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Dragan Bibin, The Human Condition.

“Once, I woke up in the middle of the night, got up and took the white shirt that hung over my chair. As I did so, I realized that the left sleeve was very long, so I began to pull. It was so long it went out of the room, all the way into the bathroom. After pulling strongly, trying to get to its end, I found myself in front of the dark bathroom, pulling some more. I suddenly realized that someone, or something, was pulling from the other side.“

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I couldn't find a tag but do you have any Shrinkyclinks?

i have a lot of them, actually! and i’m creating a shrinkyclinks tag :D

Let ‘Em Come series by Rainne & suzukiblu (3 works | 60,965 | E)

“I think I’m gonna have to hurt some people,” Steve Rogers says, voice tight with rage. The asset assumes that will be him, then laughs at himself for the thought.

He’s not people.

The Discard Pile by Tiberius_Tibia (29/30 | 44,302 | E)

I saw this prompt on capkink: I’ve seen a few fics where Bucky is born in the modern age and Steve is still Captain America, but I’d like a fic where it’s Steve in that position instead. He finds the Winter Soldier rifling through his garbage and ends up adopting him like a dog.

And from that grew this ridiculous story featuring an extremely broke Steve who does post-mastectomy tattoos, burlesque dancer Natasha, her adoring boyfriend Sam, Clint Barton who is definitely not a slumlord, breast-cancer survivor Pepper and her adoring, asshole boyfriend Tony and various Hydra douchebags. And the assassin formerly known as the Winter Soldier.

Auld Acquaintance by triedunture (complete | 5,810 | E)

Due to magic or whatever, Steve is transformed back into his small self while pursuing the Winter Soldier on New Year’s Eve. Bucky, seemingly acting on instinct, chooses to protect him despite his mistrust.

Also, Steve is a bit of a tiny powerbottom.

Intersections by Rainne (complete | 1,593 | E)

Porn with no redeeming qualities. Skinny!Steve + post-WS Bucky + big!Steve

There was supposed to be more. There was supposed to be plot and explanation and exposition. But there’s not. There’s just basically smut. That’s it, that’s the story. Enjoy! *throws it at you, runs away*

more fics under the cut!

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prompt/summary: imagine that your otp is not yet a couple. person a falls into freezing water and passes out. person b pulls them to safety but now needs to get person a out of their wet clothes and into something dry. shinkane.


There were a lot of open mouths in the ruins.

For the most part, people kept to themselves, only engaging in opposition or alliance when territory was threatened. But there were a lot more friendlier people she’d expected outside the walls of the city. They didn’t frequent their time more than a day, often passing just enough to share a story or two.

One man in particular met them in the far reaches of another continent, their guide for the day to the mountains. He accepted no payment for his services aside from having some ears who could listen to him talk.

She had wondered at this, wondered why he would risk so much for so little. But any question fled from her mind, pleasurable as his company was. He was loud and boisterous and filled the old silences with folktales of the Slavs. He told them of the zmaj, dragons of Serbia more intelligent than any man. Among them followed the typical pantheon of gods to explain regular, natural phenomena. There were also ghosts, spirits, long dead girls who frequented lakes or rivers to haunt their deathbeds as water nymphs called rusalki.

He had told them this last story, eyes half-lidded, by the spitting fire to pass the time for the night. The wind wailed on, buffeting the entrance of their cave like a knock. If she closed her eyes, she could have easily mistaken the sound as echoes of a funeral toll.

Rusalka were lost souls, wronged in life by the people they loved, he said. They were sirens who enticed victims to dance with them so they could laugh and forget that they were drowning.

She bit a shiver at that and his eyes clouded over.

There are worse deaths though, don’t you think?

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hey idk y but i find it supercute in fics when lena calls kara puppy and like i cant get this out of my head that lena ditches her own gala to be with kara so its like lena is all dressed up and kara is in sweats just eating chinease in her loft while watching a movie and lena posts a pic in instagram and the comments are blowing up about if theyre dating and days later cat calls lena and literally gives lena a shovel talk over the phone bcus in my mind cat is like super protective of kara

Why anon, i’m supposed to be studying. But I couldn't resist this so I wrote a little something. Also, it’s on ao3 

Kara “puppy” Danvers everyone

It’s just another gala, Lena thinks to herself. Another gala without Kara. Something about her being too sick to come. Lena sighs as she forces another smile for another old white guy who doesn’t care about her company or what it means, only the potential money he could get from it. Which is none. 

She closes it early, earlier then ever before. She tells her assistant she’s feeling odd, which isn’t exactly false. In truth, she does feel odd, odd about her feelings towards Kara. She can’t stop thinking about her. It’s like her mind trails towards her when it shouldn’t, and what better way to get rid of that, or make it worse, than to visit the girl who occupies her mind?

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#tell me more though please #this is the shit i live for #dexnursey #cp #cp au #dexnursey au

hello you asked i shall tell here we go (sequel to this post y’all)

  • dex and nursey, after the party, talk about it a couple of months later and thoroughly agree to wait after college a couple of years until they’ve got a solid thing going w/ jobs and like stuff right
  • ok. they do wait. 
  • like six months
  • right ok maybe not six months but like it’s senior year and right nursey is just coming back from a slam poetry reading and he’s about to call dex and tell him he’ll be back home and then there’s the faintest cry and he stops dead in his tracks

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24 Days of Handers Masterpost

I decided that I wanted to do something fun this year for the holidays, and since I can’t draw I thought I would do something I’m somewhat okay at - write. I found this post a couple months ago, and I immediately thought of my Caught Looking Garrett and Anders. Because when can I ever resist writing about them?

Obviously, I want you guys to read these, share them, all that good stuff (they will also be on AO3) but mostly I want you to enjoy them. You are all so good to me, and I’m still overwhelmed by the love I get for CL, so I wanted to say thank you. 

So here’s the deal: there are 24 prompts. Starting on December 1, I will be posting one prompt per day, until we get to Dec. 24. I did switch the order around from the original list if you checked that out. As I upload each day’s fic I’ll update this post with a link to that specific prompt. 

The official summary - Baseball season is done. Anders has decided to give up the last vestiges of his life in Ferelden and stay in Kirkwall permanently. Garrett, he thinks, is worth staying for. But snow isn’t a thing in Kirkwall, much to Anders’ disappointment. And Anders doesn’t really care about Christmas, to the holiday-obsessed Garrett’s disappointment. The month will be a series of firsts for the pair as they try to make the holiday season their own. 

This story takes place approximately 4 and a half months after the current point (chapter 12) in the main story.

Full prompt list:

1. Winter expectations vs. winter reality.
2. We need to buy you winter clothing.
3. Treatment for the flu/a cold
4. Getting the person who doesn’t like Christmas into the right festive mood
5. Snowball fight
6. Hot tea and cozy sweaters
7. Giving subtle hints of what one would like to get for Christmas
8. Picking out the right Christmas tree
9. Decoration wars
10. Holding out in a snowstorm together/Getting snowed in together
11. An unusual snowman
12. The smell of the holidays
13. An odd holiday tradition
14. A Christmas letter 
15. Dancing in the snow
16. Sleigh rides
17. Reading someone Christmas stories
18. Falling asleep by the fireplace
19. Baking Christmas cookies
20. Finding a present for that person that is impossible to find a present for
21. Obnoxious singing of Christmas songs
22. Watching the snow alone and watching the snow together
23. The last day of work/class before the holidays
24. The traditional Christmas dinner

25. Epilogue - Christmas morning/the letters

A few quick things I want to mention - 

  • chapters will also contain ratings/warnings as they are posted. All prompts are between 1-2k words each. 
  • most of these will be silly/fluffy pieces, but some will contain smut (come on, it’s me) and some will contain tiny bits of angst (mentions of Malcolm, mentions of Karl, etc. but nothing really bad)
  • Christmas does exist in Thedas, but there is no mention of religion. This is Santa-Christmas, not Jesus-Christmas. 
  • you don’t need to have read CL, but it would really help cause I reference stuff
  • everything will be tagged “24 days of Handers” if you want to block it

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Hi there! Thank you for all the warm fuzzies triggered by the post about the Japanese SS fans' reactions to the ending. If it's not too much trouble, could I please ask for your opinion on the Japanese fans' reaction to NH? I love SS, but NH's my Naruto OTP, and I'm really curious about it bc I know NH's not the most popular Naruto ship in Japan. Apologies if you don't ship it or if I've offended you in any way and thank you again! ^_^

sure thing! sasusaku is my otp, but i ship naruhina too :) i couldn’t find the latest 2ch thread for naruhina for the life of me, so these are mostly from twitter and the older 2ch thread(s) [11/5-11/9 entries]. note that a lot of the japanese fans have already suspected/accepted naruhina being endgame a month ago when the movie was announced, so there isn’t as big of a reaction as sasusaku when the last two chapters came out.

  • in both 2ch and twitter, the fans have been using the tag/title ナルヒナ 確定, which basically means ‘naruhina is canon’, aside from the regular ones like ‘naruhina’ (the most popular) and ‘naruto hinata’.
  • it’s a huge win (大勝利) for naruhina and sasusaku lol
  • congratulating hinata for never giving up on her love for naruto and then other people saying they were glad that they continued supporting naruhina
  • someone was happy about the increase of naruhina art on pixiv
  • again commenting on how foreign wikis have already updated naruto and hinata’s family entry to include each other and their kids
  • someone saying that they were happy about naruhina; another person agreeing. said that after naruhina got married, they’d definitely be lovey-dovey (ラブラブ) lol. and that naruto was most probably really happy when boruto and himawari were born
  • someone wondering about the origin of boruto’s name: is he named after neji? did they just want something similar sounding to naruto? is his name related to minato being known as konoha’s yellow flash?
  • a lot of people saying they can’t wait for the movie because they want to know the details of their love story haha. someone said they’ll only have peace of mind after they see the movie.
  • lol someone basically asking if it’s all real, if the perfection that is naruhina is really canon then going やったああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああああ!!!!!!!
  • someone said that naruhina was probably decided when naruto and hinata was shown holding hands

of course, there were also anti-naruhina and anti-hinata comments too, but honestly, they’re not as bad as what’s been going around in the western fandom. they were mostly saying that they supported xxx ship and that they’re sad, or i ship xxx but i’m sorry i don’t ship ooo. but i didn’t really see any personal attacks or plans of sending death threats to kishimoto or anyone else for that matter *cough*

What you're actually saying with your Otherkin tag spamming Version 2
  • Inspired by this post: http://otherkinfaq.tumblr.com/post/106680217480/what-otherkin-haters-say-and-what-they-really-mean
  • What they say: Otherkin? Tumblr has gone too far!
  • What they mean: I do not know how to use Google, and I can't possibly fathom that unusual beliefs may exist in the world that I've never heard of and might not be able to 'get' from its tag on Tumblr.
  • What they say: Otherkin should be locked up!
  • What they mean: I hate mentally ill people and if something around me is strange, it must be because of mental illness, so just lock that up in an asylum or whatever.
  • What they say: Otherkin is just like clinical lycantropy and that's not good. Please get help.
  • What they mean: Everyone who has an unusual identity needs to stop being that where I can see them, it's weird and you've got to be one of Those Crazies to be like that. If you take a pill and visit a doctor, everything I dislike goes away and you become normal, right?
  • What they say: Some Otherkin use the identity as a COPING mechanism?? That's ridiculous! How can furthering into delusions be healthier for you?
  • What they mean: I am very overconfident and I believe that I can perfectly judge the mental health needs of every mentally ill Otherkin I see, disregarding that the vast majority have literally told their therapists about it and been told it wasn't something to be treated or otherwise a problem as long as it made them feel better.
  • What they say: I can understand some parts of Otherkin, but this one set of kintypes is ridiculous!
  • What they mean: I apparently have the ability to decide the guidelines of a group without even being in it, and I will now outlaw all the weird-sounding ones because I can't fathom that people may find a kinship with something I couldn't.
  • What they say: Otherkin make people take trans people less seriously!
  • What they mean: I have no idea what the definition of Otherkin is beyond Urban Dictionary and I don't care.
  • What they say: You guys think you're oppressed! I hate you!
  • What they mean: I learned everything I know about Otherkin from the Tumblrisms video and I like to be mean to random people online because it makes me feel better and shows I am a better person!
Lolitics Blogs Masterpost

I saw that the old list of lolitics blogs was quite outdated and included people who have left, as well as not having some of the newer blogs so with permission from the original poster I’ve decided to make a new lolitics/politics blogs introductory post so that everyone can follow each other!

We have:

The Tories



@spoopymiliband (usually sassymiliband)

Lib Dems


The Scottish Nationalists


…And everyone else!


Please don’t take this as “only follow people from your party” because that’s not what lolitics is about! I hope you find some awesome new blogs to follow!

If I’ve missed you out or got your party wrong, message me and I’ll fix it :)

I am about to reach a milestone that I never dreamed I’d ever reach when I created this blog: 900 followers. And, as often happens when I make posts about my lovely followers, that means I’ll gain more amazing people and I’ll wake up to find that I have over 1000 of you wanting to see me on your dashboards. So I decided that now would be a perfect time to make a follower forever post. ^_^

When I first started this blog, it’s original intent was to be an archive of sorts for any fanfics that I wrote. But then I realized that it wouldn’t do me any good to post fics if I didn’t get more involved with the fandom. And here we are, well over a year later.

Allow me this moment to thank you, every last person who has made my experience such a wonderful one. There are times where I feel like such an outsider, because I don’t fangirl about everything everyone else does, but you help change that. Every time you like or reblog or add silly comments to my posts, it makes my day. Thank you so much for reading my stories, for liking my graphics, for making requests, for being so incredibly amazing that I’m left in tears trying to adequate write how much it means to have you all a part of my life.

Thank you.


These are the people that I’m always glad to see cross my dash. I may not follow all of them (despite the name of this post), but I’m glad to know they’re here. (all-stars are bolded)

another-alice-in-realityland ll bebopbeats ll black-rogue ll cakeru ll cannotcontainthefeels ll cattiepon ll cgleome ll chiapeto ll chitose-kairi ll daeva-agas ll @dragonsrequiem ll duchessmimrose ll emergencysquid ll enjinks ll evolliah ll frankiemuse ll fri3dsushi ll gottabegenki ll greeneyedsky ll hikarunohana ll hopethething ll ikkybutt ll @jocdh ll kimiheartblade ll kygrabowski ll @lalatheweirdo ll letstalklikefangirls ll lishs-toybox ll littlehevn ll lntellectual ll @loveapptually ll melodramatic-wallflower ll miss-tracie ll n7athena ll nanazse ll nasica ll obsessivealice ll @otomefangirlingandfeels ll otomesass ll otomesiren ll potterolympiangames ll scarlett-kirisawa ll seasonelle-jewel ll shortypersonal ll @skydisneylover ll soryu-thottie ll thedollymaker  ll the-lost-marauder ll ticoerica ll tsundere-eevee ll venuslively ll whatdoesthevixensay ll xxrachelsaurusxx ll @yourbaddestbidder

Tagging Anti Posts and ACS Wank with Captain Swan tags - Can We Not?

Okay, I’m tagging this. I don’t normally tag things from this blog, but I’ve gotten to a point where I feel this needs to be said. Feel free to ignore me if I’m making too big a deal of things. And feel free to correct me where I might be wrong on something, CS seniors (i.e, what I call those of you who’ve been around since day 1 of this ship and established our tagging system, I’m pretty sure).

Also I’m not trying to accuse anyone of anything. I’m simply…reminding, I guess.

People, please. Please stop putting your anti SQ posts, or any anti posts, really (anti SQ simply appears to be the #1 problem today), in the Captain Swan tag. Especially the one’s that have NOTHING TO DO with Captain Swan. 

I was under the impression there was a seperate tag for that sort of stuff.

Now, a majority of the posts in the CS tags are wank-free, but there has been a significant amount of shoddily-tagged posts from some CSers (usually the same handful) over the past few weeks, and I think it’s getting out of hand (and no, that was not a pun…okay, maybe a little bit).

The fact that the first 5 or 6 posts I saw in the tag this morning are of people unnecessarily freaking out over a non existent crack!ship, worrying over how SQers are reacting to a promo the Once creators/writers had nothing to do with and apparently did not authorize (Adam seems to have had no idea that they spoiled Chernobog), calling any and all interaction between two of the shows lead characters fanservice (not saying there isn’t some, but to say that all of it is simply is not true), and overall being nervous nellies without real reason is ridiculous. 

Of course, you are free to do those things above (illogical as I, personally, may find them). It is your choice, your feelings, and your concerns. But there is no need to tag it with Captain Swan. 

There is really no reason to tag any anti posts with the Captain Swan tag. Or certainly, at least, posts that have to do with anti CS opinions you happen across. Since when did we decided that the main CS tags were the place for wank? Isn’t there a specific tag for that? Didn’t there used to be? What happened to wanting to keep our tag peaceful and happy? Who is coming to the tag to see crap about what ACSers say?

The rest under the cut (for reasons).

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Sasuke arrived 15 minutes late to battlefield with Starbucks

In which Sasuke has a tumblr account.

Sasuke was annoyed. Not that such thing isn’t common, but he really was. Completely and utterly annoyed. He let a heavy sigh escape his lips while he tried to calm himself down. Then, he proceeded to scroll down the page to keep reading the content that had just infuriated him minutes ago.

He was reading the fandom’s opinion of chapter 627, the latest manga chapter of Naruto, in which he, as awesome a he was, had just left the role of antagonist to become the new potential hero of the story.

Hn, in your face, dobe.

Of course he was doing that because of boredom, not that the opinion of a bunch of crazy fangirls and fanboys mattered to him. His decisions were no one’s business. The only reason why Sasuke was checking his tumblr account - which no one on Earth knew about, and if someone knew, he would personally make sure to get rid of such menace - was because while the now revived Hokages were doing some show-off on the top of their respective statues, he had nothing better to do for the moment while waiting for them to go to kick Madara’s ass.

That had been the exact same reason why he actually created his account a few years ago, during his training with Orochimaru. He needed something better to do after his training rather than hanging around with the sannin and Kabuto, which had pretty weird habits that Sasuke didn’t want to adopt. And that is how his tumblr account was born. However, he barely used it. He was way too cool for that. Too cool to publish hatred and revenge quotes on his blog. And definitely too cool to publish random philosophical thoughts about the meaning of life, shinobi and tomatoes, especially these last months.

(And yes, all that “too cool” excuse was rubbish and Sasuke knew it, because his tumblr was the most emotional blog ever owned by a shinobi in the whole world, and he actually did publish all that stuff, but he would always deny it because that was the only way to preserve his dignity).

However, back to the point.

Sasuke was ANNOYED.

He frowned at the screen of his smartphone while he continued checking the “naruto 627” tag. Sure, the Naruto fandom had practically exploded with the last news. Sasuke knew he was one of the favorite characters there - he was freaking Sasuke Uchiha - but he couldn’t deny some of the fans’ reactions were quite disturbing…

At the beginning, he had read the typical fangirl rant about how awesome and cool and AMAZING he was, because he was the ONE AND ONLY SASUKE-KUN and all that stuff. He had sighed deeply, while trying to accept the fact that he would never get rid of his fangirls. However, as he continued to scroll down, the comments became more and more offensive.

“OMG! My precious baby Sasuke-kun has finally seen the light!”

“Our little Sasuke is growing up, I feel like a proud parent!”

“Sasuke was lost in the road of life, lol”

“Took you long enough, Sasuke!”

“Sasuke finally came to his senses!”

“I’ve waited five fucking years for this, Sasuke. FIVE FUCKING YEARS!”

“It’s about time, you irrational prick”

“You little shit, I don’t trust you a bit”

He glared at the screen. Hadn’t he finally decided to do what ALL these people wanted him to do from the first time? To go fight with the Shinobi Alliance? If they really wanted him to return, then they should wait whatever it takes him to do so.

‘Hn’ he grunted. Haters gonna hate.

He continued looking at the comments, only to find one that caught his particular attention.

“If you apologized to Karin, you BETTER apologize to everyone else, especially Naruto and Sakura and all the Leaf’s shinobi!”

Sasuke stared icily at the screen. He already knew what he had to do after returning to the village. He didn’t need anyone to remind him of that. Apologizing meant that he recognized his mistakes, and how he screwed up everything in the past.

It had been easy to apologize to Karin. Sasuke admitted that, the moment when he had stabbed her, he hadn’t been in the best mental conditions. He had never expected her to react in such a masochist way by confirming her adoration for him, though. However, when he had screwed up things with his ex- teammates, he had done so fully aware of his actions. He didn’t have any excuse, and apologizing would be something hard to do, but necessary.

Still, arriving to the battlefield with a legendary sannin, a team of strong experimental shinobi and four resurrected legends of the shinobi world would probably be enough for an apology, right?

He kept scrolling down, with his guilt feelings now dissipated, when he found a comment that made him cringe.


What. The. Hell.

Now Sasuke didn’t have any idea of what these guys were talking about. Why on Earth the Fourth Hokage would give a present to Naruto? And why would that present would be specifically him… wrapped with a BOW?

These brats didn’t know what respect was. They were messing with an Uchiha. And no one could mess with an Uchiha.

But apparently, they could. And in the most sassy ways.

Sasuke almost choked with saliva after seeing the next posts on the page. He had came across some very… graphical images of him, engaging in physical contact activities with his teammates, and also with Karin. The images were accompanied by some “Sasusaku”, “Sasukarin” and even some “Sasunaru” theories about the development of the series. Sasuke was smart enough to deduce what those terms meant. He just stared at the screen with a tic on his eye.

Sick people.

He couldn’t believe they actually were so obsessed with his private life. Especially his romantic life. Not even HE was so interested in it. He grunted, completely annoyed. His romantic life was his business. He knew he had to make some improvements in it, but that could wait after the war. He wouldn’t be able to revive his clan if Madara managed to activate the Infinite Tsukuyomi, after all. But there was no way in hell he was letting that crazy Madara do that.

Over my dead body, he swore.

Finally, the last post he read was one that made him raise an elegant eyebrow while reading it.

“Sasuke arriving 15 minutes late to battlefield with Starbucks”

He snorted slightly, amused. That was just ridiculous. Completely absurd. How could they even imagine the possibility of him, arriving to the battlefield with Starbucks? That just didn’t fit with the Uchiha profile…

Sasuke then took the last sip of his Starbucks Cappuccino - with no sugar - before logging out from tumblr, while he went to call the others to head to the battlefield.

…he would obviously finish his coffee before arriving.

I wrote this like a year ago inspired by the manga chapter, but after seeing idrawduckies’s edit, I just couldn’t help posting it.


This is just GOLD

(My fic is also posted in FF!)

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Hi, I'm planning to start something similar to RWBYQuest for another fandom, do you have any advice? I would've asked this on your personal blog but I couldn't find a link if you ever even posted one, sorry.

Hello there! I never posted any link to my personal, so don’t worry about not being able to find one. :P I’m glad to hear you’re venturing into the horrifying world of Quest games too! I have many tips to share, and, as I always say, I am very wordy, so I will put it all under a cut. Keep in mind, these are all based on my personal experience with running a quest, and may not all apply to you. So without further ado,

«Mx. GM’s Extracurricular Lesson»

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