enough

I’ll sit and watch the sunset/sunrise

And wonder what’s to become of me

[Insert existential pain]

And we’ll find the meaning of life

In 17 syllables or less  

But would that you didn’t leave me

To more

Unrequited love

Whoa is me

And Whoa is this poetry

Trying too hard to be (dis)pleasing

Please just reblog

I’m standing in the mirror

Crying these tears

Onto a page


What else is there

If I can’t use my unrequited pain

As blood/ink/tears on this page


my favorite enby Asra 💕

(note: someone pointed out on the original aesthetic I used a white model when asra is not white, I decided to correct the mistake but unfortunately tumblr fucked up and wouldn’t let me edit it so I just created a new one. if you reblogged the old one I would appreciate you deleting that one and reblogging this one. I know it may ruin the aesthetic but please do not delete the caption, thank you!)

Moffat Appreciation Day 2014 - A Review

A list of personal favourites and my own contributions.
* signifies those which were outstanding even among the outstanding posts. Everybody was amazing.

My own contributions:


Favourites from the Appreciation Day:

And on to the Countdown…

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ihadthestrangestdream  asked:

I read a previous question and response about an article on consuming concentrated sulphuric acid - where might that original post be located? I couldn't find anything but I'm quite interested to know what happens in that scenario! Thanks :)

You can find it over at fuckyeahmedicalstuff…I reblogged it but kept getting really rude asks about both the post itself and my reply to the person who requested a TW (which I was more than willing to do…which seemed to be either too much or not enough for people, so, you know, whatever) that it didn’t seem worth it to keep up.

Anyway, here’s the link. It’s on Mariana’s blog but it’s a post I wrote a while back.

Sulfuric acid + 4-nitroanaline

So I know that 1.5k may not be a lot to some of you but for me it’s a huge accomplishment because despite my many hiatuses and changing around my blog, a lot of you stuck around for some reason lol and were were really patient with me <3  A lot of you also really helped me a lot when I was down and going through rough times and I wish I could list every single one of you guys since you all made my day so many times! Thank you so much! 

Here are just a few of the very beautiful precious blogs I follow in hopes that they’ll be able to brighten up your day like they did for me ! </i>

Bold - Mutuals * - Faves

*HUGE shoutout to @blondesugadoll​ who has been the absolute funnest person to talk to ever!! Seriously you guys need to hit her up she’s an absolute doll


@52whaliens​ | @97-kook | @164cmwoozi | @aesthobi​* | @ahjuicy​ | @aishjimin | @babyboozi | @baektoyeoll​ | @bangts​ | @blondesugadoll** | @beagletae@btsgfx | @btsmilk​ | @buingkook​ | @dasperix* | @deureun​ | @eatjin | @elbaekdorado​ | @geniusyub | @hobiworld*​ | @hopseoks​ | @hoseokjins​ | @hsoek​ | @hseoks​ | @hugtae@hulkeu


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Thank you all again!! ❤

*Pls pls plsss don’t be sad if I didn’t include you:’( I mainly just went through my most recent reblogs, likes and followers!*

**Ditto with my faves. Mostly just recently reblogged lol